My life as a sub began in the US Air Force where I lost my innocence and my ' Cherry" as we call it to a very dominant fellow airman. I was shipped back to the "States" where I came under the control of a very rough and dominant sargent who used me constantly and often shared me with a couple of other guys. My ass, which was stretched and open from much fisting and fucking was in demand as these guys were into leather big time. I was forced to service them on a regular basis and would often come back to the barracks with a sore ass and very swollen lips. I often would be tied or hand-cuffed to something as they shoved everything into my "Crisco" soaked "Pussy" I would often be fucked relentlessly over and over on the week-ends and fisted till my ass was gaping open. One of them even had a toy plastic baseball bat that he would shove into me. It must have been nine or ten inches around and he would work it slowly as my ass stretched to an unbelievable size. I spent the two years leading up to my discharge being used like a cheap whore and loving every minute of it, but I had finally decided to take my discharge and go back to civilian life. Even though I had become a total slut I had gotten a pretty good start in college through corespondence courses.

When I went to take my physical for discharge you should have seen the Doc's face when he checked me for hemorroids! Normally they slide only one greased finger into you but his hand almost slipped in the over-stretched hole that once was a virgin ass. He was still shaking his head when I left his office. I knew that if I wasn't being discharged I would probably have been forced to see the chief surgeon.

A couple of days later I stepped out the gate for the last time and I felt strange and even a little depressed as I no longer had the security of "Uncle Sam" taking care of me and making most of my decisions for me.

As I caught a cab and he drove toward the air terminal I realized then that I had grown accustomed to being doiminated and would always need someone to perform that function in my life.

I awoke from a somewhat troubled sleep as I heard the stewardess say

"fasten your seat belts, please". As I walked from the ramp after picking up my bag I still had that feeling of being alone and I didn't know quite how to handle it.

My family was over-joyed to see me home again and I enjoyed the security of sleeping in my old bed. My mother's home cooking was delicious but I soon had to start looking for employment. I also wanted to sign up for some night courses at our local college. I spent several days searching for a job and finally went to work at a small private airfield where I worked on and serviced private aircraft. My military background helped get me in the door. It paid pretty good and I enjoyed the work.

After being in the military my first paycheck seemed like a fortune and I went out that night to celibrate. It was Friday and I was off Saturday so I could stay out late. I had been driving my mother's car but I knew I would be drinking so I took a cab for safety's sake. I went to a nice bar not too far from where I was staying and had my first beer since my discharge.

As my eyes adjusted to the dim light I noticed a nice looking couple sitting at a table near the bar. I would guess their ages to be in the early forties and they were dressed to kill. I was not into women but I couldn't help but notice her as she was so attractive. She was wearing a leather skirt and a little leather jumper over her low cut blouse. She was also wearing leather high-heeled boots. The sight of that leather reminded me of my friends in the military and I was caught staring .

When I moved my eyes back up from her boots she was looking directly into my eyes. A shiver went down my spine as I met her gaze and I knew there was something different about this lady.

She turned and whispered something to her companion and he looked my way. He looked me up and down and I felt very strange as he l scrutinized my body like a person preparing to purchase a horse. . I had to turn away from his piercing eyes and I went back to my beer. As I drank and chatted with the bartender I felt a hand on my shoulder and I turned on my stool to see the guy from the table next to me. He smiled and asked my name as he gave me his hand. He introduced himself anf his name was "Roger". He nodded toward his lady-friend and said that's my wife "Cassie", short for "Cassandra". She smiled as I looked toward her table. " How about joining us for a drink at our table, you look a little lonesome".

I welcomed the company and as I sat down with them I had a feeling that this night would be different for some reason. You can call it intuition but I couldn't shake that feeling as I talked and continued to sip my drink. The drinks were having their effects on me after a long dry spell and soon I had given them a pretty good run-down on my life for the last few years. They told me a few things about themselves and approximately where they lived. I knew the area well and I also knew the homes there cost about a half million or better. I asked him what he did and he just simply said"I invest in sure things, and I do pretty good at it". I noticed his expensive Rolex watch and her jewelry and I knew they were people who had money.

As we sat and chatted they both looked me up and down and as people started to fill up the club she asked m to dance. They had a small dance floor and a three piece band that was pretty good. I looked at him ad he nodded his head and insisted on it. He mentioned that he didn't like dancing but his wife loved it. We moved to the floor and as I felt her leather clad body meet mine it caused strange feelings. These feelings were not caused by her being a woman but the smell from what appeared to be new leather. There is nothing like that smell and I was aroused as it brought back memories from my days in the military as I was used by my friends. They would put a leather harness on me and often leather high-heeled women's boots and force me to walk around for them before they fucked or fisted me good.

We were dancing to a slow song and I pulled her close and her firm breasts poked into my chest and I smelled her heady scent. As she squeezed me tight I knew this woman was different!

Used and Abused Part II

We continued to drink and I danced a couple more times with Cassie and each time I did I marveled at how smooth she was . I had a glimpse of her full thighs above the knees and her skin was flawless. She was as tall as I was and even a little taller in her boots. I had a feeling she must work out as her strength was evident as she pulled me toward the dance floorr each time.

As impressive as this woman was she still dimmed in the presence of her mate. This guy had the rough beauty that I had grown to appreciate in men and stood about 6 ft 4 at least. His hands were well manicured and clean and he was dressed impeccably in leather jacked and an expensive shirt. As we chatted I could tell he was well educated and intelligent. His Rolex watch and diamond ring exuded good taste and wealth. As I looked at his broad shoulders and rangy frame I also knew he was strong in the natural way, not from working out in the gym.

When he shook my hand earler I could feel his strength in his grasp. I felt those old stirrings again in my loins and I knew I wanted this man in the worst way. I envisioned him over me as he ran his prick up my ass or down my throat. I realized my dreams were partly from not getting my sex for awhile but this guy really had my valves turned on by the time the bar closed.

As they announced closing time I was just at that point in my drinking that sends a good feeling and a rosy glow over you and your pliable and want to please everyone you meet. When they offered to give me a ride home I smiled that "not quite drunk" smile and accepted their offer. I climbed into the back of their Caddy and sat down on the leather covered seat. As the engine sprang to life he turned in the seat and said "Why don't we go to our place and get some food and we can even sober up a lttle in the pool". "you are welcome to spend what little is left of the night with us as we have several bedrooms." Actually I was almost asleep so I accepted and soon we were pulling up into the entrance to their drive. I had been dozing but when they braked to stop I was awakened from my booze induced siesta. As we neared the house I could see the well manicured lawn and garden surrounding the stately home, undoubtedly maintained by the local Mexican labor that was so abundant around that area. We pulled around back and waited as the door to the four car garage slowly opened allowing us to drive into the spacious area that was as large as some houses. There was a four-wheel drive pickup and a Porsche convertible sitting inside.

We entered the brautiful home ad I looked sleepily around as we walked toward the kitchen. "What we need is some good coffee", He said as he walked ahead of me. "Cassie, why don't you get more comfortable while I fix the coffee?" She dissappeared into the interior of the home.

I don't really care for instant coffee but soon he had a steaming cup sitting before me. I drink it black and it really tasted good as the night air was a little chilly coming back. I had drank nearly all the brew when I heard Cassie's voice behind me as she returned to the room.

I turned and almost fell off the bar stool as I viewed her outfit. She had on thigh-high leather boots and a leather body suit which did very lttle to conceal her ample breasts that were about to pop out the top.

She tied her hair in a pony tail and it looked like a horse's main and was very silky and sexy looking. She also had on soft leather gloves that extended almost to her elbows. My eyes must have been the size of saucers as I stared at this beautiful woman. I had seen enough dirty pictures and a couple of movies and I knew this was the dress of a dominant woman. She came up to me and brought her arm from behind her back. In her hand was a small buggy whip and as she rubbed it across my thigh she said "Are we right about you, do you like my outfit?" The coffee had sobered me up pretty good and I knew just what she was asking. Her husband had dissappeared and we were alone.

. There was something very exciting about this entire scene and as I looked at this obviously dom woman I nodded my head feeling my cock tingle at what I hoped was abot to happen. "We have been into the

"Scene" a long while and I can usually tell about people", She said, as she slapped the whip across the palm of her hand. "How much do you know about our life-style?" she asked and I proceeded to tell her just about everything about my past. She was literally beaming as I gave my account of my slave days and told her I was gay.

Several minutes passed as I told her my story and I didn't realize it but her husband had been listening behind me to the last part. He spoke and I turned to face him. He was wearing all leather! He had on leather shorts with western type leather chaps. The shorts had a zipper down the front to access his cock. He had on a leather vest with no shirt and his huge nipples stuck out like a womans from his enlarged tits. He was wearing a "Harley" cap and he had on leather driving type gloves. His vest had metal studs in many places and he looked like something out of "Road Warrior". The bulge in the front of his soft leather shorts indicated the presence of a larger than average cock.

"We thought we had you pegged right", He said. "You were a little drunk at the bar and you let a couple of things slip when you were talking".

"My wife is very observant and reads people very well". "I am glad to hear your no rookie as my wife and I hate breaking in new meat!" I thrilled at being called "meat" and I knew the week-end was only beginning!

Used and Abused Part III

We spent a few minutes in the kitchen clearing the air and I let them know that I was game for most anything except drugs and filth, no golden showers or pissing on me. At his sugggestion we went to what they called "their playroom"

This home was impressive and we entered a large room that was at least 30 foot in length and about twenty feet wide. I could tell it was sound -proofed as it became deathly silent when we closed the door. I stood in absolute amazement as I took in the equipment they had assembled there. There was every kind of restraint device imaginable and a lot of the walls and ceiling were covered in mirrors. There was a case with a glass door containing dildos from 6 inchs to about 18 inches long and a couple were as thick as my arm. One especially caught my eye because it had a large, life - like fist on the end of it. My ass twictched at the thought of that big fist entering my neglected pussy. I noticed the showers at one end and I noticed one had a nozzel that was obviously designed to fit in your ass in order to clean you out. It had it's own drain for sanitation reasons. This room had been built from scratch to perform it's purpose. There was a giant closet that contained racks of female clothing and leather garments along with about 30 pair of women's shoes and boots in large sizes. There was even a metal cage fastened to the floor and several over- head hoists designed to hold heavy objects.

THe was a stool that had a place to screw various size dildos in order to sit a person on them. Hooks in the floor everywhere indicated much restraint was possible. Racks of floggers and whips adorned the area.

I am not an expert but I knew this room had taken some time to assemble and had cost big bucks.

We went back upstairs and had a little food and I slept for four hours and woke up as the warm sun flowed into my bedroom. It took a minute for me to realze where I was and then it slowly began to come back to me. I noticed that I was stripped naked and my clothes were not in sight. As I stood up I felt the collar around my neck for the first time. I also noticed the video camera in the upper corner of the room. I saw it pan and come to rest on me and soon Cassandra appeared in the door. She had the whip in her hand and walked toward me. "On your knees slut, your training is about to begin, and you can start by callng me"Mistress Cassandra" and only speakig when when I give you permission!" I was barely awake and I guess I didn't respond fast enough as she brought the small whip down across my ass. It stung like fire but it aroused me too.causing my cock to raise it's head a little. She flipped it on the head and it re-treated like a whipped pup. "You won't be needing that now", She said as she pointed toward my shrinking shaft..

If this were fiction I could go many ways here but it's real and soon I was on my way to the "Dungeon" in hand-cuffs and a leash fastened to my leather studded collar. He was already inside and he directed me toward some clothes laying on a bench near him. "This is one of your new out-fits so get dressed!" I looked in amazement at the stockings, panties and other female things on the bench. There was a pair of knee-length black high-heeled boots also. Again I felt the whip across my ass as I stared at the lingerie. "Hurry up, if your going to be our slut you need to dress like one!"

A few minutes later I stood in front of the mirrored wall looking at a man dressed totally as a cheap whore with red lingerie and with bright red lipstick on. I had on a long blond wig and felt very slutty. This was my first time in adult women's clothes and it brought back memories of the times my mother dressed me as a girl when I was a little Tot.

While I was dressing Cassandra had strapped on a very large nine inch dildo and her husband had unzipped his formidable cock from it's confines in hs leather shorts. His cock was only about eight inches but very, very thick and it was bigger at the head still. I was glad I was no virgin or he would have probably ripped me. She looked at me and said"We break our slaves in quickly here so get on your knees!" As I dropped to the soft matt she tastened my legs to the floor, spreading them as wide as possible. She wasted no time and I felt the lube on my pussy. "MY, you have been used a lot haven't you?" "Your pussy is huge". and she motioned her husband to take a look. He gazed at my quarter-sized opening and shook his head. "Well at least we can shove what we want to into her". I shuddered at the thought as I couldn't wait fo his fist. I also loved it when he used the term "Her". I never felt more "whorish" than I felt at that moment.

Soon I was penetrated at booth ends as she slammed the dildo painfully in and out of my wide gapped pussy and he forced my well-used lps apart with the thickest cock I had ever sucked. The danger of HIV was non-existent at that time and I welcomed the flood of hot sperm that came flooding my mouth and dripping out the corners on the mat. It had obvously been awhile and he flooded my cum-hungry gullet and I lapped the remainder off the mat savouring it like candy. I realized at that moment just how much of a cock-crazy, cum sucking slave I was and knew this couple would take the place of my friends I had left in the service.

When I left their house Sunday evening they had allowed me a few minutes to soak in the pool. The cool water bathed my sore stretched ass and I let the water from the fountain run over my thick, swollen lips. I had been fisted at least seven times by both of them and one time I took her fist as well a large dildo at the same time. They seemed determined to open my already large pussy to even wider dimensions. They spent what seemed like hours moving their fist from side to side and forcing the once tight ring to new limits. They taped a lot of it and later played it back. They forced larger and larger dildos in until I finally took the big one with no problem. She forced her hand in beside the dildos and reamed me time after time delighting in the way my pussy was expanding. Soon I moved out of my mother's home and moved in with them.

They used me for parties when their swinging friends would visit and I would always be dressed in fem. I had my own little maid's outfit and my small statue made me very convicing. Several times they sat me at the door and I had to suck each cock that came through the doors. Later I spent many hours eating the women as they forced my head into their vaginas. I had my own room decorated in pink and female colors. I was trained to walk and talk softly and act much lke a woman. My lips became even thicker from sucking his cock all the time and the dildos she forced into my mouth, My lips are so thick now that I can't even whistle Many a night I was forced to sleep with a large penis gag stretching my mouth wide open. It got to the point that I felt strange when I didn't have a cock or dildo in my mouth and until this day my lips still gape open like they had a cock between them. They remain in a semi oval and my lower lip sticks out quite noticably. It looks as if someone just pull a big cock from between them. My ass is impossibly open and I finally had to tell my female doctor as she could not believe it's size. She was embarrassed at first but now is used to seeing it gaped wide. . She and her nurse have even become accustomed to seeing my panties that I wear all the time now. I don't live with them any longer but I occasionally visit them as I feel safe knowin they are clean. There are several men that I have made contact with and I always practice safe-sex with them but I still love the feel of those big old hairy fists as they open my slut hole. I constantly try to get men with larger and ;larger hands . If any of you readers have ever been fisted you know what I mean. You keep trying for bigger things.......Enjoy



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