When I looked up, Brad had not only removed his boots but unbuttoned his fly and pulled his hard dick out. I had seen it a dozen times, but I never ceased to marvel at it. His dick was just a bit longer than average, but fat as fuck and veiny as hell. I had never seen such a thick piece of Marine dick, and I was hungry for it, even though I knew Brad would find ways to hurt me with it. Truth is, I wanted it to hurt. Usually my throat ached so much when he finished with me that I couldn't talk for an hour or so. Yet I wanted all he could dish out with that cock, and the more it hurt and punished me, the better.

'Strip, boy.'

That's all Brad said as he took another swig of beer. I hardly remember pulling my clothes off. I was so focused on that hard cock bobbing right in front of my face that I was practically in a trance. I remember kneeling down and spreading my legs wide open, until my balls touched the floor, just the way he wanted. My cock was already leaking like crazy, but I knew no one would be paying any attention to that. Brad had taught me to stop thinking about what I wanted and just concentrate on pleasing him - and that was no easy task. The man had a libido that could never be satisfied - at least not by one man. There was an awkward pause as he stood there with his throbbing boner about a foot from my face. I could smell it, and I swear I started to drool. Couldn't help myself. Brad noticed and just chuckled a bit.

'Never can get enough of it, can you boy?'

'No, Sir!' I responded. I no longer had any shame when it came to Brad's cock.

'Ready, kid? Ready to tackle this Marine dick?'

'Yes, Sir!'

Brad reached out and drew back his hand. I knew what was coming, and I braced for it. He smacked my face as hard as he could, and I fell over from the impact. My jaw was on fire. I couldn't believe how much it hurt. But I knew what he wanted, so I steadied myself and moved back into place. Brad reached out with his fingertips and traced the red line that was rising across my cheek, toying with me. He knew he could slap me around all night, and I'd keep coming back for more. But right now he had more urgent needs he wanted to attend to.

'Nice, boy. Nice and obedient, just the way I like it. You need a little more of this, but now I want to get you ready for part two. Open that hungry mouth for me.'

With both his hands Brad gripped the back of my head and pulled forward, his hips rising to greet me. Without delay he entered my mouth and shoved it in all the way to the back of my throat. All the way. I gulped it down and let my hands hang limp at my sides. No resistance.

'Just let me do the driving, boy. Try to keep that boy throat open and relaxed, and breath through your nose. You'll need all the air you can get.'

In half a second his pubes were hitting my nose, and now all of it was thrust down my throat. Still, Brad pulled harder on the back of my head, forcing another half inch down my throat. I could hear my heart beating in my ears as my gag reflexes starting to fire up. No matter how many times he face fucked me, I could never get used to this. I gagged and choked every time. I guess that was part of what turned him on. Turned me on, too.

His hips started thrusting as he tightened his grip on the back of my head. He made sure I couldn't pull back enough to catch a breath. He wanted me gasping for air, struggling with his insistent cock. Then the tears started. I could never control them, and was embarrassed as they slowly tracked down my cheeks. I looked up at Brad and caught his sneering gaze.

'That's right, boy. Take it all the way. Open up for me. Pleasure me with that tight throat.'

I pushed forward onto his cock so hard that I was afraid I might knock him backwards, but it would take more than I could manage to make this military specimen lose his ground. I contracted and squeezed my throat muscles against his marine meat until I was light headed from the effort and lack of oxygen. I was able to keep myself under control for about 45 seconds, and then it started. This was the part Brad savored.

'That's the way, kid. Stay with me now. I'm really going to fuck that slick throat of yours.'

My ears were throbbing, and my throat was stuffed full of marine dick. Brad pistoned his hips in quick, jerky motions as he kept a firm grip on the back of my head, making sure I didn't try to pull away.

I started gagging and choking as I coughed up mucous and phlegm. My lungs were hungry for oxygen, but I knew I'd have to wait until Brad was good and ready to grant that kind of reward. Meanwhile, I had my work to do, and my task was to accept the rough, heavy fucking of my throat by this crazed, sadistic marine. Long strands of mucous started to drip from my mouth, tickling my chin as they stretched to the bare floor.

'Yeah, kid. That's the way. What a sweet, slick throat you have there.'

More tears spilled down my cheeks as I tried to forget about breathing. My temples throbbed and my throat ached as his pistoning dick struck the back of my throat over and over again. I coughed up more phlegm as I choked and gagged some more. I knew that this was the way Brad liked it. He had taught me to like it, too.

By now my heart was beating so hard in my chest that I thought I might have an attack. Sweat broke out on my back and started to drip into my ass crack, itching as it found its way down to my balls. My hard boy cock was leaking like mad as it throbbed helplessly, aching for a touch that would never come. I had learned that the hard way, so I made sure my hands stayed away from it, just hanging limp at my sides.

By this time Brad had the back of my head in a death grip as he pumped harder and harder into the back of my throat. I was choking and gagging constantly, and mucous flowed down my chin in a steady stream. I was a complete mess as I continued to cough and retch.

'Oh yeah, boy. Now we're getting somewhere. You know the way I like it.'

It had been at least ninety seconds since I had taken a breath, and I knew this was near the end of the line for me. As much as I wanted to obey this man and stay in place, letting him fuck my throat raw until he spilled his seed, my reflexes thought otherwise. I glanced up through the constant stream of tears and gave Brad a pleading look, silently begging for mercy. I needed air! My eyes were met with disdain as he continued his onslaught of heaving face fucking. His grunts were becoming wilder and louder, as he continued to thrust into my throat like a crazy man.

'Oh shit, boy. You've got a sexy throat!'

That's when I made my first mistake. Reflexively, I placed my hands on his thighs and tried to push away. Brad would have none of it. He just tightened his grip on my head as I tried to twist away, desperate for air. I was heaving and coughing as I struggled to break free. I turned my head and tried to push my cheek into his pelvis in hopes that I could grab at least half a breath. But Brad was on to me. He knew all my tricks and was ready to keep me in my place, all the while pumping into my throat with a fury.

'Fuck yes, boy! Gag on my dick. Take it like a man!'

Brad's voice was almost unrecognizable, more a growl than that a kind of sound made by a human.

Just then I lost it. I knew I'd pass out if I stayed in place another second. I was heaving and retching, just on the verge of throwing up, but if I did that, Brad would make me sorry for it. The last time that happened I couldn't show my battered face in public for a week. Nevertheless, I started twisting and pulling away from him like crazy. In a fit of strength I broke free and immediately fell to the floor, coughing and gasping - totally out of control. I couldn't think about the repercussions. All I could think about was breathing again.

Brad did not delay in punishing me for my disobedience. He grabbed me by the back of the neck and started yelling at me.

'You little fuck. Just when I was getting ready to blow you decide to wimp out and behave like a fuckin' momma's boy.'

He started slapping me hard, sending strands of mucous and phlegm splattering across the room. I could barely understand him, because I was gasping so loudly. My face throbbed in pain, but I didn't care. I had to breathe!

Brad was still shouting insults at me, telling me I wasn't good enough to be kneeling at his feet, all the while slapping me in the face full force. I just knelt there, crying and coughing while I continued to gasp and heave. I was struggling to get myself under control, because the longer Brad went without his dick down my throat, the longer it would take him to cum. And he wasn't about to stop his assault on my throat until his marine dick was thoroughly satisfied.

'You'd better get back over here, you fuck-up. Back in place, where you belong, balls to the floor. And if you dare use your hands again, I'll tie them up. And you don't want me to have to do that, boy.'

Indeed I didn't. The only time he ever tied my hands behind my back, I passed out from lack of oxygen. Brad just fucked my throat until he was finished, and it took all his military training and skills of resuscitation to bring me back. It had scared the shit out of me.

So in a daze, I dragged myself back into position, kneeling in front of him, splaying my knees far apart, dropping forward until my balls touched the cold floor again. Amazingly, my cock was harder than ever, leaking copious amount of pre-cum. Truth to tell, this is what I liked, what I wanted. Brad had gotten me hooked on his really kinky stuff. He had trained me hard and thoroughly, and I was totally converted, desperately hungry for his Marine dick down my throat. I was fulfilled as he punished me with it, gagging me until I choked and even passed out. I was convinced his dick was made for my boy throat - we were a perfect match.

But I still had more work to do, so I adjusted my position to line up my throat with his dick. Brad reached forward and patted the sides of my cheeks with his palms.

'Boy, you never fail to disappoint me. No matter how many times I train you to take Marine dick, you always spoil it just when we're going for the finish line. So now we have to start over, and it will be worse for you this time. I guarantee it.'

With that he pulled his hands away and slapped me across the face so hard I stumbled and fell over. I started crying, not from the pain, but in frustration at displeasing him.

'Christ, now don't start with that sissy crying shit. Get yourself back into position to worship Marine dick. Make an effort for me, boy. I know you can do it. You just need to stay more focused. Think about the privilege of serving this dick, about pleasing me. Think about this hard marine cock massaging the back of your throat - fucking it, punishing it. Think about how lucky you are to be on your knees with a throat full of Marine meat, about how good it feels to suffer for me, to serve my dick. And I intend to make you suffer a lot, boy. More than you can imagine. Now get back to work.'

I crawled back into place and gazed up at him. He was right. I worshiped this man, and I'd keep coming back for more abuse. It was what I craved, what I needed. When I wasn't servicing his needs, my mind was overwhelmed with thoughts about the next time he'd let me do it. I was out of control with need. Need for his dick.

He glanced down for a few seconds and scowled at me.

'Now listen up, boy. It's time to take the training wheels off. I'm going to fuck your throat until I cum. No questions asked. You're responsible for how long that takes. If you do a good job and please me, you'll be able to get me off before you pass out. And if you don't, well too bad. You'll just have to suffer the consequences. Do you understand me, kid?'

Jesus! My heart was pounding in my chest. Brad meant business, that much was sure. But he had me under his strict and complete control. I'd do it, and he knew it. I'd let him fuck my throat until I passed out, if that's what it took. So I got myself under control and focused on the task at hand. I spread my legs even farther apart and ground my balls into the floor. I was as ready as I'd ever be.

'Please, sir. I'm ready.'

'What did you say, kid? I can't hear you.'

'I'm ready, sir. I want you to fuck my face until you cum, sir.'

He just stared down at me, expressionless. An awkward silence followed, and I started to sweat all over again. Finally he spoke.

'Put your hands behind your back and hold them there. Don't you dare move them - no matter what. And this time we go for broke, so open up. Open that boy throat. Just take it all this time - take it until you make me cum. Now, get to work boy, before I lose my temper with you.'

Something inside of my broke, and I literally dove onto his cock. I started gagging and choking right away, and I could tell he liked it. This felt so right. We were both being fed - his hunger for fucking boy throat, and my need to be throat fucked, mercilessly. He gripped my head once more, and everything was made right. We were in perfect alignment.

He thrust and pumped hard into the back of my throat, and I gagged and coughed up phlegm. Fresh tears streaked my boy cheeks as he continued his assault on my throat. As I choked and suffered, I could feel his dick grow and throb against the back of my throat. Yes! This is what I craved and wanted more than anything else - to serve and please this man's cock. He tightened his grip and pulled my head even farther into his crotch. I was in heaven.

As I continued to tighten my throat around his man shaft, I got light headed once more and started to float on a sexual high. He could choke me to death, so far as I was concerned. I wouldn't risk disappointing him again. Brad could tell I was locked into a groove of euphoria, focused on satisfying his dick. I brushed his hands away from the back of my neck and rose up onto my knees, pushing myself harder onto his man shaft. I intended to show him that I knew how to make an effort. My hands grappled until I found purchase on his ass cheeks and pulled him into me as tight as I could. By this time he was pumping into my throat furiously. Seconds passed as I became more and more light headed. I was floating again, caught up in the rapture of pleasing this Marine, who allowed me to service him, to worship at his feet.

My boy cock throbbed and ached in frustration, dripping long strands of pre-cum onto the floor. I choked and coughed, gagging with increased frequency. Fuck yes! This is what I wanted - how lucky could a boy get? I had everything I needed in this man's fuck stick. Tears streaked down onto my chin in copious amounts.

That's when Brad began to growl again. I knew we were going for broke this time.

'Fuck, yes, boy. Stay with me. We're going all the way home this time. I know you can do it. Stay focused for me, kid. Oh, yeah. You know how to take man dick.'

Brad fucked harder that I thought possible. Sweat was splashing everywhere, my boy dick was dripping and my throat was making uncontrolled gagging noises. We were in perfect sync, going for the same goal. I was now so light headed that I started to leave the scene, to disengage from my body. It was as if I were floating up to the ceiling, looking down on one of the hottest scenes imaginable - a sexy, tough Marine fucking a plaint, hungry throat boy. This was what I lived for, and all was right with the world.

Just then I felt a sharp blow to the side of my face, and I glanced up at my attacker.

'Stay with me, you fucker. Don't you dare blank out on me. I want you to savor every second that I'm fucking your boy throat. Tighten those lips - keep it wet for me. Squeeze my shaft with those throat muscles. We're going home now, boy. Fuck yes, that's the way.'

All of a sudden Brad let out a growl that shook the room. He was fucking my face like a jack rabbit, his heavy balls slapping against my chin. It didn't take long until the sound of my gagging sent him over the edge. He thrust so hard into me I thought he'd hit my brain. His arms, legs and hips all locked his manhood even deeper into me. Brad's load of sperm erupted into my throat and started spilling out of my mouth. Suddenly I felt my own balls explode, and I wanted to moan but couldn't. My throat was stuffed too full of Marine dick. With a great thrust he just forced my head into his groin with all his might. I had nothing else to do but swallow his cum, mixed with my own phlegm and mucous. Just as I was about to pass out Mark removed his shaft, making a popping noise as he pulled out of my mouth. Desperately gasping for air, I gagged again. Brad suddenly crammed three fingers down my throat and fed me our juices all mixed together, forcing me to swallow.

'Christ, kid. That was incredible. There's hope for you yet, boy.'

Brad continued to scoop up the cum and mucous dripping off my chin and kept feeding it back to me. I sucked it all down, like a starving child. How could it get any better that this?

'Good boy. That's the kind of effort we need from you every time.'

Brad leaned in and kissed me, roughly shoving his tongue down my throat, sharing in my feast of cum and throat juices. I was in heaven as his insistent tongue thrust and parried. Just as suddenly, he pushed me away.

'Now get up and go grab a shower, boy. That was just a warm-up. I still need to punish you for failing the first time. So get back here on the double, and bring me the strap from my night stand. I intend to get acquainted with that misbehaved boy butt of yours, and there won't be a lot of skin left on it when we're through. I intend to help you make improvements over last time. Now git!'

Holy shit! My cock throbbed and trembled at the prospect. I tore out of the room and took the quickest shower of my life!



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