Greg finishes up his phone call. He grabs a conference call sign from the back of the door and hangs it on the hallway side of his door. Then he shuts the door and locks it.

I said, “I'm glad I got here early.”

He says, “I'm horny as hell and hoping you can do something about it.  Then we can actually enjoy hanging out with new and old friends.” He goes back to his chair and I can already see the rising tent in his pants.

I ask,  “Did I do that?”

He says, “You're about to.” He sits back at his desk chair

I respond, “Let me take care of it then.” I drop to my knees between his legs. I start by grabbing hold of his knees and begin by rubbing up his thighs to the prize growing underneath his slacks. I rub the snake as it slithers down his pants leg. His eyes in the back of his head, as I slowly undo his belt, clasp and unzip his zipper. I lean in as I realize he's gone commando and I take a deep breath of his pubes.  

I say, “I know I just had this a few hours ago but this smell is heaven on earth.”

He grins at me and says, “yeah babe, you take me to heaven,” as I fish the snake out of his pants and start kissing his pole. I finally open up my mouth to take in his head.

“Take your time,” he says, “I moved everyone else to 11:45 am. It gives us a little bit more time and still able to beat the lunch rush.”

I say, “well let's see how much of this anaconda I can get down my throat.”

“Oh shit! I like that challenge.” He exclaims.

I continue to lather up his cock with my saliva making his dick a little more slick. I can tell this isn’t going to be an easy challenge. Just a few minutes and my jaw is already starting to hurt because of his girth and for a slight moment worry about lock jaw. I will have to research jaw exercises. I will push through and want to satisfy my Greg. I'm only able to get 3-4 inches down my throat because of the girth. Now I'm understanding why Lauren has had trouble.

I continue to suck and jack him off as the intensity builds he begins to moan a little louder. I start to play with his balls while I lick his head underneath the helmet and into the piss slit. I switch it up a little bit and start licking his balls and jacking him.

He replies, “Oh, babe, that's it.” I insert his nut in my mouth and tongue it then move to the other nut. I eventually return to suck on his anaconda. And there is a giddy-up to his breathing and I realize he's getting close.

“I'm going to take your nectar, babe,” I say to him.

He grabs the back of my head and begins to fuck my mouth. He quickly realizes he can't fuck too hard as my gag reflex announces itself. But nonetheless I keep a “Hoover-like-suction” on his dick and continue to long stroke it to completion. He gives my head several more rough face fucks before he pulls back and offers three cum spurts which hit the top of my throat. I milk his cock for the fourth spurt. As I come up for air and rest on my feet but sill hold his huge softening cock. I smiled up at him and say, “This is the nectar of the gods.”

“God, that was good,” as he leaned over and gave me a passionate kiss. “You have worked up my appetite.”

I replied, “Wow, that was hot. One day I will take the day off and hide under your desk as your personal dick sucker.”

Greg replied, “Don't make empty promises.” I stood up and he noticed my hard-on and rubbed it through my pants.

He looked at his phone and said,  “We have another 15 minutes. Sit on my desk.”

I ask, “are you going to take care of it?”

He says, “I would hate for you to be all boned up at lunch with the guys and they think they had something to do with it. They might think they could have their way with you.” I push papers to the corner of his desk and lean up against the desk in front of Greg’s chair as he continues to fondle my hard cock through my khakis.  I notice a wet spot forms in my pants.

Greg says, “It's so hot to think that I can make you wet.” He unzips my zipper and pulls out my cock. And begins to jack me off. I brace myself and hold onto the desk. He stands and leans in to kiss me as he continues to milk my cock. He pulls back from the kiss and leans over and it looks like he's going to go down on me. I grow in anticipation and moan. He pauses and milks a huge drop of pre-come and licks it off of my head.

I tell him, “I'm going to come all over you. Get me a tissue or something.” He stops and says, “Don't come yet and don't come on my clothes.” He puts his head over my cock and spits increasing his speed of his hand on my cock.

I start to panic and he stops jacking again.  He leans in for another kiss and sucks on my tongue as we battle. He pulls away but bites my bottom lip and starts jacking me off again.

I groan and say, “where's the tissue?”

He says, “I got you babe. I want to catch it and feed it to you,” as he leans over my dick again.

“Oh shit!” I reply and groan.   I grab the back of his head and encourage him, “you know you want to take it.” He opens his mouth and swallowed me whole. I groan a little too loud and he comes up off of my dick, shushes me and continues to jack me off.

He says, “that was nice. You have a nice flavor and smell.”

I reply, “you're telling me.” He takes a moment and spits on my cock and continues to jack using his saliva as lube. I begin to tense up and I know it's coming.

He says, “don't get come on your clothes where I might have to spank you tonight.”  

With two more jerks of my cock I proudly announce, “you better cover me I'm about to blow.” He points my cock down a little and cups my cock head to catch my flowing fountain. I cum in the palm of his hand.

He says, “it's so warm. And there's so much of it.” I tried to catch my breath. After the last spurt he brings his hand up to my mouth and Greg feeds me my cum. I’m savoring my taste and his hand as I continue to lick in between his fingers and suck each finger clean.

“Damn,” he says, “that made me horny again. We might have to go to the apartment after lunch.”

“I don't think I've ever had so much sex.” I reply.

He says, “you say that as if it's a bad thing.”

I reply, “I guess I do need to go and take measurements of my new apartment.” I glanced down at my watch and say, “I guess we should clean up and get ready for lunch.” He stands up adjusts his cock down his pants leg, fastens his pants and buckle. I adjust myself and put my cock away and zip my zipper. He leans into me and we kiss once again. Our arms wrapped around each other in a warm embrace. I say finally. “That was a nice appetizer but let's get some lunch.”

He smiles and says, “OK babe.”

Before he opens the door I ask, “Should we spray something in here so it doesn't smell like sex?” We both laughed.

He said, “wait here.” He left the office and went down the hall and returned with a neutralizer spray. He sprayed the office and turned to me and said, “let's go Babe!"

Lunch with the guys was all around taxing and at the same time nothing earth shattering. I took the time to study Greg and his interaction with others avoiding eye contact except for a few times. In a lull in the conversation Greg texts,

G- you are doing fine. Breath. He watched my grin.

Me- ok. I am surviving.

L- better than I ever do.

We pay our bills, and as we leave, I say, “thanks for letting me tag along, guys. I really enjoy getting to know y'all.  I look forward to doing it again.” They start razzing me as the sentimental one. “Tomorrow we take a reunion tour,” someone says. Everyone is laughing. And Greg texts me privately,

G- that's one of the reasons.

Me- what reason?

G- later.

We walk back to the office and break at the elevator. All the guys disperse to the different divisions and I to my cubicle. I text Greg,

Me- I survived. Reason?

G- you did great babe but I couldn't help staring.

Me- I was trying not to be so googly eyes over this hot motherfucker sitting in front of me.

G- You think I'm hot?

Me- more ways than one. What did you mean by reason?

G- you being sentimental, that's one of the reasons I adore you.

Me- awwww.

About that time there's a knock on my cubicle and the delivery of three red roses. I blush and open the card and read, “to us!”

I take a picture of it and send to Greg and Lauren.

G- Lauren must've sent us those.

He sends a pic of his bouquet.

L- You need to give me some cuddle time for that.

Me- yeah Greg, you need some cuddle time w L.

G- that's why I have you. You need to take care of that.

Me- SMH.

Me- thank y'all for the beautiful flowers

L- I'm thankful for my boys.

Me- I can't wait to cuddle with you as Greg does the dishes tonight.

L- me too.


The afternoon seemed to drag along. There was so much for me to do at work and getting ready to move. I called my mom and told her I had a new place. She wanted to make sure that I could afford the new place and I said that it was within my budget. As I didn't want to get into the details. I answer the text from my fuck buddy wondering when we could get together. I replied,

Me- good, busy at work and with coworkers. Real soon I hope.

Knowing that I wouldn't tap that for a while. Then I had to call my landlord and tell him that I'm moving closer to work. Because of work he let me out of my lease agreement. I told him I needed to figure out the moving day and I would let him know.

I wrapped up my major project and decided to head to the grocery store to have things ready for dinner. I decided on a Caesar salad with grilled chicken Alfredo sauce and garlic bread. I wanted something light but filling. I picked up a few bottles of white wine, four bottles of lube, one Astro glide and one oil based.  I would need to remember to put the oil lube in the showers.

I make my way home to start dinner planning for them to arrive at 7:00. I also shower and debate about what to wear and decide on an apron.

About 20 minutes before Lauren and Greg were to arrive I get a text from Lauren. L- put your clothes on. You have someone stopping by. Surprise! It is a moving gift.

Me- I haven't moved yet.

L- we know.  Put your clothes on so they don't take OUR goods. LOL

Me- I have an apron on. LOL.

About that time there was a knock at my door. I throw on a Tshirt and gym shorts and head to the door. A man introduces himself from Three Men and a Truck, saying, "hi I’m Charlie. You must be David. You called about packing and moving your stuff?”

I looked a little shocked and said hesitantly, "Yes.”

He read the confusion on my face and said, "We set a 6:45 appointment, right?"

I replied, "I'm sorry I must've misunderstood. Come on in.  Let me take care of this text.”

He replied, “take your time.”

I text Lauren and Greg,

Me- a moving company????

Me- when am I supposed to be moving?

G- they couldn't do it tonight. LOL.

Me- someone is trying to not do the dishes tonight.

L-  LMAO you've got his number.

Me- when did you tell him I was moving? Just so I know what I said, LOL.

G- ASAP. He can do tomorrow.


Me- understood.

I turn my attention to Charlie the mover and ask, “So, what do you think?”

He responded, ‘I understand that my guys are going to pack everything for you. Right?”

I replied, “yes” as I look around the kitchen and make a mental note of my belongings. “Sure.”

“Are there any items that you will be moving your self and not using us?”

“I may pack the bathroom, so I know where that is.”

He replied, “You only have the bed, dresser nightstand in the bedroom.”

Yes, that sounds about right.” I reply.

He does some calculations and says, “I think we can do this in less than a day. You said, tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow.”  I check on dinner and text Lauren and Greg,

Me – tomorrow it is.

L- I think someone's ready to have you home.

Me - I can't say enough how thankful I am for you both.

I grin from ear to ear as I return to Charlie who hands me the invoice marked,  “paid in full,” with current address and new address listed. Charlie says, “well if that's all that you have, remember, that garbage or dirty dishes will be packed as is. I would hate for you to find some garbage in two weeks when you unpack.”

Charlie heads for the door and I said, “thank you.”

He replies,”It sure smells good. You've got an awesome family to have you cooking for them.”

“I sure do,” I say as I cherish his comments because it does seem like what I found is family. I close the door behind him and make last-minute preparations to the table, sauce and salad.  

Knock knock knock. I jump from behind the stove and check myself in the mirror before opening the door. There stands my Lauren dressed beautifully in a sun dress and Greg in a golf shirt and shorts. I hug Lauren while Greg slides passed us slapping my ass as he takes the key lime pie to the kitchen.

Lauren holds me an exceptionally long time as I close the door. She says, “I missed you today.”

I reassure her, “You're here now, beautiful.”

Her face melts and she says, “Aww. Come sit with me on the couch and let Greg finish in the kitchen.” We walk over to the couch and she nearly sits on top of me. She says, “tell me about lunch.”

I said, “the guys seemed nice.

Greg yells from the kitchen as he pours the wine, “Yeah they razzed Mr. sentimental.”

I said, “yeah, but you said that was a reason you adored me.”

Lauren grinned, “Awww,” for the second time tonight. Greg grabbed the wine glasses for Lauren and me and brought them over to us.

He leaned over the couch and whispered in my ear, “that's ONE of the reasons I am thankful for you in our life. You make me want to remember everything about us.” He gives me a kiss on the cheek and runs back to the kitchen to grab his glass of wine. He runs back into the living room and plops down on my, unbeknownst to him, broken La-Z-Boy.

Greg falls out of the chair and says, “What the hell?”

Lauren and I laugh at him.

After I’m able to catch my breath I say, “I've had it for years and it was my parents before that. I’ve been saving for a new one, but just haven’t gotten there yet.”

Greg crawls back into the chair and fixes the arm but moves again in the chair and adjusts something but the arm falls off. He says, "when I leave tonight, you and I are taking this to the street."

“Who says I'm letting y'all out of my apartment?” I snap back.

Lauren laughs and says, "we will get him a moving-IN present."

"Speaking of moving gifts," I chime in,  "I didn't realize movers could pack my shit. You really didn't have to pay for the movers."

Greg replied, "no I didn't. I wanted to pay for the movers to have you home as soon as we could get you there."

"Awww," I replied.

And Lauren offered the first toast, "to us! May we continually grow in love and affection for one another." Clink. Clink.

"I put my wine glass down on the coffee table and snuggle into Lauren saying, "I need my snuggle time."

Greg asked, “what else needs to be done in the kitchen?” He leans over and kisses Lauren and me.

I said, "bread can go in the oven and turn the stove off. Everything will be ready when the bread is done."

Greg puts the bread in the oven and comes up behind the couch and rubs Lauren’s shoulders. He would lean down and kiss our earlobes and move to my shoulders.

As Greg continues the relaxing tenderizing of our shoulder muscles, Lauren said looking at me, “I would like to make a bet.”

I said, “oh yeah?”

She said, “I bet your ass he is hard.”

I said, “I bet you your ass that he's not.”

Greg said, “I'm standing right here.”

Lauren said, “Yes, but you are our play toy tonight.”

I said, “no fair you're only encouraging him.” We both turn around and notice his cock protruding down his shorts leg.

Lauren says, “I win.”

I lean back as the timer dings on the bread, and I look up at Greg and say, “I see you're leaning a little to the right tonight.”

Lauren says, “I think he's still trying to get out of doing the dishes.”

I laugh and reply, “He has to have every thing cleaned up before the movers pack it or it will smell till I can unpack it.”

Greg says, “I would rather have taken us out to dinner than do dishes.”

Lauren and I look at each other and then almost simultaneously say, “we know.” And we all laugh.

I said, “I'll tell you what, Give me a little more time cuddling with Lauren and you'll be my dessert.”

Lauren says, “what is my dessert?”

I reply, “you wanting something more than a cuddle my love?”

She replies, “maybe?” And she reaches over and grabs hold of my cock.

Greg says, “we might not make it to the table if y'all keep this up.”

I reply, “I don't know that I'm in the mood for salad and chicken at the moment.” Lauren stands and unwraps from me but reaches back down and grabs my pants.

Greg says, “Dude this is so hot. She's done more with you and I in the last two days than we've done the six previous months.”

I reply, “I'm glad I could be the key to unlock her sex drive.”

We seem to follow this sandwich of Lauren leading me by my pants and Greg grabbing hold of my hand. We get into the bedroom and I realize the oven is on and say, y'all get comfortable. I have to turn the oven off. I smack both their asses on my way out. I run back into the kitchen turn the oven off and run back to the bedroom where they are in all forms of undress. I take Lauren's shorts off and guide her to lay down. She grabs Greg's shirt over his head while falling on the bed. Greg goes around the other side of the bed and begins to kiss and pinch her nipples and caressing her breasts. I fall between her legs rubbing up her legs and begin kissing her inner thighs on a descent into her vagina. I begin licking, diving, moaning, caressing, and hitting all the right spots in her pussy.

Greg grabs hold of my head and pushes me harder into her pussy while he begins to climb down her toward me. Lauren grabs hold of the anaconda and strokes it. She kisses and licks different parts of it but is not willing to open her mouth for it. Greg and Lauren are in a 69 position and he's ready to take over my job of pleasuring Lauren. Before I leave her pussy Greg and I twist our heads and kiss. I ask, “can she handle both of us, down here licking?”

Greg responds, “Let's see.” I attack the right thigh and side of her pussy while Greg attacks the left. Our tongues duel as Lauren moans and twists on the bed from the tickles and tongue action in her pussy. I feel Lauren’s hand on my head and open my eyes to see her other hand guiding Greg's head up. Suddenly, I feel something poking at the top of my head and Lauren begins smacking Greg's cock on the top of my head I look up to see where the anaconda is. I reach up to start jacking it.

Lauren seeing Greg’s ass in her face says, “I'm not into ass baby.”

“Shall I take that for you babe?” As I start licking the dick.

“Yes, mmmm.”  Greg says as he repositioned himself and squats between her legs. He takes control of pleasuring her pussy and I move to focus on his anaconda. He was attacking both sides of her vaginal wall; flicking the clitoris with his tongue.

After Greg squats, I move to the floor underneath his ass giving him a rim job. I reach around him and just hang on to the anaconda as he grinds up and down my face as I lick his hole.

“I need to fuck you,” he says as he grabs my hand and jack's his cock.

After tongue fucking him a few moments I respond, “I think I'm ready.”

“Please,” he pleads as he stands up and continues to finger Lauren and looks at me and says in a confused look, “how are you still dressed.”

I reply, “I guess I skipped that step to turn off the stove.” He rips my shirt off my chest.

I remind him, “That's the second shirt you owe me.”

“I will buy you a whole damn wardrobe, Babe."  He kisses me hard and grabs hold  of me almost squeezing the air out of me. Lauren sits up and unties my shorts as they fall to the floor after getting them off my hard cock. She strokes me, leans over and swallows it in one sweep. Greg breaks from the kiss, turns to Lauren and says, “Scoot back babe.” Lauren moves back and he turns me toward her and begins a target descent of my dick into her pussy.  

I slide into her rather quickly and I am amazed at how it feels. Greg encourages us by saying, “This is fucking hot; my loves going at it.”

Lauren is moaning in enjoyment. She says, “Hold. There.”

I can feel her climaxing and her pussy spasming on my cock. Greg grabs the lube off of the nightstand, lubes his fingers and quickly inserts one then two fingers in my ass. I begin fucking his hand while I fuck Lauren. I gasp as the fingers come out of me and Lauren pulls me down on top of her, pressing my chest to her voluptuous chest. She hugged me tight and begins to suck the tongue out of my mouth.

I feel the anaconda slap my ass. Greg takes more lube and readies his cock. Lauren tells me softly, “Breath, babe! You've got this.” She helps Greg by pulling my ass cheeks apart. Greg's dick descends into my abyss. I groan with every inch, as it slides into me fully. We seem to rain out a flurry of “Fucks!”  

Greg pulls my waist as I push into Lauren. There is no room for me to give or pull or push. I am laying across Lauren skewered by his anaconda. He pulls out and I feel light headed. He pushes in and I feel like I am free falling. I am overstimulated as he taps and rubs across my prostate. After a few thrusts forward I realize I'm not going to last very long. I tell Greg, “Give it to me babe.”

Lauren is screaming, “Oh God. Yes, yes!” with every push of Greg into me.

Greg screams out, “Here you go, babes.” Those stars come out again as I come into Lauren and feel my ass filled with Greg’s glorious cum.

I hear Lauren say, “Where did you put the smelling salts?”

Greg is still trying to catch his breath as he removes the anaconda from me to get the smelling salts.

Lauren says somewhat frantically, “Hurry! I can barely breath.”

I, all of a sudden, feel and smell the smelling salts. I jerk awake and say, “I heard y'all this time.”

Greg says, “that's progress.”

I say, “It's fucking fantastic.” I scoot off Lauren giving her some space.

Greg lays down on the other side of Lauren and offers soft kisses to her breasts, chest and arm. He reaches over and takes my hand into his, draws it up to rest between her breasts. About that time his stomach growls and Lauren and I laugh. I say, “Since he's so eager to eat, he must also be eager to do dishes, right?”

She laughs and says, “Right!”

Greg says, “What? Y'all work up my appetite.”

I reply, “Let's feed my babes.”

We grab underwear and head to the kitchen. I quickly turn on the stove and warm up the sauce while pulling the salad and fixings out of the refrigerator. Lauren gets the bread out of the oven and I say, “The bread seems to be toasted a little more than I wanted.”

Lauren and Greg both say, “It's fine.”

Greg goes on to say, “The appetizer made up for the bread.” Greg laughs and pours the wine.

We sit down and dish everything up diving into our meal like hungry hippos.  Lauren says, “I'm impressed with your sauce."

I reply in a sexy voice, "I bet you are impressed with my sauce." Lauren laughs realizing my pun. We eat, almost in silence except for the moaning of admiration of dinner, or maybe because of how hungry we were.

After we finished eating, Lauren says, "Thank you David, for the sex tonight. It's been a while since I've enjoyed sex and I owe it all to you."

Greg says, "What am I, chopped liver?"

She quickly responded, “It always hurt. I'm sorry babe. I couldn't handle it like I wanted to, for you. I orgasmed once since we've been married until yesterday and I have orgasmed at least a dozen times and some of those were thinking about what you are doing to David. I even fingered myself at lunch, knowing how David was on his knees bringing you to completion.”

“You orgasmed today?” Greg asks. “Seriously!?!?”

She responds. “Out of all I said, you pick up on that I orgasmed today!?!?”

Greg responds, “What!? I thought David was good for both of us?”

I interject, “What Greg’s trying to say is that he's sorry for hurting you. I think he didn't realize how much he hurt you.”

“Yeah, that!!!!!” Greg exclaims.

Lauren smiles and relaxes as I say, “If mama ain't happy ain't nobody happy.” I grab Lauren’s hand and kiss it. I lean in the opposite direction grabbing Greg's hand and kiss it just as tenderly. “Now, Lauren, if you would join me on the couch someone has some dishes to do.”

She says, “that's right!” She gets up from the table as Greg gives us a sad pouty face but begins picking up the plates and moving the dishes to the kitchen.

I drag Lauren to the couch and ask, “Do you want to Netflix and chill or should I rub your feet a listen to soft music.

She asks, “can you do both?”

“Sure,” I respond, “you want the movie and feet?” She grins as I say, “Anything for my princess.”

“I like the sound of that.” She says as she looks up a movie.

I reply, “I am willing servant and partner to you both.”

She asks partway through the introduction of “Pretty Woman,” “Do you have to go take care of him?

I reply, “I’ll see if the dishes are done and I'll make sure he serves us dessert first.”

I hear Greg in the kitchen. I run to the kitchen, grab our wineglasses and refill them. While there I stand behind Greg at the sink and massage his shoulders.

“I have an idea for later,” I whisper into his ears. I pour more wine in our glasses and return to the couch with them in hand. I ran to the bedroom to grab the foot cream and run back to the living room to sit on the opposite end of the couch.  I grab Lauren's feet, squirt lotion in my hand, warm it and spread it around her right foot. I press and massage her foot pressing various parts and circling the lotion into her foot. She groans and says, “this feels so good.” I hear more clanging in the kitchen and I roll my eyes and Lauren laughs.

“Y'all ready for dessert yet?” Greg shouts from the kitchen.

“Sure.” Lauren says.

I quip, “you can feed me since my hands are covered with lotion”.

Greg replies, “I'll feed you something.”

I turn to Lauren and say, “we need a cock lock on that thing."

"That sounds fun." She said.

Greg comes into the living-room w two slices of key lime pie. He asks, "can I sit in-between you and feed you both?”

“Sure!” We both reply. Lauren moves her legs and Greg squeezes onto the couch. Lauren drapes her legs over Greg’s lap and back into my reach. Greg takes the fork and provides me with the first bite.

“Mmmm.” I say.

He turns and offers Lauren a bite and she replies, “That is good.”

Greg takes a bite. “Yeah. Who knew Publix key lime pie was so good.”

I finish up w Lauren's right foot which seems like the lotion has been absorbed. I take another squirt of lotion and begin working her left foot as Greg offers us each another bite of pie.

The movie seems to be a favorite of Lauren's as she quotes various scenes. Greg and I roll our eyes and laugh. We finish the two slices of pie as I finish massaging Lauren's foot. Lauren says to me, “He's been very patient with us having our cuddle time.” Would you take him back to your bedroom and spend sometime w him before we have to go. Greg's eyes lit up, "really?"

"Yes, babes. Go play while I relax and finish my movie." Greg throws Lauren's legs off him and leaves her falling off the couch. He yanks me up and both Lauren and I are laughing at Greg.

He turns to look at Lauren and I let go of his hand to help Lauren up. I'm kneeling before him and notice the anaconda is growing rapidly down his shorts legs. Lauren notices too. "He is insatiable."

"I know," I say sexily. Greg steps back to Lauren and whispers in her ear and kisses her passionately. He grabs my hand and leads me back to the bedroom, But not before I grab the massage lotion. Lauren shouts back to us, "smelling salts are still on the nightstand."



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