The company I worked for had sent me overseas to work for a three year period. All my expenses were paid as well as the storage fees at home for my furniture and belongings. The one main problem was that I worked six days a week for those three years with only the one day a week off.

I was finally brought back home and since no longer had a place to live, the boss had reserved a suite for me at a nearby hotel. I met with the company president for a briefing, and after our meeting, I informed him that I needed some time off.

"Mark, you have made me proud. You sacrificed a lot to work the hours you did. You normally get two weeks a year vacation, right?"

"Yes, sir."

"If you want to take all six weeks now, I'll approve it, plus I'm giving you an extra four weeks, paid of course, to go with it. How much would you like to take now? It's up to you."

"I wasn't expecting the extra time, Sir, so if I might, I'd like to take eight weeks now and save two weeks for later."

"Consider it done. You've earned it. Tomorrow is Friday so if you would, come in tomorrow and do your written report for me then we will start your eight weeks on Monday."

I returned to the hotel and tried to adjust to the time change. Friday, I returned to the office and wrote my report.

When I handed it to the boss, he told me to use the suite for the weekend before I headed out on vacation.

I decided my vacation would be a casual one with no destination planned. I'd just drive and stop when I saw something of interest.

I went to a local motor home lot and rented a nice motor home to drive. It wasn't that big, but it was all I needed, with a full bath, kitchen, sitting area and bed room.

I drove it around town on Saturday and Sunday, getting used to it's size and how it handled.

Monday morning I headed out on my much needed vacation. Before long, I was cruising down the highway, feeling free and relaxed. I had eight weeks to do just what I wanted.

Not completely back on local time, I began to get tired and stopped at a travel park. I hooked up the water, electricity and sewage, before preparing a bite to eat and hitting the bed. it was only four in the afternoon.

About eleven, I awoke fully rested and decided to continue my trip while there was little traffic on the road. I secured everything and pulled back onto the highway.

Somewhere around two or so Tuesday morning, I needed to use the restroom so I pulled into a small rest area. Not wanting to fill the on board toilet too quickly, I decided to use the public restroom. I locked up the motor home and headed inside, not expecting what I found.

Because of the walking shoes I was wearing, my steps were silent and when I entered the restroom and looked around.

There were two urinals and two toilets without doors. I walked to the first toilet and unexpectedly saw one muscular man in his thirties standing there with his pants down to his knees. Sitting on the toilet was another male, also muscular and in his thirties wearing a leather vest, sucking the other guys cock.

"Oh! Sorry," I managed to say as both men jumped in shock.

I quickly retreated to one of the urinals and took my piss before quickly leaving, surprised that the men continued what they were doing.

I returned to the camper, trying to digest what I had seen. In college, two of my friends were gay and I kind of knew what they did with other guys but this was the first time i had actually seen two guys doing anything together.

As I sat there, I saw the man that had been getting sucked walk out and go to a big eighteen wheeler parked in the lot. He climbed in and as he pulled out the guy in the leather vest and no shirt came out and walked over to a big Harley motorcycle and climbed on and started it up. As he pulled passed me he smiled and waved. It totally caught me off guard that he was the type to suck another guys cock.

I eventually started up and pulled back onto the highway, what I had seen replaying in my head.

'What a way to start a vacation,' I thought.

I drove until daybreak when I decided to stop for breakfast. I saw a truck stop ahead and pulled off and parked. Inside the restaurant, I took a table by a window away from the other diners.

After ordering, I sipped my coffee and as I did, a man walked up and asked, "May I join you?"

Looking up, I saw the trucker from the rest area. Stunned, I managed to say, "Uh, sure."

He sat down and in a low voice he said, "Sorry we shocked you earlier. You should have stayed and let him do you. He was good."

"Sir, I've never done anything like that before. I just wasn't expecting what I saw."

"I understand. When I started driving over the road ten years ago I had never done anything either. But, being on the road all the time, you have needs and I soon gave in to those needs. I refuse to screw the whores at the truck stops, so getting blown is the best alternative."

"I understand," I said, "but I'm not going to be on the road all the time. I'm on a much deserved vacation."

We talked about my plans and he seemed like a very nice guy. He was married and the only other thing he said that was sexual was that letting a guy service him didn't seem like he was cheating on his wife. we wished each other a safe trip and he left. When I asked the waitress fr my check she said it had been paid for by the man I was talking to.

Back on the road, I began to wonder if during these eight weeks would I get so desperate as to let a guy do me. What he said about the guy 'being good' made me wonder what it would be like.

'Mark, what's wrong with you?'I thought. 'You're not into guys.' Never before had I had these thoughts.

As I returned to the road, I began to think back to my times overseas when I'd go to the gym on my day off. When I'd see guys nude in the showers, I remembered that i looked at their cocks, but it was not in lust. It was just to compare their size to mine. Nothing else.

For some unknown reason, all day I thought about what the driver had said about a man's needs and what it would feel like to let a guy blow me. I knew that I'd never found a woman that I could truthfully say made it feel that good. None had ever taken me 'all the way'.

That night when I stopped at another truck stop for dinner, I first went to the rest room to take a much needed dump.

Once in the stall and seated, I began to read the large quantity on graffiti. Many offered blow jobs with a phone number listed with the offer. I couldn't believe that guys were that forward. Then I noticed another offer for a blow job in a different way. It said that if any truckers wanted a blow job to call Sam on CB channel 3.

I sat in disbelief at all the offers, not only for blow jobs but guys offering their ass for truckers to fuck.

Another man entered and went into the stall next to me and after a few minutes, I could faintly hear him pounding his cock. I knew he was jerking and for some reason my own cock began to stiffen. Ignoring it, I quickly left, wondering why it was happening.

I ate dinner then found a place to camp for the night. As I lay in bed, I remembered the graffiti and hearing the other guy and my cock was soon hard. I couldn't ignore it. Grasping it, I soon brought myself to a massive climax.

The next day, I returned to the road, and mid morning, I stopped at a roadside fruit stand and bought some fruit and veggies for the trip. Later, I saw a sign for a wild animal park and stopped and toured it.

I had found that the food at the truck stops was quite good and reasonably priced and stopped for dinner. I ate then went to the restroom.

After choosing a stall and going in, I dropped my pants and sat down. It was then that I noticed the hole in the partition between my stall and the one next to me. It was just over two inches in diameter and waist high. It suddenly dawned on me what it was for and for some reason my heart began to beat faster.

I sat and a minute or so later another man entered the restroom and went into the stall next to me. Turning my head slightly to the left, i could see the man drop his jeans and sit down. After sitting down he shoved his jeans down over his work boots and then leaned back.

From my position, by just turning my head I could see straight to his crotch. He reached for his cock and began stroking it, soon getting it rock hard. Mine was soon hard also and as I watched him slowly stroke his, I unconsciously began to stroke mine.

As I did, I could tell he was leaning closer to the hole in order to watch me. Suddenly, he put his open mouth to the hole and whispered, "Let me suck it."

I didn't know what to do. Part of me wanted to let him yet another part wanted to get up and get out of there.

"Maybe later," I finally managed to say.

"If you decide you want it sucked come on back. I'll be here a while."

I left, shaking from head to toes. Returning to the restaurant, I could barely hold my cup of coffee. I sat and watched the restroom door. I saw another man enter and a few minutes later he came out, his semi hard cock showing in his jeans and pointed straight up. A few more entered and left and I soon saw another guy come out in the same way as the first. I knew that they had let the guy blow them.

I paid for my coffee and made my decision. My curiosity had the best of me. I returned to the restroom and went into the stall. After sitting down I heard, "You decide to get that beautiful cock sucked?"

I had never considered my cock beautiful, but I said, "Yea. This is my first time."

"Hot damn! A virgin. Let me have it, please."

I stood and nervously slipped my cock through the hole. As I did I asked, "Did you do the others that came in here?"

"Two of them but theirs weren't as nice as yours." Then I suddenly felt his hot wet mouth engulf my cock and start sucking me. The feel was like nothing I had ever felt before. I moaned softly as he sucked my cock and massaged it with his tongue. It wasn't long before my climaxed approached and fired off into his mouth. With my cock still in his mouth, I could feel him swallow my load. As he did, I heard him go "Ummm."

As he pulled off he softly said, "That was delicious. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did."

"I did," I replied as I pulled up my pants. I left and returned to the restaurant, taking a table where I could watch the restroom door. I knew he had on jeans and a red plaid shirt.

About twenty minutes later, he emerged and came to the restaurant, casually glancing my way.

He was in his mid twenties and very muscular. he had a thin neat black beard and moustache his open shirt revealed a hairy chest. He was just over six foot in height and on his left hand I saw a wide gold wedding band. I stared at him, unable to believe that he was married and yet sucked cock.

He ordered coffee and I soon finished mine and paid. As I left and headed for my camper, he came up beside me and as we walked he asked, "Was that really your first time letting a guy blow you?"

"Yes, it was."

"It was awesome. Thanks for letting me be your first."

"May I ask you a personal question?" I asked.


"I saw your wedding band. Does your wife know that you suck guys?"

"Friend, I not only suck guys, but I also love getting fucked by guys. I enjoy sex with both men and women. My wife has no idea what I do on the road. Our sex life when I'm home is awesome. What I do on the road is strictly my business."

"I was just curious."

He patted me on the shoulder and said "No problem" then turned toward the truck parking. I watched as he climbed into a fairly new bright red Freightliner rig.

I returned to my camper and decided to stay there in the parking lot that night.

As it turned out, my motor home was parked facing the truck lot and I had a clear view of the guys big red rig.

I unlocked the camper and as I sat behind the wheel, I looked at the rig and saw him behind the wheel, looking straight at me. He waved casually.

Later, I pulled the privacy curtains around the front windows and as I did, I could see into his rig. There was a soft glow as if coming from a TV. I wondered if he was going to go back to the restroom again later.

I showered and put on a pair of shorts and turned on my TV. About two hours later there was a knock on the side door of the motor home. Looking out, I saw the driver standing there holding two cups of coffee.

"Yes?" I asked.

"First, I'm not here to attack you. I was going for coffee and saw your lights still on and thought we could have some coffee."

"Sure," I replied. "Come on in."

As he stepped in he looked around and said, "This is nice. Mind if I ask what it set you back?"

"It's not mine. It's a rental. I'm n a long vacation."

"Well, this is certainly the way to do it,"he said. Then he added, "I thought we might talk. It get lonely out here on the road and all the other truckers want to talk about is their crappy bosses or the traffic. I prefer talking about normal things. I'm Carl, by the way."

"Mark," I replied.

"Nice meeting you, Mark."

"Same here."

After a short pause, he looked at me and ask, "May I ask you something personal? If you don't want to answer I'll understand."

"Sure, go ahead."

"If that really was your first time letting another guy do you, what made you decide to do it?"

"Curiosity," I replied, then told him about the first night on the road when I walked in on the biker blowing the trucker.

"Damn", he said, "right there in the restroom?"

"Yea. It could have been anyone coming in, even a kid."

"Yea, and if it had been and I was the kids dad, I'd have been in jail right now after probably beating them both. They were real lucky it wasn't a state cop. I've seen them stake out those rest areas."


"Yea. If i find someone in a rest area and we click, I invite them to my rig, but only after waking the lot and making sure there are no undercover cops parked there."

"So you've seen guys get arrested?"

"Oh yea. Several times over the years. Once, I had stopped and used the restroom and it was empty. I went back to the truck and sat and waited to see if anything would develop. A car drove in and parked and the guy went in. A few seconds later a rig pulled in and parked."

He paused and sipped his coffee then continued.

"The driver headed for the restroom and was there a while when three guys got out of a plain car and headed for the restroom. They wore polo shirts that had the state police emblem on the front and the words 'State Police' on the back. They eased up to the opening and I decided to get nosey. I got out quietly and started walking over to the restroom. It was open air so I could hear the cops yell out that they were the police and for the guys to freeze. I walked in casually and up to a urinal. The guy that was in the car was getting off the floor. He was naked as a new born baby and the trucker had his pants down. The cops ran me out and after a moment they brought the guys out in handcuffs and loaded them into another car. A short time later two wreckers came in. One was a heavy duty one that hooked up to the rig and another to the guys car. They took the guys to jail and their vehicles to impound. I'm sure the driver lost his job over that."

"Hearing that, I guess the guys were lucky," I said, then asked him if i could ask him a personal question.

He agreed and I ask him how long he had been into guys and what got him started.

"It goes back to my youth. I was about fourteen when a buddy and i started playing around, jerking together. One thing led to another and we were soon sucking and fucking each other. I found that I enjoyed it but also liked fucking pussy. From then on I would have sex with either men or women. In fact, this buddy was my best man at my wedding. He's totally gay and he and I spent the night having sex the night before I got married. I just enjoy all sex."

"Unreal," I said, "and your wife has no idea."

"Not that I know of. She knows that he and I are the best of friends and that he's gay and has a lover but has no idea that he and I still find time to have sex. I get with him and his partner on occasion."

"What excuse do you use to get out?"

"Well, it's usually when I get back home. I'll tell the wife that I'll be in a day later that I actually get home. I'll spend that first night home with them."

"You're awful," I said laughing.

"Hey, so I'm over sexed. A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do."

"I guess," I replied.

"Mark, do you think you will ever let another guy blow you?"

"Carl, I'm not sure. To be honest, though, part of me is wanting to ask you to do it again, yet another part is telling me not to go there. When I was working overseas, I'd go to the gym and when I'd see the guys naked in the shower, I thought i was just seeing if they were bigger than me, but now I'm not sure if that was the real reason."

"I understand totally what you're saying. A lot of guys are that way."

"I do appreciate you understanding."

"Mark, I do not believe in forcing sex on anyone. It has to be their decision. If a guy wants sex great, if not I respect his wishes."


"It's getting late and I really appreciate you visiting with me," he said.

"Carl, it's been enlightening for me, and thanks for the coffee."

"My pleasure," he said and stood and turned toward the door.

"Carl, wait," I blurted out.

He turned back toward me and I looked into his eyes and said, "Come with me."

I walked toward the bedroom area as he followed. After pulling the covers back, I began removing my shorts. "Why don't you get comfortable also," I said.

TO BE CONTINUED..............



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