(Author's note:  This is my first story written in the 2nd person.  Me, talking to you.  Also my first story "in character" as someone whose first language is not English.  I hope you like this one - let me know!  Enjoy ~ PL )



It is not easy, to work in the kitchen of a restaurant that is very popular.  All the jobs in this kitchen are high energy and difficult.  Vinicius (“Vin”) Breitas, Assistant Chef.  That is me.  It is hard to do everything no mistakes with a lot of noise and fast fast fast, and if you make a mistake you can have a customer be angry and refuse to pay for the meal or you can cut a finger. I have all ten fingers still, but I have a cicatriz, a bad scar, on one hand.  But I like the work, most of the time, I like the intense energy.

And I like what is happening with you and me.  It is new, only three weeks.  We have a divide of language but I feel you understand a lot with me.  I see it in your eyes when we are together.  Other gays, here in America, same as Brazil, they just want my dick. This can be hot for hookup, but after some time it is lonely.  It is like, hello my name is Vin and I am only a dildo, but see, it’s a nice big dildo, you like the dildo?

Nobody cares to ask if a dildo had a bad day or a good day.

But not you.  You want to be with me personal, you like me as a person. You are sweet and you care about me.  You are patient with me when I am intense and even difficult.  And you like my dick.  I like yours also but for me, you go extático in so much desire when you suck it.  And you suck it so good.

You also kiss me sensual, like a latin man.  A lot of American gays are bad for this, they don’t know how to kiss good.  You do.  I have three years in the United States, and you are the first one who I want to make as my boyfriend. 

I like how you said Yes when I said the crazy thing, when we were in bed together the second time.  It was hookup #2, after we both of us liked hookup #1 a lot. We texted to say we want more.  And at the end of hookup #2, I asked you the crazy thing.  I expected maybe you to say “Vin, you are crazy” and that is it, that is the end.  But you said Yes.  I think it was the perfect time for me to ask, because I just fucked you really good and you had a huge cum with a lot of passion and now you were tired and happy.

So, I said the crazy thing.  On a Sunday afternoon, in your bed.  I said how I have a fantasy, that you are my boyfriend now.  And in the fantasy, I come home from work at the restaurant and it’s very late at 1:15 in the morning and I am extreme tired, but I am horny and happy also, because you are here in bed waiting for me.  I tell you how I do not want to go “dating” and have to spend a lot of money and time to sit at restaurants and movies and fancy concerts and all this.  Boring.  And too much money.  I just want to come home and you are here, you are my new boyfriend. 

I remember I wait for you to answer, and I see a light in your eyes, you stay quiet for a moment and you smile and then you say … “Okay.”

I smile and I hold you down in the bed and I kiss you very hungry like a dog, and I say “What does this mean, Okay?”

You tell me it means Yes, let’s try the fantasy. 

I decide to show you more about me and my life.  You do not know anything about me so far.  We met online.  You only know the things I told to you: my name is Vin (Vinicius) and my age is 26 and I live with my brother and his wife and baby, and I work as a chef.  And I told you, and also you know for direct experience, I am gay and for sex I am most of the time a Top. 

When we met online, you said I am gorgeous.  Then you said it again. I said you are very cute also.  I said I am Brazilian and I only speak some English, and you said this is ok.  I came to your apartment and we kissed a lot and I fucked you with a condom.  You liked it a lot and now we fuck again.  And this time, you show me your PrEP medicine against HIV and you let me fuck you with no condom, and you like it even more, and I love it much more.  To be inside you, natural, for me, WOW, it is THE BEST.

And now I want you to know some more things about me. So you can trust me more.  I know some people have fear about immigrants and latinos, like, is he gonna steal from me or do something else bad.  You do not show me any fear but I still think, maybe I will have some fear if I am you.  So, I want to show you some of my life.

We use your laptop computer and we sit together, naked, in your bed.  We are smiling.  We just had sex and some of my cum is still inside you and your cum is all over your arm and belly and chest but what the fuck, we don’t care. We can do what we want.  And I want to show you my Instagram, and you want to see it.

“This is my older brother Thiago and his American wife Lauren, and their baby girl Livia…. Thiago works for a large bank, he is the most educated of our family, he came to America to get his MBA degree for international finance, and he stayed.”

“This is my mother, minha mamãe.  Thank you, it’s true, she is beautiful!  She celebrated 50 years in June and I went home to Brazil for this.  Here is our entire family, everybody.  That man, my uncle, he is in business but now he is also in the election for mayor of our city.”

You are interested and you ask me things about my photos, my young years and life in Brazil.  And your body rests on me, and you are gentle kissing my arm when you ask the questions.  I think maybe you start to love me.  Finally we stop and take a shower.  I say “I can go now, if you have things to do” and you invite me to stay, “please!” and I stay.  Three more hours.  We sleep together in embrace and then I go into your kitchen and open everything up to see all that you have for food.  I think of ideas and I make a dinner complete for us.  Your eyes are big like a child, you cannot believe how delicious I can make food, from simple ingredients.

And so we have a dinner at your apartment, you and me. And it feels like the fantasy begins now, and maybe it comes to be part real and true: I am your new boyfriend.

Now it comes a part that I remember the most.  When I leave, we talk about when is the next time I work, and when do we want to do the thing that I come home and you are in bed.  And you say “Wait a minute..…” and you open a drawer in the kitchen. And you give to me a set of your keys. 

I feel emotion for this, and also I am turned on, my dick begins to move in my pants.  Because, this moment, your hand reaching to me and giving me the keys to your home, and our eyes connect, and we both understand.  You trust me a lot, and you want me a lot, and you really intention when you say Yes.

I hold the keys and we embrace strong and close, and we kiss and kiss and kiss and kiss and then I leave.

The day we choose is Wednesday.  I work as chef at the restaurant from 3pm to 10:30pm and then there is a lot of cleaning and have to check everything to prepare for the next day, and then I finally get to leave after midnight.  It is very busy during the dinner “rush hours” from 6pm to 9pm, I am moving all the time, chop this and grill that and mix this and slice that and put them on a plate in the exact style, and on and on and on.  And tonight I am the main chef.  This is unusual: the senior chef who I assist is absent.  I am him, tonight.  I work harder than ever because of this, and I feel much responsibility on my back for everything. 

Several times in the kitchen, after the most busy hours are done but I am still working, I reach down on my apron and I feel the shape of your keys in my pocket. I think, in the middle of all the pressure, how soon I can come to you. I like it a lot, that I have you waiting for me. I think about how handsome you are, and the way you love it when I fuck you.  Your work job is different from mine and you have to go to it in the morning, but still you are waiting for me.

When I leave at 1am, my entire body is deep tired but I feel proud.  It was a good night, most of the customers stay happy and only a small number of problems happened. 

I am at your apartment now and I turn the key in your apartment door and I come in.  Everything is dark and silent but there is a little light down the hall in the bathroom, so I can see.  I drop my coat and I walk down the hall to you in your bedroom.  I open the door and you turn over from sleeping or just waiting, and you say “Hello” and I just fall on top of the bed next to you.  I am so tired.  But I hold you and kiss you and then I say I am sorry I am so tired and I probably smell bad, it was hard work tonight.

I go to take a shower in your bathroom and you wait in bed for me.  I get naked and look down at my body in the gentle light of the bathroom.  I look very tired, but also I look good.  I am “gorgeous” like you said online, and I am strong and active and I do a lot of pushups and other exercises at home when I am not working.  My brother and his wife have a lot of exercise equipment in their home and they let me use it. 

I stand at the mirror and pull the shower water on and wait for it to be warm.  I reach down and stroke my big brown dick, it is “uncut” as Americans say and it is a darker color than the rest of my skin.  I am very tired but I want to perform good sex for you because you waited long.

I take a shower and get clean and I smell good now.  I take the towel to get dry and I use some of your mouth wash and then I come to your bed again.  The room is mostly dark, you have a little light on your desk and nothing else.  I drop the towel on the floor and I am standing naked in the low light and I just open the covers and slide into the bed next to you.  We kiss and it is a juicy kiss and we kiss more.  I pull your bed clothes off and we are naked together and you touch my dick and I touch yours and we smile and kiss more.  I see a bottle of lube that you put on a table next the bed.  You ask about my night and I tell you I was the main chef and it was hard but I did well.  You kiss me again and say you are impressed. 

We talk gentle some more and kiss a little more… and I do not remember anything else because I fall asleep.

Deep, asleep.

I wake up and I forget where it is, where I am.  It is very dark and I am in a bed and somebody is sleeping here next to me.  And then I remember: you, I am here, in your bed.  I want to know what time it is.  You are asleep, you make soft sleep breathing sounds.   I sit up very slow and I see a clock next to your side of the bed, and it says 4:08. Now I have some sleep in my body, and I am not so tired, and now I am feeling very horny for you.

You are sleeping and I want to fuck you.  But I want to be respectful. But I want to fuck you. My dick is getting hard and big.  My body is naked and warm and you are here and warm also, next to me. I remember how good it feels to be fucking you and I start to want it so intense, I need to fuck you right now.  I lay in the bed complete awake, and you are asleep. 

I think: Maybe you are dreaming and I can tell you in the dream to have sex with me.  I never did this with someone before but I try.  I move very slow and so my face is above your ear, and I say very soft, very very quiet,

“Let me fuck you.  You know my voice?  It’s me, Vin.” 

I am speaking extra soft, in your ear, like a feather.  The room is total quiet and dark.

“I want to be in you… fucking you.  I can make you feel good with my dick.  Let me put it in you and fuck you.” 

You move and turn over and I try to know if you are asleep still, or did I wake you.  I cannot be sure.  I whisper more.

“Let me put this dick inside you.  Feel so beautiful, me inside you.  Let me fuck you, it’s gonna be good, you will love my dick moving in you, fucking you…”

I cannot stop my body from wanting you now, I move and touch you and move my arms to hold you.  Very immediate you wake, and you say “oh!” and then you know it is me, and you say “I was just having a dream about you.”

I move more to hold you and I press my warm big dick on your butt, and I kiss your shoulder and I say “What kind of dream?”

You say “Sex, but we were… we were underwater, deep in the ocean” and I say “Well we are on land now” and I move my hands on to your butt, and I love your butt so much and I grab it and kiss you more passion.  I reach over and my hand finds the bottle of lube. I put a lot of it up and down and all over my dick and it is complete full hard now. 

I put more lube on my fingers and I move gentle to put one finger inside you and get you wet so I can fuck you.  Your butt hole feels so sexy, I want to fuck you right now.  I move you around and hold you where I want you and I push my dick into your butt.  It finds your hole and I push more and more and it goes in a little, and you make a sound, “Ah!”   You grab onto me and say “Ah! … oh!...” again and I push my big dick in you more.  It slides in you one more inch and you make a sexy sound, pleasure.  I reach around and I feel your dick is hard like mine, and I reach under it and I hold your balls in my hand, very gentle.  I keep your balls in my hand, and I push my dick harder inside you, one more inch. I kiss the side of your face and you make more sexy noises “mmmmh… mmmmhhh…”  You feel so hot and I just want to fuck you and fuck you, right now.  I hold you more tight and I push my hips into you very strong and I make you open up to take all the rest of my dick.  “Ohhhh!” you cry and I am all deep inside you now.

I hold you down and dominate you.  I put my fingers into your mouth as I stay deep inside you. I am stretching you and filling you so good.  Your body under me is breathing deep now and your mouth sucks on my fingers, hungry, you keep saying “mmmh!….mmmmhhh!” and I begin to move in you, fucking you face down, like dogs.  I love it so much. I feel your hole relaxing to let me move in you more and more.  It takes time but you are relaxing for me, with all of me in you. I love feeling you become more open for me.

I fuck you more now, more moving, more pushing, and you love it.  I kiss your neck and you suck on my fingers and I fuck you strong, deep.  In and out and in and out and you feel so FUCKING GOOD.  I do not stop, I just fuck and fuck and fuck and fuck you and I go deeper and harder and more and more and you are going crazy for pleasure.  I can feel I will shoot my cum inside you very soon.  I hold you down and fuck you even stronger, I feel a sensation moving inside me and I go “UUHHHH” and fuck all my seed up into you, all of it, so deep, fuck fuck fuck, and you take it all up inside you.  My body feels like a huge wave of ocean crashing.  I use my arms and legs to wrap around you like a big snake, and my dick stays in you with all my cum around it, very deep inside you, and I hold you and hold you for a long time.  We are both breathing, together.  I rest on top of you and my full body heavy pressing you into the bed.  I ask “This is OK?” and you nod your head and the only thing you say is, “mmmmmmmmm.”  I feel our bodies are sweaty.  I kiss your shoulder and I taste the sweat.  It tastes sexy, like man and fresh rain and salt.  I kiss your ear and neck, gentle.

You do not say a word.  We just breathe… breathe… together. 

Finally I let you go, and you get clean in the bathroom and come back to me in bed and we sleep more.

You are feeling so much intense from what I did to you, and you get up from the bed many times but you keep falling back in the bed with me and I hold you more.  After time, you become very late for work and you leave me fast.  I stay here, sleeping in your bed, in your apartment.  And you text to me at 12 Noon:

                  I can’t concentrate on anything! :-)

I text reply:          

                  Eu tambem :-)   I just left.  Xo  See you Fri.

But Friday night is very different.  The main chef is here and the restaurant is very busy and the owner Michael comes.  I hate it when he is there, he is very judging and, no matter what, he reminds you he is the owner, and he finds reasons to tell you that you are doing a bad job.  It was a lot of stress, Friday and Saturday are the two biggest nights, and I remembered how tired I become the last time, so tonight I drink a Red Bull energy drink in the middle of the busy time.  But then, the main chef made a mistake and he made it look like I did it and Michael yells at me three times and calling me a fucking idiot.  I was deep humiliated and angry but I cannot say anything, they have all the power.  But I stay very angry inside.  And the Red Bull put in me more energy, and the energy and the anger combine, and I am feeling very dark and full of fire. 

It stays with me all the way when I travel home to you in your apartment.  I try to forget it and to think about you, but I am so agitated with anger, and very awake.  My mind is of one thing: the owner is a fucking asshole and I hate him a lot, and if I am owner of the restaurant, I will NEVER be like this with my workers, people who work hard. 

I arrive to you and turn my key in the door and I come in.  I go to you in the bed and you kiss me and you see my face and you say immediate, “What’s wrong?”

You turn on a small light next to the bed and I tell you about it.  And I have to get up from your bed and walk around in the room, I am talking and talking about it. Full of anger and Red Bull caffeine.  Waving my hands and talking loud. 

You try to tell me to relax and be calm but that makes me more angry.  I feel you do not understand what it is like to be me, Brazilian in America, chef who works hard, I have to live in a room in the house of my brother, I have to spend many years and a lot of money to try to be a legal US citizen.  You have everything very comfortable and to be honest I think you do not work as hard as me.  I feel anger in me going in all directions.

You are sitting in bed looking at me and I see your eyes look up at my face, my body moving, and you look to my dick, and I see a lot of desire in your eyes.  But I am in a mood like a storm and I keep talking.  But you continue to look at me like very horny wanting me, and I hear my voice talking and I am now saying the same things again, the same stupid angry things.  So I stop.

I look in your eyes and I feel frustration.  You make a smile to me, and you say like a little devil:  “I know something we can do, that’ll help you sleep better.”

I hold up my hand to you like a stop sign, I smile but I am serious also.  “Cuidado. If I fuck you now, I am not responsible for how hard!”

You smile and you move a hand down to your dick, moving it.  You look so good and sexy , my American boyfriend.  You are difficult for me to resist.  You laugh, and you say my name.  “Vin. Do we need a ‘safe word’?”

I laugh also, because I think I know about this.  “A word for stop, and if you don’t say it, I can fuck you very hard as I want.”

Your eyes look more excited now.  “Yes.”  I feel my dick begin to grow, I am standing before you here in my pants from work.  You are in the bed and you are naked.

“OK.  Here is your word.  Red-Light.  Like for traffic.”

You only look at me, wanting me to begin.  I say “Ready?”

You move your head up and down, yes.

I say “OK……. 3…... 2….… 1….…” and then I turn into a fucking ANIMAL.  I jump onto you in the bed and say intense, feroz, “Get my fucking clothes off!” and we both pull my shoes, my socks, my belt, my shirt, my pants, my undershirt, my underwear, fast fast fast, our arms move all over me to pull clothes off.  I am naked on top of you now, I hold you down strong in the bed, I kiss and bite your neck.  My dick is now big and hard.  The room is dark with the one little lamp light, and it makes your face look very passion and hungry, the way you look direct in my eyes.

I want to discover what I can do to you, what do you want me to do.  Maybe I can slap you on the face.  I look into your eyes and I make a growl dog sound and I say “Are you my fuck bitch tonight? Yes? My private fuck bitch, all for ME” and I lift one hand and I slap your handsome face one time, not too brute but it is a slap. 

Your eyes go big and you make a sudden breath sound of surprise.  I say “You belong to ME tonight? My fucking possession?” and I slap your face again, harder, twice, SLAP! SLAP!  I feel your beard stubble on my hand as I hit you.  I love this, I feel everything is changed and I have a huge big power. 

“You want this fucking dick?  You like the way I fuck you?” I slap your face again, SLAP! and I move up and put my big heavy dick in your face, slap your face with the dick like it is my hand.  Slap! Slap! Slap!  My big long thick dick is hitting your face again and again.  You like this a lot, you open your mouth to try to taste it and I let you do this.

You love to suck my dick.  It is long and juicy and big and you love all the prepúcio, the foreskin.  I have a lot of this and you love to play on it with your mouth.  I take your head with my two hands and I make you suck on it more deep, my dick is moving into your throat, I force you to do this.  Your mouth and your head belong to me now.  I keep moving your head up and down and make you suck my dick, all of it.

Finally I let you stop and you breathe very hard, your chest is moving up and down and your eyes look up to mine and I see in your eyes, you are my slave right now and you love this.

I smile my full sexy Brazilian lips that you like to kiss, and I move my face down to let you kiss me.  We kiss gentle and easy, warm and wet.  Then I become the angry animal man again.  I grab your body and I force you turn over and I slap your butt very hard, PAP! I lift up my hand and I hit your butt again, PAP! PAP! PAP!  “You are my fuck bitch, remember?  It’s time for the FUCK.”  I hit and hit and hit your butt, left side and right side, PAP! PAP! PAP!  You are crying out “Oh! Ah! Oh my god! Ah!”

I stop and touch the butt very gentle, I feel intense heat on your skin.  It feels so alive from what I did to you.  I reach over and grab the lube that you put next to the bed, and I press the bottle up to your butt hole and make a lot of it go out onto you.  I push my fingers up in your hole with the lube and make it wet.  I am excited to get in you and fuck you hard.  I put more lube all over my dick and I return to be on top of you again.  Your butt feels very warm from the hitting and I slide my big dick in the middle, to locate your fuck hole. I tell you this. “Give me that fuck hole.. I am going to find it.. fuck hole...” and I push my dick in there and I find it and push in, just some, and you yell “Oww!”

And I want to see your face when I fuck you hard.  So I pull my dick out of you and take your body and turn you over to on your back, and your legs up, and your hole is here open and ready for me to fuck.  I grab your hands with my hands and I hold you down hard in the bed, and your legs move around my butt and I am on you and push my dick into you again. 

You are so fucking hot, I look direct down into your eyes and push my full big dick slow into your fuck hole.  You open up for me but very tight, and you make little crying sounds.  I kiss you hard and say “Open, open, I’m gonna fuck you, make you my fuck bitch” and I push my dick really strong into you and it goes in and you yell “OOOHHH!” and I push even more and I feel my body against you and I know my entire dick is inside of you now.

You look up into my eyes with shock and very intense, and I look down at you also intense, like I own you, you belong to me, body and spirit. I keep moving deep in you, stronger, harder, I say “Open, fuck man, you are my fuck hole, give to me, I want it, open for me..” I don’t even know what words I am saying, I fuck you more and more. And I feel your hole so tight and you are making little cry sounds up to me. 

I fuck you even harder, big long fuck ride, very deep and rough, and I kiss you, my lips on your lips, hungry kiss. And you keep crying your sounds into my mouth as I fuck you and we kiss face to face:  “mmrrw!... ohhrrrww!... mmmrrmff!...”   My hands squeeze yours and my entire body is holding you down in the bed and my dick is moving big out of you, big into you, FUCK FUCK FUCK, harder, deeper, faster, FUCK FUCK FUCK. 

I feel a gigantic cum begin to rise in me and I give it to you with everything I can do, and WOW, here it is, I explode all my cum deep inside you, my dick fucking you deep in for each shoot of cum.  The feeling is intense all over me and I fall on top of you, breathing very hard, and my big dick still continue to fuck your hole, fuck fuck fuck.. fuck...fuck..... fuck........ fuck........... my body becomes slow, now.  I lay on top of you and I just breathe, long and deep, and you breathe in and out together with me.  So good, and it is familiar from the last time I fucked you. 

I am still inside you and I feel crazy from all the sensations in me.  I hold you in a total embrace and I kiss you again.  “Thank you” I say, from my heart.  I needed this with you, and you gave it to me.

We take showers, and we eat some ice cream from your freezer, and I ask if you are OK, and you laugh and you say “It’s gonna hurt tomorrow, but it was worth it.”  I kiss you again and I fall into a deep, deep sleep beside you.  And I have the best dreams.  Because of you.

And right before I fall into sleep, I think many things.

I think: I will be sure you have a good cum, the next time.  You deserve this, the next time. I will be your sexy man slave, dedication to you, treat you like a prince. 

And I will tell you more, soon. Tell you how I save a lot of my money from my chef job, and I have $12,000. And I think I love you and I want to live with you. I want to teach you some of my language, português, and I want to learn more english.

And I believe I can become a main chef at another restaurant that will pay me even more money. And next year after we celebrate a 1 year anniversary, I will want for us to have a new home, both of us, with more rooms and a yard and everything.  And we can fuck a lot and kiss a lot and I can cook delicious food for you all the time, and we will share everything, man and man.  Everything.  You and me. 


Paul Lantoro

[email protected]


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