The small smoke filled night club thundered with applause. Nigel's soulful voice had won over another audience. Truth be told, any audience was captivated by Nigel before he sang a single note. His six foot athletic frame, hypnotic smile, slightly wavy ,low faded hair and his smooth skin the color or rich milk chocolate made him look like more of a hand sculpted work of art than an actual man. Nigel was breath taking.

The minute he stepped off stage, I was there to give him a fresh towel. 'Thanks Miguel.' He said rewarding me with that amazing smile of his. In the two years that I had been his roadie, he'd smiled at me approximately 1,500 times. Yes, I counted each time.

'My pleasure,' I smiled back. 'You sounded phenomenal.'

'Thanks; where's Tristan?'

I felt sick to my stomach. Triston was Nigel's lover, though it was never mentioned out loud. I personally did not see what a god like Nigel saw in a piece of Brazilian street trash like Tristan.

'He's in the dressing room' I sighed.

'Is he sober?'

'Is he ever sober, Nigel?'

'Fuck'n drunk ass batty', huffed Nigel. 'I'm going to get the money; tell him to have his ass on the bus or he's left here in Miami.'


'Tristan, wake up man.' The smell of the countless beers he'd ingested nauseated me. A pool of rancid smelling phlegm soiled the pillow on which he lay. Secretly I wished that he'd succeeded in drinking himself to death. My hopes were dashed when he opened his blood shot eyes and asked,, 'What the fuck do you want?'

'We're about to leave; you need to make the bus.'

'Nigel's upset; isn't he?'

'You know how he feels about your drinking.'

'I'm sober enough for him to bend me over,' groaned Tristan. I hated his crudeness. The thought of Nigel even wanting to enter Tristan's scum hole made my blood boil. To further add to my disgust , he vomited , just missing my new Converses by mere inches.

''Stop fuck'n staring at me!' he roared before doubling over and spewing up more foul smelling fluid.

'You need to go to the emergency room,' I rambled as he continued to soil the floor, couch, and himself with his own sick. 'You could have alcohol poisoning, or you could get dehydrated form all____________

'Stop fucking talking to me!!!!!!!!!!!!', he raged as he charged at me, pushing me out of the room with his vomit soaked hands. The door slammed in my face.

'I'll fucking be on the bus when I'm ready; piss off!', he yelled from the other side of the door before he started to wretch again.

I walked away , burning with rage. I hoped with everything inside of me that Tristan would purge himself to death in that filthy room. I was more than prepared to comfort Nigel if he did.


Tristan lived. The members of the band and I had to endure his putrid odor as we road to our next destination. Both he and Nigel seemed unfazed by the funk. Tristan slept, as Nigel, from the back seat of the bus looked at him with utter disgust.

'You know you deserve so much better.' I boldly stated from the seat next to his.

'I'm beginning to agree.' Nigel sighed. 'I was looking forward to making love tonight.'

I do not know where my courage came from, but I slid over onto the seat next to him and felt his crotch. The sleeping snake in his white chinos came awaked and began to inch. 'Why should you be disappointed, we can go right in the bathroom_____'

'Miguel!' He removed my hand from between his legs.

'Why not me; why not be with someone sober for a change?'

'Because I love him' Nigel seemed to be trying to convince himself of that.

'You can love something so repugnant; why not be with someone decent?' I placed my hands back on his cock, and it was harder than before. 'Stop fighting it Nigel ; with me you'll get a clean and sober virgin who's willing to give it all to you.'

'You're a virgin?' His killer smile returned to his face. 'Swear to God you've never been fucked.'

'I swear, I was scared to let anyone in Puerto Rico know that I liked men; you're from the Virgin Islands yourself Nigel, you know how it is.'

'You are willing to give your virginity to me ?' He asked the question with such desperation. Certainly, it would be a boost to his ego to deflower a hot young Latin boy , like me.

Instead of answering, I took his rock hard cock from his pants and began to suck it. I didn't care who was still awake on the bus , or that Tristan slept a few feet away from us. Nigel's long, thick cock shined in the dull light of the bus. It seemed to grow bigger the deeper it took into my mouth. He tasted sweet, like the molasses candy I enjoyed as a boy in Puerto Rico. The thought of being taken by this beautiful black man made me cast all discretion aside. I tore my clothes off right there in the back of the bus. I helped him to disrobe.

'I do not like to use condoms.' He whispered to me. 'I like to feel it raw.' He guided me unto his rock hard dick. 'Go slow ,' he advised.

'Ooh Nigel.' I moaned as he pushed himself deeper inside my tight hole. Tears of pain and pleasure rolled down my face as I worked myself up and down his mighty length of cock. He laid me down across the seat into the missionary position and proceeded to dig me out with the recklessness no one should take with a virgin hole. I know our fellow passengers were awake, I could hear their disdainful comments about our behavior. Douglas, the driver, turned the radio on to drown out my shrieks of pain and pleasure , Nigel's guttural groaning, and the squeaking seat , I mentally wagered would collapse before we finished.

'Open your mouth.' He ordered as he snatched out of me. I obeyed as he flied my mouth with his sweet milk. I greedily lapped down every drop, even licking that that landed on my hands and fingers. Oh Nigel!

'Thank you so much..' He whispered to me. 'You saved my life.'

I was completely on cloud nine as the dawn started to break.


Early the next morning we arrived in North Carolina where the next set of gigs was to take place. Everyone was thankful for the chance to check into the hotel and freshen up. I imagined that after the previous night, everyone aboard the bus needed a shower. I couldn't fathom any men, even straight ones, witnessing our live sex act and not creaming a little. After I had showered and changed into a fresh outfit, I went to the vending machine outside to get a soda. As if he had been waiting a long time for me, there was Tristan. He looked and smelled world better than he did the night before.

'So you fucked him..' He said as he burst into hysterical laughter. I failed to see what was funny. 'You stupid Puerto Rican!'

'Fuck you!' I hissed as I turned to go back inside. He seized me by my arm.

'Baby the only one who is fucked is you.'He started that sickening laughing again.

'What's so goddamn funny?!'

'You told him you were a virgin.'

' I was.'

'I was too the first time I fucked him.' Tristan suddenly became serious. 'He doesn't believe me because he's still has it.'

'What the fuck are you talking about?!'

'He's fuck'n got AIDS , he does!'

'You're full of shit.' I challenged.

'The stupid bastard believes that ignorant shit from the islands; if you fuck a virgin , it will cure you.' Tears formed in Tristan's eyes. 'I was only 16, I didn't know shit; he didn't tell me, until he came back from the clinic and beat the shit out of me because he still had it.'

My head was spinning. This couldn't be true. Tristan had to be lying.

'You don't have to say this to get back at me; I was wrong for fucking your boyfriend.'

'You think I'm mad; I don't give a shit about either of you.' He said so coldly my body felt as if someone poured ice water into my veins.

' You stupid bitch , you fucked him raw and swallowed his cum, I was a sixteen year old kid who thought he gave a fuck about me, you are a grown ass nasty bitch who tried to spite me.' Tristan started laughing again. 'Did he thank you for saving his life.'

I felt light headed, I doubled over and vomited as Tristan had the night before.

'Get used to it.' He continued to howl. 'Why do you think I drink so much; it keeps me from thinking about the way I'm going to die.'

I slumped against the soda machine. My legs felt like lead. My mouth was dry though I could feel myself drooling. OH God!

'You wanted what I had so goddamn much', he laughed ' I'm so fuck'n glad you got it.'

His laughter made my head pound. I wanted to shut him up. I aimed for his throat as I charged at him. He was completely sober and was able to dodge my attack.. 'S-t-o-o-o-o-p talking to me you cock sucker!!!!!!!!!!!!' I howled , then everything went black.



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