Closing time came to early last Saturday night at the bar and I wasn't ready to go home yet. I decided to stop by the local Wal-Mart Super Store, which is open 24 hours a day. I made my way to the men's room at the very back of the store. There is a padlock on the outside of the door and sometimes they have the bathroom locked but tonight it was open. It is the normal layout, a urinal next to the regular stall and a handicapped stall next to it in the corner of the room. I made my way to the regular stall as there are peep holes looking at the urinal and into the next stall. If anyone came in, I could see them.

I had been there playing with myself about 5 minutes when I heard the door open and someone walk in. He walked to my stall and pushed on the door, I guess to see if it was locked. Then he entered the handicapped stall. He had on big black work boots, in need of a shoe shine. I watched him as he undid his jeans and pushed them all the way down to his ankles. There was my first hint he might be looking for something, he was not wearing any underwear. As he sat down he was stroking his dick. Usually, when 2 guys are in the bathroom that do not know each other, nothing is said. Not this guy. He let out a loud fart then said "I really needed that! I just dumped the trailer load of shit, now it is my time and I got several loads I need to dump." I answered him back by saying "me too". A few grunts then you could hear his turds hit the water. When he was finished, and was getting the toilet paper, he said "sorry about that smell, let me flush", which he did. He wiped and flushed again, then he stood up and turned around. As he did, he said "that's dump #2 now I just need 2 more. With his jeans still around his ankles he stood facing the toilet stroking his hardening dick.

Just then he started pissing a big hard stream into the toilet. Just as he was saying "been needing to piss like a Tennessee race horse", the bathroom door opened and someone else came in. The voice said, "just checking the rest room. Don't let me bother you."

The guy next to me turned back around and sat down on the toilet again. He made a comment about what a nice night it was and the guy cleaning the bathroom said "Jeb, is that you?" He replied "sure is". The cleaning guy asked "where you been, haven't seen you in forever?" He said "been running a different route for about a year and a half. Now I am back on this one.

I like it a lot better. " Then the cleaning guy asked if Jeb wanted him to lock us in the bathroom so nobody could come in and he would come back to let us out in about 20 minutes when he got off and let us out. Jeb said "I just pulled away from the dock and am going to spend the night in the parking lot. I got the sleeper if either of you guys are interested." I simply said "Lets Go". As we both stood up it was my first good look at this guy. He was older but in great shape. As we came out of the stalls, he told the guy cleaning the rest room to come out to the truck when he got off. He said he would and we walked out of the store together.

On the way to the truck, he said he would apologize in advance if he did not smell very good. He had stopped to help a fellow trucker that was broke down and got hot and sweaty along with the smell of grease. I told him "no problem" as we arrived at the truck. He went to the passenger side and told me to wait while he unlocked it. Once given the signal, I climbed up into the truck also. He was already in the sleeper, which was nice and big. He took off the big work boots and sweaty white socks. Next he took off his shirt and as he did he said "make yourself at home. Get comfortable." I took off my shirt first and sat on the bed to take off my boots just as he dropped his jeans to the floor with his hot dick only inches away from my face. I couldn't stand it. I took it in my mouth and started sucking on it. It was about 7" long and wasn't completely hard yet. It was a nice one but had the kind of musty smell to it that drives me wild. This guy was hairy all over. As I took his ball sack and started licking it, he let out a moan. He said "suck it good, buddy, suck it good". Now it was as hard as a steel rod. He grabbed my head and held it to control his every movement sliding his dick in and out of my mouth. At one point he held my head and tried to force it down my throat. I gagged and managed to get it out of my mouth long enough to tell him not so hard and fast. I told him that I could swallow it, just give me time. I sucked on him a few more minutes then he pulled it out and told me to finish taking my jeans off.

When my pants came off, my dick sprang to full attention. Although not quite as big and thick as his, it was equally as hard. He played with it a few minutes and was about to go down on it when there was a knock on the passenger door. He just stuck his head out enough to make sure it was the maintance guy from the bathroom and he hollered "Come on in, the door is unlocked. Once he was in the truck, Jeb told him "Now, lock the fucking door! Come on back and join us." The sleeper that had looked so big was now getting crowded with all 3 of us in it. He told him to go ahead and undress while he sucked me. I was so excited, I almost blew my load during the first minute. I stopped him sucking just in time to hold it back. Jeb immediately started sucking the maintance guy. While getting his dick sucked, he looked at me and said "I've seen you in the store a lot and figured this might be why you always have to go to the bathroom. I'm cool with that. By the way, my name is Kevin." I told him thanks and that my name was Ed. I stood beside him and the two of us had the same idea as we gently kissed. Jeb finally stopped sucking and joined us as we all three kissed. There was one problem, Jeb's mouth did not taste good. I would figure that out later.

Jeb asked me what I liked to do. I told him I was 99% oral and loved to suck dicks and swallow cum. He asked me if cum was all I liked in my mouth and I told him I was kind of a pig and would swallow anything except for puke, shit or blood. He brought his mouth to mine again and as we kissed he transferred his dip of Copenhagen from his mouth to mine. I was able to find the trash can and spit it out. He said "I thought you said you would swallow anything!" I told him "I will, I would have swallowed if you had made my mouth your spit cup. I wasn't expecting the tobacco." He seemed fine and suggested I start sucking his dick again. When I did, Jeb and Kevin started talking and making plans. Jeb told Kevin he wanted to fuck his ass again and he agreed. It was decided that I would suck Kevin off and if I hadn't shot by the time he had filled Kevin's ass, they would flip a coin and see who got to take my cum. They both wanted it.

I didn't understand that I was going to be sucking Kevin at the same time Jeb was fucking his ass, but that is how it played out. With Jeb's big dick up his ass, Kevin wasn't as hard as he was before. He gave a big grunt, wrapped his arms around the back of my head sticking his dick as far in my mouth as he could, then stopped. He said in a frightened tone "I'm sorry man, but I gotta pee!" Jeb said "OK Ed, you said you could swallow anything, can you handle this? His question was a little late as it had already started but I shook my head and said un-hugh. Kevin said again,

"man, I'm really sorry! I didn't know I was going to do this." I just swallowed until he was finished and then I told him "no problem man, no problem at all!" I went back so sucking him just as Jeb unloaded a hot load in his ass

That ass full of hot Jeb cum was all it took to trigger Kevin as he filled my mouth with his cum. I swallowed it all and stood up and deeply kissed Kevin in the mouth. Jeb said I had been such a good sport about the piss, that he thought turn about would be fair play. He was going to let Kevin suck me off in hopes I would need to piss too. About 10 pumps later, I shot stream after stream of cum into Kevin's mouth. As he swallowed the last of it, I told him he was lucky, I didn't have the urge to pee. Jeb turned to Kevin and kissed him in the mouth to get a taste of my cum.

Now that it was over for the night, we exchanged phone numbers and e-mail addresses. Jeb told us his schedule and that he would try to make his overnight stay on that Wal-Mart parking lot at least once a week. Kevin told me to look for him when I was there and if it was his shift I wouldn't have anything to worry about from him.

We all dressed and I left the truck first. I guess they were going to talk or who knows, Kevin may have spent the night and done it all over again the next morning. Guess I will find that out next time.

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