After the two teens finished drying each other they moved onto Josh's bedroom where Taylor would seduce the redhead and take his virginity, just as he had done to his sister. In anticipation Josh began arranging four pillows with white covers against the headboard of his bed. As he was bent over fluffing up and stacking the pillows his creamy white ass was providing an enticing view. Taylor, standing at the foot of the bed was stroking his semi hard cock admiring the beauty of it. After finishing with the pillows Josh turned around lying down on rumpled sheets so he could give Taylor a better view of his fire crotch.

The fire crotch kid wished he'd known Taylor wanted him and planned on seducing him that day because had he known there would have been fresh linens on the bed. The brilliant red orange pubic hair at the base of Josh's adolescent cock was so alluring. The color was reminiscent of glowing orange leaves on a tree during the fall season, and the size of Josh's cock was definitely larger than a sapling.

As Taylor stood at the foot of Josh's bed drinking in the beauty of the naked body before him his mouth was watering, waiting for his first taste of the forbidden fruit. Taylor could see that Josh was breathing rapidly; his chest was rising and falling rhythmically awaiting Taylor's first touch. Josh's heart was pounding with anticipation; evident by the cock bouncing before him. Taylor knelt on the end of bed as Josh spread his legs wider, inviting his seducer closer towards the forbidden fruit.

'That is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen,' Taylor said placing his hands on Josh's thighs.


Taylor was not lying. Josh did have a gorgeous cock and the red bush totally enhanced the beauty of the perfectly straight pole standing up from the crimson carpet.

'What are you looking at?' Josh asked.

'You, your body and the beautiful boner standing tall waiting for me to be the first person to give it the attention it so deserves,' Taylor said.

'You really think I'm beautiful, Tay? What about my sister?'

'Both of you are beautiful people in your own distinctive ways,' Taylor said, 'Your sister is beautiful in her own characteristic manner and you are so very alluring in your own way.'

'Do you love my sister, Tay?' Josh asked pointedly.

'Yes, I think I do,' Taylor responded.

'Then why are we here getting ready to do this thing?' Josh asked.

'I think that I love you both if that makes any sense,' Taylor said, 'Josh, I'm bisexual. I'm drawn to both sexes. Have you figured out what you are, Josh?'

'Well, I kind of already figured out you might be bisexual,' Josh replied, 'I don't know what I am. Why my sister and me?'

'If you haven't figured it out by now Josh I'm pushover for redheads. Also, I like both of you for your personalities and who you are.'

'So, what would happen if you and my sister were to get back together and the two of you get married? Where does that leave me in the equation?' Josh asked.

'First off I don't plan on marrying your sister or anyone else for that matter in the foreseeable future. We all have college ahead and I don't want to think about settling down until maybe around thirty,' Taylor replied, 'and we are all so young and with youth comes time for exploration and experimentation.'

'Are you going to tell my sister about us?' Josh asked.

'You ask too many fucking questions, Josh. Besides, you may want to experiment with other guys or girls after we finish our lovemaking sessions this week,' Taylor replied, 'let's just enjoy the time together.'

'Lovemaking, is that what you say to my sister when you two have sex?'

'As a matter of fact that is exactly what we call it, Josh.'

Having replied to an inquisitive Josh, Taylor bent forward kissing the head of Josh's throbbing cock. Taylor was wondering how much attention the succulent schlong could take before it erupted. He recalled that it didn't take but a few seconds for him to cum when Roy's lips and mouth engulfed his cock that first time so many years ago.

'Oh My God! Oh yeah suck it, Tay.'

Taylor sensed that Josh was going to be a vocal bitch much like his sister. He vividly recalled how Janice went ballistic that first time, moaning and then screaming as he ate her pussy. Taylor had never eaten pussy before, Janice was his first. However, he had thoroughly researched the Internet reading about the female anatomy and how to perform cunninlingus. By the time Taylor first performed on Janice he knew how and where to touch the female genitalia as well as other erogenous zones to bring about pleasure. He began recalling those first times with Janice as well as his first male lover.

The redhead continued moaning begging Taylor to suck on his dick. Taylor didn't plan for this to be a quickie. He wanted it to last that was why he was teasing the well-defined cockhead. Swirling his tongue around the dark coronal ring ending up at that sensitive area just below the piss slit and then letting his tongue linger in that spot licking it lightly.

After a few of those titillating moves around the cockhead Taylor began kissing down the length of the bottom side of Josh's cock until he was at the base. Once at the base he wanted to bury his face in the red carpet, sniffing every bit of it. After a few sniffs Taylor moved onto the smooth almost hairless scrotal sac, taking first one nut and then the other into his mouth.

'Grab your legs and pull them back to your chest, Josh,' Taylor commanded.

'What are you going to do, Tay?'

'Are you enjoying what I'm doing?'


'Then do what I ask and lay back and enjoy.'

Josh pulled his legs back to his chest exposing his ass crack and delicious looking brown eye. There was no sour smell, only freshness of a bathed butt. Taylor began licking the taint area, listening to Josh moan and wail each time the tip of his tongue engaged the area. Then Taylor's tongue made contact with the brown eye. Josh squealed with high-pitched delight.

'Oh yeah eat me, Tay!'

Taylor brought his hands into position so he might open the butt cheeks more bringing the anal entrance into view. Once his thumbs had the anus open it was pink and inviting. Taylor's tongue made its way into the pink area, darting in and out teasing Josh's asshole.

By now the redhead was writhing on the bed wailing loudly. Taylor was hoping that Josh's neighbors didn't hear, but he wasn't going to stop. Janice screamed with delight the same as her brother when Taylor performed annilingus on her. The deeper Taylor's tongue probed the virgin's asshole the louder the screams of happiness.

Taylor could hear him wailing for him to go deeper and for Taylor to fuck him, but Taylor had no plans to fuck the redhead - yet. Taylor wanted to take Josh to his house where all the right stuff was located before fucking him. He wanted taking Josh's cherry to be a most memorable moment. Taylor was sure that Josh was producing precum, so he decided to return to the throbbing pole.

Sure enough as Taylor moved back to Josh's hard cock he could see precum oozing from the piss slit running down the underside of his cock. Taylor grasped the base of the pole and then began licking his way towards the knob taking all the precum in his path. Once he reached the cockhead he began licking and cleaning the glans. Finally, the tip of his tongue entering the piss slit.

Taylor's mouth closed over the knob. He began moving his mouth up and down on the first few inches. Taylor was not a deep throat lover. There was no need. Taylor wanted to make love to the head bringing Josh off in an explosive orgasm.

Josh was again wailing for Taylor to suck his dick yelling, 'Make me cum, baby. Make me cum.'

Taylor planned on doing just that. He could feel Josh's nuts drawing up and his cock begin to thicken. He knew it was only a matter of seconds before eruption.

'Tay, I'm cummmmmmminnng!' Josh was wailing bucking his crotch up into Taylor's face, 'Oh My God, I'mmm cummmming! Suck me!'

And with that last scream Josh's ass lifted off the bed for a final time, blasting the inside of Taylor's mouth with squirt after squirt of Josh's thick creamy cum. Taylor swallowed it as Josh's ass fell back to the bed and then Taylor began licking and cleaning all the leftovers until Josh began pushing his lover's head away from a very sensitive dick.

By then both men were sweating and breathing rapidly. Taylor moved up Josh's body asking, 'Did you enjoy that, baby?'

'Uh-huh,' was all and exhausted Josh could respond.

'Well, I sure enjoyed making love to your beautiful cock, baby. Can't wait for you to recover.'



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