Walt had fucked me very hard the previous night and I fell asleep with his long, thick cock up my ass.

Walt’s “Little Bitch” woke the next morning with that meaty bone still buried in her ass. Damn! That felt wonderful!

I started to pull off of him, but he grabbed me and held me close. I felt his cock stiffening inside me. I was glad it was still in me. I was still terribly sore and it would have hurt tremendously for him to push inside me again.

“Is my ‘Little Bitch” in heat this morning?” he playfully asked.

“Do I have a choice?”

“Not really,” he chuckled.

“Oh well. Since you insist!” I replied just before I elbowed his ribs.

No use. He just laughed as he rolled us over, him on top. He pinned my arms and I resigned myself to a nice, long morning fuck. This little bitch wasn’t feeling so much in heat at the moment, but he still felt nice in my ass.

I expected a very long, and somewhat painful fucking when he suddenly rolled onto his back. I was astride him reverse cow-girl style. With his cock being so large, he stayed in me the entire time. 

I wanted to get off and turn around, but Walt said, ”Please, don’t. I want to watch your beautiful ass as you ride me.”

How sweet! He loves watching me walk, especially when I’m naked and in heels! I gave him a show, grinding against him and swiveling my hips. I braced myself on his knees and raised my ass, slamming back down.

I was losing myself in the sweet sensations of his nice, thick cock filling my ass. My little cock was at full attention! I smiled and reached up to play with my breasts. Walt’s hands caressed my hips and bottom. I reached back down and stroked my cock gently.

I don’t know how long I rode him. I spun around, his cock still inside. He gasped in delight. I leaned back and braced against his knees as I resumed grinding my ass against him. He took my cock in his hand and gently stroked it. I could tell I was getting flushed. I was warm from my face to my nipples!

“That’s it. Come for me, my Little Bitch. Fill my hand with your cream,” he growled softly.

I came.

“That’s my girl” he said. “That’s a good little bitch.”

I smiled and relaxed as I continued riding him.

“Please, Walt, come inside me”, I pleaded. “Fill me up!”

  He grabbed my hips again and rolled us over until he was on top, staring into my eyes. He planted his mouth on mine as he started thrusting harder and harder. His baseball bat of a cock hit the end of my channel painfully, but I didn’t care! I was still riding high on my earlier orgasm. I wrapped my legs around his hips and pulled myself onto his magnificent cock. I squirmed and twisted beneath him. I raked my nails down his back. 

Walt rode me another ten or fifteen minutes before he stiffened and filled my ass. I could feel some leaking out around his cock. We lay intertwined a few more minutes before I excused myself to shower, then fix breakfast.  

While he was showering, I put my costume back on. I added one of his white shirts to the ensemble. It was clear Walt was REALLY getting into fucking his Little Bitch. 

Walt came out of our room wearing only his towel. I get so aroused seeing him like that, I practically throw myself at him! He came up and wrapped his arms around me, giving me a quick squeeze before pouring coffee.  His towel was open enough that I would get an occasional glimpse of his magnificent manhood. (He can have bacon..... I WANT THAT COCK!!)

After breakfast, Walt watched me clean up. I was a sight in my cat ears, collar, stockings, heels and shirt. The tail hung down from beneath the shirt. I swayed my hips as I walked. My little cock was erect and rubbing against the shirt. I'd stay just out of reach.

Soon, Walt had his cock out and stroking it.  I had an exaggerated swing to my hips as I slowly walked to him. I slowly unbuttoned the shirt, teasing him with brief glimpses of the flesh underneath.  I sat on a bar stool and lifted a leg. He took the hint and knelt before me. He kissed my legs and inside my thighs as he removed my heels and stockings.

My small cock was in his face. He took it in his mouth and sucked me hard.  In the early stages of our relationship, I shied away from asking him to suck me. Few men I knew were willing to, or comfortable with, sucking me: however, Walt brought it up and regularly took me into his mouth. While he wasn't as talented as Stephanie, he still was pretty damn good!  I came way too quickly for my liking. Maybe, he'll suck me later!

"Does the Big, Bad Wolf want his Little Bitch?" I purred seductively. "Do you want her pretty little ass?"

His wicked smile was all the answer I needed!

Walt sat back on the sofa and I straddled him, kissing him. He pushed my shirt aside and cupped my small, round breasts with his big hands.  He ran his thumbs across my nipples causing me to gasp in delight. Soon he took a nipple into his mouth and lightly bit it. Damn! I'm ready for that cock!

I raised my hips and he slowly pulled out my tail. He worked it in and out several minutes, loosening my sphincter. He soon tired of fucking me with the butt plug and tossed it aside. He guided me onto the head of his cock and eased into me. The pain and pleasure as he slowly forced my asshole open was almost more than I could stand! My little cock was erect again! 

Finally, he was balls deep inside my stretched ass, the head resting painfully (but a pain I like!) against the end of my chute. He held me down allowing the pain to increase the longer I sat there. I was squirming slightly, a sign I was ready to continue.

  Walt let go and I started rocking on his cock. I could feel the baseball like head as it rubbed against my ass walls.  I rocked back and forth on his cock. I couldn't raise very much: he had a nipple clenched 

between his teeth, his tongue flicking across the tip. I was purring like a kitten at this point. I pulled his head close. I wanted him to take all my small, round breast into his mouth. He sucked on the whole thing a couple of moments then released it. 

I was able to ride easier. I held onto his wide shoulders and wiggled side to side. He ran his strong, calloused hands down my sides and cupped my bottom. His hands traveled up my back and down again. 

Walt rolled me over on my back. I lay on the sofa as thrust deeply into me. I pulled his face close and kissed all over it. I bit his lower lip.

"Fuck me harder, my love. Make me yelp! No......Make me scream out your name!!!" 

Well......his thrusts got harder. I yelled out his name several times before he placed a hand over my mouth. We both laughed as he shushed me. He pounded my sore ass, my legs wrapped around him. I raked my nails down his muscular, and quite hairy back. Too soon, he  filled me with his hot cum.

We lay there a few minutes, then showered and went to bed.

I think of my Big Bad Wolf every time I finger my collar.  


Angie K


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