I was cleaning up at the gym after working out. As I undressed in the locker room, I couldn't help noticing the guy using the locker across from me. He had one of the most beautiful cocks I'd ever seen. He was hung like a horse with a beautiful skin tone, uncut and shaved. I had a moment where nothing else in the room existed except for me and that beautiful penis. He caught me staring and that made him smile. I could guess I was not the first to have admired his manhood and he was probably used to having people stare with a lustful gaze.

I moved on to the shower area and took residence in the last stall. I was wetting my hair down when I heard the shower door open. This happened regularly at the club because the glass was not see-through and you didn't know if the shower was occupied until you looked inside. I ignored the interruption as I massaged shampoo into my hair.

After I heard the shower door close again, I tilted my head back to rinse off. I began to realize there was someone in the shower with me. A moment later I felt hands lightly caressing my ass and a huge, very hard penis sliding between my legs. I felt our pelvises connect as my new friend drew me close with a powerful tug. I couldn't open my eyes because of the shampoo, but I could guess it was the stud with that gorgeous cock I had just been admiring in the locker room.

My erection was immediate as my brain registered that I was about to fuck this stallion in such a public place. As I rinsed the shampoo from my eyes and hair, I could feel his cock lightly stroking back and forth beneath my crotch and balls. I moved my legs together so that my thighs would caress his manhood as he teased me with his magnificent cock. God I was hard! As I grabbed his rock hard ass cheeks I felt his incredible strength as his body tightened. While I usually prefer to top, I knew I would willingly be this stud's bottom and I heard myself say, "Take me! Make me yours, but be gentle. You're far more man than I've ever had."

And with that, he turned me around and I grabbed the wall. I could feel the water running down my back and into the cleavage of my ass. I heard him draw some soap from the dispenser and I parted my legs in anticipation of what was to come next. He lathered the soap against my anus and I felt one of his fingers slip inside me. As he playfully explored my inner sanctum, he carefully added a second digit. Then he said, "When I saw how turned on you were in the locker room, I knew I had to have you. I promise I'll be gentle."

He was rocking back and forth sliding his cock against my crotch as he continued to manually loosen me up. I felt so sexy knowing how hard I'd made him. My body shuddered in anticipation because I knew he would not be denied. This was going to hurt, but I really wanted this man to take me. I wanted to release the feminine side of my sexuality. I wanted to feel the power of his cock driving ever-deeper into me probing for the ultimate release of his loins. I could tell there was nothing he wanted more than to fuck me right then and I wanted nothing more than to take all of him inside of me.

He had worked up to a 3-finger anal massage before he withdrew his hand and I felt the tip of that beautiful cock throbbing dead center on my bulls eye. He started to push gently and I steeled myself to take his girth. As I felt the head of his penis enter me, I couldn't help but let out a grown. He shushed me reminding me that others were around and we had to be quiet. His rhythmic motions gave me a chance to open myself a bit more with each stroke. I whispered, "Fuck me you stud. I don't want you to leave anything behind. Give it all to me...your cock, your strength, your pent-up stress and your lust. I want to feel it all!"

With the next thrust, his entire body shuddered and I winced as he drove himself deeper inside of me. I just imagined what we looked like in that shower, me grabbing the wall with his manhood penetrating my ass. I pushed outward against his thrusts and my anal muscles slowly let his massive cock pass through. I tried to remain quiet as I felt him slide ever-farther inside me. With a few more strokes and my pushing, I finally felt his pelvis pressed firmly against my ass. I was in pain but I didn't care. He said, "Oh my God, you've got it all! Are you ready for the ride of your life?" I answered, "Fuck me, Fuck Me, FUCK ME!"

And then he grabbed my hips for balance as he started to pound against me with unbelievable strength and speed. I pictured his rock hard penis impaling me like a jackhammer as I greedily drew him inside. I was all his and he knew it. My desire to please this man was being erotically fulfilled in ways I'd only fantasized about.

Then I heard and felt his animal lust beginning to erupt from deep within his loins. His rhythmic movements became convulsive as he let loose inside of me with a rushing torrent of cum that could have repopulated the world. I couldn't believe that this sexy dude wanted me and I knew this would be an experience I'd never forget.

He let his shrinking cock rest inside me for a time. As he withdrew, I felt his essence run down my legs and I knew he was done with me. Then he quickly rinsed off and left me exhausted and leaning against the wall with the water still running down my back. I turned around and started stroking myself to relieve the sexual pressure that remained. I had thoroughly satisfied my female side, but my own cock was not to be denied. In less than a minute I spurted a load of cum against the shower wall with a force that surprised me. I always knew I liked men, but always as a top. I had not enjoyed being a bottom before. I knew if I could connect with that stud again, I'd be his bottom forever more.


Somewhat Straight


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