I was about nineteen at the time of this story, and had not been sexually active for too long at that point in my life. While I had tried getting fucked up the ass before this time, I hadn't really liked it. So I tended to avoid bottoming, thinking it to be short, brutish and nasty. I had held that opinion of it without any reason to change, when one night I was pretty horny, and headed out to the local cruise park to see what was about. It was springtime, and there was a smell of new growth in the air around me as I walked down to the trails.

After hanging around there for a while, I decided to head along a less frequented stretch of the park, where there was a secluded parking lot in which I had seen some hot action. Sure enough, when I walked up there was a guy sitting there under a dim street lamp, the extent of public lighting in the area. He was mounted on a big scooter, something just short of a motorcycle, and he was wearing a t-shirt and shorts.

I liked the look of him, he was in his early twenties, and he saw me walking there in front of him and was pretty quick to come over and say how do. We talked for a while, his name was Mike. He was twenty-three, and had been out for a while. Certainly he had been around the block longer than I had at that point. We walked for a while, talking as we went, and then stopped in a grassy area and lay down there on our stomachs.

We continued talking, but at one point he reached over and put his hand on my ass. He asked me if I liked to get fucked, and I told him that I didn't. He seemed kind of disappointed, and asked me why I felt that way. I told him I had never enjoyed it, and he responded by asking me some questions about how I had been fucked. I was kind of embarrassed to talk about it, and tried to change the subject a couple of times, but he kept on coming back to that.

At length he told me that he really wanted to fuck me up the ass, and I could feel his hand grip itself more strongly on my ass he told me that. He said that if I would go back to his place with him he would show me a good time, and that he would stop anytime I wanted him to, and not press the matter any further. He was such a cute guy, and he was so much in earnest that it wasn't really likely that I could refuse him.

He gave me his address, an apartment building on the other side of town, and so I drove over there behind him. My cock was pretty hard, but there were times when I contemplated just turning off on a side street and ditching him. I guess I was pretty nervous about going with him, but on the other hand, he seemed like an ok guy, and he was so fucking cute.

We met at his apartment, which was in an old brick building, and walked up the marble stairs to his second floor suite. We sat on his couch for a while at first, and continued to talk. He would reach over and put his hand on my leg from time to time, and he brought up fucking me again. He asked me if I was ready to try it, and I said that I was pretty sure I wanted to. He stood, and I followed him into the bedroom, which was down a hallway at the end of the place.

On the way there, he turned around, and I stopped. I asked him again if he would promise to stop fucking me in the ass if I wanted him to, and he reached out with both hands and grabbed mine. He stood there, not pulling me, but telling me that he would be really gentle, and that he would stop if I asked him to. He took a couple of steps backward, and nearly knocked a glass vase off a shelf on the wall. Recovering himself, he led me into his bedroom, and closed the door behind us.

He had an old bed, with a brass frame painted over with thick white. He stood there and kissed me for a bit, and then pulled my shorts down. His breath became hot and loud when he put his hand on my naked ass. He took off his own clothes, and I removed my t-shirt. We were now completely naked. I hadn't seen his cock before, so I looked down and saw that he had a nice average sized penis.

He turned me around, and asked me if anyone had ever licked my ass before. I told him no one had. He got down on his knees, and then reached up with his arms to encourage me to bend over, exposing my ass to him. I did as he wanted, feeling my own cock going hard in the process. His tongue felt warmly between my legs, and he moaned softly. His fingers reached up and spread my asscheeks. He paused for a moment, and then started to lick my asshole. His licking was strong and lusty.

I was getting into this. He reached around and felt my hard cock, and then started gently to stroke it. The association of doing this while being stimulated in the ass had not occurred to me at that point, getting fucked had been largely a matter of endurance. The linking it with pleasurable sensations was well worth the doing. He continued to lick my ass, and I could feel his cock hard against my leg.

He stood up, and whispered in my ear that he wanted me to lay on my side on the bed. I lay down, and then he licked my ass again for a while, all the time keeping up with the regular stroking of my penis. Eventually he brought a finger up against my ass, and told me softly that it was going to go up my ass. I stiffened, but he pushed it up against me, and the slickness of my wet ass helped it in. I relaxed slightly, and he worked it in further. His face was right next to my ass, and I could feel his hot breathing on it.

I still wasn't too sure about this, even though everything had been good so far. He kept his finger in my ass for a while, and licked around it. Then he took it out and put some lubricant on it, and smeared it on my ass. The slickness of it was turning me on, and I liked the way he was making me feel. He asked me if I was ready for his cock in there. I said yes, but pretty softly. He knew that this was going to be the deciding moment.

He had lubed his own penis quite well, and so he started to press up against my ass, while he was on his knees, and with me laying on my side on the bed. He had some lube on his hand and he used it to masturbate my penis, which was not all that hard with the anticipation of getting fucked. He took it very slowly, giving me time to adjust to his entry into my naked ass.

We lay there for a few minutes, and then he pushed it deeper into me. He was stroking my cock regularly now, and I was getting hard again. This was still uncomfortable inside me, but I was getting turned on by the entire thing. He was looking straight into my eyes, and I was loving that.

He kept on fucking me for a few more minutes, and then as he stroked my lube slickened cock, I felt a warm sensation start to spread in my vitals. My ass started to relax, and I started to think about how hot this was, and how much I wanted him up my ass. It was as if a spring had let go inside me and I was now on a new plane of existence. I looked up at him, and he could see the change on my face as understanding crossed it.

He speeded up his fucking of me, and I moved to open my ass a little more to him, to allow him to get that much deeper into me. It was now so hot, and I was going to come if this went on too much longer. He seemed to be aware of that though, and he stopped jerking me off at just that point short of no return. I lay there, bathing in the hotness of it, and he was so into fucking me. His face was a mask of passion, and he was getting pretty close to coming himself. He slowed down a bit, and took his cock all the way out, and then slid it all the way back into me.

I wanted this now, but I knew that I wasn't going to be able to hold off from coming too much longer. I touched my penis and in that moment I felt the coming of warm release. This was so hot. I groaned loudly and then gushed come with tremendous force all over his bed. He kept fucking me for another few strokes, and then he too came in torrents of release, filling my ass with gushes of hot come.

He stayed in me for a couple of minutes, even though I wanted him out of my ass. He slowly got soft, and in this way slid out of my ass. I lay there beside him, thinking about how hot that was, and smoking the cigarette he offered me. That was really hot, and now that I realized it, there was an entire world of sexuality that lay open to me.

After a while, we lay there talking, and then I asked him to fuck me again. He did so, but this time rolled me over onto my stomach and take it on the hands and knees. I did so, and it felt even hotter this time, since we both knew what we wanted. I jerked myself off, but wasn't able to last as long as I had the time before. He hadn't been fucking me more than five minutes before I came again, all over his bedspread. He came again as well, just a minute or two after me, which seemed to me rather a long time since my ass wasn't used to this.

We talked again for a while, and then smoked another cigarette. He asked me what I thought about getting fucked now, and I told him I liked it better. He smiled at that and told me to call him. He wrote his number down on a bit of paper and gave it to me. I took it into the pocket of my shorts and walked outside into the cool night air to my car.

As I drove home, the sun was rising in the east. I saw the rays of light come up red in the sky, and knew that this was more than just another sunrise. I had finally been successfully initiated into the ranks of the sacred act of anal sodomy. I smiled and blew luxurious clouds of smoke out the wing window as I drove towards home and bed, thinking of what new worlds had now been cast open to me by his act of determination.


Jethro Maki

[email protected]


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