When I was just six months away from my twenty-first Birthday, George took me to Venice. He wanted to broaden my horizons. He installed me in a hotel on the lido as he knew I would want to swim. He had business to attend to but we'd meet up for lunch at some trattoria or small ristorante and I would tell him what I had been doing.

I had spent the first five somewhat hectic nights having sex with Bruno but now he had gone back to Prague, taken home by his family, and after my first lonely night, although I had slept like a baby, I had woken with an ache, missing those long legs that lean hard body and that mouth which kissed like no mouth I had then met. Wanking in the shower just wasn't the same as being rimmed and sucked in it [or even doing that oneself to someone else]. My cum didn't taste right when it wasn't mixed with his. I had spent the morning moping, going for a swim and then taking the vaporetto into Venice in order to meet G for lunch.

G made fun of me gently and then suggested I broke away from the usual Renaissance Art with all that suggested homoeroticism and explored either the ancient docks or the markets on the north eastern side of the city. So I set off on a gentle wander after we parted. I hadn't gone far when I found myself in a small deserted piazza where there was an enchanting statue of Carlo Goldoni the great Venetian-Italian playwright. Unlike usual statues, Goldoni is shown laughing and clearly having a wonderful time. Although no artist, in those days I sketched a bit and I always carried a pad and pencil. What I did was more like doodling, but the drawings acted as a memory jogger for me. As there was a convenient bench, I sat and tried to draw this statue of joy.

I hadn't heard him approach but suddenly there was a soft laugh behind me and a young man reached over my shoulder, took the pencil from my hand and with a couple of strokes improved my drawing. He laughed again and with a great smile and a flood of Italian, moved round and sat beside me. His delight in companionship, the mega-watt smile and the fact that he exuded a warm welcoming sexuality, ensured that I was captivated.

He was tanned, slightly shorter than I was. He had brown eyes and dark curly hair. He was dressed in a faded t-shirt, wore a raggedy pair of denim shorts and at the end of his sunkissed legs had thong sandals on a pair of very beautiful feet. Haltingly I apologised that I spoke practically no Italian. By sign language and the occasional Italian and English word, we told each other we were both students; that I was on holiday and in answer to his obviously mimed questions, I admitted I had neither ragazza nor ragazzo: no serious girl or boy in my life. He told me that he lived nearby and his parents were away in Rome and asked in sign if I liked him. I laughed, nodded and looked directly into those dark eyes which were flecked with gold. He jumped up stood in front of me, put his hands on my shoulders and put his face up to mine, smiled and whispered

"You like - er - raporte sessuali in pommeriggio"

I looked blank. He lent forward and kissed me quickly on the mouth. "Sex - now?"

I grinned up at him. "Si.... yes please."

He took my hand and with a mock bow " Thees way" and led me down a street off the corner of the square then through an arch into a courtyard up some stone stairs to a big wooden door. He put his finger to his lips "sssh". Opening the door he slipped through leading me after him, whispering, "Avanti, avanti." We were in a stone flagged hall with a beautiful wooden staircase leading up two floors. We reached the second floor and he produced a key and let us into an apartment.

We had left seventeenth century Venice behind; the whole apartment was completely modern in decoration and furnishing. He danced ahead of me leading me past rooms and chattering away then, throwing open a door "Ecco!"

The room was dominated by a huge poster of a very beautiful man wearing a very expensive brand of underpants and nothing else. He was smouldering into the camera. His huge, defined jock-bulge, which was at average eye-level, meant that the world could see he had been circumcised and was almost certainly well above average size. Across the room was a, low, Super-King-size waterbed. My host threw wide his arms, said "Sex now!" took me in his arms and kissed me. His lips played across my lips; I opened my mouth and let his darting tongue play with mine, He reached down and groped my cock as it hardened. I placed my hands over his neat round bottom and pulled him against me before pushing denim deep into his crack .He was giving little groans of pleasure as I squeezed and stroked. He tore at my belt and nearly ripped my shorts off. He dropped to his knees and mouthed my cock through my cotton briefs.

I lifted him up. Kissed him deeply then pulled off his t-shirt then he did the same for me. I undid a solitary button and his shorts dropped to the ground. He was wearing nothing underneath. His cock was half-hard and rising between us. I moved to drop my pants.

"No!... no..." he held them up and we slipped down onto the undulating bed. There, as we floated, he covered my straining cock with his mouth. He sucked at it through the material until the panel was soaked in his saliva and my precum. He looked up at me and grinned. "Delizioso." He took off my pants and sucked on the leaking head before crawling up my body to share the taste with me.

I realised all too soon that any sudden movements could provoke tempest-tossed seas in the bed either forcing us together or separating us and there was some difficulty in governing which. We stroked and caressed each other and I turned carefully so that I could examine his cock. Like me his was cut. Fully erect it was a bit more than six inches long with pinky-purple glans above a frill where his foreskin had been. His piss-slit was pulsing slightly, releasing a stream of sweet juice which I hungrily licked away. I stroked and kissed the slender shaft. He had a neat, very curly little brown bush which he obviously trimmed as it was in an almost perfect heart-shape and his shaved scrotum housed two very tempting oval cum-creators. I bathed them with my tongue and inhaled the faintly soap-scented maleness of him.

He nibbled the spread glans of my dick sending erotic charges through my whole nervous system. In reply I buried my nose and tongue in his curly- hair lined crack seeking out and finding his tight little puckered hole. I soaked it in saliva and tried to work my tongue into him. He cried out and almost bit the head of my cock. Muttering "Scusi!...scusi!." he took the whole of my cock deep into his throat.

I probed with my tongue and then with spit covered fingers, first just one but soon two then three, till he was opening up. He rocked away from me for a moment then back having turned round so our heads met and we kissed. "I have the lubi," he murmured. With a practiced agility he slipped off the bed went to a chest and produced a tube of KY. He stood at the end of the bed looking down at me with that huge smile lighting up in his eyes as he reached round to spread finger-fulls of jelly up his ass. He dropped on top of me. "We fuck-fuck? You fuck me pleeez" We kissed. He rose above me, He lubed my strainingly rampant cock and then slowly sat, impaling himself with my cock. He sank slowly on top of me until my pubic and his ass hair were matting together.

After a moment he began to work his anal muscles and as the water mattress lapped around us his enthusiastic chute started to suck the sperm from my balls. It was an experience like no other, yet looking back I wonder now if this is what it would be like to have sex in space, sex in a weightless environment. It seemed that in no time I was firing great volumes of spunk deep into his gut. The bed rocked and undulated in time to my rising and falling hips but we were locked together. Eventually he fell forward onto me and as we lay still and kissed, the waters calmed. I was still buried in him but shrinking. At last my so tender head slipped out of him bringing a sticky trail of mixed cum and a-juice. He reached down wiped his fingers over my cock and we shared the taste of us.

With an unpractised care I slipped down him and took his so-stiff weapon in my mouth. I sucked, I tongued, I swallowed and in a short time his breath quickened and with a glorious cry of triumph he came. I drank the first explosions and retained the later spurts, then cleaning him moved back to share his cum with him as we folded each other into an embrace of satisfied repleteness.

I was able to tell George, later that I had spent a very productive afternoon in "modern" Venice and intended to explore further in the days remaining of my time in this wonderful sexy city.





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