It was the third day in a row that my cock was erect. By this time I

was frightened, three days and unable to lose my erection!! I tried everything,

masturbating, getting sucked on for three hours straight even icing it and still hard. I

knew I had to go visit my doctor saw I just showed up at the office as this was an

emergency for me at least. I had a long jacket on but was able to feel the bulge

sticking out of my pants. I even picked up a magazine at the door and tried to cover

up the mountain, but was drawing the attention I did not want. I just rushed to the

counter and was able to hide my problem.

The receptionist told me that the doctor was all booked up, and I

would have to make an appointment for later in the week. I told her it was a kind of

emergency. She asked me what the problem was and I turned various shades of red. Again she

asked 'what is the problem?' I just replied that I was having male problems, and

she insisted on knowing what it was. Without thinking I blurted out 'I have had a

hard-on for three days straight and the fucking thing will not go down.' The whole

office went quite and I realized what I had done, not only did the entire office now know

my problem, but they were all staring at my aching bulge.

The receptionist quickly took me back to an examination room and

told me to strip down and get on the table. By this time my cock was so swollen and

literally bursting out of its skin. The doctor came in and asked what the problem was, and

when I told him he looked a little shocked. He asked if I used any cock rings or had any

rough sex. He also asked me if I tried masturbating to relieve the tension and

erection. I told him I tried everything imaginable and that nothing worked. He

told me to lie back and just relax, I felt his cold hands on my shaft and around my balls.

There was some comfort in his firm grip.

He told me to relax and went on to stroke my cock gently and

quickly. I squirted a medium size load into his hand and felt his hot breathe against my

balls. The doctor was actually licking the freshly squirted cum off my swollen balls. This

did relieve the pain slightly and even with my shock as to the events I found it

enjoyable. Then without a word the doctor left the room for about ten minutes, when he

returned he locked the door and sat next to the examination table. He again began stroking

my cock, only this time he was pulling on his own dick simultaneously. He stood up and

placed his body between my legs and began sucking on my cock like an ice cream cone.

Licking the tip, and then the sides, then placing his whole mouth over me. I had the

muscular orgasm contractions in his mouth and again he left the room.

He again returned about ten minutes later and told me to stand up,

he then lay on his stomach and pulled his pants down. He spread his ass apart and pulled

my still rock hard cock toward his hole. He told me to shove it in as hard as I can, I

placed the tip of my bulging stick in his ass and pumped his clean asshole full of meat. I

climaxed in his ass and collapsed next to him on the table. Once a gain he got up and left

the room, I then realized that he was using me between patients. As it turned out that was

the case, he would see patients, return to the room I was in and get his thrills. I loved

it and it continued into the afternoon, my erection finally subsided. I visit my doctor

once a week now, no waiting.



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