Will was under the hood of yet another mini van, seems like all the mom's in the district came out on the same day every month to get there oil changed.. Will was in a mood for a beer and maybe some action when it finally came time to go home. There was a new waitress at the bar down town that he had his eye on, and she seemed to like him as well.. she was a little younger then he maybe 25 and Will was going to be thirty soon, but he was still in great shape, Will use to play football and never lost the habit of keeping his body fit. 6'1 with dark hair that reached his shoulders and deep brown eyes with a five o'clock shadow that was there even after he shaved, so after cleaning up a bit in the garages bathroom will headed off to the bar, it was a bit early but there was a game on so will ordered a beer and started watching the rockets do there thing, he started up a conversation with a guy named Tony next to him.. it seemed Tony was a big sport fan also and could not wait until football season started.. Will started talking about playing football in high school and Tony said he was a former jock as well, Tony was a big guy too. maybe even a little taller then Will, with brown hair and blue eyes and a whole lot of muscle..

Tony was just passing through town on a business trip and said he wanted to unwind before heading back out on the road tomorrow.. Will told Tony about his long day in the garage and how he was hoping to hook up with a cute waitress that worked here, who seemed to be off tonight, because she was no where in sight.. Tony laughed and said that sucked, but that they could get there drank on and see if any hot girls showed up, Will was up for the idea and ordered a round for him and Tony..they continued there drinking and Tony told Will about his drinking day's in college how he could out drink anybody on campus Will said he never been to college but he had a iron stomach his self.

Tony smirked and said if your up for the challenge bro lets do this.. Will laughed and told Tony to bring it.. after 6 shots each of patron and beer chasers the bartender cut them off.. they were buzzing hard and Tony told Will that he had a bottle and some beer in his mini fridge at his motel room right down the street if he could handle it, they could see who really was the big dog. Will barked and howled and said it's on bro...

Will left his truck in the bars parking lot and they staggered off to the motel.. they reached the room and Tony flipped on the tv to some music channel and pulled out his bottle of tequila and a couple of beers and a deck of cards, Will looked at the cards said whats up with these.. black jack if i win you take a shot if you win i take a shot.. Will sucked at card games but he was buzzing so he said cool.. they started playing and Will seemed to be taking more and more shots. He won a couple hands but not many... Tony laughed and poured.. half a bottle later will said lets take a breather the room is spinning dude and laughed.. Tony laughed and said cool lets watch some tv come chill out on the bed bro so they got on the bed and Tony started flipping through channels Will was spacing out Tony shoved him and said look bro this motel has a porn channel.. Will laughed and managed to raise his head up and see to chicks going at it.. he grinned and said got to love lesbians and flopped back down... Tony looked at will and said man you can crash here i don't think you can drive home... Will mumbled thanks dude.. and kicked off his boots and pulled off his shirt not his first time getting messed up and crashing with a buddy...

Tony got up and went to the bathroom, time he got back Will was crashed out.. laying on his stomach slightly snoring.. Tony grabbed another beer and started watching the porn on the tv he stripped of his t shirt and shoes and pants sitting in his boxers that were getting tighter in the crotch by the second.. he turned to his side and looked up and down at Will, he took him all in from the shoulder length hair and muscular back to his baggy jeans that hung low revealing half a bubble butt in boxer briefs.. Tony started rubbing his swelling cock and gave a Will a push to see how heavy a sleeper he was.. Will did not respond and continued his soft snoring.. Tony gave him a friendly slap on the ass and said bro your missing these chicks on the tv.. still no response and still Will continued his snoring.

Tony started getting real hot just looking at Will.. Tony loved going on business trips because he got to live out his favorite fantasies and Will walked right into this one.. Tony started caressing Will's back and slowly working his way down to his ass.. he grab a very firm ass cheek and gave it a squeeze.. Tony knew Will was out of then.. he slipped a crumbled x pill in Wills drink and knew it had taken full effect along with the alcohol now.. he got up and pulled Will's pants right off.. and stood there admiring Will in his jockeys. Tony pulled those off as well and there was that bubble butt he had notice first off at the bar.. he loved the bleached skin of those white buttocks compared to the tan of Wills back.. he laid down by Will and spread Will's cheeks to see a nice tight hole.. he started massaging it right away Will moaned a little bit and Tony got even harder then he was.. From prior experience Tony knew with the X pill and all the shots Will took that Will might wake up but still would be completely out of it. Tony always loved that he did not want to rush anything so he flipped Will over and there was big Will flaccid but still huge.. Tony started rubbing Will's chest and all so hairy stomach that led down to a garden of dark pubic hair..

Wills eyes were still closed but he was mumbling something Tony licked Wills lips and sucked on his lip.. the mumbling continued but like most times there was a kiss back reflex and Tony was on fire.. he bent down and took Will in his mouth.. and worked Will until that python came alive and swelled.. Tony released Wills cock so he could lick a finger working it under those huge balls and plunged it into wills hole.. will seem to come back to more of his senses and wiggle off tony's finger but he was just to helpless.. Tony started talking to Will now you like that bro! you want me to fuck you now bro.. Will eyes fluttered open and could not believe what was going on.. he could see Tony between his legs and he was naked his cock was at full mast and Tony had a finger up his ass... he was trying to get up but his body felt like dead weight.. he could feel everything but could not move.. that finger in his ass had woken him up with a sharp pain and now Tony was saying he was going to fuck him.. Tony was ecstatic when he seen Wills eyes open and the shock that was in them.. i'm going to fuck you now bro.. Will found his voice but could not seem to speak above a whisper.. what the fuck are you doing man get off me.. Tony pulled his finger free of that tight hole and stood up and pulled down his boxers..

Will had a big dick but Tony was huge least nine and half inches and thick.. Tony stood there looking straight into Wills eye's you see this Will Tony grabbed his massive errection and shook it at Will. I'm going to give it to you... right in that tight ass of yours.. Will was terrified he could not believe this was going to happen.. that finger in his ass hurt like a mother now that monster of a cock was going to go in there.. he tried to get up but still his body would not listen he tried to yell but still only a whisper then Tony grabbed him by the thighs and lifted his legs up and pulled Will to the edge of the bed and raised his legs even higher.. Tony placed Will's feet on his shoulders and grabbed Wills cock your going to love this..

Will was going crazy he was naked with some guy who had him propped up like a fuck doll and was stroking his cock he could not believe what was going to happen.. Tony spit on his hand and massaged Wills tight hole Will whimpered.. then he spit on his hand again and rubbed it on his swollen member.. and started teasing Wills hole with the tip of his dick more whimpers and a strained no no no from Will.. Tony thrust the tip in, and Will croaked in pain. Tony thrust deeper and will shuddered and finally Tony went all the way in and Will gave a silent scream tears leaking from his eyes.. Will could not believe the pain and some kind of fucked up pleasure..

Tony was thrusting like a race horse and Will was panting like one.. in and out in and out.. finally Tony jerked and released his hot load deep into Wills ass.. and pulled out.. Will had a shocked glazed look on his face and could not believe what just happened, but Tony was not finished.. Well i busted a nut man i can't leave a buddy hanging like that.. so Tony leaned down started sucking Will off.. because of the x Will was hard as a rock and throbbing... Will could not understand how twisted this was he was hard and he was going to bust a nut after all this fucked up shit that just happened..

Tony start licking wills balls and fondling the tip of Wills dick at the same time.. Will erupted and more tears spilled from his eyes.. Tony loved that the guys did not know about the x pill and could not understand how they could get off too.. just another side perk for Tony.. Will lay there in a fog of unbelief as Tony went to the bathroom showered and changed, and packed up his stuff.. gave will a big kiss full on the mouth and left.. Will stayed awake until he was able to move his body, took a hot shower got dressed and did a walk of shame back to his truck.. he could not believe that he just got raped and in some messed up way enjoyed it..



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