placed him in our unmarked cruiser.

That weekend, I invited Clay over to watch sports on TV. He arrived in tank top and shorts. I was only in shorts. As the game progressed we began hitting the beer. Clay went to the kitchen to get us our third beer each and when he returned he sat on the sofa right next to me.

From Part 1......

Before long, he said, "You know, we watch these guys in the park wanting to blow each other. I've heard that only a man really knows how to suck another man's cock. I wonder if that's true?"

Laughing, I said, "I've heard the same thing. Maybe one night we ought to each let a guy do us to find out."

"Possibly," Clay replied, "or we could just do each other and find out."

"Are you fucking serious?" I asked.

"Yea," he replied and he leaned toward me and pressed his lips top mine, offering his tongue.

Instinctively, I returned the kiss, and moments later I felt his hand pressing against my hard cock. I reached over and felt his crotch, finding his cock as hard as mine.

Seconds later, he began working my shorts lower.


Part 2

I suddenly realized where things were going and quickly pushed Clay away.

"What the fuck are we doing?" I began. "I'm not gay and I don't think you are either. We can't continue like we were."

"No, I'm not gay but I do think we're both so fucking curious that's it's unreal. All I was thinking was that we'd just experiment for a little while."

"Clay, I can't do it. Maybe at some other time but not yet."

"I understand, but it felt like you were as horny as I am, and I need to get off. You wouldn't happen to have any porn would you?"

"That, I can help you with," I replied.

I retriever a bi-porn with two women and one guy and put it into play. Before long, Clay stood and stripped down and slowly began stroking his cock. Since I had jerked off with buds of mine at an early age, I soon joined him.

Once I was nude and sitting on the sofa near him, I noticed that he couldn't hardly take his yes off my cock. And to be honest, it was turning me on to see his big cock being stroked.

After we both climaxed out onto our bare chest and stomachs, Clay left. I sat and replayed the events of the day in my mind and soon had another boner. I had to admit to myself that I was, indeed, extremely curious.

Clay and I continued on with out duties on the vice squad, never mentioning what had happened. Oh, I would occasionally notice him adjust his crotch when we'd be waiting and watching guys making an arrest.

We did however, rather than make arrest, walk toward the guys and make enough noise to run them off.

A few months later, while waiting for some action, Clay looked at me and said, "Man, I'm horny as hell. If we find a single dude that wants it, I'm going to let him have mine and see what it's like."

"I just might have to watch that," I said jokingly.

"Hell, watch then let him do you after he does me."

"Maybe," I replied.

About half and hour later, a car pulled in and two guys got out and looked around. We were sitting on a picnic table and they began walking toward us. Both were in their late forties yet nice looking and well built.

As they stepped up to us, one asked, "What's up?"

"Not much, yet," Clay replied.

"You wanting something to come up?"

"I sure wouldn't be upset if it did," Clay told him.

"What about your buddy?" the other man asked.

Before Clay could respond, I quickly said, "I wouldn't have any objections either."

Clay looked my way and slightly smiled.

"You two aren't cops are you?" the first guy asked.

"Fuck no," Clay replied. They were under the mistaken idea that when asked an officer had to say yes if he was indeed a cop.

They stepped closer and the first guy reached between Clay's legs and began rubbing his crotch. Clay leaned back to give him easier access. The second guy did the same to me and I, too, leaned back.

After feeling both our hard cocks, the first guy stepped back and said, "Let's get back where it's more private and we will take care of you two."

We followed them into the woods, but where we could still see if anyone else pulled into the lot. The first guy dropped to his knees in front of Clay and the other knelt in front of me.

They both began opening our jeans and pulling them down with our underwear. Our hard cocks sprang forward. They looked at our cocks and the first one looked over at the second and said, Sam, we found us some nice ones tonight."

Simultaneously,, they swallowed our cocks in their entirety, burying their noses in out bushes. Clay and I gasped audibly as they began sucking our hard horny cocks.

Before long, we were both nearing our climax. When we could hold back no longer, we both exploded into their mouths.

Each man hungrily and eagerly accepted all our loads and quickly swallowed them before leaning sideways and kissing each other.

As we pulled up our jeans, The first guy said, "The way you two moaned and humped, you'd think it was your first time getting your cocks sucked."

"Well, to be honest, it is," Clay said. "We were curious and wanted to see what it was like."

"Well?" the guy asked.

"Personally, I thought it was fantastic," Clay said.

"So did I," I added.

The guy named Sam spoke up and said, "Damn, baby, we got us a couple of virgins tonight."

"Yep, we sure did."

"Um, are you two lovers?" Clay asked.

"Yes, we are and I can say right now, that we'd both love to feel those cocks yours up our asses."

"Well, give us you're name and number and we just might be calling you," Clay replied, trying to make it sound that we wanted to play again.

They left us their first names and phone numbers and left. As we returned to the picnic table, Clay asked, "Mark, truthfully, what did you think?"

"Truthfully, I think that what we heard about guys doing it better than women was more that accurate. I've never been sucked like that before, and never to completion."

"I feel the same way," Clay added.

Two weeks later, Clay invited me to his place for dinner, an when I arrived, I found him in only a pair of shorts.

"Make yourself comfortable," he said, offering me a beer.

I kicked off my shoes and a few moments later removed my shirt as we sat on the patio in the sun.

After dinner, Clay came up to me again and kissed me, again trading tongues.

As we kissed, events repeated what had happened at my place. He began to slowly push my shorts lower. Without hesitation, I began to do the same to his. Seconds later, bot our shorts fell to the floor and we stood facing each other totally naked.

"I've got something for us to watch," he said.

He began a gay movie that he had rented and we watched everything guys do together. When it was over, he asked, "Shall we give it a try?"

"I don't see why not."

Taking my hand, he led me to his bedroom. Moments later, we were in his bed, kissing and cuddling. Gradually, he moved to my chest and began sucking my nipples. After a moment, I did the same to him. Seconds later, we were in a sixty-nine, getting our first taste of cock. WE soon brought each other to a roaring climax and wanting to go all the way, we both swallowed.

After another kiss, we agreed that it wasn't as bad as we had expected. In fact, we both admitted that we would do it again.

That week, we had Tuesday and Wednesday off and spent the entire time at my place, naked and having sex.

Going by what we had seen in the movie at Clay's, we began rimming each other then we each took the others cherry. No longer were we virgins.

We both agreed that starting out, it hurt like hell but by the second or third time we were both enjoying getting fucked. By the time we went back to work, we had done it all, and admitted to each other that it was much more satisfying than sex with a woman, and involved much less drama.

Once back to work, we both agreed that it would be hard for us to arrest guys for doing the same thing we enjoyed, but at least our was in private. We decided to get off the vice squad.

A friend of Clay's had told us that the highway patrol was hiring and we applied there. Once we were accepted , we gave our notice and changed jobs.

After a short training period, we were put out on patrol as partners. On occasion, at night when things were slow, we'd give each other a blow job while on patrol.

One night about ten, Luke, Clay's friend called Clay's cell phone and asked if we'd like to meet him for coffee at the small truck stop on the edge of town about one.

We agreed , and arrived there about twenty till. Things were very quiet, and needing to piss, we both headed to the restroom around the back of the building.

Walking in, we froze at what we saw. there at the urinal was a young trucker in his late thirties, with his jeans around his ankles and just a tank top on. In front of him on his knees was Luke, in full uniform. The trucker was in the process of filling Luke's mouth with his load. Quickly, the trucker pulled out and began pulling up his jeans. However, a large drop of his cum landed on Luke's cheek and held there.

The driver left as Luke begged us not to say anything. "I didn't think you would get here this early."

"Hey man, it's cool," Clay said as he stepped up and licked the huge cum drop off Luke's cheek, then kissed me to share it.

"Fuck man, you two like cock also?"

"Mark, lock the door," Clay said.

I locked the door as Clay began removing Luke's gun belt. Once it was off, together we dropped his uniform pats and took turns sucking his cock. after we got him off and shared his huge load of cum, he sucked us both off.

Inside, as we sipped coffee, we told him everything and why we quit the vice squad.

"Man, I had no idea at all that you two were in any way interested in guys. And it's hard to believe that you were both straight before that.

I been sucking cock since I was a teen," he said.

When the three of us had time off at the same time, we'd get together with Luke and suck and fuck each other. It was so hot watching Clay swallow another cock or take it up his ass. And the more we were together the more I cared for him.

Luke had told us that he had been dating a lawyer in town and really cared for him. We wished him well.

A few months later Clay and I took vacation together going to Ft. Lauderdale. We stayed at a gay motel where clothing was optional and went to a nude beach. We met guys at the motel and watched each other have sex.

After returning home, Clay came up to me and said, "My place is plenty big for both of us. There is no reason for you to pay rent. Why don't you marry me and move in with me?

"Clay, I love you with all my heart and would love nothing better."

Our state was one of the few where same sex marriage was legal. We went to the other side of the state and got married with Luke and his lawyer boyfriend as witnesses.

As it turned out, Luke and Ray got married the next afternoon.

We are all very close and frequently get together for dinners out or quiet evenings at home. Both times usually lead to hot four way orgies afterward.

And just incase your curious, when Clay and I stop a hot young trucker at night on the highway, we do give him a chance to avoid and costly ticket. They never seem to refuse.



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