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Three years ago Wade and Michelle moved in next door to my parents in sunny suburbia just as my 5 year long relationship with Adam bombed and I had to move back in with my parents at the ripe old age of 31. You see I didn't want to be reminded of anything that Adam and I shared and so I told him that he could have everything, I'll start afresh.

Wade was, is, gorgeous! Nearing his forties, about 6.2ft tall, probably weighing in at 185 pounds, light brown hair cropped close to his scalp, piercing green eyes and a body to die for. He's ruggedly handsome and keeps fit by competing in triathlons. Also, he has very large hands, which got me wondering as to the size of his dick. It was all I could do to not behave like a blubbering idiot around him, especially when he was tending to his garden, shirtless, with muscles rippling and glistening in the sun, sweat beading on his furry, well-developed chest, trickling down his six-pack, disappearing into the very pants I so badly wanted to rip off of him. I couldn't help hiding behind the bushes and ogling this god of a man when he cooled off in the pool, the shorts he was wearing clinging to his body, framing his perfect buttocks, and revealing that the trouser snake I so badly wanted was indeed very large - and this in a flaccid state!

Me, I should look after myself better. Not to say that I'm ugly, on the contrary, but my six-pack have given way to the start of a belly, my dark brown shoulder-length hair needs a cut and the rosy complexion I was so famous for have given way to a sadness I just couldn't shake. I felt grey, and probably looked it as well. The only consolation I had was lying in bed at night, feeling myself up, imagining the hands roaming over my 190 pound body was Wade's, working my own hard 7 inch dick into empty orgasm, knowing full well he's a straight, married man. Fantasies of us were only fuelled one weekend when they asked me to feed their dogs when they went away. I noticed that one of the windows in their bedroom was open, and fearing rain, went inside to close it. Never having been obsessed or a peeping tom before, I couldn't help myself opening his cupboard and inhaling his manly scent, lightly touching his clothes and, God forbid, I wanted to steal his underwear. Luckily I got to my senses when I happened upon a photo of him, taken a few years back, at the beach in cut-off jeans. I knew that I had to take the photo and make a colour copy, which I did before returning it to its rightful owner. That picture fuelled even more fantasies, and I came all over it more than once.

As the years progressed I tried to not get too close to Wade as I didn't want to get caught in a situation where a straight guy knew that I had the hots for him, and also because I respected the fact that he was married to Michelle, who had turned out to be a real bitch. I could hear them fighting at night, slamming doors and sometimes noticed a sadness within him, but I never acted upon it, nor did I ever ask about it or acknowledge that I knew how they quarrelled. Last year December I decided to cut off my hair, and thought that I'll ring Wade and ask if I could borrow his clippers. I knew that Michelle had been visiting her parents sea-side, as she had rung earlier explaining that Wade was only to join her in a week's time, and would I mind looking after their dogs again? Asking for the clippers, Wade offered to help me cut my hair, and I accepted before thinking. I got to his house a while later and saw that he had already gotten the clippers out, and had set up a stool in the garden. He was also shirtless and much to my dismay, wearing the same cut-off jeans of the picture that I had jerked off to numerous times. Man this guy was built! He had muscles in places I didn't even know I had! I felt my cock stirring in the confines of my pants but tried to take my mind (and eyes) off of Wade and just focus on the job at hand. First, he combed my hair, brushing against the back of my neck ever so slightly, then bunched it all together with a rubber band before cutting into it gently with a pair of scissors, and then only he started clipping it with the clippers. Moving around me, brushing against my back and legs, touching my scalp and ears, brushing hair away from my forehead, I was as aroused as I had ever been! Thankfully I was wearing underwear that day and I kept praying that my erection couldn't show. When he was standing in front of me, concentrating on cutting my hair, with his crotch inches from my face, I couldn't help but noticing his protruding package, and nearly touched it. I so wished that he would get a hard-on as well and act upon it- tell me that he's been wanting me ever since we met, but knew that it wasn't to be. As soon as he was done with my hair I very nearly stormed out of his house to avoid getting caught sporting a boner. That night I literally abused my own cock as I fantasised about getting it on with Wade.

Another few months passed as if nothing happened and frankly, nothing did happen, when I noticed Wade in his backyard one Sunday afternoon, watering his lawn. He was wearing a robe, which I found strange given the time of day, and I moved into position behind the usual bushes. I was turning into a real peeping tom but thought nothing of it at the time. As a matter of fact, I still think nothing of it. I stood quietly watching him trying to imagine why he was wearing a robe and more importantly, what he had on underneath it, when I found out. With his back to me he slid the robe off his shoulders and revealed the smallest pair of white briefs I have seen since Kindergarten. Setting the hose down with his back still to me, I couldn't help a sharp, loud intake of breath watching that perfect ass bend over as if to receive my burning cock. Straightening up he started running his hands all over his body, but I couldn't really see what he or his member were getting up to as he had his back to me still. I was racking my brain trying to figure out how I could get another vantage point but realised that I had the best spot I could possibly have. I watched as he hooked his thumbs into the elastic on his sides and prayed that he was about to take them off, as I undid my own zipper in anticipation. Freeing my now rock hard dick into the open air, feeling the sunlight on it, revelling in the sight of this hunky specimen on the other side of the fence, I nearly came right there and then without having jerked my dick at all. Wade slowly pulled down his briefs, first revealing a smooth, rounded ass, with that lovely indentation on the sides that fit men get. It was almost as if he was putting on a show for me, but I was pretty sure that he didn't know I was watching and was just enjoying the feel of the sun on his naked skin, in what he thought was the privacy of his own backyard. But then, as unexpected as it had started, he pulled his briefs back up and started towards his back door, further away from me, leaving the robe behind. I stood in disbelief, rapidly disappearing hard-on in hand, wondering if maybe he heard leaves rustle or God forbid, the sound of a cock being fisted. But then he never looked in my direction?



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