Sex, as I heard someone say once, is like a trip to Wal-Marts. A whole lot of pushing and shoving, and yet you still don't come out with very much when you're finished!

Or at least that was the way I saw things with my girlfriend, Christie. 'Til a chance encounter with a guy named Andy - ironically, in a supermarket of all places.

Two years in a straight relationship had left me seriously frustrated. Acting the role of the heterosexual had had its social virtues, but left me decidedly short of the one thing that I craved for most of all. Namely cock. Yeah man, that was what I needed more than anything to satisfy the emptiness I was feeling: a big, swollen, aching cock! Something hard and meaty to get my mouth around. Something that would help fulfil the dark desires that continually flitted around my hungry mind. Something that only another man could give. A man, it seemed, like Andy. Every inch the straight-looking dude, but with pretty much the same dirty-minded desires as myself.

Not that I had gone looking for action, though admittedly the thought of man-sex had once again been a constant thought throughout the day in question. Rather I had innocently called in to pick up some groceries on the way home from work, and wouldn't even have looked twice at Andy were it not for a twist of fate. An unexpected fire-drill, just five minutes or so after having first arrived.

'Something's set the alarm off, so we're gonna have to clear the store,' I half-remember someone saying. But it wasn't until Andy came up and interrupted my concentration that I recognised the significance of the siren.

'Excuse me, Sir,' he smiled, as I viewed the dairy produce. 'But you'll have to leave the store. We don't think there's a fire, but the alarm's sounded and it's policy for us to clear the building.'

I looked the handsome stranger up and down, taking note of his name-badge before recognising that he had some of the bluest eyes that I had ever encountered. 'I'm sorry,' I apologised, 'I wasn't thinking ...'

'It shouldn't be for too long,' he continued, with an undeniable wink. 'Then you can come back, Sir, and take your choice of cream.'

Under normal circumstances I probably wouldn't have thought twice about what he had just said, but the fact that he had made the comment in such a flirtatious manner left me decidedly excited. Even more so, having then noticed him glancing back and winking again as we separated. At which point I truly realised just how fucking sexy the guy was.

His hair was naturally brown, but ruffled with blond highlights. His physique tall and muscular. But the part of him that drew my closest attention at that particular moment was his ass. For as he walked away I had the perfect vision of his sweet bubble-butt, now gracefully outlined in the tight-fitting pants that he was wearing. Yeah, that rear of his was the very picture of beauty. A curved bounty worthy of decidedly closer inspection. No wonder, then, that I should feel a sudden growth of wood in my own crotch; for I was now seriously excited, and could think of little else other than getting off with him before my visit was through.

That said, I'm not usually the promiscuous kind; and indeed by the time I stepped out into the cooler air outside the store I had started to remember myself. I mean for fuck's sake, I had a girlfriend. I lived the life of a straight guy; had straight ambitions, and looked for straight answers to straight problems. As such, I immediately began to reassert my red-blooded image. To the point that I headed back towards my car, content to leave the groceries to another time.

'Hey!' a voice suddenly called out. 'You're not going are you? Like I said, the store's only gonna be shut five minutes or so ...'

I turned to look, but already knew instinctively who it was.

'I mean,' he continued cheekily, walking up to me, 'our cream's the freshest this side of Milwaukee. If you get my drift ...'

I blushed. 'Actually,' I sighed, 'I'm gonna have to be off. I only wanted a few things. And besides, my girlfriend will be wondering where I've got to.'

He gave another toothy, disarming grin. 'Girlfriend, eh?' he noted. 'No disrespect, Sir, but I hazard a guess that a girlfriend's probably not the best choice for a guy if he wants fresh cream. So to speak ...'

As a patron of his store I could hardly believe his gall. But as a horny young guy, full of rushing hormones and desperate for hot sex, his words were just the sort of encouragement I needed. In fact, I already had quite a tremendous bulge in my pants - something that didn't escape the notice of the keen-eyed till-hand.

'I'm employed to keep the customer happy,' he teased. 'So I was wondering, Sir, is there anything I can do to help you in that respect?'

'You could sort out this fire-alarm,' I smiled - aware that that probably wasn't what he wanted to hear. 'Other than that, I suppose you could always suck my cock ...'

'Right here in the car park?' he quizzed.

I glanced around us, noting that everyone's attention was now caught by the arrival of the fire service. 'Well, Andy,' I replied, 'I'm game if you are.'

He stepped a little closer, before checking the coast around us; then pushed me against up my car, so that by the time he'd fallen on his knees between my legs it was much harder for anyone to actually see what he was doing. That said, part of my present excitement was the fact that someone might see; and although I had no wish to be busted, I felt a distinct buzz from the thought that our illicit encounter was being watched.

Andy nestled up against my crotch, rubbing his handsome face upon the musky quarter before him; whilst I reached down and brushed my fingers through his short, highlighted hair. My breath stolen by the very thought of another man being in such short proximity from my straining cock, and in such a risky situation! Indeed, I still wasn't entirely certain at this stage that the lad was gonna have the nerve to yank the rod from my pants. He was, after all, on home turf; and somehow I got the distinct impression that the store manager didn't quite have this sort of behaviour in mind when he talked of giving customer satisfaction.

Yet after just a moment of hesitation, he finally made his move. Slipping my slacks down a little, so that my dribbling shaft eased into daylight. Seven inches of hard, throbbing manhood, which until this moment had never once felt the touch of a man's tight lips.

That, however, was all about to change!

Under normal circumstances he may well have taken a moment or two to examine the organ, but as it was he clearly thought it best to simply open his mouth and suck it straight inside. Feeding the pulsing flesh over his tongue; then moving his head back and forth with slow, manful strokes. Forcing himself further along the pole, so that he was soon impaled upon my hard, uncompromising cock; whilst quietly groaning with pleasure from the delicious salty broth of pre-cum now oozing from my balls.

Not that I was in a position to hear anything other than the continuing alarm; though nothing could detract from the intense feelings that he was handsomely giving to my entire length. As he used his hungry mouth to ride and stimulate my joystick, closing his eyes as if to concentrate on pleasing me. And all the time I felt the continued brush of his nose on my fuzz as he buried himself deeper into his passion. A sensation that merely seemed to underline the crude, but very sweet perversion that I was now engaged in.

I had almost lost attention to reality, and might have failed to notice the nearby presence of an elderly chap making his way to his car were it not for an accidental glance on my part. At which point I immediately knocked Andy with my leg, praying that he would understand the signal. After all, I sensed that getting rumbled for taking a blow-job in a supermarket car-park was not something that would've particularly amused my girlfriend!

I slipped my cock away, though in the end the old man never turned in our direction. Nevertheless, the fact that the alarm had suddenly fallen silent seemed to signal an end to our encounter anyway; and it was with another suggestive wink that Andy promptly jumped to his feet again and urged me to follow him back into the newly re-opened store.

I had no idea where he was taking me, but I got the distinct impression that his intention was not exactly innocent. Fact is, his sucking my fat cock had clearly got him feeling fucking horny. What's more, the bulge in my slacks was testimony to my own arousal; and by the time we reached our destination - a small store-cupboard towards the back of the shop - I could hardly wait to return the favour that he had displayed outside.

As such, I fell down on my knees before him without so much as a please or thank you, yanking at the button to those tight pants of his. Seconds on, and I was slipping his under-briefs down his legs, fully exposing the hard length of fresh meat now aching in his crotch. Seven inches or even more of uncompromising maleness. Thick and slightly purple, with a handsome roll of skin that covered the mushroomed helmet beneath. Gees, it was fucking beautiful; and the fact that I had dreamt of this moment for so long made the sight even more exquisite. I mean this was the very first time that I had ever seen another guy's hard cock face-to-face; and it was with nervous excitement that I finally dared myself to reach up and hold the toy, pulling it back slightly so as to expose its engorged head.

As I did so, a healthy drool of pre-cum dribbled from the end of his tight slit, and almost instinctively I leaned forward to taste the salty nectar. Letting it drip slowly onto my outstretched tongue, before allowing the juice to swill around my mouth. And it was at that point that I realised just how much I needed rampant cock to make me feel complete. Somehow, my girlfriend's juices just never did anything for me; but this sweet brine was like elixir, the most tender offering of the guy's primed balls, and taking another drip of love I wondered to myself how I had managed to reach this point without such rich experience.

I couldn't stop myself from taking him in my mouth. From sucking his uncompromising length of manhood deep inside, and feeling the aching flesh as it pulsed between my lips. Fuck, it felt good! So good, in fact, that my own cock was straining in my crotch. Dribbling its own moist offering of goo into my briefs. Whilst my stomach churned, and every sinew tingled. My whole body embraced in a quiet, but almost desperate climax.

Andy was making the most of the opportunity now, thrusting his hips backwards and forwards into my eager mouth. Pushing his aching mound towards the back of my throat, almost as if he wished to force himself through the back of my head! Under normal circumstances such fanaticism would've been enough to make my balk; but here, with this sexy fucker pummelling my mouth like I was a whore, I found that it merely turned me on all the more. Fact is, I needed to rod this guy myself. Needed to push my own throbbing cock into his tight little pucker. And pulling myself away, I took fate into my own hands and pushed the store-hand over a nearby chair. Parting his legs, and slipping a spit-lubed finger between his hot cheeks to ensure the guy's hole was as loose as could be hoped for.

I slipped out of my pants. Then slowly eased myself behind the guy, who had pushed himself even further over the chair in a bid to force his butt into the air. As a result, I found penetrating him almost as easy as with my girlfriend; for his slit was evidently a frequently-visited nest for cock, and the position of his ring was such that I seemed to tumble into him without any of the struggle I'd perhaps imagined. So it was that I found myself thrusting in and out of his rump before I'd even given it thought. Pushing my straining love-rod into the cherished darkness that lay inside.

By the time I was fucking him to the hilt, slapping my hairy balls against his own, Andy was no longer hung across the chair, but had raised himself up a fraction so as to grab hold of his own cock, still standing proud and drooling for attention. As a result, he promptly began to manipulate his flesh, jerking himself with heavy-handed strokes as I continued to probe deeper and deeper into his guts. It was a move that, if anything, stoked my confidence. For having never fucked a guy before, there was a part of me that needed reassurance - a gesture that told me I was doing the correct thing. Yet recognising that the lad was beating his own meat was all the testimony I needed. Clearly I was doing something right; and leaning into him and grabbing his shoulders, I was now determined to continue.

My strokes were longer and harder than ever, as I thrust like a man possessed into the delicious warmth of Andy's bowels. Filling the dude to completion; and, in the process, bringing me to that final confirmation of destiny. For being with a guy was just so much hotter than being with a girl. Sucking cock and fucking ass was so much more intense than anything Christie could offer me. And hearing the young lad moan as I impaled him even further on my joystick, I realised that I had finally found myself. What's more, I had discovered that sex need not necessarily be just a matter of pushing and shoving; but sweaty and gasping and exciting, and altogether a lot of fucking fun!

Each stroke of my shaft was becoming increasingly unbearable. The weight of cum in my churning balls now forcing me towards the very brink of ecstasy. Yet my own incitement was momentarily eclipsed by that of Andy, whose moment of glory had already arrived. Arching himself forwards, he gave out an angry splutter of expletives; then finally began to rupture. A heavy wad of cum bolting from the end of that uncut shaft, blasting the chair below him in the process. Bolt after bolt of creamy sauce emerged; and with it the continued rasp of delight from Andy's throat, now almost hoarse from pleasure. He perhaps forgot that someone might be listening at the door, and that our antics could be disturbed once again. Yet as in the car-park, such danger perhaps only fuelled our desire to rut all the more.

I could hold back no longer. I pulled away from his ass and immediately began to blow in the lad's direction. Spunking across his back, to the extent that several thick globs of baby-fizz landed on the nape of his neck. Coating his dark hair with a white broth like a horny calling-card, which then proceeded to drip slowly down onto the chair below, mixing with the ball-snot that Andy himself had already produced.

We cleaned ourselves up - as well as the unfortunate chair! - then slipped out of the storeroom to return to normality. He to his duties; and me to my new reality. For our encounter that particular late afternoon meant that life for me would never be quite the same again. Cock was now my only true source of contentment. The secret to true fulfilment.

Thank fuck for Wal-Marts, is all I say!


Marc Oranje

[email protected]


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