Kyle opened the door to his apartment with one hand, already shrugging the other out of his jacket, before transferring keys and messenger bag to the other hand as he entered. It'd been a long day as everyone tried to get their last minute shit done before the holiday. Not to mention his own shit since he'd taken the week between the holidays off. It didn't feel like Christmas with everything he had on his mind, and not just the work bullshit.

Ben, his roommate and the source of most of Kyle's recent stress, was already home and sitting on the couch watching a rerun of Family Guy. "Hey, bro, you ready to go?" Ben called out as Kyle came in, like nothing was wrong. Ben was sprawled out on the wide sofa, looking amazing without even trying.

"Do I have time for a shower?" Kyle asked and set his bag on the loveseat before draping his jacket over the top.

"If you make it quick. You know my family. Mom says dinner at seven but it won't really happen 'til eight if we're lucky." Kyle acknowledged the statement with a grunt and headed for the one bedroom. He wondered how they could talk so normally after the fight they'd had the day before. The extra sheets and blanket were still folded neatly on the far end of the couch. He didn't look back as he began unbuttoning his shirt and headed for the master bathroom.

Kyle undressed quickly and left his work clothes on the bed to be sorted out later. He might be pissed at Ben but Kyle wouldn't do anything to make him look bad in front of the other man's family. He'd promised Ben's mom that he'd come for Christmas Eve dinner and he would even though he dreaded the awkward silence that was sure to last on the drive there. He was so caught up in his thoughts that he never realized Ben was in the room with him until a hand caught the edge of the shower stall door as Kyle tried to close it behind him.

Startled, he nearly slipped under the warm water but Ben caught his shoulder and steadied him. Ben who was naked and hard, his big dick swinging between his legs like an obscene metronome with every movement. Kyle swallowed hard and forced himself to look up from it as Ben entered and crowded him back against the tiles. The running water instantly made the dark hair on Ben's chest and stomach even darker. There was a line of it down the center of his belly, bisecting his abs, where the hair grew in thicker and darker than the rest. Kyle had always found it unbearably sexy. Ben had an incredible body but that line and his abnormally large cock were always Kyle's undoing.

"I, uh, I thought you said I had to be quick," Kyle said around a tongue that felt too large in his mouth.

"It'll be quick," Ben promised. He reached behind the shampoo on the shelf for the waterproof lube they kept there.

"No, I'm..." Kyle stalled out as he was unable to come up with a way of saying he was still mad, confused, hurt or exhausted without sounding like a whining little girl. Instead he snapped out, "No, get out." But Ben just poured a dollop of the clear gel into his palm and went about massaging the stuff onto his shaft while setting the lube back in place.

"I'm horny," Ben replied in such a calm manner that it just made Kyle madder. Still, when Ben reached out and tugged Kyle with a hand gripping his bicep Kyle let himself be pulled forward and turned so he faced the back wall of the stall. It was like Kyle had no willpower when it came to his allegedly straight roommate.

Kyle had been with plenty of men, especially in college when he'd been pretty much a whore, but none of them could compare with perpetually horny Ben. In the three months since Ben had 'temporarily' moved in Kyle had been fucked at least twice daily. He found it strongly gratifying, the insistent greed Ben showed for his ass. Even the squiggly bit of guilt and pleasure he always felt at the way Ben turned him into such a bottoming bitch was addictive. He'd never known he craved being manhandled and taken whenever Ben was in the mood, which was often.

All the fucking made for good practice and accepting Ben's big cock was easier, while not easy. It still hurt as Ben pressed his way inside Kyle, there in the shower, without any prep. Kyle gasped and almost hated the way his body betrayed him as his hole relaxed. The pain faded to a dull ache before Kyle felt Ben's full balls pressed against his ass.

Ben held his chest up against the cool tile with one strong hand on his shoulder. The other hand gripped Kyle's hip to keep his ass stationary and jutting out where Ben wanted it. Ben took a long moment to savor Kyle's heat but when he started moving Kyle knew instantly that the man had every intention of keeping his promise to make it quick. He started hammering his cock into Kyle's ass within the first few strokes, causing Kyle to choke on the moan building in his chest.

Ben hadn't used enough lube and the extra bite in the friction was enflaming Kyle's cock as much as his stretched hole. It made Kyle widen his stance while arching his back to give Ben a better angle and the other man moaned approvingly. Kyle's cock throbbed and felt extra heavy where it bobbed and swayed between his legs. "Jesus," Kyle rasped out. The intensity of Ben's punishing thrusts was short-circuiting his brain. He pressed his forehead against the tile and struggled to breathe, to get enough oxygen.

Kyle was seconds away from coming without even touching his cock when Ben pushed deep and paused, eliciting a whimper from Kyle. But the break was only for a few seconds, just long enough to take Kyle's hands and trap them above his head one-handed at his wrists. Being held that way only brought Kyle closer to the edge as Ben resumed his frantic pumping. Kyle felt Ben's broad tongue sweeping drops of water off his shoulder in long lines as a prelude to a firm bite there.

The sting of those teeth made Kyle cry out and his balls churn in preparation of unloading. "Fuck me, Ben, fuck me," he chanted. Ben, grunting around his mouthful of flesh, managed to pound even harder at Kyle's backside and Kyle came with a long moan as his jizz coated the wall before him. His asshole locked down and Ben unclamped his teeth to make his own noises of completion until his thrusting hips came to a stuttering stop.

When they'd both finished panting Ben released Kyle's hands and slowly withdrew his softening cock, making Kyle shudder at the emptiness left behind. Kyle took another second to compose himself before turning away from the shower wall to face Ben. He found the man soaping his limp cock and balls with an uneasy smile as their eyes met. "Hey, thanks, that, uhm, I...," Ben rambled and paused. For long seconds Ben looked down and watched the soap rinse away from his own junk. "I missed you last night," he finally said. Without looking up Ben turned and left the shower, closing the door firmly behind him.

The rational part of Kyle's brain knew Ben was just talking about their nightly fuck before bed, explaining why he was so horny. The rest of Kyle's brain really wanted to believe Ben meant sleeping together in Kyle's bed.

"Hurry up, you have twenty minutes," came Ben's shout from the other room. With a sigh Kyle reached for the soap to wash out the come Ben had left leaking down the insides of his thighs and the back of his balls.

Ben had figured the ride to his parent's house would be weird, and it was, but it was also fucking painful. Kyle was mad at him but he was mad, too. And resentful. Ben couldn't understand why Kyle had to make such a big fucking deal out of everything. To top it all off it was all Kyle's fault anyway. His fault for wanting to "understand" their "relationship" and his fault for making Ben act gay in the first place. More than anything Ben wanted things to go back to the way they'd been for the last three months and he was angry at himself for wanting that because he should want things to go back to the way they'd been before he'd ever re-met stupid, fucking Kyle Greene.

Ben let himself go on autopilot as he drove out of the city and into the suburbs, ignoring a sulking Kyle in the seat beside him. They'd been friends in grade school but drifted apart in middle school, yet remained semi-friends into high school. Kyle had been a skinny geek and come out junior year. He had been funny and cool enough that Kyle hadn't been hassled much, not that Ben had seen, while Ben was a popular jock. Still, they'd nodded at one another in the hallways and caught up at the few parties they both happened to be at.

After graduating Ben assumed they'd never see each other again, if he even ever thought about it. In college he'd used Kyle's name as his gay friend to impress a few girls but otherwise hadn't forgotten about him for years. It wasn't until they'd run into each other at a work function that they'd reconnected. They both worked for the same insurance company but in different departments and at different locations. Kyle had been the one to recognize Ben and sought him out to talk. Gone was the geeky class-clown, replaced by a tall and confidently handsome man. College had been good to Kyle.

At first they just met to catch up and talk about work. They emailed back and forth a few times, played golf together and met for lunch if they happened to be in the same location. Ben had even introduced Kyle to Jen, the woman he'd been dating since college who he'd lived with. They had dinner a few times, even went on a double-date once when Kyle had been dating that emo artist guy whose name Ben could never remember.

Driving along and making the correct turns without even thinking about it, Ben thought back on when everything had changed. Jen ended their relationship and Ben wasn't exactly heartbroken but it was strange and awkward as they still lived together. Ben ended up spending more time with Kyle than ever as he was the only friend Ben had who wasn't also friends with Jen or part of one of the couples they used to hang out with. It didn't hurt that Kyle was funny and easygoing.

One night Ben had been bitching about sleeping on the couch and having to jerk off in the shower, how horny he'd been. Kyle had offered up his own ass, playing it off like a joke though Ben could tell he wasn't really joking. Ben had been just drunk enough, and fucked up in the head enough, to consider the offer.

Then it happened. Kyle got on his knees and opened Ben's pants. He'd made Ben hard with his mouth, a really fucking talented mouth as Ben would learn, before rolling a condom onto Ben's cock. Kyle had practically torn his clothes off before getting up onto his hands and knees on the couch and all but begging Ben to fuck him. For a moment Ben had second thoughts but Kyle's round, plump cheeks weren't unattractive and watching Kyle's fingers push lube into his pink little hole had Ben getting up onto his knees behind his friend.

Fucking Kyle had been a revelation. It was like the first time he'd made himself come, like the first time he fucked a girl but better. Better because what started as a grudge fuck – Ben unleashing all the tension and anger from his breakup – became something else as Kyle took every inch of his cock anyway Ben chose to give it and begged for more. Ben had always held back with his lovers because he knew he was big but no matter how hard or rough he was that first time Kyle loudly and happily loved it. Ben felt like he'd been set free and Kyle's tight, hot asshole made him fly.

Kyle came first and Ben finished minutes later. Then it had been strange but before Ben could start to regret what he'd done Kyle admitted to having a crush on him since they'd been kids and somehow that made Ben feel okay. In fact Kyle had let him sleep his drunk off on the couch and the morning after hadn't been strange at all. Ben had gone back to his apartment and started packing.

Ben had avoided Kyle for more than a month after that night. Not because he had regrets but because he needed the time to figure out what the fuck was going on in his own head, why he couldn't stop thinking about Kyle's ass and fucking it. Glancing away from the road Ben snuck a peak at Kyle, his profile illuminated in the lights flashing by from street lamps. There was no denying the guy was handsome, that he turned heads wherever they went. And Kyle had the kind of body you normally only saw in men's health magazines. But those things didn't even register on the list of reasons why Ben couldn't seem to stop fucking him, even if they were points in Kyle's favor.

Ben, putting his focus back on the road, admitted to himself that there was something gay inside him; something that scared the shit out of him when he was truthful with himself. There was a feeling he got, a desire that made him so hard it hurt, when he held Kyle down – Kyle who was taller, stronger, better looking and just as confident as Ben – and fucked him like a whore. And Kyle loved it. It was power and desire all mixed together so Ben couldn't tell the difference, he just knew it wasn't something he'd ever experienced with a woman.

There were other things too. Like how they could hang out. What woman would watch all six Star Wars movies in a row on a rainy winter Saturday, only taking breaks to eat and fuck, then spend hours arguing over whether the prequels were shit (Ben's opinion) or awesome (Kyle's view). Then agree that the fight sequences were better in Episodes 1, 2 and 3 before having the kind of wild sex Ben thought usually only happened in porn movies. He and Kyle could go golf, see the newest action movie, visit the batting cages or hit the building's gym then go home for more wild monkey sex that Kyle wasn't just always up for but always obviously enjoyed.

Ben had moved back in with his parents and tried, without much success, to prove he was still into women. In the end he'd found himself outside Kyle's door on a Friday night and never left. That second time had been the real clincher, had sealed Ben's fate. He was pretty sure he knew why even though it was crazy, ludicrous, absurd – all those words that meant a cosmic joke was being played on him. Tonight he'd prove it to Kyle because he couldn't imagine giving up what they had.

They passed through the intersection that would've taken them to the neighborhood where Kyle's parents still lived and Ben saw Kyle's head turn from the corner of his eye. "You want to stop and see them on the way home?" Ben asked, breaking the tense silence. Ben vaguely remembered Kyle's home from the birthday parties he'd attended when they were both kids.

"They're in Charlotte with my sister." Kyle's words were so low Ben barely heard them. He couldn't think of anything else to say and so the silence returned. Luckily, they were almost at their destination. As they drew closer Ben thought about the fight of the night before, the one that had left Ben sleeping in the big bed by himself. Ben wasn't stupid, he could read between the lines of what Kyle had said, and he knew what Kyle really wanted. He just wasn't sure he'd ever be able to give it to him. More than any of his other mixed-up feelings Ben knew he was most mad at himself because he'd somehow hurt Kyle when it was the last thing he wanted to do.

So he parked on the street, as close as he could get to his parent's place with all his brothers' and sisters' cars taking up the best spots, and tried to think of some way to make Kyle understand Ben's suspicions. Kyle helped Ben grab the bags of wrapped presents out of the trunk and trudged through the cold night up to the Wallace house.

Of course Ben's family loved Kyle. His mom even remembered him as a kid. All the women fawned over him like he was some kind of celebrity. Kyle could be charming when he wanted and he had all Ben's sisters, sister-in-laws and even the little nieces and nephews eating out of the palm of his hand in the first fifteen minutes. After a loud dinner Ben's mom pulled out the photo albums and found pictures with Kyle in the background at Ben's seventh, eighth and ninth birthday parties. Ben was embarrassed for him but if he was affected Kyle didn't show it, laughing along with everyone else. It was strange for Ben to remember this shared past and see evidence of it, heartwarming in a way.

Before long the men had gathered in the living room. It was pure luck that Ben found Kyle with Ben's father and two of his brothers congregated around the wet bar, well away from the television. Ben couldn't have planned it better if he'd tried. Trying to act casual he joined the group and found his father trying to ply them all with drinks.

"Dad, I hope you're not telling Kyle about the Wallace family curse," Ben said.

"It's not a curse and I'm trying to educate your roommate on whiskey," Ben's father replied and held up a familiar bottle before pouring shots into a line of highball glasses. Ben was worried his father would turn the conversation back to alcohol but his brother Mike saved him.

"You've never told Kyle about the dreaded curse of the magic pussy?" Mike, the oldest of the boys, laughingly asked.

"Hey! Watch your language, boy. And it's not a curse it's a blessing." Their father responded with a mischievous smile.

"That's not the way you told it to me," Ian, Ben's youngest brother, exclaimed with a mock shudder.

"Me either," Ben chimed in.

"I'm telling you," Ben's dad began, addressing himself to Kyle with an air of disdain. "It was a blessing. Many generations ago a priest stayed with the Wallace clan in Scotland. In thanks for their hospitality he blessed them with love and fidelity. It's been passed down to every generation of our family and that priest? He became a saint." The older man crossed himself drunkenly before lifting his glass in a toast.

After they'd all had a small drink Mike said, "Love and fidelity? When you gave me the birds and bees talk you never explained it like that."

"Yeah, you basically told me to watch out because my dick might fall in love with the first pussy it touched and then I'd be screwed in the not-good way," Ian chimed in.

"Same here," Ben agreed. "That's why all us boys called it the curse of the magic pussy. 'Cause once you get some of that special ass you'll never try another."

"You can tell us now, Dad. It was just a story to try and keep your sons in line, wasn't it?" Mike asked.

"Hand over heart," Ben's father swore and put his right hand over his chest. "It's the honest truth. My father and grandfather told me. No man in our family has ever divorced or cheated on his wife. Even if he can't stand her," he finished with a loud laugh.

Ben could see Kyle glancing between the four of them with a perplexed expression. He needed to steer the conversation back around so spoke up. "But I want to know if it's true? After you bed 'The One'," he added the air quotes with bent fingers, "you can never go back?"

The three other Wallace men shared a look before their father spoke. "For me it's the truth. I've never cheated on your mother, never wanted to." Ben eyed his brothers. Both had married young. Mike was thirty-one and had been married for ten years with five kids. Ian was twenty-one and had been married for three years with four kids.

Mike was the one to finally speak, though he wouldn't meet any of the other's eyes. "It's true for me. I mean, God knows, I love Ang. But, remember Ian's bachelor party? That stripper? She was hot and when she gave me my lap dance she was practically jerking me off through my pants but I didn't even get a little bit aroused. Even...," he lowered his voice and looked around to make sure he couldn't be overheard. "Even when I jerk off I have to think about Angie."

"Fuck," Ian moaned out the word while rubbing the bridge of his nose. "Me too. Damn, I thought it was just a phase or something I'd just... I don't know, get over."

Ben, who'd never spoken quite so candidly with his brothers and father, shared a look with his dad. "I tried to warn you," their father said. "I'm not saying it's magic, maybe it's, uh, a DNA thing. We're hardwired for monogamy but who's to say...," he trailed off before taking a long drink from his glass.

Ben couldn't stop himself from looking at Kyle. Since that first time he'd suspected the family curse for whatever was happening between him and Kyle. He stared back at Ben for a moment before his eyes grew wide and Ben somehow knew Kyle understood. He carefully set his nearly full glass back onto the bar before turning and walking away from Ben and his family members. Ben, who'd wanted Kyle to hear exactly what he'd just heard, didn't feel any relief at making Kyle understand. If anything he felt like he'd just fucked up.

Fifteen minutes later he knew he'd fucked up. "You can't leave yet. We haven't even opened the presents." Ben's mom's voice drifted in from the foyer.

Kyle's head popped into the open arch of the living room and he called out, "Thanks for inviting me. It was great to meet you all and sorry I have to be going," he called out as he waved to the room in general. Ben practically flew out of his chair and pushed his way through the knot of women crowding the open front door saying goodbye to Kyle who stood on the front step.

"Thanks again, Mrs. Wallace. Have a Merry Christmas," Kyle was saying as he hugged Ben's mom. He caught sight of Ben and quickly disentangled himself. He was halfway down the drive to the waiting taxi before Ben caught up with him.

"Where the hell are you going?" Ben called out but Kyle only walked faster. Ben had to run to catch him by the arm and stop him. "Hey, what's up?"

Kyle ripped his arm out of Ben's hold and turned to face him. For a moment Ben was struck dumb by the look of sheer anger on Kyle's face. He'd never even imagined the other man could be capable of such seething emotion. It nearly made Ben's heart stop.

"You are such an epic asshole," Kyle spat the words out from between gritted teeth and Ben could sense the effort he was making not to yell or strike out. "There aren't even words for that kind of complete douche-baggery."

"I don't," Ben started but was forced to stop speaking as Kyle gave his shoulder a shove hard enough to make him stumble back a step.

"I'm your magic pussy? Is that what that whole show was about?" Kyle questioned him. "Fuck you! And fuck your curse bullshit." Kyle was breathing hard, fists clenched tightly at his sides. "You find somewhere else to stay tonight. I'm driving down to my sister's tomorrow and I'll be back in a week. I want all your shit gone when I get back. Leave the key on the counter." With that Kyle spun around and marched to the cab. He didn't even look back as he climbed in and the driver pulled away. Ben stayed there, stunned, for several minutes before he realized his mother was calling his name.

Ben went back inside and poured himself a full glass of whiskey from the bar. Sure, he'd known Kyle was special after that first fuck. It wasn't until the second time, after a month and half of total failure with women, that Ben had guessed that Kyle might be it for him.

He remembered the way he'd barged into Kyle's apartment that Friday night. How he'd wrestled Kyle to the ground, thanking God the man must have just come from the gym, and pulled down his loose shorts and briefs to bare his ass. Ben barely took time to spit a few times before plunging into Kyle's body. The relief had been so sweet and instant that Ben had nearly cried.

Kyle had eventually warmed up to the fucking and by then Ben was filling his ass with loads of hot come. All that hot fluid made the second, slower fuck even better. It wasn't until after the third time, when they'd finally made it to the bed, that Ben stated the obvious. "I didn't use a condom. I'm sorry."

"It's okay," Kyle said, sounding exhausted. "I trust you. We'll figure it out tomorrow."

The thing was, Ben had never intended to use a condom. The tight, tight grip of Kyle's ass was all his and no one else would ever get to know what it felt like. And Ben had come a long way since that night. Kissing wasn't bad when they were fucking, Ben actually enjoyed it. And he'd even become an expert in the reach-around, stroking Kyle's cock while they fucked. But he obviously hadn't come far enough for Kyle, he thought as he reached for the bottle of whiskey to pour a second glass.

The first few days in Charlotte weren't so bad. Kyle didn't even mind taking the top bunk in his nephew's bedroom as his parents had already co-opted the guest room. The kids were fun and Kyle had no problem letting his inner child out to help them play with all their new toys, especially the video games. By the third day he was ready to go back home.

It was completely lame but he missed Ben, and not just the sex, but hanging out together and living together. He suspected he may have overreacted to the whole curse thing but it went straight to his insecurities. Kyle had been afraid of the way he so easily fell into the role of Ben's sex toy, something warm and easy to fuck.

Still he was ridiculously pleased when he got a text from Ben on the third night.

*I'm sorry. Thx for the xmas gift. It was perfect and I don't deserve it* Kyle had left the card on the kitchen table with Ben's name on it. Inside was a gift card to a sporting goods store with just enough credit to buy that driver Ben had been talking about since their last round of golf.

*Not that it'll help your game* Against his better judgment Kyle texted back.

* we'll see on the links. I didn't mean it will you come home?* For some reason the quick response made Kyle want to cry.

*Because I'm the only pussy you can fuck?* Kyle sent the message then wished he could take it back. Ben was trying, after all. He should do the same. It was a long five minutes before a response came.

*Mike's having a party new years. Meet me there? Please Kyle* Kyle thought about it for awhile. In a way it would be kind of perfect if they met in a public place, guaranteeing less bloodshed. And both of them would be less likely to make a public scene. It made Kyle wonder, though. Why was Ben making such an effort? Was his ass that good?

An address came next before Kyle could respond. A second later, *Will U B there?*

*I'll think about it* Kyle knew before he even sent the message that he'd be at the party.

Kyle stayed at his sister's until Sunday when he left early in the morning. His apartment was sad and lonely with all of Ben's stuff gone. He could barely sleep in it but he managed a few hours and a nap Monday afternoon. Ben hadn't given him a time for the party so he started getting ready about seven that night and was pulling up to the address he'd been given just after eight.

The cul-de-sac was full of cars and Kyle had to park a block away but it wasn't too cold for the end of December. His knock on the door was answered by one of Ben's sisters, Kyle thought her name was Sherry. She was already tipsy and shrieked before pulling him into a tight hug, mashing her breasts against his chest. "Oh my God! Kyle!" she all but screamed into his ear.

"Um, hey, it's good to see you," Kyle said while trying to pry her away. "Is Ben around?"

Now that the time had come Kyle felt like he might puke and he wanted to get this over with as soon as possible, one way or another. The house was full of people, all eating and drinking, as Sherry led him inside. "They're all in the den," she told him before screaming, "I'm so excited for you!" And they were. Ben's parents, his brothers and one of the sisters were all there laughing and talking while a dozen kids sat on the floor playing with something Kyle couldn't see.

A couple people called his name but all Kyle could see was Ben and his light eyes were locked on Kyle. He was up and moving toward Kyle before Kyle had a chance to say so much as hello. Ben took Kyle's arm just above his elbow and propelled him back the way he'd come and into the hallway. "So, how are you?" Kyle tried to ask but Ben was quickly leading him up a stairway to the unlit second floor.

"Ben, where... what?" Kyle nearly stumbled on the stairs but Ben had a firm grasp and steadied him without slowing down. They entered a bathroom and Ben turned on the light before closing and locking the door behind him. "Ben," Kyle said warily, concerned by the intense expression on Ben's face.

Ben grabbed him as he spun them both until Kyle's back was pressed to the door and brought their lips together. It was hard and bruising, their lips mashed together just before their teeth clacked and Kyle would've pulled away except that he had nowhere to go. Then Ben's tongue was forcing its way into Kyle's mouth and he didn't want to be anywhere else.

Kyle barely had time to enjoy the oral assault before Ben was moving again. Kyle found himself facing the large rectangle of the mirror above the sink. Ben, who was a few inches shorter, watched Kyle from over his shoulder in their reflection. Without thinking Kyle put more bend in his knees so he could get a better look.

"I really want to fuck you," Ben said with his chin resting on Kyle's shoulder. Just to emphasize he held Kyle's hips to grind a very erect cock against Kyle's ass. Kyle could feel his body instantly reacting and his asshole flexing in anticipation.

Kyle sighed and let his head fall back on Ben's broad shoulder. "I missed you," he admitted, even though it cost him something like a chunk of his heart. Kyle found himself ignoring every reason why he shouldn't give in to Ben and just take the pounding he desperately wanted.

"Not yet," Ben said with a rough growl against Kyle's ear. "I need to tell you something." Kyle hummed in agreement all while trying to wiggle his ass so Ben's big cock would line up with the crease of his ass through two layers of clothes. "Fuck, stop," Ben groaned. He wrapped his arms around Kyle and hugged him tightly. "Look at me, Kyle."

Kyle put his hands over Ben's and raised his head. Their eyes met and for the first time Kyle saw how exhausted Ben seemed. "Hey, I overreacted," Kyle stated. He found the serious expression on Ben's face vaguely terrifying. Ben only got serious about sex and football and this didn't seem like either so Kyle felt the need to delay whatever was coming.

"No, listen. I was an asshole. This last week has been the seventh longest week of my life. It made me realize a few things." Kyle found himself unable to look away from those blue eyes.

"Seventh?" he asked, still needing to break the tension mounting in the hard set of Ben's lips. In this case it worked as Ben's lips turned up in a wistful smile.

"You remember the six weeks after the first time we fucked?" Kyle couldn't help letting out a soft huff of a laugh at that. Ben placed a small kiss on the corner of his jaw as Kyle relaxed into his embrace more naturally. "So this is the deal," Ben said after a moment. "I'll learn to, uh, go down on you. I'm not sure I'll ever be ready to let you near my ass but I promise to take care of you, like, sexually. No, wait," Ben said to forestall whatever he saw Kyle getting ready to say. "Just, if you give me a chance I can be, uhm, like, a boyfriend. Your boyfriend, I mean."

Kyle couldn't help the grin on his face. He'd never seen Ben so flustered. "You'll change your facebook status, then?" Kyle jokingly answered Ben's unspoken question. In truth, the whole situation was starting to make Kyle squirm. Not that he didn't appreciate Ben's words and actions, he did, but they were coming awfully close to having a moment and that was something Kyle had avoided in every relationship he'd ever had.

"You're being a prick but that's fine. Come on, I've got a surprise for you." Ben opened the door and was on the stairs before Kyle realized he needed to follow. "Move it, bro."

Kyle still had things he wanted to say, demands to make, but his throat dried up as he came down the stairs of Ben's brother's house. He cautiously paused halfway down at the sight of Ben's whole family gathered at the bottom. And someone had turned down the music. People Kyle didn't even know were watching him expectantly.

Ben waited on the last step in his best suit, Kyle noticed. He suddenly felt underdressed in his jeans and sweater though no one else attending the party was dressed up. "Come on," Ben encouraged him.

"What's going on?" Kyle asked. He was getting a funny feeling in the pit of his stomach.

"For Christ's sakes, Kyle! Get down here." Ben's voice was overly loud in the small area. When Kyle didn't immediately move Ben bounded up the stairs, reaching for Kyle's hand.

"You know," Ben said as he reached into his left pocket. "I had big plans for a nice speech and shit. I should've known you'd fuck it up." Kyle ignored the snickers from some of the kids at their uncle's cursing. Kyle only had eyes for the black jeweler's box Ben had in his hand and knew he'd start hyperventilating any second. "So here," Ben said as he let go of Kyle's hand to open the box. "I want to make it permanent." There were two dark metal rings in the box.

Kyle was helpless to stop Ben as the other man took his hand and slid one of the rings onto his finger. "Uh," Kyle had no fucking clue what to say.

"Ben you have to ask first," Ben's mom called out. "And that's the wrong hand, honey." A couple people thought that was hilarious but Kyle hardly registered the laughter.

He had no idea what to do or say and worse, Kyle knew, he only had a second to decide what he should do. With a huff of exasperation Ben tugged the ring off Kyle's finger to put it on the other hand. Looking up with a half-smile he asked, "So will you marry me?"

"Yeah, I mean yes," Kyle answered. What else could he say in front of Ben's family and all the other people? It doesn't have to mean anything, he told himself.

There was a round of clapping and cheering. Ben's mother rushed up the steps to hug a startled Kyle. Then there were people to hug and hands to shake. Kyle completely lost sight of Ben as he was pulled into the crush of people. It was a long while before he managed to break away from the well-meaning Wallace's with a plate of food and an open beer someone had shoved into his hands. It was with relief that Kyle retreated to the kitchen. He wasn't too surprised when Ben found him minutes later.

"You alright?" Ben asked. Kyle nodded as he took a long drink from his beer. Ben came close enough to lean on the counter right beside Kyle.

"You're not wearing your ring," Kyle noticed.

"Oh, yeah, I wasn't sure." Ben reached into his pocket for the box. "Can I just put it on myself? I didn't know if there was some kind of protocol." He held the ring out for Kyle who took it while Ben held his hand up and out. "You like them? They're titanium." Kyle finally slid the ring into place before holding out his own hand. The two of them studied the matching rings on their fingers.

"They're cool," Kyle admitted. In a very real way the whole situation seemed absurd to Kyle. At the same time he couldn't deny that there was a part of him feeling more excited than a kid on Christmas morning. And somehow Kyle found himself standing calmly beside Ben in a strange kitchen when he felt like the whole world had changed.

"Follow me," Ben took his hand. "Before someone finds us." Kyle let Ben lead him to the backdoor and through it once Ben had eased it open.

"Ben it's fucking freezing out here," Kyle whispered within a few steps. "We should get our jackets."

"Come on, bro, we won't be cold for long." Ben promised then shocked Kyle by reaching back and taking his hand. Ben's palm was warm and Kyle's protests died with the simple contact.

The backyard wasn't very big but it was wide as the sprawling house and there was a patio, about five feet wide, that hugged the back of the home. Ben led Kyle to the farthest side from the kitchen door. By the fence there was a Jacuzzi laying dormant in the soft light from the brightly lit windows beside them. The sides were slatted in cedar and a matching cabinet sat a few feet away. Ben released Kyle's hand to pull a couple towels from the cabinet and put them atop it and turned to give Kyle a conspiratorial wink.

"Help me out here," Ben whispered. He folded back one half of the cover and Kyle got his first whiff of the chemicals and water. Together they lifted off the cover and set it aside. Ben immediately started taking off his clothes, starting with his suit jacket and shirt.

Kyle couldn't help admiring the view. Ben's body was still beefy but three months of working out regularly with Kyle had made his body firmer and larger in all the right places. Ben bent at the waist to remove his shoes and his belly bulged slightly over the waist of his pants. Ben's extra padding had always turned Kyle on. He straightened and his abs came into view with their dark line of hair causing the usual reaction in Kyle.

With a grin Ben met Kyle's gaze and shucked his pants along with his underwear. He threw them over his shirt beside the towels and hopped from one foot to the other to remove his socks. Completely naked and half-hard Ben climbed into the steaming water. Not for the first time Kyle's breath caught at the sight of him.

"Hurry up, Kyle. Your nuts are gonna freeze off," Ben said as he eased into the water and settled with a deep sigh.

"We can't just skinny dip in your brother's hot tub," Kyle whispered with a glance at the lighted windows. He could see people moving in there, talking and eating with drinks in hand. "There's, like, a hundred people in there, Ben."

"They can't see out, it's too dark. Come on, stop being such a baby. I just wanted to talk in private. Plus, this feels amazing."

Kyle hesitated another moment before shrugging and unbuckling his belt. It took less than a minute to unclothe himself and he was stepping quick on the cold, cold concrete to reach the tub. He gratefully let his body into the warm water. Ben had settled himself along the far side and Kyle felt along with his hand to find a bench seat across from him. Only Ben grabbed Kyle's forearm to seat Kyle beside him. Both men sank into the water up to their necks and the only sound was their quite breathing and the small sounds of the water against the sides of the tub.

A sort of armrest was molded into the plastic between them and Kyle was momentarily grateful for the forced separation between them. He let his head fall back and stared up into the patchy clouds above them, picking Orion's belt out in the sky when it became visible. He had to admit the water and warmth did feel amazing, not that he planned to let Ben know he'd been right about anything. In truth Kyle was still reeling from the surreal events and the moment of peace to think was a relief.

"This is nice," Ben said as he reached out and found Kyle's hand. He laced their fingers together and guided both their arms to rest between them.

"What'd you tell your family?" Kyle asked the first thing that came to mind. "They didn't seem very surprised," he added. He was nowhere near ready to talk about what had actually happened.

"I told my parents the night you left. The rest I told in the last couple days."

"But what did you tell them?" Kyle needed to know.

"I, uh, came out. That's what you call it, right?" Kyle could hear the smile in Ben's words and couldn't keep himself from turning his head to find Ben watching him.

"You told them you're gay?" Kyle asked, letting all the disbelief he felt filter into his words.

"Yup. I told my parents we'd been living together but I didn't go into all that with my brothers and sisters. It wasn't that bad," Ben finished with a small shrug.

"And they were just okay with it?" Kyle's voice stressed the boundaries of what could be considered a whisper.

"No, but... My dad said it was the shittiest Christmas gift ever. He was so pissed, Kyle. But my mom actually told me she'd suspected for a long time."

"What!?" Kyle interjected.

"I know," Ben said with a quiet chuckle. "I told her that I wished she'd have let me know. My sisters all seemed cool with it but I'm not talking to two of my brothers right now. I don't know if they're really against it or if they're just mad I didn't say anything before, you know? I get the feeling that the whole situation is so strange that everyone is waiting to see how it shakes out." Kyle only then realized the whole family hadn't been there to congratulate them even though he was pretty sure he'd seen all of them at the party. "I basically threatened them all not to fuck things up tonight or I'd kill them."

Kyle really desperately wanted this whole situation to be real. He'd wanted Ben as a boy and more so as a man except, "But you're not gay," he blurted out.

"Jesus, Kyle, does it matter? I don't understand why," he paused as Kyle squeezed his hand and cut him off.

"It's the curse, I know you think so. You don't really want me, don't want to be gay. You can't just decide to be gay, Ben. I mean, just so you can keep fucking me? Remember what started all this?" Kyle did. He'd been shocked when Ben told him they were going to his parents' house for Christmas Eve. He'd been even more shocked and pissed when, the day before, Ben had asked him not to act too gay with his family. "You don't even want me to be gay."

"Listen, I'm sorry I said that. I don't even know why I did that. And it's more than the sex. I missed you this last week. I missed hanging out with you, just eating with you or watching TV together. Sleeping together, too. I won't lie, I missed the sex a lot. You can't imagine how many times I had to jerk off this week thinking about your ass but I missed my best friend more."

"Still, you want a woman, Ben. You might fuck me but you're thinking of tits and shit. You even said I was just a warm hole. You remember that?" Kyle asked, denying Ben's words. He untangled their hands and pulled until Ben had to let his hand go. "You didn't have to fucking propose to me," he said and looked away. "We can be friends but..." He didn't know what else to say.

He didn't want to give Ben up in anyway. Kyle knew he might complain about Ben's constant horniness but it wasn't really true. He reveled in the way Ben just took what he wanted from Kyle's body, the way he acted like he owned it. It wasn't something Kyle had ever wanted from another man but Ben was different. Ben pulled that need and desire right out of Kyle. But Kyle didn't think they could go back to being friends who fucked, not after all this. Things had gotten messy and Kyle hated that.

Turning in his seat Ben said, "Come here." He reached out and pulled on Kyle's arm. And like always happened when Ben started manhandling him Kyle felt himself going with it. He almost went under but Ben dragged him over with strong hands on Kyle's arms, legs and hips until he had Kyle settled straddling his lap to face one another. "You think I don't want you?" he asked as he pulled Kyle's hand into his lap so Kyle could feel that he was hard.

"I had a lot of time to think this past week and I realized I must be gay. I want you all the time. Christ," he gritted out the last as Kyle instinctively curled his hand around Ben's big cock and squeezed it. "I love your body, Kyle. I love the way you make me feel. I think I've wanted you all along, it just took me this long to admit it. You really think I'd want to make this permanent if I wasn't sure?"

Ben's hand, hot from the water, slid over Kyle's shoulder to wrap around the back of his neck and pulled him in. Their lips met and Kyle groaned as his own cock started to harden. Ben's tongue forced its way into Kyle's mouth and the hand that wasn't holding Kyle in place tentatively skimmed over Kyle's chest and stomach. Kyle couldn't stop the shudder that coursed through him as that questing hand groped for and found his hardening cock.

"I like this too," Ben murmured against his lips with a tug on Kyle's dick. "I've thought about what it would be like to taste it, to feel you come in my mouth." That pronouncement was almost enough to make Kyle come right there.

They kissed deeper, stroking one another. Kyle was so aroused by Ben's kisses. It was the first time when he felt like the kissing was the purpose and not the side effect of Ben trying to get off in his hole. Kyle took his time and let his tongue linger and taste every corner of Ben's mouth, tasting the beer they'd both had and something salty Ben had eaten. Both of their hands sped up as Ben's tongue pushed against his and Kyle took it in to suckle at it, causing Ben to groan and thrust into Kyle's hand. He was so close that Kyle had to pull back, studying Ben's face for any sign of uncertainty.

Kyle broke the intense intimacy first, looking away from Ben's flushed face and hot eyes. "Hey, don't go away," Ben said and gently cupped Kyle's jaw to draw his eyes back. "Are we good now?" Kyle met Ben's eyes and managed a nod. New and scary feelings were welling up inside him, getting clogged in his throat. "We don't have to rush, Kyle. You don't even have to mean it, about the ring and all that. It was, just, the only way I could think to let you know how serious I am about this." Ben swiped a wet thumb over Kyle's cheek.

Rather than respond Kyle pushed close and reclaimed Ben's lips, retaking his cock in hand. He'd missed the monster. Impulsively he shifted himself over Ben until he could feel that hot meat right up against his hole. They were surrounded by water but Kyle knew it wouldn't really help him take Ben dry and also knew that wasn't going to stop him. Doing his best to relax the muscles and push out at the same time Kyle forced his ass to swallow past the rim of the wide head then froze to take deep breaths. It fucking burned.

He watched Ben's face with his gritted teeth and slitted eyes. "You don't have to," Ben choked out, then, "Shit, you're tight."

"I want to. I missed this," Kyle said and forced himself to take a few more inches. Ben's hands found his hips and were insistent about helping Kyle and gravity force them closer together.

"Mmm, is that all you missed?" Ben mumbled his question with his lips all over Kyle's neck. "My cock?" He tried for indignant but Kyle could hear the need in his voice.

Kyle forced himself to take the last few inches and took a moment to catch his breath. His asshole steadily flexed around the large intruder, trying to adjust. Kyle's body well remembered this, though, and the pain quickly faded to a mild ache. "Hmm?" Ben prompted and wrapped his arms around Kyle's back to hold him close.

Kyle released his hold on the edge of the Jacuzzi and wrapped his arms around Ben in turn. "Maybe I missed you a little," he said as he looked into Ben's eyes.

"Well, at least I know where I stand in this relationship." Ben obviously tried but couldn't pull of the mock injured look.

Kyle leaned in to kiss just below Ben's ear then said, "Yeah, you're the stud." He closed his lips on Ben's earlobe and sucked lightly.

"Oh yeah, your stud. I think I might be okay with that," he chuckled in a rumble from his broad chest that vibrated through Kyle. He traced a line across Ben's jaw with his tongue to his lips. They kissed deeply for a long time until Ben couldn't stop from trying to get some friction on his cock by trying to fuck up into Kyle.

"Nuh uh," Kyle managed. He pulled back from their kiss only to sweep back in and suck on Ben's fuller bottom lip, pulling it away from his teeth before breaking away again. "Let me just," he paused as he clenched around Ben's throbbing cock. "I just want to feel you inside me."

"You're going to kill me," Ben groaned.

Kyle just smiled, grinding in a tight circle on Ben's staff, as he concentrated on the fullness inside him. Kyle closed his eyes and imagined his inner muscles sucking on Ben's cock to try and pull the big dick in deeper. "Fuck," Ben breathed and his hands tightened on Kyle's sides.

Kyle's eyes popped open and he drank in the way Ben was looking at him with so much desire. He pulled the big hands off his body and pulled Ben's arms up out of the water. He arranged Ben with his hands behind his head. Kyle took his own cock in his right hand to stroke himself. With his left hand he felt all over Ben's exposed biceps and into the furry pits before stroking his nipples under the water. "Stay there, like that," he grunted. He raked his fingers through the hair on Ben's chest and stomach.

Grinding and flexing internally Kyle got off on Ben's body as he stroked himself. He leaned forward with his hand braced on Ben's chest to lick and suck at all the skin he could reach that wasn't underwater. Ben's eyes drifted shut and he tilted his head when Kyle reached his neck. Even the chemical filled water tasted good off Ben's skin.

Kyle worked his hips, back and forth as he felt the big cock press against the inner walls of his chute. He rotated in a circle that grew wider as Ben's dick scraped up against sensitive tissue. He flexed his thighs and bounced in tiny jerks, not letting the cock out but letting it pull tight on his asslips. He stroked himself and perved on Ben's body. Ben himself was squirming and Kyle knew he was dying to take over but holding himself back. It turned Kyle on like hell.

"Fuck," Kyle moaned and bit his lip as the end creeped up on him. He was suddenly shooting into the hot water and squeezing Ben's cock so hard with his ass, so good it nearly hurt. The last shot left him with a quaking body as Ben wrapped his arms around Kyle's back and gripped his shoulders underhanded.

He stroked into Kyle with little thrusts and Kyle felt the familiar throbbing and bucking of Ben's cock that signaled his orgasm. The wet heat bloomed in his belly as Ben filled him with come and Kyle let himself go limp over Ben. In the aftermath Kyle noticed his shoulders and back above the water were getting cold but he couldn't work up the energy to do anything about it.

"That was good...," Ben huffed. "Real good."

The cock in his ass slowly deflated as Kyle moved enough to kiss Ben on the lips. They caressed one another lazily until Ben's dick slid out of Kyle's hole. Kyle gave one last shudder and pushed off to dunk into the water up to his neck.

"We should go back in before they miss us," Ben whispered. He found Kyle's hand under the water and pulled him close for one last kiss before getting them both to their feet.

They dried hurriedly and dressed quicker. Once they were both ready Kyle stopped Ben from heading inside to say, "If you're sure then I'm in." Ben's grin lit up and he kissed Kyle once more before picking up the towels and leading Kyle inside.

The kitchen was empty and Ben tossed the towels into a side room where Kyle spotted the washer and dryer. As they left the kitchen they ran into Ben's brother, Mike. He had a full trash bag in one hand. "Hey, bro. Where you guys been? Mom was looking for you." He slung a friendly arm over Ben's back and smiled at Kyle.

"We were just talking," Ben said as Mike leaned into him with a puzzled expression. He sniffed at Ben's collar.

"Christ, Ben! You were in the hot tub? Tell me you didn't have sex in there."

Ben ducked his head and pushed Kyle through the door ahead of him. "Gotta go, Mike," he called back. Kyle couldn't make it out but he heard Mike grumbling behind them.

They headed into the dining room where all the food was laid out. Kyle had to admit that everything felt right in the world. Ben's come in his guts, a ring on his finger and a promise from the guy he'd loved since third grade – life couldn't get much better. But it did get better when he got a big kiss from Ben at midnight in a full room of strangers and soon-to-be-family.

"Yuck," Ben thought to himself. It wasn't so much the taste of Kyle's come, it was the texture. He finished swallowing it down and gave one last lick to Kyle's spent cock. The texture and the weird oily aftertaste it left on his tongue and in his throat, he amended. Still, it wasn't too bad.

He'd been pretty surprised the first time on how much he got off on sucking cock. It was like eating out a woman 'cause it didn't feel good for him but he got off on making his partner feel so good. He definitely liked it but not as much as rimming which was way better than eating pussy. Girls got wet but Kyle got soft and compliant, his little hole opening up. Nothing made Kyle's inner slut come out like a good rim job and Ben wholly reaped the rewards of that.

He crawled up Kyle's body and kissed his slack lips. "Good?" he asked with a self-satisfied smile when Kyle didn't respond to his lips. Kyle groaned and rolled over onto his stomach.

"Wake me up in a few hours and I'll let you know," he mumbled.

"Hey, I'm still hard here," Ben playfully nipped Kyle's shoulder.

"Jesus, you've been hard since we got here. Have at it," Kyle said into the pillow and slightly raised his ass. "Just make it quick. I'm tired and done."

Laughing Ben straddled Kyle's body. He let his cock rest over Kyle's ass cheeks before letting his weight down and fitting his cock between the plump cheeks. He had to admit, day three of their honeymoon, and he felt like a fucking pagan sex god. He hadn't been so constantly revved up since his teens. He couldn't keep away from the man who now officially belonged to him. He growled against the nape of Kyle's neck.

"It's your husbandly duty to please your man," he said and playfully sucked up a mark.

"If you use 'husbandly duty' as an excuse to fuck me one more time I'm going to strangle you in your sleep," Kyle groused. He didn't try to get away, though.

The valley of Kyle's ass was still wet with lube and come so the belly of Ben's cock just glided as he began humping the body beneath him. The idea of a quick, hard fuck for his own pleasure only was a turn on but what he was doing felt too good to stop. Besides, this ass belonged to Ben and he could have it whenever he wanted, also a huge turn on. He sighed happily and continued rutting against Kyle's ass. He'd swear he could feel the extra heat from Kyle's used hole on the shaft of his cock like a burning mark as he moved. Ben nuzzled his nose against the scruff of Kyle's hair.

Kyle had buzzed it off to almost nothing in preparation for their trip. It looked good on him, made him look less wholesome and more predatorily handsome. The man even had a sexily shaped skull, Ben mused. The light brown hair was turning gold with all the sun they'd been getting. Kyle had also shaved his torso, not that he had much hair to begin with, and trimmed his pubes and pits to almost bare. All of it was quickly turning a golden tan. Ben couldn't keep his hands off his husband's body.

He'd been surprised to find himself as the one pushing for a date after New Year's. In the end he'd been the one to make the plans and set everything up. Two days and one night in Massachusetts to get married then a week at an all-inclusive resort in Mexico, done. Ben figured they could have some kind of ceremony or something at their first anniversary for their families.

Kyle had grumbled at first but he was always agreeable after a good fuck. So Ben had nailed him to their bed and here they were, Mexico in March. He focused on Kyle again. He wasn't snoring but his body was all relaxed and his eyes were closed from what Ben could see. "Are you sleeping, dickhead?"

"No," Kyle said tiredly. Ben smirked to himself, he knew a way to make sure Kyle didn't fall asleep on him. He almost felt guilty but he was fucking horny after blowing Kyle. Ben shifted his hips and drew back until he felt the head of his cock fall on the mark. In one easy thrust he slid into Kyle's ass. No resistance at all and Kyle's hole felt soft and wet, so fucking hot inside. Ben loved Kyle's tight ass but this was nice too. It was still snug but not like usual. Kyle groaned beneath him.

Ben sawed his cock in and out, lazy and slow. He could fuck Kyle like this for hours, the other man's slippery insides caressing the head of his cock like hot, wet silk. "You're fucking juiced inside," he told Kyle.

"Hmm, wonder how that happened?" Kyle asked. He didn't sound upset, though, he sounded turned on.

"You like that?" Ben asked. "Your shit's all loose and sloppy with my sperm and it turns you on?" That earned him a growl but apparently Kyle was still too tired to move much. "It turns me on," Ben admitted. "It's fucking hot."

"Yeah," Kyle agreed. Ben was still steadily pumping Kyle's fine ass. Best vacation ever, Ben thought.

They'd woken up early to play golf. Nine holes and a late breakfast then they hit the beach. Kyle had worn a swimsuit Ben had never seen before. It was a bright red boxer-brief, skin tight, with a small rainbow flag in the center of the waistband at the back where it couldn't reach the beginning of Kyle's asscrack. Ben knew instantly that it was another gay test so he hadn't said a word. Besides it was fucking hot. He didn't last long before he dragged Kyle to an abandoned cabana and hit that. Followed by lunch then another hour on the beach before Ben got too horned up and forced Kyle back to their room.

Ben happily plowed Kyle's ass while he thought about that swimsuit. Skimpy fabric highlighting Kyle's perfect ass and showcasing his ripped body, Ben loved that thing. It was better than lingerie. He wondered if it was strange that he got off on all the other people checking out his husband's bod. It made Ben proud and possessive.

Kyle's little tests were annoying but only because Ben wished he'd stop worrying and trust Ben to know what Ben wanted. It had started with holding Ben's hand in public, snuggling on the couch while watching TV, kissing him in line at the grocery store, going to gay bars and now the swimsuit. What neither of them had expected was for Ben to like it, and he did. He loved anything that made them closer. At that moment all Ben could concentrate on was getting closer to Kyle's throat from the inside.

Speeding up, Ben fucked into Kyle's squirming body. Changing the angle of his hips got him a squeak from Kyle. Ben couldn't stop the cocky grin as Kyle tilted his ass and pushed it up for deeper access. Typical Kyle, first begging with his body. Ben knew it wouldn't be long before he started begging out loud. Ben drew back further to shove his knees between Kyle's legs. Kyle obliged and spread his legs wide as Ben drew himself up into a pushup position. He wanted to pound.

Long strokes and Ben watched his cock disappear into Kyle's body, faster and faster. "Oh, fuck me," Kyle moaned softly. Ben wasn't sure if Kyle was complaining or fighting his own arousal. He had to know so he pulled out with a sucking pop and flipped Kyle onto his back. He smiled at Kyle's hard cock as he fell over him.

He used his right hand to find Kyle's asshole and plunged back inside to the sweet heat. "Wrap your legs around me and stroke yourself," Ben commanded. It only took seconds to sort their bodies out, Kyle's legs and left arm around Ben. "I'm gonna fuck the shit out of you so hold on, okay?"

Kyle's eyes were wide open now and he nodded, biting into his bottom lip. It turned Ben on. So close, face to face, Kyle's eyes looked huge and dazed. Ben let his instincts take over as he slammed into his man. He kissed Kyle savagely, taking his whimpering cries into his own mouth. Ben could feel the orgasm building in the base of his spine. Kyle went off and his hole went off around Ben like a clenching fist, the perfect sensation to throw Ben into his completion.

It was almost painful the way come spurted out of Ben's cock, deep into Kyle's ass. His nuts were running on empty and he grunted through it. The last few spurts made Ben feel like he might pass out. Kyle's ass gave one last clench to his sensitive cock and he wanted to cry with how perfectly painful and pleasurable it felt.

With the very last of his energy Ben pulled away. He fell onto his side and dragged Kyle bodily over him. They settled into their usual position for sleep with Kyle's head on Ben's chest and Kyle's longer body curled around Ben, their legs tangled together.

"I love you, Ben," Kyle said softly. It was the first time either one of them had said it outside of a marriage vow.

Unexpected tears gathered in Ben's eyes and his throat felt tight. Still, he managed to get the words out, "I love you, too." They just breathed together for a long time. The ocean air breezed in through their open balcony door, drying the sweat on both of them. Ben's heart finally settled and he craned his neck to kiss the top of Kyle's head.

"I still think we should've gone with Greene-Wallace," Kyle said. Ben couldn't help the startled laugh that came out of him.

"That sounds stupid, Mr. Wallace-Greene. That's what someone would name a bacteria or an asteroid."

"Whatever you say, Mr. Wallace-Greene. Wake me up for dinner, I need protein. Then they're having this couple's thing after, we could check out." Kyle's voice didn't sound quite right to Ben and he wondered if Kyle was feeling emotional too.

"I was thinking after dinner we could try out some of those positions from your Gay Kama Sutra book."

"I confiscated that book," Kyle protested.

"I memorized all the best ones. Anyway, there's this one where you balance upside down on your shoulders with your legs out and I sort of stand or lean over you...," Ben thought he had it right and tried to picture it in his head.

"Maybe. If you promise not to try and bone me before dinner," Kyle said and tilted his head to see Ben. His eyes seemed a little shiny but Ben couldn't care less. Everything was perfect.

"I promise," he solemnly vowed and kissed Kyle's forehead. Kyle smiled and shook his head before settling back down. Seconds later his breathing evened out and Ben held his husband closer before closing his own eyes.



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