My friend Anthony and I were having a few drinks at our favorite watering hole. Anthony always had far out stories to tell. But we both always tried to one up each other when it came to our sexual exploits so I never knew if he was full of shit or relating something that really happened. In the din of the bar he made a statement that I didn't think I heard correctly.

'Excuse me?'

'You heard me.'

'You can't be serious?'

'I'm very, very serious. Having sex with an unconscious straight man is the most incredible turn-on you will ever have. Haven't you ever fantasized about doing some guy while he sleeps? Or when he's in a drunken stupor? Haven't you ever looked at some awesome-looking straight stud and thought about doing his virgin cock? Well, I'm here to tell you, you can. I've done it on many occasions. Hell, I'm getting hard right now thinking about it.'

'You've had sex with an unconscious straight guy?' I asked incredulously.

'With knocked-out straight guys, twice. With unsuspecting and incapacitated gay guys, many times.' Anthony broke into a smile.

'I'll be damned. How did you do it with the breeders? Tell me I want to know'

'The first time was with my sister's husband, Greg. We were at a family picnic. A bunch of us guys were drinking while tossing horseshoes. Greg had way too much to drink and tossed a shoe that almost hit another player. 'That's it, let me take you to your car where you can pass out for a while.' Over his protests of being completely sober I lead him to his car. I opened the back door and sat him down. No sooner had his butt hit the seat then he fell back completely asleep. His legs we outside the car facing away from the picnic area. I went around to the opposite side and pulled him in all the way or as much as I could. His feet were still dangling off the seat. Greg was a good-looking guy. His body always turned me whenever he wore trunks or shorts; always shirtless, of course. I had always fantasized about his equipment but had never seen him naked. He was snoring soundly when I once again returned to the other side and it was beginning to get dark. The rest were building campfires and singing. Here I was with the passed out man of my dreams. I was going to force his feet inside and close the door so he could sleep it off. But instead I crouched down between his legs and ran my hands up them until I reached his shorts. I hesitated and then crept my fingers up until they reached his brief covered balls. My hand covered his bulge. His cock started to stiffen and he murmured something incoherently. I withdrew my hands and when he was quite again, went for the zipper of his shorts. I pulled it down and unclasped the buttons and folded over the flaps. His bulge was huge and growing. I grabbed his briefs and freed his tool. His cock and balls were gigantic. I pumped him a few times until precum was oozing from his slit. Then I covered his pulsing rod with my mouth and sucked the gism out of it. It was over in a matter of minutes. I could not linger because others might have shown up so I wiped his cock clean and gently pulled up his briefs and clasped and zippered his shorts. Just in time because as I was walking back to the picnic I passed my sister who was heading for the car.

'Thanks for taking care of Greg, how is he?'

'I put him on the back seat and he's sleeping soundly.' I headed back to the others and thought to myself that my sister is one very lucky girl, if you get my drift.

'You're full of shit, that never happened,' I said.

'Believe it or not, but it's true. The second time was with my pool guy. His mother was Hispanic and his father Irish. He always comes on Saturday. Over a few months time we became pretty tight. While he worked, I'd always engage him in conversation. He was very chatty about his wife and family. He's hot, has a tight body, great butt and tanned all over, I came to find out. Any way, I'd been thinking about how I could get him out of his shorts when the opportunity presented itself. That time came last weekend. I was relaxing by the pool sipping iced tea and reading a book and dozed of in the lounge chair.'

'Anthony! Anthony!' I awakened from my nap, reached for my sunglasses and looked around for the person who woke me out of my slumber. 'Anthony!' Angel called out again. 'Hey, Angel. Sorry. I must have dozed off.' 'Would it be OK if I take care of your pool now?' he asked timidly, turning away. That's when I realized that my cock was no longer snugly in my trunks. During my nap, it had grown to its full length and was lying rigid and warm on my abs. I hesitated a few seconds giving him more time to peek, if he cared to, and then modestly rolled to my side and stuffed it back into my shorts. 'Sure, no time like the present. May I get your something to drink?' I offered. 'I think I'll pass. My stomach has been upset all morning. When I saw you sleeping, I thought I might run home first and grab something to calm my gut. But when I remembered this is my last stop for the day, I figured I'd get you done and then head straight to bed. I'm really sorry to have disturbed you. 'Hey, you're not disturbing me. Do you think a little seltzer water would help your stomach?' I queried. 'Right now, I'm not sure anything would help. It's really turning over and over.'

'Are you coming down with something?

'Well, Joanne and I were out with some friends last night. Went to a movie then to a little pizza place. They got me to drink some wine. It was pretty good. I guess I went overboard a bit. I don't remember a lot about the meal. I don't drink, but once I started, I kept sipping and sipping. So, here I am, suffering for my stupidity. I know better than to do that. I've never been able to hold my alcohol.'

Bingo, the light bulb went off.

'Nothing like a little hair of the dog to make you feel better. Sit down on the other chair,' I instructed as I got a beer out of the cooler. Angel settled down and took the beer. We just shot the shit about a bunch of stuff and kept drinking beers.

'I better stop is I'm going to do your pool. A few more of these and I'll be passed out and won't be able to finish your pool.'

'The pool can wait until next week. You're not feeling that well and besides I enjoy talking to you.'

'Ok I'll have another. Can I ask you a personal question?'

'Sure ask me anything you want to.'

'When I came up to wake you up, I noticed that you had a hardon. It was kind of hard to miss. What were you dreaming about?'

I blushed. 'Funny you should ask. I was dreaming about you as a matter of fact.'

'Really? What about me?'

'Oh just a fantasy of getting together with you...'

'Whoa, I'm no fag. I know that you're gay but that's cool. Whatever! But that will never happen so I'd appreciate it if you'd not think that way.'


We continued talking about guy stuff: sports, cars etc. Angel had three more beers and then tried to get up to leave. He fell back on the lounge.

'You're right, you can't hold you liquor, you've only had six beers and you can't walk. Lay back and take a short nap. I'll wake you in an hour.'

'Thanks, I'll do that but have to be home by six for supper or Joanne will ride my ass.'

I smiled to myself as I thought about riding his ass. I settled back in my chair and picked up my book again. Five minutes later Angel was snoring up a storm. I reached over and pinched his nose to quiet him. He stopped snoring but was breathing deeply as he slept. I stared at the reclining boy along side of me and thoughts began to crowd my head. What the hell, here's my chance to see if my fantasies were anything like reality. I called over to him several times but got no reply so I thought it was safe to have some discreet fun. I crawled over to this sleeping Adonis and touched his bare legs. I called out to him while massaging his legs. Nothing. He did not break the rhythm of his deep sleep. I got braver and inched my hands higher until they reached is speedos. I placed my hand over his bulge which was steadily growing until I could make out the shape of his stiffening cock. I traced the outline first with my fingers and then with my tongue. Still no reaction from him. I pulled down his speedos and a nice uncut cock sprang forward. It was not as thick as Greg's but just as long. Angel was still a growing boy and I could only imagine what his cock would look like in a few years. I played with his foreskin for a while; covering and uncovering his ruby red cock head. Then I took him completely into my mouth until my nose nestled in his wiry pubic patch. As I came up on his shaft, I put my tongue under his foreskin and circle the head. I got my first reaction, he stirred a little but still was sound asleep. I continued to suck his cock and lick his balls. I took his speedos down a little. And licked his thighs and under his balls. I got a nice aroma and fantasized about rimming his ass if I ever got the chance. I didn't want to press my luck though now. So I went down on his cock and sucked his sweet boy gism out of his balls. He didn't cum a lot but just enough to whet my appetite. I then place his deflating cock back into his speedos and returned to my lounge. A few minute later I reached over and shook him.

'Angel, wake up it's time for you to get home.'

'Thanks, I needed that.' Then he jumped into the pool and got out and told me that he'd be back next week to do my pool. I said that was fine, not to worry about it and also thought about how I would be able to do him again.

'Wow, those were simply great stories. I can't wait to try doing this myself. Come to think about it, I have this thing for my roommate. He's a big flirt around me but swears that he's straight. Will see how straight the next time we take a shower together!'



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