fter an amazing screening session at the airport and two glasses of champagne I caught some sleep seating in first class. I woke up when the pilot announced that we were descending to San Juan. I quickly deplaned and headed to baggage claim. There I saw this beautiful puertorican dressed casual (Hawaiian shirt and shorts) holding a sign with the name 'Delaney'. Getting close to him I could see his deep black eyes, he was around 190lbs, sun-bronzed skin and well defined-fit body. His name tag indicated that his name was Victor Ramos. I got within 2 feet from him and introduced myself.

'I'm Mr. Delaney, Mark Delaney'

'Nice to meet you sir, and welcome to the island of enchantment' 'do you have any luggage, sir', I liked the way he said sir. His voice was deep, but friendly. He went straight for my carry-on and took it from me. I could see his arm muscles when he extended his arm to grab my carry-on. I am a gym rat, and definitely get turn-on by fit guys like me.

'Yes, I do, Mr. Ramos just one'

'Please call me Vick, sir. I'm just 24 years old' He said while smiling and looking at me from head to toe. It felt like I was been undressed and dressed with his glance.

'Why the big smile Vick?' I said, while looking at the conveyor belt that had just started moving and parading bags out. 'Sorry Sir, but seeing you with suit and tie...first, you do not look the type and also with the heat outside, I really don't think you will want to come out of the airport!' then getting closer to me he said, in a kind of whisper, 'I don't think you came here in vacations not to show-off your body, I mean the senoritas here like strong, well built bodies!' He said this last while taking a longer pause to check me out.

I smiled, and started to unbutton the top of my shirt. 'Vick, the name is Mark and believe me I am here to have a blast' This time was I who took a long pause to check him out. He noticed it and said 'this might end up been a great week for you Sir, I mean Mark!' My bag appeared just in time to beat the mob out of the airport. I walked right behind Vick; his calves told me he does a lot of running, his butt pleaded for attention. He kept looking back to make sure I was following him, every time smiling at me.

Then I realized, I don't recall any limo driver been dress that casual, ever. Fearing this trip to the hotel would be in a van with tons of people I don't know, especially when I strictly requested a limo, I caught up with Vick and asked, 'Vick, I hope you don't take this the wrong way but I requested a limo service, I want to a have a quiet hour and half trip to the hotel. That is how long the trip is, is it not?'

Vick quickly slowed his pace and smiled again, 'don't worry Mark, your limo is right there (pointing to a stretch Lincoln black limo), and I'm not you driver, I am your personal concierge... guests reserving The Conquistador Resort Ambassador Suite get a personal concierge!' Immediately the drivers got out and opened the passenger door for me, while Vick placed my luggage in the trunk.

Before getting in, I turned to Vick who was about to get in the front passenger seat. 'If you are my personal concierge, I would like to be able to ask you questions without having to yell them out to you, seating in the front!' He quickly closed the front door and got in the back with me.

The driver closed the door behind him, got behind the wheel and asked if I wanted to go anywhere before the hotel, I said no, and he quickly raised the privacy window, the tint was so dark that you could not see the driver. We started our 90 minute drive to where I was hoping to have a great week, which by the way had started with a bang!

We quickly got on the highway, Victor, as we pass different structures and areas of the route explained a little about them. I did not know that Puerto Rico has the largest shopping Center in the Caribbean, but that was not what my mind was occupied with...

Victor was seating just facing me, and every time he smiled those thick lips will part and I would fantasize of those same lips just caressing my thick cock! So I decide to play the game. 'Vick, I am going to change this shirt if you don't mind, it got really sweaty walking to the limo.'

'Go ahead, do you want me to lower the windows for more air, or raise the A/C?' he said while I search my carry-on for a polo shirt. I always carry at least a shirt in case of needing it, and here I needed it.

'No the air is fine, and I really don't want the windows open, I enjoy the privacy'

He smiled again and reached for a small towel out of one of the compartments. 'Here so you can dry the sweat before you put the new shirt on'

'Thanks, you really know your job, Vick!' I said while taking my shirt off. My massive chest was exposed; the a/c got my nipples hard in a heartbeat. I never took my eyes from Vick, he was just looking at my chest and I caught him rearranging the bulge building in his shorts. So I made my move... 'I see you like what you seen Vick?'

'WOW, it must have taken you years to work that body Mark!' You know I work out three times a week, you know to be able to look great for my job, but you, man WOW you must be some type of body builder or something!' The last wow was accompanied by a second rearranging of his pants. I did not put my shirt of just stayed there shirtless facing him. He noticed my black slacks were depicting a huge bulge as well.

Vick looked at me and said 'The back is sound proof and we can lock the privacy window'

'Vick you are the concierge, please me then!' I said. He quickly pressed the intercom buzzer and I heard the driver trying to lower the privacy window, when that failed his voice came thru the intercom. 'Yes, Sir how can I be of assistance' Vick was the one who answered 'Leo Mr. Delaney doesn't want to be disturbed and let's take the scenic route, I want to show Mr. Delaney part of the rainforest, I know the road is kind of bumpy, but I am sure he won't mind, it's worth it'...

I quickly reassured the driver 'Yes, let's take the scenic route Leo'

'No problem Sir' and I heard the intercom been turned off by Vick.

Vick moved forward kneeling in front of me, while I remained seated. He quickly went for my nipples and started to lick them, slowly pleasing each one with slow movements of his tongue, his thick lips kissing my upper torso while one of his hands rubbed his bulged member outside his shorts. I was enjoying the moment. After couple of minutes of savoring my chest, Vick unzipped my slacks and my dick just sprung free.

His eyes opened wide at the amazing sight but he quickly lubed his lips with his tongue and started to give small wet kisses to the huge mushroom head... My dick was jumping of pleasure; this guy really knew how to please a man. I heard him take a deep breath and swallowed all 10inches of my man meat; he quickly came up for air leaving my dick covered in his saliva, which he returned to work on.

This time his head was bobbin, up and down sucking my dick in such a way that for a moment I forgot we were doing 50mph in an open highway.

I looked at this amazing guy, giving me my first blow job in Puerto Rico. He continued to suck my cock while taking his shirt off, my hands where able to reach his chest and I started to caress his nipples, this took him up another notch and Vick tried again to deep throat my cock... The feeling was amazing, his wet lips would hold on to my cock on the way up increasing the pleasure!

After couple of minutes I was battling my body not to cum. So I lift Vick face and kissed him, our tongues met inside the others mouth; our hands caressing each other's body continue to get the other undressed. I pushed Vick softly back to his seat and pulled his pants off; his Latin meat sprung to attention, a nice 8' cut bronze dick, precum all over... I returned the favor and licked the concierge shaft, playing with his clean shaven balls in my hand. I was sucking this guy so good, he tasted great!

'Oh, Mark that feels great, better than my girlfriend ever will! Please finger fuck me man!' I lifted his legs and placed them in my shoulder, I felt the vehicle take a tight turn and his ass was lifted from the seat, my tongue did not miss a moment and quickly went for that tight pink opening!

I had him legs on my shoulders, tongue rimming his ass and my hand rubbing his cock. Vick was moaning with pleasure, I could feel the blood rushing thru his cock... I went back to suck his cock and one finger found its way to his hole... I made circles around his ass entrance, I could feel ring compressing and depressing with every circular movement, and when I deep throated his cock my finger went in... His legs started to tremble; Vick put his hands in my head... 'Oh shit man... that is so fucking good, don't stop, finger fuck my ass... Oh! Mark get it ready for that huge dick, I want you deep in me...!

I manage to get two fingers in, just aided by my saliva slipping down from his cock. I could see his balls getting closer to his body I knew he was not far from shooting all hat hot cum! 'I don't want to come yet Mark' he said while trying to catch his breath and lifting my head kissed me, just like I had done before.

He opened another compartment and pulled a little bag with condoms and lube. 'I guess you are a prepared concierge!' I said while rubbing my cock. 'We are always prepared for whatever our customers need' he said while getting a condom out and a lube bottle.

'Well Vick I need to fuck your brains out, so I take it from here!' I said while motioning him to come to me. I quickly placed the condom over my cock and move Vick with his face to the privacy window and his ass to me; I took a healthy amount of lube and worked it in his tight hole. He was moaning and rubbing his cock. By this time we were already thru the scenic route I could see the rain forest, but I Vick's willing tight ass was the only exotic thing I was interested now...

I was seating with my legs spread and grabbed Vick's waist with one hand and my 10.5' hard cocks head and started to play with Vick's pink tight entrance. Vick was moving his body down trying to get the head in. The limo took a bump in the road and my cock head just took a dive-in and got in... Both of us let a moan escaped, in pain and pleasure... it felt great to break that tight ass in. Vick held to the seat in front of him and the door on the side. 'Wow Mark, oh shit man, is so big...' my dick's head was still inside none of us was moving.

'You want me to stop Vick?' I said while holding his body by the waist.

'No man, give me a second, let me get used to your cock expanding my ass'. Just as he said that we took another bump, and with the aid of the lube another three inches went in... 'Oh shit Mark, yes, oh is so painful, but good to' Vick said while his body trembled from the shock, but this time he came up retracting his ass enough to have the head almost in, and proceeded to come back down... My dick was trapped within his tight ass muscles, the feeling was amazing.

I started to help him by sliding his ass up and down over my cock slowly getting him comfortable been impaled by my dick. Vick quickly found a rhythm and three more inches went in... 'Oh yes, I want it all, Mark fuck me, man, oh yes!' Vick's tight hole got used to my dick drilling it, the limo took another pot hole, this time it was a big bump, I held Vicks body tight and he slammed to my body... 'Yes, oh...Mark...Yes...' Vick said gasping for air, his balls and my met...His body trembling remained there taking the moment. His hands went to my legs and he continued to gasp for air, I could feel the heat of his insides, his ass muscles palpitating around my cock. Vick started to move up and down my dick, I could see tears of pain and pleasure in his bronzed face, his back arching in pleasure!...

Couple of more seconds and he was more comfortable now, moaning with every thrust. My dick was so hard enjoying every movement. Now Vick started to speed up his movements, I could feel his hard dick slamming into my thighs, leaving precum with every contact. I was in Caribbean heaven!

Once Vick got use to my Cock deep in him, I got him in all fours and started to fuck him doggy style. The sight was amazing, his ass had expanded but still, I could see the aperture of his pink hole, grab my thick meat every time I pulled out, just enough to get him wild!... His bubble butt will slam against my body; I grabbed him by his shoulders and rammed his body back and forth fucking him hard...

'Oh, Mark is so thick, deep in me...Oh yes, fuck me stud...make me yours!' Vick was moaning, his face reflected in the privacy window, I could see his facial expression every time I went balls deep in him. We fucked in that position for several minutes; our bodies getting all sweaty even with the a/c running.

'Mark, I want to shoot my load in your chest while you fuck me' I laid in the floor of the limo. My cock all gleaming from the lube, looked like a flag pole, and Vick did not lose a movement he quickly straddled above me and holding to my chest started to ride me like a cowboy!, his dick slamming against my rock abs. Vick stared to jack off and I knew he was not far from Cumming, his moans were more rapid now, his abs were tighten, I helped him by moving my body up to catch his movement when he was coming down... My hands found each one of his nipples and I started to rub them.

'Oh fuck Mark yes, oh am gona cumm!! Yes...' I speeded my trusts, my balls tightening as well...

'Come on Vick take this hard cock, come one ride it' Vick's breathing got quicken and his up and down movements went into overdrive. Vicks body was trembling uncontrollably; he had his hard cock in his hand. 'I'm gona shoot Mark, oh yes, here it comes... agh...yes' Stream after stream of hot cum was landing in my chest. Vick's body went into orgasmic convulsions and he lay on my body and started to lick my nipples. This pushed me over the limit I quickly took my cock out removed my condom and shot my entire load in Vick's ass entrance. We remained there for several minutes. It was a relaxing feeling, our bodies gasping for breath in an air full of man action!

I do not know when I dozed off, but I was awakened by my concierge. 'Mr. Delaney we are 10 minutes from the hotel, I took the liberty to dry your body off and if you let me help you get dress and get ready I will appreciate it Sir.'

I looked around I was still laying in the Limo floor, my body was all cleaned and my clothes were all neatly placed in the seat next to me. I sat up and while Vick was getting me dress I kept kissing him.

'I wish you work over time Vick, I am a very demanding guest!'

'Anything I can help sir, is my pleasure'

'No man is both our pleasure'

To be continued...



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