I hate shopping for clothes. I just hated shopping for anything really. My girlfriend really wanted to come. She wasn't too pleased that I'd been wearing the same clothes as senior year in high school. They still fit and weren't worn out so I didn't care. But if I was going to get laid I guess I'd do it. I was still a virgin even though I was 21.

I didn't want my girlfriend to see me in a bad attitude so I went to the mall by myself. I went into Abercrombie and Fitch since it has the cologne I like. There was a pack of teenage girls waiting for the dressing rooms. Great, this'd take forever.

A guy halfway up the line looked bored. He looked back at me and rolled his eyes at the girls around us. I nodded knowingly. He looked to be about the same age and well dressed. I wanted to ask for help picking clothes out but didn't feel comfortable enough to ask.

He motioned for me to come up by him. I approached and he leaned over so I could hear him over the music A+F always blasts. "I can't stand teenage girls. Mind pretending to talk so they leave me alone?" I was grateful for the chance. He turned out to be a pretty cool kid. I mentioned how much I hate shopping and he laughed. He told me I'd picked out some good stuff and said it was a good idea to try them on.

He leaned back over and asked, "Hey, not to be weird or anything, but it's taking forever. I'd be alright sharing a dressing room with you to speed things up."

I nodded, "That's fine. Hell, it could be useful for you to just help me out instead of coming out to parade in front of the mirror like an idiot."

He laughed and before long he got a dressing room. When the attendant left to take clothes back out to the floor I slipped back and he opened the dressing room. He was already shirtless. He had a tight chest with a six pack, a light, thin line of hair disappearing at the top of his black jeans. I couldn't help but admire the deep V of his oblique's. He was ripped!

He caught me looking him over as I took off my shirt. He gave me a once over, "You work out?"

"I swim," I replied.

"That's it? You're ripped man!" It had been awhile since I'd been undressed around anyone. I was on the swim team in school but always waited to shower till everyone was done. I said it was to do extra laps. I was just self-conscious about how my dick was smaller when soft. It was 7 inches erect, but you wouldn't know it until I was hard.

"Thanks, you too," I said.

He pulled his pants off and had a jock strap on. I pulled my jeans off, aware that I too was wearing a small jock strap. He laughed, "Great minds think alike huh?"

He turned around to go through his clothes and I couldn't help but check out his back. He was toned and tan, not too big. He had a smooth ass with two dimples on top. I felt my dick start to stiffen. I panicked, I wasn't gay, right?

I saw him turn around and noticed me try to cover my growing bulge. My face flushed. He noticed my embarrassment. "What's up?"

"Nothing-" I started to stammer until I noticed he was a little hard too. More than a little hard now.

He came closer to me, looking me up and down. I back a little nervously up to the wall. He laid his hand on my package. I froze. My dick didn't. It grew harder, straining against my jock strap.

"Wow." He said, "That was fast."

I was too shocked to move. My dick began to ache.

He gently took his free hand and guided mine to his growing cock.

"Is this okay?" He asked.

"I- uh... No." I stammered.

"Hmmm... your dick seems to disagree." He slid down to his knees and carefully pulled my jock strap down to release my dick. It sprang up. I was shaking I was so nervous, but a feral part of me was excited. He lightly blew out his breath across the tip of my penis. I had never felt my dick be this hard before!

He slowly cupped my smooth balls in one hand and ran a finger up and down the base of my shaft. I was completely hairless for swimming, sweat beading over my chest and stomach. Before I could protest he opened his mouth and swallowed my cock.

I had never felt anything like it! Any part of me that resisted gave in. Instinct took over. I grabbed his head and buried my cock in his throat.

He pulled back for air. It wasn't easy for him to swallow. My cock is different. It gets so stiff I can hang three beach towels off of it without a problem. "Did you like that?"

I slowly nodded.

"Was it better than girls?"

"I don't know," I replied.

"You've never had a blow job?" He asked incredulously.

"I'm... a virgin." I said quietly, embarrassed.

"Do you want to be?" He asked.

I just shook my head. My knees were going to give out.

He swallowed my balls and I groped around for something to hold onto.

He slowly released me after a moment. He looked up at me and stood. He brushed his lips against mine. I raised my hand to cup his jaw line and bring him in for a full kiss. Our tongues met. I couldn't believe what I was doing but my body ached for more.

I wanted more. I wouldn't be satisfied until I could bury my cock in his perfect ass. I turned him around and bent him over the bench, grateful for the blasting music I was complaining about earlier.

He raised his ass into the air, inviting me in.

I put the tip of my penis against his hole and pushed. It was tight, but my penis was stronger. His ass gave way, feeling like a sheath for my sword. I didn't thrust; I just waited a moment, savoring the warmth. He heard him breathing hard. I pulled him up so his back was to my chest, my arms enveloping him.

I began to gyrate my hips slowly. My thrusting matching the tempo of the music as it began to race. He wanted to scream. I know he did. I clamped my hand down on his mouth. I bit into his shoulder so I would scream either. I knew I was going to cum. I could feel it building, almost painfully. He rocked in motion with me.

I threw him down across the bench again and grabbed his hips, burying myself into him. He gasped as dug in, unable to move, the ecstasy overwhelming me. I felt my load fill him up. Then another, and another. I collapsed on top of him.

He turned his head around to smile. "That was really your first time?" He asked between ragged breaths. I nodded, too caught up in the moment to speak.

We kissed, eyes closed, one sweaty body, not two. "Okay," he said, "My turn."




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