We are vampire hunters. There isn't a one of us who has not lost a loved one or freind to bloodsuckers.

Vampire hunting is not lucrative. We can not stay in one place and needed a job to pay bills, and put roofs over our head. It was Miss Flo who came up with the idea of a traveling troupe of strippers.

It was a great idea. Our true calling required each of us to be in fantastic shape. Vampires are for the most part incredibly fast. Long hours of martial arts practice, gave us bodies that men and women lusted after. Stripping gave us access to each city at night, when the vamps crawled out of their coffins. It gave us the day to sleep and work out. It provided us with a n income and a cover. Miss Flo is a genius.

We usually watch the news for a city that has a great deal of unexplained murders or missing persons. Occassionally we run up against a serial killer, but mostly we find vamps. So far we have been lucky. Most vamps are territorrial, and work alone. Five guys, if you count Miss Flo, trained in the martial arts, are usually able to take down a lone vamp.

This trip turned out to be an exception.

We arrived at the club Miss Flo had booked us in. The owner was practically drooling over us, and was probably seeing dollar signs over our hard young bodies. The real reason we were here?

There had been an unusual amount of disappearances in the gay comunity. Flo booked us into town when reports of a man completely drained of blood hit the airwaves.

Later that night as we went through our routines, I caught a look from Flo, she rolled her eyes toward the back wall. Doing a bump and grind manuver, I rotated the indicated direction.

A tall sexy looking gent was leaning against the mirror. No reflection was leaning back against him. The vamp, on our first night| How lucky could we get. Then a tall blonde walked up and spoke in his ear. No reflection walked up with him. Okay, we do not much care for two vamps, with their speed, five guys are lucky to come out whole. Then as my set came to an end, and Mark came in to replace me, I saw a sight to chill my very soul. A third non reflecting man walked up to the other two. Those were odds we could not handle. We were going to have to scrap this mission. Three vamps were equal to ten or twelve mortals, even if they are trained vampire hunters.

Back in the dressing room, I told Dan and Kyle what we were up against. This would have to be a straight stripping job, then we had to get out of town. Seems that fate was against us.

That night after our show, when we were ready to head back to our hotel, we came out of the dressing room to find the owner and the three vamps waiting for us. With freinds. Who had no reflections. The original tall dark haired one seemed to be the leader. ' SO, you are the vaunted vampire hunters?' ' How does it feel to be coaxed into a trap?' Meanwhile they spread out around us. Now we never go anywhere unarmed except on stage. (It's a little hard to conceal weapons in our usual state of undress.) But once in our street clothes, we can conceal all types of things deemed inimical to vampire health. So, although, we were totally outnumbered, we were going to sell our lives dearly.

This vamp, though, outmanuvered us. After dismissing the owner, obviously a slave, he flung a canister on the floor, and a noxious gas came hissing out. Of course not actually needing to breathe, the vamps were immune. Not us. We were out like lights before we knew what happened.

I came to, and found myself strapped naked , in some kind of strange device. My hands were pulled high over my head, and my legs were strapped into stirrups, like in a gynecologist's exam room. Turning my head I could see each of the team in a similar position. All of us were naked, except Miss Flo. They had strapped her in, still in her panties, bra, wig and fake boobs.

A sound from the corner, caught my attention. There stood five vampires, all totally naked. The leader smiled at me,' Ah, fabulous, our last guest has come back to join us.' In a blur all five vampires took up a position in front of us.

' We are so glad you took our bait so nicely. After hearing through the grapevine about your escapades, it was decided you needed to be dealt with. No, we can't have mortals eliminating our bretheren so handily. So a few very good meals, and one drained corpse later, here you are.'

Then he smiled revealing truly large fangs, on a par with the truly large equipment between his legs. ' But as you are the mice in the trap, and we are the cats, we can't resist the urge to play with our prey. So before we feast on your blood, we are going to sate our desires on your bodies.'

With that each vampire placed thier undead cocks at our vulnerable holes, and rammed them into our bodies. And screamed. Amazing what a little holy water douche can do to a vampire cock.

As he moaned in pain and began to dissolve from the cock on, he moaned, 'Why, How?' Releasing herself, from the restraints, with her very limber body, Miss Flo answered. 'Because fag vamps always want to fuck their victims before eating, and because you asshole, Vampires never tip!'




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