Mr. Barker was the landlord of the apartment building I was living in while I was in college. I guessed him to be about in his mid to late forties, maybe fifties, but he looked damn good for a man his age! For any age, in fact. His face alone looked like he was chiseled out of marble, with a long, narrow nose, a hard square jaw, sharp cheekbones, and thick, full lips. The lines in his face didn't diminish his looks in the slightest. Instead, they seemed to accentuate them in a way that only maturity can. Even his neatly trimmed goatee, in which I could see several strands of dark grey mixed in with the brown, made him look even sexier. Not to mention that he was built like a professional bodybuilder. No matter what he wore, he always seemed fill his clothes out to their limits.

Even though he was definitely old enough to be my father, and then some, it didn't make me any less attracted to him, and I spent almost half my time pondering how I could get in the sack with him. Within the first month of moving into the building, I got my chance.

I had just biked my way back from the gym and was rolling my bicycle down the hall towards my first-floor apartment. I was actually just about to unlock my door, when Mr. Barker was coming into the building from the rear entrance at the end of the hall. He must have been doing some outdoor work, because he was even sweatier than I was, wearing a pair of khaki shorts and a white tank top that was soaked through. The dome of his shaved head was glistening and shining off the light of the fluorescent bulbs in the ceiling above him. My heart pounded in my chest, pumping blood straight down to my groin, as I saw him walking down the hall in my direction, the leathery tanned skin over his solid muscles dripping with perspiration.

As he began to pass me, he finally noticed me standing there, and ceased walking. He gave a small smile and said, "Hey there."

"Hey Mr. Barker," I said, giving him a smile back, "Been working hard?"

"Heh, yeah, I have," he chuckled lightly, wiping the sweat from his brow with the back of his fist, "I was doing some yard work around the back. Weeds needed pulling, grass needed cutting.

"You look like you've been hard at work yourself," he then remarked, his eyes looking my own sweaty body over in a way that could or could not have been entirely innocent.

"I just got back from the gym," I told him, tapping the handle on my bike, "I was just about to sit back, relax, and cool off with a cold one."

"That actually sounds pretty good right now. Mind if I join you?" he then asked with a small grin. I all but exploded with joy.

"No problem," I answered as I unlocked my door. I allowed him to enter first, then rolled my bike in behind him, leaning it against the wall beside the door.

Mr. Barker sat in one of the rotating stools at the bar while I got each of us a bottle of Budweiser from the fridge.

"Ahh," he sighed as he popped off the cap with his bare hand, "Thanks a lot, kid."

"Hey, now, I'm twenty-six years old," I told him, "I'm no 'kid'."

"Still a kid compared to me, hehehe."

"Just how old are you anyway, Mr. Barker? If you don't mind me asking."

"Ooh," he huffed, "Old enough to not wanna talk about how old I am."

He gave a little laugh that I joined in on.

"And you can go ahead and call me Vincent, by the way, Mark," he then said.


We clinked the noses of our bottles together and we both took a drink from them. I almost choked on my beer when I saw him peel off his tank top to wipe off the sweat from his face and under his arms, giving me my first full view of his perfectly-sculpted body. His chest and stomach was cleanly shaven, save for the trail of hair from his navel leading down into his shorts. His skin was slightly wrinkled, but stretched taut over the large, ripped muscles underneath, his color a deep golden-brown from years in the sun, not from going to a tanning booth like most guys did.

"Sorry about sweating all over your stool," he chuckled, dropping his shirt on top of the counter before taking a gulp of his beer.

"That's okay," I said, clearing my throat before taking another drink.

"You look pretty damp yourself," he remarked, nodding to my sleeveless white t-shirt that was pretty sweat-stained itself.

"Yeah, I know. Like I said, I just got back from the gym, trying to stay in shape, ya know."

"Trying, and succeeding by the looks of it," he then said with a smile on his face, his eyes looking my body over as they had before, only this time he seemed to take his time to drink in the sight of me.

"Thanks. Though I'm not built nearly as big as you are," I replied, looking him over the same way he did me.

"Not much smaller either," he said. "Wanna compare and see?" he then suggested, flexing his left bicep and patting it with the palm of his right hand.

This was a contest I was sure to lose; his bicep was like the size of a fucking basketball! But I wasn't going to miss out on any opportunity to get close to those muscles, no way. Vincent stood up from his stool as I set down my beer and moved over to stand beside him; we both stood at the exact same height. I flexed my arm and held it parallel to his, my tanned skin contrasting with his darker tan by several shades.

"Not much smaller," he repeated, his free hand feeling my bulging muscle. His hand remained on my arm a little longer than it probably should have. Then he moved further up my arm to my chest and started feeling my pecs.

"Great fuckin' pecs too," he commented, using both hands then to rub and squeeze my chest.

"You got some pretty great muscles yourself," I replied as I ran my hands over his smooth chest to get a feel for myself. "Damn," I exclaimed as I felt the solid muscles in his chest and stomach, "you're hard as a fucking rock!"

"Not bad for an old guy, huh?" he smirked.

I smirked back. "Fucking hot for an old guy."

His teeth sparkled from behind his lips as they stretched in a wide grin. "Yeah?"

His hands grasped onto my hips to pull me closer to him, while one of mine ran down over his crotch. Through the fabric I could already feel him growing hard.

"Oh yeah," I whispered in response.

He looked down at my hand on his crotch, then back up to meet my eyes before grabbing the back of my head and crushing my mouth against his. Next thing I knew, his tongue was pushed into my mouth and he had me pinned back against the bar, his hands snaking up my shirt, feeling my abs. At the same time, I reciprocated his raw kiss, while my hands went down the back of his shorts to grab onto his solid, round glutes, pulling him against me. Once our groins were mashed together, he started humping his hard-on against mine.

He started pulling up my shirt, and we both pulled apart for a second so he could peel it off of me. As soon as it was off, we were back to devouring each others' tongues. His hands ran up my stomach to feel my pecs some more, the tips of his fingers grazing over my nipples. When he did, it caused a moan to escape my throat and my hips to spastically jolt.

"Hm-hm-hm-hmm," he chuckled against my lips, "Sensitive, are ya?"

He then kissed my chin before squatting down, his mouth moving on to lick and suck on my right tit.

I moaned out, "Awwh, yeaaah," and clasped the back of his neck to push his head into my chest in encouragement. His right hand worked on rubbing and pinching my left nipple, while his free hand was busy untying the strings of my gym shorts. Feeling I should give him a hand, I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my shorts and shoved them down, letting them to fall around my ankles and leaving me in nothing but my jockstrap, which was tented so badly that it was a miracle the fabric could remain intact.

"Mmmmh," he moaned, his hand on my chest moving down to stroke the length of my boner through my jock, "Nice."

His eyes looked up to meet mine as he hooked his fingers into the band of my jockstrap, then pulled it down my legs, allowing my hard seven-inch cock to bob free. His hands ran up my thighs as he eyed my cock throbbing in his face like a hungry dog. He looked back up to me one last time before he wrapped his hand around it.

"Very nice," he said before taking me into his mouth. He obviously had a well-trained gag reflex, because he took the whole thing down his throat, his nose pressed into my trimmed pubes, like he didn't even have one. I nearly blew my load when I felt him gulping on my cock. My eyes rolled back in my head and I had to grab a hold on the edge of the bar to keep from collapsing because my legs felt like jell-O.

He held onto my hips as he kept blowing me, sucking on the whole length from the base to the head. He then used his left hand to pump my wet shaft to double with his sucking.

It felt so good and I got so worked up that I held the back of Vincent's bald head and started thrusting my hips in synch with his sucking, and moaning, "Mmmh yeah... Fuck yeah Vincent... Aww fuck yeah... Mmmmmmh..."

His right hand then suddenly disappeared from my hip. As I looked down, I saw that with it, he was unbuttoning his shorts and was stroking his dick inside it. I badly wished to see what he was keeping concealed in those khakis. As if he could hear my thoughts, he opened his zipper and hefted out his cock and balls so he could jerk himself out in the open.

My jaw fell open with shock at the sight of it. He had well over eight inches of cut meat, the head purple and swollen to the size of a doorknob, the shaft so veiny and thick his fingers barely touched as he wrapped his fist around it. My mouth was watering so fucking bad looking at it I had to wipe away a stream of drool running down my chin.

As much as I was enjoying his mouth on my cock, I wanted to get mine on his even more. So, I wrapped my hands under his armpits and pulled him off my dick and onto his feet, his shorts falling to the floor as he rose up. Then I pushed him back onto one of the stools. He sat leaned back against the bar with his elbows rested back along the edge and a lusty grin on his face as I sank down to my knees before him.

I pushed his knees open further to gain more room; it looked like I was going to need it. I started on his balls, lapping and slurping on each one like a hungry pup while I squeezed and pumped on his cock. After a minute or two of ball-eating, I moved onward.

I raised Vincent's cock so that it pointed towards the ceiling and licked my way down his abs, down to his salt-and-pepper pubes, then I dragged my tongue up the spine of his cock to the head. A thick drop of precum was beading out from his slit. I flicked my tongue into it to lap it up, which made Vincent shudder. It made me smile a little, knowing I was making him react such a way. I licked all around the circumference of his cockhead to get it wet, then licked my own lips to help smoothen the ride before sliding him into my mouth.

It was a real mouth-full, to say the least. He was so thick I could only fit about a third of it into my mouth. But I always enjoyed a challenge, and this would be a hell of a one. I pulled back off of it, then as I went back down, I widened my mouth as much as I could and relaxed my throat. Once again wishing to assist, Vincent grabbed the back of my head and pushed his hips up, shoving his knob-head through the opening of my throat. I started to choke on his giant fuck-rod, but thanks to my years of experience in dick-sucking, I was able to keep going down further.

"Oh, fuck YEAH!" Vincent hollered, his muscles tensing beautifully as he fought the urge to force the rest of his cock down my throat.

Though, I was only able to take another three inches or so before I had to pull back.

"Ugh, fuck," I gagged as Vincent's cock slipped from my mouth, a string of spit connecting it to my lips, "That fucker is huge!"

"You took it pretty well though," he commented, "I only had a couple guys who could ever take the whole thing."

And I was more than determined to join those ranks. In a fraction of a second, I was back on his cock, sinking it down my throat, and once I reached the point of length I had gotten to before, I pushed on, trying to straighten out my esophagus while my hands grabbing onto his hips to pull him in, while Vincent continued to push my head down and thrust his hips up.

It took quite an effort, but I was eventually rewarded when my chin met with Vincent's balls and my lips brushed against his pubes. Vincent's jaw fell slack in an astounded, pleasurable grin and his back arched up.

"Ohoho, fuck yeah, Mark!" he cried out, tossing his head back, his hips thrusting up to fuck my throat, "Eat that fucking cock!"

And I did. I deep-throated him for I don't know how long, pulling back 'til I had just the head then slamming back down to take the entire length. My left hand was rubbing his balls around while I jerked myself off with the other; deep-throating my older landlord's monster fucking cock was really turning me on. Every so often, he would pull me off his cock and hold my face by my chin while he slapped his wet cock against my lips and rubbed it around on them before impaling my throat with it again.

After a while, he pulled me off, for good this time.

"Do you like to get fucked?" he asked me, pumping his slick cock in his fist.

"Hell yeah," I answered, my eyes moving back and forth between his eyes and his cock.

"Let's move on to the bedroom then," he said as he helped me to my feet.

Once we made it into my bedroom, I immediately retrieved a bottle of lube and a condom from my stash of rubbers I kept in my bedside dresser drawer.

"You clean yourself out?" he asked as I handed them to him.

"Yeah," I told him, "I like to be prepared for situations like these."

"My kinda guy," he smiled. He dropped the lube and condom on the pillow and slapped me on the ass. "Bend over for me."

I turned around and bent over the edge of the bed with my feet spread apart. But apparently that wasn't what he meant. He gave me another slap, saying, "No, up on the bed, on all fours."

I did as he said and crawled on top of the bed on my knees and elbows. I looked back to watch him walk up on his knees behind me. I licked my lips as he spread my ass cheeks open.

"Fuck, that's a hot ass," he whispered, his voice deep and husky as he squeezed my glutes, "All muscle."

I thought he would just go ahead and fuck me, but no. Instead, he lowered his head, kissing each of my buns before he started lapping at my hole. I gasped and whimpered as I felt the tip of his wet tongue flicking into the sensitive tissue, licking, probing, even sucking on it. The wiry hairs of his goatee tickled my ass as he was eating me out, but that just added to the pleasure.

When my hole was good and wet with his spit, Vincent got the lube and squirted some onto his fingers. He rubbed it around in the entrance, then slid his whole index finger inside in one easy motion. He slid it in and out, circling and twisting it around to open me up enough before bringing in his second finger. Now that was a real stretch. His fingers were so damn thick and meaty (like the rest of the man) that two of them together felt like the size of a dick. My head hung down into my fists clenched together as Vincent stretched me with his two fingers. As much sweet agony as his fingers were, I knew that this would be nothing compared with what he was soon going to be shoving in me, and that made me throb in perverted anticipation.

My ass was quickly stretched out enough so that I could barely feel any pain, if none at all, from his fingering. By then, he was just plain fucking me with them, twisting them around when he had them in down to the knuckles and scissoring them inside me. I started whimpering almost pleadingly when he started rubbing my prostate. I had to squeeze onto my cock to keeping from blowing my load right then and there.

I heard him chortle rather smugly, "I think you're ready for it, hahaha!" Then I heard the sound of the condom wrapper being torn. I looked back to watch as the clear latex was rolled down over his cock. He applied some extra lube to himself, using both of his fists to spread the stuff along his fat cock, then he held it in one hand to line up with my hole.

He gave a few gentle jabs, but with a dick his size, that wasn't going to cut it. He pressed his cockhead to my hole, then with a good, sharp, hard shove, my ass gave way.

He hissed through his teeth, as if in pain, "Hsssss! Fuck!" as my sphincter clamped around his head.

He held just his head in for a moment before pushing the rest of it in, his other hand balled into a fist pressing into my lower back to keep me still during his entry. Once he was finally fully inside, his body collapsed over mine, his arms supporting his weight by his hands propping him up beside my elbows.

"Fuuuuck Mark," he drawled in my ear as he nibbled on it, "you're so fuckin' tight. Nice tight fuckin' muscle ass for my big cock."

His hips were grinding into my ass, churning his pole around in my guts as he was whispering in my ear. Then he rose back up and went right to fucking me. He didn't waste time to let me get used to him, just clasped his hands onto my hips and went straight into hard pounding. His thrusts were hard and jarring, more painful than pleasurable. I spent the next several minutes hiding my head in my fists to cover the pained contortion of my face and the water leaking from my eyes. I had never taken a cock his size before. Maybe his length, but nowhere near his girth. It was stretching my ass out so bad, he was making me feel like a virgin all over again.

Before too long, my ass became numb to the onslaught and I really began to enjoy the feel of having such a huge cock inside of me. My transition from pain into pleasure showed in my raising my head up and pushing up from my elbows onto my fists, and my simpering crying turning to grunts and moans. Even my cock responded to Vincent's fucking. Having gone from completely limp during the initial pain, to hard as a rock. I was even leaking; precum was squirting out all over my navy blue bedspread as it jounced to and fro from Vincent's pounds.

I was so horned up, I started acting on pure, raw, physical need, my brain and logic to heated to have any part in my actions. I grabbed hold of my cock and started jerking it, matching my own rhythm with Vincent's, as I pushed my ass back against him.

"Uhhhh yeah... Oh yeah, fuck me Vincent..." I moaned as I humped myself on his cock, "Ohh yeah, fuck my ass."

"Oh, fuck yeah!" he grunted. His hands then moved from my hips to grab onto my shoulders as leverage to pull my body to meet his thrusts. We were both quickly working up a sweat and our damp skin started making loud wet slapping sounds as his hips hit my ass cheeks. "You like that, boy?" he kept grunting, leaning over so he could look me in the face, one of his hands sliding under me so he could pinch my nipple, "You like my big dick fuckin' your tight ass? Huh?"

"Oh yeah," I groaned in answer, "Fuck yeah Vincent... Your dick feels so fucking good!"

With the way he was fucking me plus all his dirty-talking, my balls were really starting to boil; it wouldn't be long before I'd cum. He could probably tell by my urgent moans and the way my muscles, especially my inner ones, started to tense and tighten with my impending orgasm.

When it really started building up, he suddenly, but gently, pulled out, then flipped me over onto my back, spreading my legs wide open in a giant V by my ankles.

"Hold your legs back for me," he told me.

I held my legs back by my knees, pulling my thighs to my chest, while Vincent lined up his cock and pushed his way back in, forcing a harsh groan from my lungs. He then lowered himself on top of me, resting his weight on his hands that were on either side of my head. My legs were trapped by his arms so that they rested over his broad shoulders, thus folding me in half as he continued to pound my ass as hard as before. Now, though, with each thrust, he rolled his hips up so that he would keep hitting my prostate. The pleasure of it was so intense that I didn't even need to touch my cock. It throbbed and pulsed on my stomach as if being pumped by invisible hands, leaking out copious amounts of precum with each thrust; he was fucking it right out of me. And it felt like if he kept at it, he would fuck my actual load from me.

"Holy fuck," I gasped as I watched this, my hands gripping onto his shoulders.

I then looked up to see Vincent's face just a couple inches above mine, his eyes closely observing my face. His jaw was clenched tight and brow was tensed and glistening with sweat, like was seriously focused (on getting me off). His right hand then cradled my neck to raise my head up, and his tongued slipped in through my parted lips.

He really gave it to me then, railing me so hard the bed creaked and squeaked as it shook. I honestly thought we would end up breaking the thing if he kept going like this.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," I gasped into his mouth, my hands clutching at the muscles in his back, "Fuck, Vincent... Oh fuck, you're gonna make me cum!"

His left hand then went down to hold my cock as he fucked even harder and faster, which I could not even believe was possible.

"Cum for me, Mark," he whispered against my lips with our foreheads pressed together, his eyes burning into mine, "Shoot that load."

With his cock violently punching into my prostate and his hand stroking my dick-head, his thumb rubbing into my wet piss-slit, I was bound to go off. It was when I looked up into Vincent's piercing bright green eyes looking straight down into mine that I finally went over the edge.

It had to be the best orgasm I ever had in my entire life. The wave of pleasure that felt like a powerful surge of electricity sparking up through my cock as I erupted rope after rope of jizz, it was nothing short of fucking mind blowing. The first couple of shots came so hard that it soared right past my head, clear over the edge of the bed. The rest of it splattered my chest, stomach, neck, and even some on my face right on my cheeks and jaw and around my mouth.

"Shit! Fuck!" Vincent hollered as he watched me cum all over myself harder than I ever had before.

As my dick spurted out the last few streams onto my stomach, Vincent crushed his mouth against mine as he kept pumping me dry with both his cock in my ass and my cock in his fist. After I was completely emptied, he licked my face clean and swallowed it down as he kept grinding into me, still wanting to get off himself.

"Mmmmh," he groaned, almost whining, as he kissed me again. I could taste my cum all over his tongue, and it almost got me hard again. "Fuck, I need to cum."

"Shoot it in my mouth," I asked him, "I wanna taste your cum."

His whole body shuddered at my words. With some obvious reluctance, he rose off of me and pulled his aching hard cock from my aching abused anus. As he removed his condom, I turned my body around in the opposite direction I had just been lying in. Vincent rose up on his hands and toes in a push-up position, only instead of pushing up with his arms, he lowered his hips so that his cock would get pushed down into my mouth, the angle allowing him to fuck my throat even more easily than earlier.

"Aw, fuck," he grunted after five minutes of rigorous throat-fucking, "I'm gonna cum. Fuck!"

His pace quickened as he worked himself up, then just as he was about to blow, he pulled back just enough so that I had just the head inside my mouth, and he jerked his shaft as he shot off into it. I furiously gulped down as much of it as I could, but he was cumming almost as much as I had; a lot of it bubbled over the corners of my mouth and ran down my cheeks and chin. But being the gracious old man he was, Vincent didn't let a single drop go to waste. He used his cock-head to scoop of the excess cum that had run down my face back into my mouth and have me slurp it clean from him.

With an exasperated sigh, Vincent collapsed onto the bed, lying beside me turned the same direction as I was.

"Shit," he sighed in what almost sounded like a laugh, "I've been wanting to do that since you moved into the building."

"Same here," I told him, wiping off the sweat and a couple droplets of semen from my face then stretching my arms out above my head. I looked over at him with a lazy smile and he did the same.

He then turned over on his side and ran his hand through the layer of cum I had whitewashed my own torso with.

"You came like a fuckin' fire-house," he said as his fingers ran along the ridges of my drenched abs, "Do you always shoot that much?"

"No, not usually," I told him. The post-coital euphoria I was feeling and the uniqueness of my climax made me laugh a little. "Then again, I've never taken a dick as big as yours before."

His eyes really seemed to light up when I said that.

"Really?" he asked with a smug grin.

"Really," I nodded, "Honestly, it made me feel like a virgin again. Only this time it was way better, hehe."

"Well, thanks for the privilege," he said, holding my chin under his thumb.

"My pleasure," I whispered back before our lips met.

This time when we kissed, it was much gentler than before, now that we were both satiated. It was soft and passionate, our tongues only barely touching. I could still taste traces of my cum on his mouth, and I'm sure he could taste his on mine.

When he pulled away, he looked down at his hand, suddenly remembering that it was coated with cum. He sucked some off from his finger before wiping the rest of it off on his stomach.

"Damn," he chuckled, "we really made a mess, didn't we?"

"Heh, yeah. We sure did," I chuckled myself, looking down at all the stains of jizz and sweat soaking into the bed.

I quickly reached behind me to check on the condition of my "back door". Again, Vincent's dick was the biggest I ever took; I wanted to see how my ass had fared with such a massive tool. It was, of course, still slick from the lube, and was a bit sore from being stretched out so far, but its elasticity had fully recovered.

"I guess we better get cleaned up," I then said as I started to crawl out of bed.

Of course, when I tried to stand up, I nearly collapsed. My legs, which were usually very strong, buckled out from under me, suddenly unable to support my weight. I would've collapsed, but Vincent leapt in just in time to catch me and lower me back down to sit on the edge of the bed.

"Sorry, that happens sometimes," he said with a half-smile, looking down to the elephant trunk hanging between his thighs like a third leg.

With Vincent's help, I was able to get up on both feet. It took a few seconds, but eventually the blood got flowing properly through them again. Once I was walking again, I led us towards the bathroom. I started up the shower, and was admittedly a bit surprised when Vincent decided to join me. It was the first time I had ever shared a shower with another man, and it was pretty nice, especially considering it was with the man who had just spent the last hour fucking my brains out and gave me the best climax in history.

It was at that moment, when I was standing under a hot shower with Vincent helping me scrub the cum clean from my body, that it truly hit me: I just had sex with Vincent Barker, my landlord! And now we were showering up together after! I had gotten to do something most people had only saw in cheesy porno flicks. And I got to say, it was pretty fucking hot!

"Sixty-one," he stated as we were drying ourselves off after we were all cleaned and sparkly.

"I'm sorry?" I asked, confused by the random statement, as I was drying my legs and wiping the last of the lube out from my ass-crack.

"Earlier, you asked me how old I was," he clarified, "I'm sixty-one years old."

My jaw fell straight to the floor along with the towel in my hand. I almost couldn't believe it. He wasn't just old enough to be my father, he was old enough to be my grand-father!

I walked straight up to him and pulled his body against mine so he could feel me growing hard all over again, rising up between his thighs. His own cock soon imitated mine.

"You just keep getting hotter and hotter," I told him before we went for round two.



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