In the world there is still doubt on vampires lives among us. No doubt from any evidence confirming such though that may seem, they do walk among us integrating into our society without our knowledge. They have powers that gave them the ability to conceal themselves as another citizen in our society like mind control. These vampires can go out to the sun though when hit with sunlight they would be weak. They are divided into two categories as purebloods and minions: purebloods are born from two purebloods while minions are created. Their powers differ from age and status cause a young pureblood is still more powerful than an old age minion.

One particular day in the house of Hazul year 1600, a baby boy has been born.

"I'm so happy Raizen. We now have our very own child"

"Me too, Rosetta"

The house rejoices cause for thousands of years they were able to have a child though not a successor in the house cause there are many families composing every pureblood house. They named him Raizen Hazul III from his father's name. The years had passed and the baby is now a child so now they need to feed him blood for the child will not survive for he is now opposed in taking milk like any vampire child. But no matter how they feed him, he can't digest and just vomits it out.

"Mom, I can't take this anymore... bleghh... am I.. bleghh... gonna die?" while vomiting the blood out

"No baby. I won't let that happen. Do you understand me? I won't let that happen" while crying and hugging her child They tried different types of blood cause maybe they think he has a particular liking to one such as A, B, AB or O but none works. Then they thought the child has a liking to blood coming from different age but still no luck. They tried different sexes, though they dislike if the child like blood from another male than a female, but still nothing. They tried races and even tried from animals or among other vampires but nothing. The child is now becoming skinny as though he is withering away. The family of Raizen II could not help nor did his wife's family so instead suggest trying to have another child if this one could not make it. They were devastated for they love the child very much and they had strived to make him. They went to the child's room and saw the child in bed.

"I'm sorry baby. I don't know what to do to save you" and the child just smiled at her. Her tears just fell from such agony to feel helpless for her child.

"Rosetta be strong and hope we can still save him"

One particular night the couple were making love in their bedroom and one of the servants, human man, had seen such act was aroused that he went inside a dark room not remembering that it was Raizen III's room. He went inside to relieve himself from the dark cause he thought none was there. He touches himself starting from his chest going down to his crotch while thinking of what he saw. He slowly unbuttons his slacks and unzips the zipper as he teases himself. He rubbed around his briefs till the briefs were wet. The smell of pre-cum awoke Raizen III and search where it was coming from while the servant still rubs himself up. Then the servant unleashes his cock from his briefs and started to stroke himself to a loving manner. Suddenly something was licking his cock from the dark which gave him a groan. As his pre-cum leak the tongue was lapping at his cock like a dog licking water from a faucet.

"Oh my lord! I have not experience this in my life" said by the servant

"mhmmm" came out from the room with sound of heavy breathing He was super aroused then a hot mouth envelops his cock that started to suck him off. How the mouth suck was pure bliss in which no man could ever feel.

"Oh my... hnnn.. this feels so fucking good" by the servant with the sound of slurping The suction was too good that he came and yelled from the end he was still erect and not sensitive at all. The couple was startled from the yell and moved to the source of the sound. When they came inside the room of Raizen III, what they saw shock them.



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