I was a just out of high work and had lived a very sheltered 18 years of life, still a virgin whose only experience with sex was fucking my fist several times a day when my father's college roommate came to stay for several weeks. I stayed home from work one day and was moving some clothes into his room and walked in while he was laying nude on the bed, legs up and spread, pumping a large rubber cock into his ass, his big hard cock swinging as he pumped away.

We froze in place and just stared at each other. I started to fly out of there but he yelled for me to stop and let him explain. It was the first time I had ever seen another guy naked and fucking himself, cock at full mast.

He had me sit at the side of the bed and he swung his legs over and talked to me about how badly he needed sex and now that I had seen him doing this, I had to help him. Otherwise he would tell my dad. I was almost dizzy as I looked down at his still hard cock oozing cum, making the head all wet and glistening. I licked my lips at the thought of tasting that sweet juice.

He smiled as he saw that involuntary action and laid back on the bed, pulling me to him.

Soon he was holding me against his body and had me suck on his breasts as his hands roamed to my butt and ten under my sweats and onto my bare ass, pulling me into him. I could feel the whole length of his cock against my belly. .... My body just tingled with the feel of his pink nipples in my mouth. His breasts were like a young girl's titties,

Then he rolled over with me now on my back, slowly taking my few clothes off. For a kid, I was pretty big.... about 7inches, cut and thick. My cock was straight up and hard. He laughed, " What a nice hard cock you have. I think you are an answer to my prayers...." and gave my cock several pumps with his hand... I almost came right then.

I was on my back, naked and he began to massage my body and then began to lick my lips and kiss me, laying down now on top of my body, my cock between his legs. He started to suck on my neck and ears and slowly worked his way down to my breasts and sucked and pulled on my virgin nipples,

[well, everything that day was virgin]

Soon he had worked his way down to my cock. He ran his tongue all around it and licked the head and sucked some dribble off the end, curling his lips around it as he took my cock into his mouth. He squeezed the base of the cock and started to pump it into his hot, wet mouth and I felt the juices working up to an explosion.

I was so scared to death, but came quickly in his mouth anyway, burst after burst of my cum as he took it all, sucking harder with each shot of my cum. [I could shoot a rope of cum 4 feet across the shower and hit the wall] When he finished sucking me, he came up and began to tongue kiss me. He tasted salty from my cum but I was off into some new world with him.... Suddenly he popped off my mouth and straddling me, turned so that his cock was right at my face,

"Suck on my cock, now, suck the juices I have for you," he spoke firmly, as he lowered his cock to my lips. I had no option. My face was buried in his scent and he was so wet and juicy. I opened up and tasted his sweetness as his cock slid into my eager mouth.

He rotated his cock into me, grinding it down into my mouth and somehow I sucked on it with such energy and lust that it slid deep into me, so that the hairs of his body were my face and his balls hit my chin. I was impaled ...Suddenly he began to arch and moan and twist harder against me and the he cried out as he exploded into me, I tasted the rush of his own cum as he pumped shot after fire hot shot of his man juices into me. Every second, some new sensation was washing over me.

We lay there for a half hour, as he fondled me and touched me and played with me until my cock was starting to get hard again. He pounced on it and sucked on it and licked my balls...he now had my legs over his shoulder and pumped and sucked and squeezed my cock and balls until I was twisting and moaning with pain and pleasure.

He stood over me and straddled my body and then lowered herself down to my cock. When it was pressed against his ass, that same ass that was taking a huge rubber cock when I walked in on him, he leaned over and let me suck the pink nipples of his titties again....

And the fun began as he lowered himself onto my cock. It was hard getting it past the tight opening, but then, suddenly, I slid went in with one long push and his ass slapped against my thighs. This was new to me, but I was ready now and wanted to fuck him more than anything I ever wanted. All the fright was gone now.

"Oh god," he moaned, " fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," he cried with each full slam down onto my cock. I started to thrust against him with each of his humps into me.

He was grunting and moaning now in a continuous wail, now rolling over onto his back with me on top, his legs now over my shoulders and his ass high up in the air, with my pounding cock slamming into him... I was like a beast turned loose. I didn't feel like I had to cum and I just fucked his mancunt like a rabbit...rapid firing into this surprise of a hot cunt, slapping my balls against him each time I bottomed out in his ass, slam after slam, his cock slapping my belly each time I slammed my cock full thrust down into him. Again and again, our bodies blended into one grunting, groaning screaming mass of oneness, as we fucked.

Finally, I felt the cum building up in my balls.... hurting to get out and into his cunt. He was grunting with each time I rammed into him, "uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh..." the air going out of his lungs each time.... gasping for breath as I went overt the edge and the cum slammed into him. He cried out a long whimper with each shot of cum.until I was finally still.

I fell off him and laid there, breathing hard and fast... "No one...has ever fucked me like that...ever, " he gasped.

"That was my first time," I said. " I have never fucked anyone before so I don't know how to do it, really.."

"I'll teach you to get even better, "He smiled and climbed back onto me, his mouth hungry for mine.

Later he had me explore every part of his body with my eyes, hands and tongue. He had a shaved cock and balls and was about 5' 6" inches tall, and for a man, very petite, with small teen-girl breasts and pink nipples. I hadn't noticed it before then, but he really was a girl on a man's body, I wondered if my dad was fucking him in college. And even weirder, I wondered if he came to stay so dad could fuck him some more. I didn't care as long as I could fuck him too.

He would come into my room every night after that. We would lie there and suck on each other and I would fuck him until I would cum a couple of times.. Once in his mouth and once in his puss hole..

One night he fell asleep and actually slept in there all night and I was sure my mother saw him when she woke me for work, but nothing was said. I skipped work so he could teach me more so I could feel the raw power of shooting my cum into his mouth and pussy...and taste the sweet wetness of his juices. He liked to mingle our juices and often would lick and suck my face and mouth after I had drained his cock or fill his mouth with my cum and fill my mouth with my juices and then share it, our mouths sucking at each others, our tongues digging deeply within.

He taught me to fuck him in every position. I liked to fuck him from behind, with my hands gripping him by the hips and his small body swinging with each pounding of my cock into him. He would bury his face in my pillow and grunt and moan with my constant, rapid firing humping into that hot hole.

He wept the day he had to leave and soon began to sneak into town and stay at a hotel where we would meet and continue our love making all through the night.

I was both frightened by his power and wildly in some kind of love with this man-woman. It has continued to this day.... ten years now...I went to college right near where he lived...

He paid my tuition and I had once guessed that my parents thought it so neat that he was helping out...I knew that he just wanted to have me close to him, to get his fill of my cock every day.. We have lived together for eight years, now openly as a gay couple and I am still the man in his life...and our lovemaking is still as intense as it was when I was his boy virgin. He found me, trained me and prepared me to serve him.... and only him.

He is still beautiful, looks more like my age still. My mother knows what is going on and I know now that she really knowingly 'gave' me to this man-woman as an exchange for my father.

My father won't say a word because he was fucking him before I became his new sex partner. What I think happened is that my mother wanted my father to stop fucking his college roomy and decided to turn me over to him as a substitute. It was she who asked me to bring those clothes into his room that morning. It was a great trade, if you ask me. Thanks mom for the gift that keeps on cumming....


Corey Anton

[email protected]


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