On the seventh floor balcony of a ten-story apartment building in Brooklyn, there was a boy. There was nothing to indicate otherwise. with earphones plugged in both ears, and head nodding in synchrony to the beat of the music he was listening to, he appeared just like any other teenager. On the floor beside him there was a backpack.

An open-roofed, jet-black Jaguar suddenly appeared around a bend, skidded a little, and sped to park in front of the building, horn cutting through he late evening quiet. The car had three occupants: a spiky-haired, white-skinned boy of around eighteen behind the wheels; a blond sallow-skinned girl riding shotgun, and a sweet-faced, pale-skinned, red-haired girl behind the driver.

'Come on Luke we're late', the spiky-haired boy shouted up to Lucas, the boy with the earphones.

Picking up the backpack, he placed a hand on the balcony, and leapt, landing smoothly on the balls of his feet.

'Guys what happened?' Luke asked. 'I've been waiting for over half an hour here.'

'We ran out of gas', blondie said in a very melodious voice.

'Next time, there is a little thing known as cellphone, a larger one known as payphone, some quarters, and another thing known as my phone num-'

'Oh do shut up', red-hair said in a voice as clear as crystal bells. 'You've been watching twilight again haven't you? You never stop babbling when you do.'

'The movie's good,' Luke explained.

'Yeah,' spiky-hair scoffed, 'more like Rathbone's hot. That's why you watch it, and turn into a babbling baboon afterwards'

'We all know the author did a semi-botched-up job of depicting vampires,' Blondie said.

'You would know wouldn't you', asked red-hair with a slight smirk on her face.'

'Sunlight doesn't turn us into diamond mines for one, it intensifies us. Although the part about the powers is true. Well there is no need of my saying that as you all know'

'Man i wish I were in Ashley's shoes' Luke said.

'Urgh! enough already' groaned spiky-hair. 'What even makes you think you stand a chance with Jack?

'What, because I'm black?'

'No, because he's a celebrity, and you are a non-entity. Literally.'

'Well for one he 'played' a vampire, I 'am' a vampire.'

'That all?' asked blondie.


'What else?'

'Because we're already seeing dating.'



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