Part 1: Cal

Chapter 1

Cal loved showing his butt. He always had. Ever since we were kids, he was a big mooner. At some point he discovered that he got a bigger reaction by spreading his cheeks for the "red eye", and then that became one of his standard moves.

This is a bit different though.

He stands there, grinning with delight, lit up in tiny patches of the orange streetlight, thumbs hooking his waistband just under his hairy balls. He gently thrusts his pelvis, getting his soft-but plump-uncut dick to flop up and down. And then it's gone; his waistband back up over his pubes, and we're walking through the dark again. The smile isn't gone though.

"It's your turn now," he says.

"Nah, I barely saw anything, it's too dark."

"Bullshit, you're just being a pussy."

He's still smiling so I'm not actually offended or anything.

"C'mon, show me like you said you would. Show me you have a dick, like I just showed you."

"After I see yours for real, in good light."

I don't know why I was being difficult; it was a thing we did. It was how we talked to each other. Especially during these nighttime walks to the park, or the woods, or the shore.

"Let's go to parc Langlois, then," he says "they have the baseball diamond light."

I agreed and we continue. My heart's racing. I've been waiting to see his dick for years, and now it's my last year of high school, incase I forgot to mention. And I've memorized just about every inch of his body, but that's one part I had never really seen until just now. And now I'm gonna get an even better look outside, under 1000-watt lighting.

But seriously I could tell you all about his tall, lean, muscular body; his tan, golden, skin; the trail of black hair leading up from his pubes up to the center of his abs; the tight little muscles rippling across his sides, and up his biceps; his fiendish grin; his eyes, that smiled with him; and his ass. My God his ass! His unique combination of Eastern European Jewish and Italian-Chinese genes granted him this ass that you wouldn't even believe. Like two perfectly chiseled pears, dipping in a sides, casting a bit of a shadow and pierced by a long dark crack, seemingly gathering short black hairs to its center; it was firm, but juicy.

This is the first time I've really seen his cock though.

We get to the park and it's deserted. It's only something like 9, but people don't really go out in the deep suburbs here. If they're going out they'll go into town, but that's far.

He speeds up and walks a few paces ahead. The night's cold, but the grass is still wet and green. It's late September 1997.

As he's approaching being almost directly under the light of the baseball diamond, he lowers his sweatpants to his thighs and glances back coyly. He lifts his hoodie. There's that ass again. He stops. Turns around, plump dick in hand, and looks me right in the eye. I keep walking towards him. He strokes it a bit. I eye it carefully as I watch him peel the foreskin back and forth (his Jewish mom let him keep it, after enough protest from his Chinese/Italian father, I'm told).

"Well, can you see it now?"

"Yes I can see it." I reply "Can you lift it for a sec?"

He obliges. All the while just barely stroking it. I see a couple veins running through it., and it looks like it's stiffening.

"Okay," he says, as the pants come back up "now it's definitely your turn."

I try to steady myself. We're standing only inches apart and I just saw his dick, up close, in full lighting, and I'm hard as fuck, and now I've got to show him my dick? He wasn't even hard, not fully.

There's no backing down now. I unbutton my fly, unzip, and with one thumb yank my pants and briefs down. My cock shoots up like a spring as the waistband releases it. I can see a pearl of wetness forming at the tip of my cut six-inch dick.

"Oh Vik, this is something," he says, eyeing it gleefully. "You're hard you dirty fuck! I turn you on that bad, eh?" He lifts his shirt and does a gyrating motion.

"Fuck you, I'm just excited by the outside is all." It wasn't entirely untrue. I put my dick away.

"No wait, I had mine out longer."

I decide to keep it away for now. We've never done anything like this before, I don't want to rush it. I'm a little afraid. But so damn excited too.

We keep walking and talking.

We talk about school. High school, which he's finished and I'm in my last year of. We talk about masturbation, sex, weed, beer, video games, things that teens talk about. I can't wait to finish school. Cal's been at college for over a year now. In Quebec he have this thing called Cegep, before University, but after a shorter high school. And I'm just entering my last year.

We keep walking, but with nowhere to go, we eventually start heading back home. I want the night to go on, but I'm not sure how to make it. Before heading home he says "You know it wasn't really fair, I showed you mine twice," he shoot me a closed-lip smile and a raised eyebrow. "I only saw yours once."

"Yeah, but you got to see mine hard. I should get to see yours hard."

He drops his sweat pants for the last time this evening and starts fluffing his dick. I do the same. I take in a good eyeful of his hard dick, and the shadow it casts against his thigh in the orange streetlight.

When I turned in that night, I jerked off like it was the last time I ever would.


Many nights pass. We talk about it, but only a bit. He shows his cock some more, so do I, but less frequently than him.

One night, a few weeks later, heading through the wooded trail of the park, heading nowhere in particular when he says, "I want to see your cock some more tonight."

I'd been waiting for him to say something. I'd been dropping dick talk into the conversation as much as I could. And earlier in the night we drank some of his parent's vodka with juice, so I'm hoping our inhibitions will be lowered.

He backs off of the trail into the woods a bit.

"Like, I want you to do this" He lifts his shirt over his head, fastening the band behind his neck. He then drops his pants down as low as possible and starts stroking his cock. It was dark, but I could see his head swelling up, his shaft growing and standing with a shadowy vein running along the side. His open pisshole pouring out precum as he works it. He raises his arms above his head and just kind of strikes various poses as he waves his hard dick. He goes back to stroking it.

"You show too. I won't put mine away, you just show yours," he says, breathing heavily.

I take my dick out and start swirling the precum around my head with the tip of my finger. I'm not even thinking now, I'm being way too impulsive.

"No" he whispers, "get naked, like me."

I drop my pants all the way to my ankles, and hold my shirt up.

"No" he pulls me in. He grabs my shirt and sweater and lifts them up over my head, until the bottom hooks over behind my neck. He starts touching my chest and abs with his left hand and stroking his dick, a little more vigorously, with his left. He pulls at my shoulder and I turn around, I feel his hand cupping my ass, grabbing it, and gently running his finger up and down the crack. I get goosebumps.

"You don't show your ass much, but I've seen it before" he whispers close.

"No. But I know yours like the back of my hand."

"Yeah, you've probably seen it more then I have," he laughs.

He kneads his thumbs into my cheeks, pulling outwards, I feel a cool breeze, sting my hole. I pull my ass away a bit. I don't know why, I want him to do more, but I'm not sure.

"Can I make a confession?" he asks.


"I love showing my ass."

"No shit Sherlock."

"No I mean it gets me excited. And I really wanted to show you my cock tonight too."

And with that he turns around and so do I. He bends over just a bit and, with his free hand, starts parting his ass cheeks.

"Can I ask you a favour? Can you touch my ass?"

I happily oblige. I start my just caressing the hairs, barely touching the skin at all, then I go in for a full rub. I avoid the crack mostly, but finally I decide to swipe my finger up it lightly. He seems into it. I go a bit harder, feeling some of the coarser hairs and a bit of sweat.

"Ok that's enough, thanks." He looks a bit overwhelmed. Glistening with sweat even though it's cold. He's still eagerly stroking his hardon, and eyeing mine though.

"Can I ask you something now?" I ask.


"Can I touch your dick?"

Without saying a word, just that smile of his, he steps forward and pushes his hard dick into me, hitting mine in the process. He holds his arms up and tilts his head back and sighs with pleasure.

I wrap my hand around the middle of his fat seven-inch meat stick. Once I have a bit of a grip he starts thrusting slightly, I pull away.

"No, no, put it back." He guides my hand back on his dick, where it belongs. "Don't worry about it."

I don't want to worry about it. I am worrying, for sure, about what this means, but fuck, his hard dick feels too good in my hand right now. Too good for any amount of worry.

"Don't thrust," I say. His smile disappears. I slide my hand up to the head, rub his wetness around his head and say, "I'll do it." That gets him smiling again.

I start slathering the major gobs of precum all around his cock and tug at it. I stroke nice and gentle, and then fast. He's moaning. He reaches over and starts to stroke my dick. His hand is smoother than I expected. It's warm; hot actually. And he's tugging it nicely. He must have been listening when I described how I stroke my dick.

His dick is radiating heat. I've never worked foreskin before but it seems easy. And he appears to be quite the oozer. Even in the few porn's I've watched they don't have quite as much precum as Cal. I move in closer and switch to jerking him with my left; with my right I feel up his ass. He keeps pulling my dick.

"I'm gonna come soon," he moans.

I pull his cock more vigourously and start grabbing at his butt hungrily. I reach my hand down his backside and grope his balls while stroking his dick. I slide my hand up working my finger into his hairy buttcrack. I hover around the hole and just kinda poke it softly but firmly feeling that hot moist flesh just barely envelop my fingertip. I start to think about what my dick would feel like in there and-

"Fuck," he cries out as a hot white jet shoots out of his dick. I bust immediately after, while he's still squirting. We both moan, squeezing out each other's dicks until we finally switch back to our own. We press our the sides our almost naked bodies next to each other as we get out the last bits of come.

"I liked that," he says after a long breathing break.

"So did I."


Vik K.


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