Wakingup a new man

     Cameron felt strange. He was waking up but he couldn't recall going to bed. He took a look around as he finally managed to open his eyes. Why was he in Nash's room? In Nash's bed?!What had happened last night?! The boy concentrated and searched his memory for anything, really. He had visited Nash after his girlfriend had left him. Strange. Why care about some girl? All he needed was to let Nash take... care of him? Where had that thought come from? His eyes opened wide with shock. A feeling of dizziness washed over Cameron as memories from last night started to pop up in his head.Nash had spiked his drink. The pile of dirty socks. He had fallen face first into the pile of socks. The smell. The moment he remembered the smell he was filled with a desire. A need to feel the way he felt as he was breathing the scent of his best friend's socks.He didn't know why but he could feel his body craving Nash's foot-stench. Nash. His friend... His best friend. How could he do this to him? More importantly, what had he done to him?! A mere day ago Cameron would feel repulsed at the very idea of smelling a sock.Now that was what he wanted. He felt a slight shame admitting it to himself. Whatever Nash had done to him had worked.

    • Good morning, beautiful!

     Cameron jumped in the bed, startled. Nash had entered the room and crept up to him. His best friend was now sitting on the bed right next to him, staring right into his eyes with a cheeky smirk on his face. Cameron rose and sat in the bed. He still felt a little dizzy but managed to form words.

    • What did you do, man?! I feel weird...

    • I dunno man, you tell me!

     Nash's face was illuminated by that nefarious grin of his as he spoke. He then immediately proceeded to shift his position and place his feet in Cameron's lap. He couldn't wait to see Cameron's reaction. He had gotten up early and had removed the sock from his sleepy captive's mouth before going for a shower and a quick breakfast. Now he was hoping Cameron had gotten himself nicely hooked up on the sock's taste. Oh, he was going hard from the anticipation! The idea of his best friend, cute little Cameron Dallas, obeying him and craving the scent of his feet was so exciting. He had dressed up for the occasion: Shirtless, exposing his gorgeous torso, ripped jeans and his favorite sweat-drenched red Vans with a pair of long white socks he hadn't changed for only a week. Only...

     Cameron was staring hopelessly at Nash's feet. He couldn't help it. He was eyeing his best friend's Vans and socks with a deep, overwhelming desire to take in their scent and be completely dominated by it. Before he knew what he was doing, Cameron had his hand down his Calvin Klein boxers stroking his uncontrollable erection. That's when something hit him, like a distant memory from a time long past. What the fuck was he doing?! This was his best friend. He felt lost and confused. This wasn't right! It couldn't be...

     Nash immediately noticed his victim's hesitation. Damn it! He was so close! Cameron needed only let himself go and lose himself to the pleasure and he would belong to Nash forever! He had to act. He lifted his hand and gently placed it on Cameron's cheek.The other boy turned his head towards Nash and met his gaze. Nash spoke, his voice filled with affection, but his mischievous grin still in place.

    • It's OK, Cam. You don't need to fight it. Just relax and let go. You know you want this. You know you'll love it. Just be a good boy and surrender yourself to the pleasure, dude.

     Nash's dominant words had the desired effect on Cameron. A dumb smile spread across his face as blinked slowly. There was something very erotic in the idea of surrendering and belonging to his best friend. He kept stroking himself with one hand as he gently placed the other one on one of Nash's red Vans. It was pleasant to the touch. There was no stopping now. No going back.Cameron accepted it and removed the shoe from his friend's foot. It only took a second for the smell to hit him. It was so overpowering,potent and dominant. So pleasant. Cameron wasted to time and quickly covered his mouth and nose with the sneaker. The very first deep breath made the boy moan in pleasure as the scent of his friend's feet filled him and got him high as a kite.

     Nash was in heaven. Cameron was his. There was no going back now. He had been stroking his own dick this whole time and now he needed release. He placed his hand on his victim's chest and gently pushed the docile boy to the bed. Cameron was moaning and inhaling Nash's essence, every next breath getting him higher and higher. Nash lay next to Cameron and proceeded to remove a sweat-drenched sock from his foot. He lifted his Vans from the boy's face for just a moment in order to insert the sock in his best friend's mouth. Realizing what was happening, Cameron opened up eagerly and hungrily started to suck on the delicious sock. Nash put the shoe back over his friend's face once again and held it in place, the feeling of dominating his friend and being in control over him fueling his already uncontrollable erection. He then used his freehand to remove Cameron's boxers and lift his leg in the air, exposing his hole. The defenseless, drugged-on-foot-stench boy's body tensed as Nash penetrated his virgin ass. He took an even deeper breath from the Vans and exhaled into a loud moan of pleasure. This encouraged Nash. He started to vigorously fuck his best friend and soon both boys were moaning in pleasure. Nash was now using his own leg to holdup Cameron's leg in the air while his hand was busy jerking the boy off, milking him into an even more profound submission. 

     Cameron felt Nash's body tense against his. His best friend was about to cum inside him, was about to fill him with his seed. And Cameron couldn't wait. He had given himself incompletely. He felt a rush of warmth spreading deep into his insides. Nash's sperm was inside him.


     Nash's warm breath on Cameron's ear, his seed filling up his gut, the taste of his foot-sweat in his mouth, the scent of his shoe... It was too much for Cameron. His body tensed and his throbbing erection exploded into the most powerful orgasm he had ever had, his cum spilling all over Nash's bed sheets and covering the hand he was using to milk him. Cameron couldn't remain conscious for much longer. He closed his eyes and let the fatigue and Nash's sedating foot-sweat take him away. He was out of it before he knew it. 

     Nash finished milking every single drop of cum from his best friend's cock. He took his hand to his face and licked it clean of seed, enjoying the taste of Cameron's sperm, the taste of victory. He pulled out of his unconscious victim and turned the boy face down in the bed, making sure his seed would be absorbed into Cameron's gut instead of just leaking out. He then collapsed next to his friend, falling asleep almost instantly, his last thought before sleep took him being how good Cameron's body felt next to his own.



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