A couple of months ago, I wrote about my "Vanilla" experience and now I can continue from where we left off previously!

My plane is due to arrive in Myrtle Beach at 11 am and it is on time. Once the plane landed, I turned on my phone and had a text message from Mariella that read, Call me when you get your luggage and I will meet you out front. I could feel my cock getting hard already! Of course one piece comes out quickly and the other, not so much. Once I have my luggage, I call Mariella and proceed to make my way thru the terminal where I hear a honk of the horn.

I make my way to the car and Mariella looks as beautiful as I remember, tight jeans, short little boots, tight top and that beautiful long brown hair! As I get to her car, she gives me a big hug and surprises me with a very passionate kiss. Her long tongue once again is probing my mouth and like last time, I suck on it which drives her crazy. She then takes her hand and grabs my cock and says, "Good, glad to see I still make you hard"!

As we start driving Mariella mentions that she is no longer with Bill and if I wanted to still play golf in the morning I could or I could spend time with her. Without missing a beat, I looked at Mariella and said, I'd much rather spend time with you!

As we are driving, Mariella asks me if the time we were together was really my first time and I told her it was and I really enjoyed it. I reached over and put my hand between her legs and said I really enjoyed sucking your cock, she laughed and said, Oh really? And I said Really!

We arrive at the house and it's on a golf course, which is so cool. We get out of the car and Mariella says, leave the bags in the car, let me show you around. Once we get inside, Mariella turns and says, so did you really enjoy sucking my cock? I could feel my own cock start to swell, yes I did! Would you like to suck it now? Yes, I would love to!

I watch Mariella, step out of her jeans and she says I want to feel your mouth on my cock. I couldn't wait to suck on her cock! I dropped to my knees and took her flaccid cock and started to suck it. I loved sucking on her cock and feeling it get harder in my mouth. Mariella slowly started to fuck my face and I could feel her balls start to tighten. "I'm going to cum if you don't slow down" she said. I didn't care I wanted to taste her again! I kept sucking when she thrust her cock deep in my mouth and shot her big load which I swallowed.

Mariella pulls me up to her and kisses me deeply, tasting herself on my tongue which makes her crazy. I WANT TO SUCK YOUR COCK! I got my pants off faster then I ever had and once they were off, she was on me instantly. I loved how she sucked my cock! I knew I wasn't going to last and I could feel the build up coming and boy did it. I shot a huge load in her mouth and she kept sucking and the feeling in my cock was driving me crazy, almost a pain but so pleasurable.

Mariella had a way of looking at me that just made me lust for her. Welcome Myrtle Beach! More like wel cum to Myrtle beach I said and we both laughed. Put on some shorts and lets go chill on the deck and chat. We both threw some shorts on and chilled on the deck, drinking and chatting.

If you don't mind, I have a friend of mine that wants to hang out with us tonight, if that's ok with you? I told her about you, hope you don't mind? She's really cute, broke up with her boyfriend last month and needs to have some fun again, call her up and tell her come on over!

I can hear Mariella laughing in the other room and I can feel my cock getting hard again. Mariella comes back outside, sits right on top of me and says, "Mindy says she is looking forward to meeting you"! I point to my lips and tell Mariella, kiss me. She leans in and I pull her tight and we kiss and I suck on the long tongue of hers. I grab her ass and squeeze and I can feel her grinding against me, save that for later!

After a few hours in the sun, we take turns getting ready. I used the shower first, got dressed and waited for Mariella and she is worth the wait. Here she comes down the stairs in tight little black mini, high heels and looking incredible. She's asks if I can pour her a glass of wine, which I gladly do. I look at Mariella and say, you are so incredibly beautiful! She leaned over and kissed me and I ran my hand up her leg but she stopped me, we will continue this later.

The door bell rang and Mariella said come on in and in walked Mindy, she was adorable! 5'1, blonde maybe 105, tight little body, nice rack. Mindy this is my friend Rick, Rick this is Mindy. We sat around and polished off a couple of bottles of wine and instead of going out like we had planned, they wanted pizza, which was fine by me. Once the pizza arrived, we ate, drank and chatted. Out of the blue Mindy says, so Mariella told me what you two did today and I would love to watch! Funny how that made me nervous. I looked at Mindy and said, really? All Mindy could do was shake her head yes.

Mariella stood right next to me and said lets show her! She lifted up her skirt and had taken off her panties and I turned and took her cock into my mouth. Once Mariella's cock was in my mouth, I completely forgot about Mindy because I was so into sucking Mariella. As I am moaning while sucking her cock, I see Mindy right next to me and I take Mariella's cock and hold it for Mindy to suck. Mindy isn't getting it all the way in, so I grab the back of her head and force it in and hold her head there. I hear her gagging and see Mariella's cock covered in spit, so I start helping Mindy. We are both sucking on Mariella's cock when Mariella says she is going to cum. I tell Mindy, come on, make her cum in your mouth! I jump up, pull up her mini and start sucking on Mariella's nipples. As soon as I bite the one, she explodes in Mindy's mouth and Mariella grabs Mindy and kisses her. I'm watching and I think its so freaking hot, then Mariella kisses me and I kiss Mindy.

Its Mariella's turn and she wants to watch Mindy and I get it on. We start kissing and as soon as my hands grab her small ass, she lets out this low moan. I take off her shirt, undo her bra, kiss and lick my way down her neck, until I get to her tits. I lick the one nipple, then the other and give them a nice tweek, which makes Mindy crazy. Mindy pushes me on the bed, takes off her pants and mine and we get in a 69. I love her licking shaved pussy and sticking my finger in her tight hole. She stops sucking me, turns around and impales herself on my cock. She is bouncing up and down, when she suddenly lets out a loud, OH MY GOD IM CUMMIMG! I flip her over and continue to fuck her and can feel her juices gushing, and that squishing sound as my cock is going in and out of her.

I look and see Mariella smiling and I smile back, fuck her in the ass! Mindy saysshe has never done that, well, now you will! I pulled out my cock slick with Mindy's juice put my head against her hole and slowly got the head in. God, she was so tight. Mariella came over with some lube, smeared it around my cock and said, push it in! I did as I was told and I could hear the moans coming from Mindy. Do you like how my cock feels? Mindy replies, I do! I push in more and when I am fully inside, I start to slowly fuck Mindy when I notice she is starting to back into me. Mariella crawls in front of Mindy and I am watching Mindy sucking Mariella's cock, I can feel myself getting closer to shooting my load. Mariella senses this and says, cum in her ass. I start pounding into Mindy harder when I just bury my cock deep in her and cum, it feels so good!

I look at Mariella and see her hard cock and tell her I need to feel her inside me again. Mindy almost cums right then and there! She grabs the lube, lubes up both of us and I feel Mariella enter me. I feel her hands grab my hips and I start to rock with her. I love how full I feel with Mariella's cock in my ass. Im fucking Mindy in her ass and MAriella is fucking me in mine!Mariella says she is ready to cum and I feel her slamming her cock deep into me, then the warm liquid emptying into my ass. As soon as I feel her cumming in me, I shot my load in Mindy.

We all just collapsed on the bed, sweaty, smelling like sex and happy! I lay between the two of them as we fall asleep on the bed. I am spooning with Mindy when I can suddenly feel my cock getting hard and soon I have a raging hard on. I start kissing Mindy's neck, which awakens her. She then reaches between my legs and can feel my heard cock. She spits in her hand and lubes up my cock and puts it by her pussy and I slowly push myself inside of her. We are spooning and fucking and it's a perfect way to start the morning. Mindy can't take anymore and I can feel her cumming on my cock. She wants me to cum but I tell her that I would need to pound away, so go back to sleep and give her a kiss.

I get up slowly, so I thought, to go to the bathroom and in walks Mariella. So, do I get a good morning fuck? I said, "You get a Good Morning, Good Afternoon and a Good Evening fuck"! We kiss and Mariella grabs some lube from the drawer and I slap it all over her puckered hole and then all over my cock. I push her against the bathroom counter spread her cheeks and slide my cock into Mariella. i grab hold of her hips and start banging away. i reach down and start jerking her cock and I can feel myself getting ready to cum and I let Mariella know that. She tells me she is close as well and I blow my load in her. I pull out, turn her around and start sucking her cock, I can feel her balls tighten and she forces her cock deep in my mouth and cums. I stand up and she kisses me and says, Good Morning to you!



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