I used to envy and hate him. He seemed to have everything. Money out the ass. That huge house. Lots of shiny cars. Servants. But not too much else. He was alone most of the time, working in the formal garden, or in the library. I loved the library. It was fucking amazing. Bestsellers all the way back to really old leather books that had to be kept in glass cases.

He started hiring me when I was sixteen, to do odd jobs. He paid well, and never complained, but he never talked to me much at all. I had worked for him for two years and we hadn't collected enough verbal exchanges to make a whole conversation. Then, for my eighteenth birthday he gave me a very valuable jade statue that I'd admired about a hundred times. I didn't get it. I thought he just tolerated me. I didn't feel right about the gift. I found him in the library, as usual, swirling a brandy snifter and staring moodily out the window. I looked at him.

I guessed he was about 40, but I really couldn't tell. He'd gone gray early, and now his full head of hair was silver. His face was young, though. Tan, that set off the blue of his eyes. Expressionless most of the time. He was slim, and looked strong. He'd mentioned working out briefly. He was my height, about 6'1'. I cleared my throat. He turned finally, looked at me, then down at the box in my hand, and smiled briefly. 'Happy Birthday, Barry,' he said. 'Do you like the gift?' Whatever I had intended to say was gone. 'I love it. I've lusted after this for two years. I didn't know you knew. Thank you.' He smiled again, and handed me an envelope from the desk. 'The statue is a celebration of my triumph. This is your actual birthday present.' I opened the card. It was a nice, embossed birthday card and a $200 gift certificate to my favorite music store.

He was being way too generous, and I told him so. He shook his head without looking at me and raised his brandy glass in a silent toast to something.

'Two years, Barry. Two agonizing, painful years,' he said. 'But I did it.' He knocked the brandy back. I stared at him, and went closer. 'You did what?' I asked. He turned and looked at me and his blue eyes burned my skin. He spoke quietly. 'I kept my horny hands off you. I lusted after you so much my balls hurt. But I didn't touch you. And now, you're a legal adult, and all I have to fear is rejection.' I reached out and put my hand on his arm. He stared down at it, then raised his eyes to me. 'I've never had sex with...' I started to say. He raised a hand to stop me. 'I understand,' he said with dignity. I gripped his arm. 'No, you don't,' I said. 'You didn't let me finish. I've never had sex with a girl. I've never wanted to.'

To this day I feel bad about the shirt I ripped off him. It was some kind of silk, and looked and felt expensive, but it only took one good pull to shred it. He stood there stunned for a bit, so I had a few seconds head start, and head is what I gave. I got his pants down around his ankles and sucked his cock. He had a thick, rosy shaft, about 9' long. I was impressed with it, and it was tasty. I sucked him and ran my hands all over his hard body. He pulled my face away after I got a nice taste of his precum, and took off the rest of his clothes. I was so fucking hot and hard I was shaking. He took my clothes off slowly, his mouth pressed against mine, sucking my tongue. He stripped me with the same slow dignity with which he did everything, but I could feel his need radiating from him. He was going to be a nasty screw if he ever let go.

'Are you a virgin?' he asked softly. 'You don't have to answer if you don't want to.' I took his hand and put it on my cock. 'Not cherry,' I whispered in his ear. I pulled the hand around to my ass. 'Cherry. Been sucked, and sucked back. Never been fucked, or fucked back.' He made a sound deep in his throat. A primitive, animal sound, and I realized the dignified, elegant man had just cracked. I ended up flat on my back on the lush carpet, his cock in my mouth, his mouth sucking the hell out of my cock. He slid his hands under my ass, and played with my cheeks, pulling them apart and touching my hole. I managed to say 'OH, SHIT!' right before I filled his mouth with cum. He sucked me until I was drained and twitching helplessly.

His cock vanished and I swear I whimpered. His tongue was there, and I sucked my cum from it. He rolled me on my stomach, and mounted the back of my head, rubbing his hard cock through my hair. Then he lowered his face to my ass and licked and nibbled on it. He slid his tongue down the crack, and I couldn't get my legs spread wide enough. My own cock was swelling again. I begged him to eat my ass. He teased me with his tongue, flicking it against me, making me beg harder. I let go, I think at one point promising to fuck his brandy bottle if he'd eat my ass. Luckily, it didn't come to that. He buried his face between my cheeks and tongue fucked me to ecstasy, stroking the head of this own throbbing organ through my hair. I think I said some things. He swears I begged him to fuck my nose.

He wanted to spank the bad boy that made him so hard, and my ass shot up in the air. He spanked me and called me an evil, evil bitch until we were both laughing hysterically and fell over in a heap. We held each other and kissed, rubbing our cocks together. I looked at him, I think really seeing him for the first time, and shot my cum all over his stomach. I was stunned, but he seemed to understand. I licked him clean, feasting on my own cum and the taste of his skin. I worked my way down to his cock, fastened my mouth and hands around it and sucked slowly and gently. Passion is a funny thing. It kept flipping back and forth between hot and nasty and tender and slow. He stroked me as I sucked, then his back arched and he said 'Barry' in his quiet dignified voice...and nearly shot out my throat with a spurt of cum that felt like it came from a firehose. What I couldn't swallow I let drain out and massaged into his balls.

We sat naked and cross-legged on the carpet and drank brandy and talked, until I realized his eyes were blue fire and he was fingering his stiff cock. I grinned at him. 'I'm about to become a big boy, aren't I?' I said. He just nodded, and reached for me. He kissed me hard, like he owned me, and I opened my mouth for his tongue like I agreed with him. His hands moved all over me, claiming me, then he put my body into position on my hands and knees. He gave my right cheek a hard slap, letting out the last of the anger he'd felt at himself for his crazed lust for my young ass.

He welcomed me into his world with a gentle, lubricated finger that pushed into my hole and stroked deeply and slowly. I let the sensations take me, and my ass wiggled back to take it deeper. He slid in a second finger, and let me decide how deep to take it, and how hard. He held his hand still, and I bucked back against it, trying to take his entire arm. When he took his fingers out I moaned, until I felt the slippery swollen head of his cock pressed against my hole. He felt huge, and I froze, my hole slamming closed. He murmured to me, stroking me, calming me and gradually I inched my ass back to take him. He slid the head inside me, slowly and gently, and eased it all the way in. I looked under myself, and saw his legs and his balls, and my cock dripping precum.

'Fuck me. Fuck my ass,' I said in someone else's voice. He held my hips and pumped slowly and carefully at first, then we both lost control. He fucked me hard, and I pushed back at him just as hard. Our balls slammed together. I said a lot of things about wanting him, and he said a lot of things about wanting me, and we fucked like wild animals. It seemed to go on forever, until finally he held me still and ground his hips against me, pumping and pumping me full of his cum. I overflowed and felt it drip down my thighs. He still had his shit together enough to reach a hand under me to catch the cum that spurted out of me. He let it run through his fingers as he kissed my shoulders.

We flipped for it and he lost. I sat on my ass and sipped brandy, grinning at him, as he cleaned a whole lot of cum out of the carpet.


Morgan Grayson

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