Logan was your general american boy. Standing 6'2', weighing about 180 pounds, and built like a models. His devilish smile and cunning attitude made him iresistable to men and women. Since his High School graduation in June, he begged for the day he would be leaving for college to come soon. Days flew by and his deadline had been reached, August 16 was here. While packing all of his things, Logan began to think 'I wonder who Im gonna meet when I get there....'. Time was on his side because next thing he knew he was in a cab taking him away with his parents crying their eyes out as the car pulled off. It was mid afternoon, say around two o'clock when Logan arrived to his new home for the next four years. The university was a vast collection of buildings and people, and he smell the fresh air as he exited the cab getting his things from the trunk. 'I can't believe I made it, its amazing!!!' Logan said out loud causing most of the mob in front of him to stare at him. Logan smile and walked away mumbling under his breathe. Walking to the Admissions office, Logan gave many looks to guysand gals trying to see who would give hm more attention. He was surprized when he noticed that the guys were undressing him with their eyes. Logan knew he was gay, and it all started when he was 13 years old. He was invited to sleep over at a friends house, and his friend showed him a new meaning to sleeping over. He always laughed when he recalled that memory in his mind.

When Logan had almost reached the door of the office, he noticed a small group of guys huddled around a tabe to his left. They all had their eyes glued to him like he was a piece of meat. Little did he know that to them.... that's exactly what he was. They all belonged to the Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity on campus and they were the elite of them all. Speeding up his pace, Logan rushed through the doors and went to get his dormroom key. Logan had been lucky and was one of three freshman to get a single dorm. They were larger and much more private, and Logan liked that a lot. It was now nearing five o'clock and he was finally ready to go see his room. It was all the way at the top of a three story building, almost like a penthouse suite. Men were everywhere! He was happy that he was placed in the all male dorm because there was lots of eye candy to see.

Guys were walking around in towels dripping wet from their showers, and the smell of sweat was so intoxicating to him. He bagan to spring up a hard on so he quickened his pace and got to his room. On the door read 'room 306', and he stuck his key in and unlocked the door. Swaying wildly into the room, he was pleased with what he saw as he dropped his bags. 'Welcome Neighbor!' Logan heard from behind him, and he just remembered that he left the door open. Turning around to greet the kind voice, Logan's jaw dropped when he saw what was standing in his doorway. A young Italian guy dripping wet from a fresh shower, but his towel was over his right shoulder and the rest of him was bare, naked, beautiful! He was staring directly into his Logan's eyes grinning and brushing his teeth. 'Hi' Logan said with a tremble. After his reply the sexy stranger was off down the hall showing his cute bubble butt and flexing his muscles.

He was only three doors down and was a freshman with a single dorm just like him. 'I ike this place already' Logan said closing the door smiling. Unpacking his things, a couple hours went by and nightfall was upon him. He had heard of there being a party for freshman being held by the Delta Sigma Phi frat. Despite their encounter earlier, he was going to the party anyway to rid himself of stress. Logan took a shower, put on some of his really nice Calvin Klein breifs and got dressed. Racing down the stairs and out of the building, it wasn't hard to find the party due to the loud music. People from all over campus were their way to the frat house ready to have a good time.

Finally making my way there, I was met at the door by Dominic. He was gorgeous, the spitting image of tall, dark, and hansome. His eyes were deep emerald green, and shined as if illuminated from the inside out. 'Glad you could join us Logan' he wispered frm his soft plump lips. 'How do you know my name?' Logan asked politely with a smile. Dominic quickly answered ' I make it my buisness to know people I want to recruit, and you are in my sights Logan. Go in enjoy yourself like everyone else is, we'll talk later' he said stepping aside letting me pass.

As he walked in people were turning their heads looking him up and down greeting him with smiles and drinks. He also noticed that the other pledges were staring him down as well, but with much more intense eyes. It seemed as if they were looking into his soul, peering past all they saw and looked for something deeper. I shook it off and made my way to the bathroom. It took him a minute to find it due to size of the house. Locking the door behind him he looked into the mirror and said 'Stop kidding yourself and go have a good time, go meet a nice guy.... Dominic was cute, but who am I kidding. He isn't gay, but if he was I would let him screw my brains out.

Go out there and make new memories'. So that's exactly what he did, and he was content wth his ittle pep talk. Strolloing through the house with his head held high, he began chatting up everyone he saw. Flirting all the guys he wanted to but he was in for a shock. Three of the top pledges form the fraternity was making their way over towards Logan. ' Hello Logan, how is everything going for you tonight?' asked Kaleb, second in command with the frat. 'Im doing pretty good, what's up?' Logan replied. 'Dominic say he wants to speak with you, so follow us and we'll lead you to him'. Logan remembered that Dominic said they would talk later, and that later time had come. After walking for what seemed like an eternity, they arrived at a set of double doors. They were bulky and made of rich Mahogany, and suddenl they opened. Kaleb led me in and told me to sit down in a large chair in the left side of the room.

Moments later Dominic walked out from another corner of he room, and swept across the floor in no hurry. 'Hello Logan, we meet again. Im not one for small talk so lets get right to the chase' Dominic aid while ushering the pledges to leave the room. Seconds had passed and we were alone.once again Dominic began to speak ' I've, well, we've been watching you ever since you stepped out of your cab. We all, especially I, think that you would make a great addition to our team. You're sexy, tall, and you fit in with the reat of us. I can also give you something else that you don't have. I can give you eternal life'. 'What, are you crazy?' Logan asked shocked by his words. 'What are you talking about, eternal life. What, are you a vampire?' Logan said laughing, but Dominic had a sinister look in his eyes, and he smile viciously.

All of a sudden Dominic stomed over to Logan sitting in the chair and wispered into his ear 'that's exactly what I am, and Im going to show you'. As he backed up away from Logan's ear, Logan was stricken with fear, but Dominic quickly assured him not to be afraid. 'Stand up Logan, please everything is okay. Let me guide you' Dominic said quietly walking towards Logan once again. This time was different though, he was closer to Logan's face in a more personal, sexual way. Then it happend, Dominic kissed Logan so deep and passionately that he fell under a spell and almost dropped to the floor. Dominic caugh him and they made their way to the large Bed that looked like it was taken from the Midevil era. Slowly Dominic layed Logan down and said ' this is easy if you let it be, and ill give it to you only if you want it, so im asking you, do you want it?' he said placing his lips against Logans once again. 'Yes Dominic, I want it. Give it to me, give it all to me, give me all of you!'

Logan exhaled with a moan. It didn't take long for Dominic to ablige Logan's request. He rose from the bed and slowly took off his clothes. His body was empecble from head to toe, and he knew it. His chest was perfectly sclupted and his abs were etched of stone, his penis was growing increasingly larger between his legs inching up and out at the same time. His skin was pale and icy but he seemed so warm in his gaze. He made his way back to the bed and began to strip Logan's clothes off of him with very slow movements. It was exhilerating for Logan to feel like this, having another man take his clothes off and touching him so softly.

He was in heaven, and he didn't want to leave. Moments later they where both naked, and Dominic had his eye on the prize. He began licking and sucking on Logan's nipples and torso, touching crevace of his abs and bellybutton. Suddenly Logan let out a moan of pleasure when Dominic took his dick into his mouth. Going down on Logan felt great to Dominic and he kept going until Logan came in his mouth. Logan screamed with exhaust even though he didn't do anything, and his night wasn't over. 'I want you to fuck me Dominic, I want you inside me at any cost' Logan begged. 'I would be happy to' Dominic answering with a smile. Releasing his grip on Logans dick he began to position himself for the take. He was going to enter Logan and finish what he started. 'You ready for this Logan?' Dominic asked. 'Yes, take it, take all of it' Logan asured him. Quickly, with out hesitation Dominic let his smooth dick slide into Logans warm hole. 'Aaahhg! YES!' Logan screamed as Dominic buried himself deep inside of Logan.

Stroking with a steady rhythm, they caught each others gaze and were locked in love, lust of one another, fucking as one. Still inside of Logan, Dominic layed on top of Logan, chest to chest, and he began kissing on his neck. Logan was flushed and all of his veins were bulging. Dominic thought that the right time to turn someone always came at certain point in time, and the time was now. Stimulating Logan's prostate was easy due to Dominic sheer size so Logan was moaning so loudly shaking the walls in the room. Dominic raised up on hi elbows and with a small backwards jolt of his head, two very large fangs sprang out rapily as if released with a trigger. Dominic kissed on the left side of Logan's neck and began to turn his head to the right. Leaning in, his eyed widend and he horrifically sank his fangs into Logan's artery beginning to drain him. 'Aahhhg shit!' logan gasped for air as Dominic drank.

The feeling of having his blood being drained by a hot vampire made him relaxe, and it felt somewhat soothing to him. Moments later he began to doze off as Dominic continued his mission of turning him..... and then he was out.

(To be continued)



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