I'm on a plane. Sitting in an empty isle at 11pm watching the moon fly by. The only flyer near me sits by the window on the opposite isle, head tilted against the window, lightly snoring. This is a one way flight to Canada. I'm rock hard thinking that I will be seeing you soon, but you don't know I'm coming. I start to rub my tented jeans. Looking around I see that no one is moving, sleeping contentedly; the hum of the engines a lullaby. The flight attendant is sitting in the back reading a book, in her own world. I quietly unbuckle my belt, undo the button, and unzip my jeans; sliding them down to my thighs. My hard cock looks like it may shred my blue boxer briefs if I do not let it out. I tease the head through the fabric and my head tilts back against my seat. I lick my lips in anticipation. I contemplate putting the blanket over my lap, but I do not want to detract from the sensations of the air swirling around, the dark playing tricks with the light of the moon across the airplane cabin. I slowly pull the waist band back and fit it snugly behind my balls. My legs spread as I grip my shaft and stroke up to the head, twisting the head I bite my lip not to moan. I won't last long; I can already feel my load building up. Built from anticipation and denying myself any sort of release for 8 days. My hips start to rock as my cock slides in and out of my hand. I lean further back in my seat and spread my legs as far as my jeans will allow. My balls draw up and I gasp. My toes curl and my cock throbs in my hand. I try to hold off, but it's inevitable. I think back to the last picture you sent me of your load sprayed across your belly and my back arches. Just them I hear a grunt. My head turns to the flyer sitting against the window on the opposite side and in the moonlight I can see that he is spraying a load from his thick but short cock all over his dress shirt. I moan too loudly for my liking, and fire off my load. The first blast of my cum flying over my head and the next three hitting me in my open mouth. My body spasms and I lose track of time as my orgasm devours my body. When I come through I am covered from my hand up to my mouth with a line of my still warm cum dripping from the corner of my mouth. I lean forward and carefully take off my t-shirt, balling it up and pushing it under the seat. I lay there bare chested cock softening in the open. I put myself away and pull up my pants and turn over to catch some rest before we land. The orgasm was good, but my balls are still full and churning.

I check the time on my phone as my rental car pulls its way to the front gate. It's 2am. I have turned off my scruff so you can't see I'm coming but I know you're working the 11-7 shift tonight and are pretty upset about it. I type the address of the hotel into the GPS and head to you, cock harder than on the plane. Pulling up in the front I can see you walking away from the front desk. Opening the door I grab the bell so it doesn't make it sound and close the door behind me, I drop my bags carefully on the floor and walk around the corner that you disappeared behind. I see the bathroom a short way ahead and can hear your strong stream cascade against the water. When it stops and the water turns on I silently enter the bathroom. Your head is down, busy observing you washing your hands and I slink up behind you. Placing my hands over your eyes and grinding my hard cock into your ass I place my still bare chest to your back as you spring upright reaching for my hands, but I lean in and whisper in your ear

"I've wanted you stud for so long"

A moan escapes your lips, your hands grip my forearms and I can feel your body trembling. I look at the reflection in the mirror and your cock grows harder with need by the second. I kiss your neck, lick your ears, and gently bite on your shoulder as I pull the collar of your shirt out of the way. Your hips grind into mine. My other hand drifts slowly down your body until I reach that massive bulge and paw against it making you grind harder into me making us both moan. I move the hand on your collar to join its other half at your waist; unzipping your pants I release your throbbing cock and your head tilts back on my shoulder and I use my strong legs to keep your upright as my touch sends shock-waves through your body. I being to stroke your cock, licking my hand I swirl the head in my palm and your legs spread. Your hips begin to piston in and out of my hand grinding my hard cock in my jeans at the same time. You moan, louder and louder unable to hold back. Your thrusts and my pumping grows faster; alternating between pinching your hard nipples and massaging your full balls. The very breath leaves you as I bite down hard on your neck mixing pleasure with pain and your load escapes you. Smacking against every surface it meets, leaving a trail from the strands I lick off my fingers across the floor up the sink and finally the mirror. I hold you as your trembling subside and you regain your composure.

We make our way holding hands back to the counter and you check me in. I slide you a room key. I'll be sleep when you get off, but I hope you are in bed with me when I wake up; and if you are the fun has only began. You blush and tell me you will see me for breakfast. I head the elevator leaving my phone on the counter. You come running around the corner with it and I grab it throwing it in the open pocket of my shoulder bag. Grabbing you behind the head I kiss you. You grab onto my shoulders to steady yourself. The kiss ends and your blood red a smile plays across your face. You whisper see you at breakfast.

To be continued.....



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