How the fuck am I the one laying here in a pile of sweat, cum and spit in the most pain I have felt in a long time? Me, of all people. He is enjoying this way too much he is still giving me that wicked hot smile of his. I am not sure he has broken a sweat or even raised his heartbeat. "Urrrrrgggggggggggggggggg" those thighs of his again what are they steel vices? My abs may implode any second with his scissors across my midsection. He is propped up on one elbow looking over his handy work only using his legs and I can't move. His free hand his having fun with my body. Tweaking my sore nipples, punching my abs, stroking my dick. Driving me nuts. "You give yet you old fart" I hear him taunt me not even winded in the least. As the blood rushes in and out of my brain it is sort of foggy and the details are sketchy they can't be real but from the best of my memory it might have been huge ego that got me here in this predicament, I never learn the easy way that is for sure.

A few weeks back the older house next door finally sold. It is a complete eye sore for the neighborhood and I for one am glad to have anyone move in and maybe start keeping the place up. And sure enough moving trucks appeared and this younger preppy type started directing the movers so I figured he was the new owner. I was mowing the lawn and decided to head over and introduce myself. "My Name is Jack. Are you the new owner" as I reach out to shake his hand the first thing I notice are his piercing blue eyes and perfect the most perfect Hollywood smile. Pretty boy looks almost surfer dude with a preppy twist, but those eyes. Unruly blonde hair that looks like a mess but probably cost a pretty penny to get it that messed up perfect and it works on him, Hell a mop would work on this guy he is hot. "Hey Jack nice to meet you my name is Eric and yep I am the lucky owner of this dump. She has good bones and it may take some time but don't worry I will bring her back around" Good - we both chuckle "this house has been vacant so long glad to have any one move in and start doing something here" There seemed to be a little awkward moment of silence in the conversation, I mean here I am in shorts that could hardly pass as much besides covering my ass and crotch, sweat pouring off of my body and I cannot stop looking into those deep baby blues of his. And he seems to be taking in my body as well. I am a little older than Eric he looks to be in his late 30's maybe early 40's smaller tight frame but very solid from what I can tell through his sweat soaked t-shirt. Never have been much of the jealous type but right now I want to be that T-shirt as it clings to that body of his. He is clean shaven, perfectly smooth light colored skin and drop dead HOT. Funny he is not my normal type of man I am attracted too but this guy has got my mind in overdrive already. Me on the other hand total opposite, darker olive skin, dark hair that I keep pretty trimmed and short and muscles on top of muscles and more muscles. I keep the body hair clipped tight but not shaved. I like the look of my muscles showing through the hair and am not a big fan of the woolly look for me anyway. Yea I am a muscle head, live eat breath the gym have since my high school days and it got in my blood. And at 53 years old I am all here and rocking a killer body. My huge mounds of pecs get the most attention and test the fabric of any shirt, when I wear one. But I can't help but also enjoy showing off the 18" biceps I have trained for over twenty years. And when most guys think of "muscles" Gunz are the first thought that come to mind so yea I got some nice cannons and what these pythons can do with the sleeve of a polo shirt even turn me on. I am about 6'1" tall and hit the scales at 215 lbs. of solid and ripped man. Yea I kind of like my body and am very proud of it. I wear as little clothing as possible when I can and love to show it off. Okay yes I am also one of those too, but hey at least I admit it.

Days - weeks went by a nod here, how are you doing, everything okay, all in passing nothing much of real conversation but friendly neighbor banter. Plus he had been working his ass off every spare moment trying to make the place livable. A few weeks later I see him dragging this huge rolled up piece of something heavy out of his truck. "Hey let me give you hand Eric" I run over grab the other end damn it is heavy. It is rolled up like carpet but much denser and much heavier. "What do you have in here dead bodies" we laugh. "No these are my wrestling mats I am setting up in my garage that I turned into a gym".

We make into the rear entry garage and I'll be damn, there are speed bags mounted and heavy bags hanging from rafters, free weights and damn near a full gym set up with mirrors and all. We unroll the mat and they fit perfectly in the center of the room and his gym is now one of the best equipped home gyms I have ever seen. "Sweeeeet" I whisper almost whistle checking this place out. "You like"? Eric asks. "I am not much on heading off to gym" he tells me "my hours are so sporadic and I work from home a lot and it sure makes it easy to blow off steam even in the middle of the day when I need a break before attacking the office again." While Eric is talking he lifts his t-shirt over his head and uses it to wipe the sweat off of his body. DAMN I may have actually said that out loud because he jerked his head in my direction and asked huh? "Ah nothing man this place has got is all" I tried to cover my overt compliment on his body. His physical stature may have been smaller than mine, but what he lacked in size was made up with a killer physique. Ripped rock hard lean muscles. Smaller than me yes, but more like ripped shredded below zero body percent fat if that is even possible, hell even his six pack had a six pack on them. And not one hair on his smooth light skinned hairless body. And for the first time I can remember I am speechless, standing here looking at this gorgeous surfer preppy dude with the most ripped muscles on any man I have ever met. And now Big Jake decides to make his appearance. Now when BJ "Big Jake" decides it is time to come out and play there aint much going to stop him, he has a mind of his own and barring a steel cage nothing can keep it hidden in any clothes much less the shorts I have on.

Eric starts showing me around: dip bars, chin up bars, dumbbells, mounted speed bag, hanging heavy bag, and there are these two bars I have never seen. They look something like a piece gymnastic equipment. "Eric, what are these for. I have never seen them in a gym before?" He immediately mounts the bars with one hand on each bar and begins to press his body in all sorts of amazing positions. His torso up right with legs at a full ninety degree angle and every muscle explodes, he then lowers his legs and swings them up behind his body and presses straight up into a hand stand position without any exertion at all. From the hand stand he lowers his perfectly erect body and starts doing inverted pushups never losing his balance and every muscle from his neck and traps all the way down to his calves and each muscle in between are in full blown contraction. I begin to think he is showing off now but who am I to complain, this is pure muscle porn in action and BJ is at full attention now. For his finale he lowers his legs from the hand stand position and brings them up in front of his torso now his knees are touching his nose and every limb is perfectly straight the only bend is at the waist it looks as though his body is perfectly folded in half and holds that position until sweat is pouring off of every square inch of his body before he jumps off. "These are parallel bars and I can get a full body work out in about 30 minutes when rushed for time" Eric explains to me, but this time he does not use his t-shirt for a towel and leaves all the sweat running and dripping off of his perfect body. All I can think is I need to lick him dry. I hope I did not say that one out loud.

"Damn man, never seen anything like that before. That looks like one hell of a work out. Are you a gymnast?" "Nah" he says, "I just like working out. And from the looks of your body you hit the gym hard". I run my big hand over my left pec "yea, thanks I enjoy the gym but I have never used any of this stuff and from the looks of your body maybe I am missing something. I mean you are RIPPED to the max". He grins the cutest boy like grin ever "awe thanks big guy. I do what I can with what I got." The wink he tosses in as he teases me almost makes me shoot on the spot. This guy is good and I think he knows it. On the right guy a little cocky can be hot when done right and he has it down to an art.

Hey Jake you want a beer? Sure man sounds good. He disappears to grab us two cold ones giving me a chance to adjust my boner to hide it. Maybe.

We settle on two chairs on the back porch enjoying the cold beer. It is really the first time we have spent any time together besides passing hellos. We cover the basics. Single / single. No kids / no kids. Never married, me neither. Gay, Yes! Hot damn! Me too. He does some sort of electronic consulting works from home most of the time and travels some. Me, sales with home office and travel a lot. The conversation is nice smooth and relaxed. Two buds enjoying a cold one on a nice summer evening. We are both still shirtless in nice fitting shorts then he kicks off his sport shoes and rests his bare feet up on the table between us. I am not a foot guy per se but damn, even his feet match his body. Lean strong veiny and fucking hot. I have never noticed a studs feet before. Maybe it is the beer or the evening or just Eric being the total stud he is but even those feet make my bone harder.

"Hey Eric, what about those mats we unloaded earlier?" Those mats along with his stunning good looks and ripped body have been driving me nuts ever since we rolled them out and partly the cause of my hard on the entire day. The thought of locking up with such a stud blows my mind along with a few good nuts. Even with my 30-40 lb. weight advantage it looks as though he is strong as an ox.

He gets that grin that could stop a train and a hint of devious smile and replies "oh you know for ambiance and helps keep the place warmer in the winter and easier to clean" then chuckles to himself. It is probably the beer or the easy conversation but then he adds "but honestly mostly to wrestle when I get the chance. Being new around here not sure how that is going to play out." I literally chocked on my beer hearing him mention wrestling. "Seriously dude. You like to lock it up. I wrestled all through school and college but have not wrestled in years."

"Want to have a go at it? I mean you did help me set them up so you should be the first to break them in with me right." This guy challenges me like it is as natural as asking me if I wanted the beer earlier. "Plus I have been dying to get my hands on those muscles of yours all day. See if they are only pretty to look at or if they have any substance to them?" I may have burped a load of precum out of my hard dick on the spot. That is how turned on I was sitting here with him and then to add in the wrestling. Dammmmmmmmmmm. If this is a wet dream do not wake me up please.

'You're serious aren't you?" I ask. Instead of answering he takes his bare foot and wedges it between my thighs as he runs the ball of his foot across my bulge "looks like 'this' is ready to go." As he continues to massage my bulge with his sexy foot. "I mean that monster has been rock hard since you walked over here. No hiding something like that" and tosses in that grin again. Yea he knows exactly what he is doing, and damn he is good.

"You really want to have a roll now? I am game if you are. But I have not wrestled in a long time". I ask with the anticipation of a horny teenager. "Don't worry you big lug. If you are lucky I will go easy on you" as he stands up adjusting the deceptively massive bulge in his shorts.

As we head back around to his Garage / gym setup we discuss a little bit about what to expect, mostly horny fun - good, nothing extreme- well duh. Both agree that that we just want to get our hands and body on other hot bodies and muscles and see where it plays out.

Remembering that I must out weight him by about 35-45 lbs. of pure rock hard muscle I get a huge grin across my face thinking that even without any experience this could be fun for me. About that time he asks "what are you grinning about big guy? I can almost read your mind, and THAT aint going to happen." As he starts to stretch and flex I am amazed at the amount of muscle packed onto such a tight rock hard frame. His body literally appears to be carved out of granite. Eric starts in "since you are a little rusty old man I will give you first shot to see what sort of moves you have left in you."

I move in closer and attach my large arms around him in face to face bear hug. Mostly I apply the bear hug to feel his rock hard body, plus I figure with my strength there is no way he can get any leverage. The initial feel of our sweaty muscles is pure testosterone rush through my entire body. He hangs in my hug for a good minute or two before he makes his first move. He slides his legs up my body and latches his feet into my hip area on each side of my body while using his hands on my shoulders as leverage to press his body up the length of my body. Once he is as high as he can get, he locks his hands around the back of my neck and rolls all of his weight over backwards causing us to topple to the mats. In a blur like I have never seen before I landed on top of him, he uses his legs between us and flips me over onto my back and he ends up straddling my chest with my biceps pinned under his knees, and that fucking grin. Cocky little prick, but on him it works and it is turning me on even more. His crotch is now riding my face and he really is enjoying himself to much at my expense.

I lift my legs as high as I can to try and grab his torso to bring him down, No luck. I try to buck and jerk and bridge as hard as I can to toss him off. "Really? That all you got?" He taunts me as he slips his rock hard cock out of his shorts, he grabs both sides of my head and mashes my face into his dick and grinds my face. "I think that you are enjoying this big dick too much?" And he stuffs it back into his shorts. I try to move my arms to get any sort of leverage but he digs he knees harder into my biceps as they flex. "Oops that is going to leave a mark" he chuckles. "You ready to give in big guy?" "Never" I spit out through gritting teeth.

He reaches over grabs my right wrist, pulls my arm behind my head and locks me down tight while he slides lower on my body then in a split second he is on my left side grabs my left thigh and flips me over face first into the mats. He literally used pure power skill and leverage to flip 215 lbs. over like a piece of meat on a grill. As I land face first his knee digs into my lower back and he spins around facing my legs and pulls them both up by my ankles hooking them under his arms and leans into the hold, whatever you call it. It HURTS............ somehow he gets a free hand and I feel my shorts being pulled down my thighs. I am half embarrassed that I am hard as a rock, and totally turned on so much I don't care while he is tossing me around like a rag doll. He notices my rock hard 8.5" and more than a hand full of full size nuts and grabs of my prize meat. "Figures", he smirks "all this muscle and you are nothing but a pretty play toy for me. The good part is that you seem to enjoy it as much as I do." He gets one big nut in each hand and asks one more time "your choice, I can keep this up all day or you can submit now?" as he starts to tug and twist each big nut separately in his strong hands.

"Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! Okay.... Okay. Enough." I submit, unwillingly. As he loosens the grip and starts to get off of me, I think to myself - fucker plays dirty so can I. As soon as he is just about off my body and about to start the bragging and teasing, I grab both his ankles and flip him over. I thought I had a surprise attack all lined up, but not so. The rest is a blur, but here I am flat on my back, buck naked in his steel thighs immobilized while he teases taunts and toys with my body at free will. I am covered in my sweat breathing like a caged animal, and he looks like he could just as easily be reading a magazine. WTF? Who is this guy, I think to myself.

"I told you that I might go easy on you big lug, but if you try to pull another stunt like that you are in trouble." As if to emphasize 'trouble' he flexes with every ounce of energy he has and I feel my abs scream in agony. "I will give you one more shot. You give?" he asks with a little more intensity then before. Since I am unable to breathe or even form words all I can do is rub and then tap the muscles in his quads with my hand. Even tapping his thigh I can feel each ridge and striation of his musculature. He eases up a little before once again throwing every ounce of power into his thighs with a quick flex to prove his point before he releases me.

At this point I am laid out spread eagle nude trying to catch my breath. He bounces up to his feet with the same agility and speed that he used to kick my ass and strips off his shorts. On top of being a total stud, good looking, ripped-to the-max built, he has to have a porno cock too. Really? He stands over me, I know what is coming, he raises both arms and hits the most perfect mind blowing double bicep pose and flexes to his victory. While he is rubbing his superiority in, he takes his foot and places it on my pecs and uses his toes to flick my nipple. That does it. I BLOW, I don't shoot, I erupt like a volcano. Looking up at this power house of compact muscle, his rock hard body and huge dick. The foot on my nipples tipped the iceberg over, and I am past the edge. The first shot covers my abs pretty good, the second burst hits my chin and some lands on his foot. I am literally so turned on my cock is shooting hands free just looking at this stud.

After I am done shooting hot cum all over my own body, he kneels down beside me and slaps his rock hard cock across my face a few times. "Open wide Muscle Boi, I am just getting started with you." He places both hands on either side on my body and begins to piston fuck his cock down my throat in a perfect push up position. He is not only content to use his power and hot body to kick my ass, he intends to keep showing off his superior strength while using me for his sex toy. Oh Hell Yea, I am game for this any day. I grab onto his hips and hold on for the most powerful throat fuck I have ever had. His dick slides down perfectly, good thing I have no gag reflex, lucky him. More like lucky me for this move.

I feel every muscle in his body begin to tense and tighten. Feeling him get close I engage my tonsils and start milking / sucking / massaging the head of his dick with every thrust. I talent that I am very good at and one that I know works to trip any man's nut. And it works. His growl begins low in his gut. More like a deep vibrating rumble and boils over into full on grunt as the first wave of hot cum gushes down my throat. After the first volley of cum he pulls all the way out of my mouth and lets the rest bust and blow all over my face. I have my mouth open wide like a starving animal trying to catch as much of his load as I can. Once he finishes his load he lets the tip of his cock rest on my lips for me to lick and suck the remaining cum off his dick and out of his shaft. Once again my oral expertise takes over and before long I have him quivering with the feel of my tongue on his sensitive dick head.

What he does next still blows my mind even after many sessions and a few years together as partners. He leans over and licks my face totally clean of his hot seed and then feeds it to me in the most passionate deep kiss I have ever had. Our tongue battle and tangle sharing his hot sweet load mixed in with a mouth full spit until he collapses on top of my body in one sweaty heap of happy content spent muscle.

The last thing I remember before drifting off into a deep well deserved nap with his body wrapped in my strong arms, his head laying on my sweaty chest, I hear him say "You are going to be the Best Fucking Neighbor Ever."



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