I'm Mark Jacobs,a twenty-two year straight male,or at least I was when this story began.

To get into the adult video stores where I live, you must be at least twenty-one. The clerks began to strictly enforce the law after several were arrested and paid extremely large fines letting in guys younger that twenty-one. In some cases when the store had more that two instances where a clerk was arrested, the city closed the stores down.

As soon as I turned twenty-one, I began going to the video stores and watching all varieties of porn. I was still living at home with my dad and I was sure that he would have killed me if I had brought home a porn video.

So to satisfy my desire to watch them, I frequently went to the video store and stayed for hours. My booth door was always locked and others would try the knob to see if it was unlocked. Even after my first trip, I knew what went on if the door was left unlocked. Many times, I had seen two men come out of the same booth.

Many nights after leaving the video store, I would sit in my car and watch the guys on the street. I'd watch as a car would pull up next to them. They would walk up to the car, talk a moment then either get in or walk away. More often, they would get in, and the car would drive off. I wondered as to what exactly transpired after the car drove away. I knew the guys were selling their bodies to other men, but what exactly went on?

After several months, I decided to stand around and see what happened.

On my first night, I had been standing patiently for about twenty minutes, when an expensive late model car pulled up next to me. As I leaned against the lamp post, the passenger window was lowered and the man inside asked, "You care to go for a ride?"

"Maybe," I replied. "What ya' got in mind?"

He smiled and said, "I haven't seen you around here before. You new to the area?"

"Yea, I am. I'm not familiar with the local action."

"Well, your one hot young stud. I prefer the teens that hand out here but I feel sure you can show me a good time."

"What's your pleasure?"

"All the others here know me. They know I love sucking a nice hard cock and having it up my ass. You willing to oblige me?"

"Maybe, for the right price. What's the going rate you normally pay?"

"I bet you've got a nice big cock on you, so for you if your good, it will be two fifty for four hours."

"Make it a hundred an hour and you got a deal."

"Hell, man, your expensive. How about three hundred?"

"Three fifty," I replied, "and you bring me back here afterwards."

"Deal," he said. "Hop in."

I did and he said his name was Joe. 'Yea, right,' I thought as I said my name was Tim.

He drove to a local motel and we went into his room. Once inside, he began stripping and said for me to do the same.

I was nervous as hell, and said, "Payment first."

He pulled out his wallet and handed me three one hundred dollar bills and a fifty. After shoving them into my jeans pocket, I began stripping. Soon we were both totally nude.

"What you want first?" I asked, realizing I was about to have my first experience with another male.

"Lay in bed and relax and let me do my thing."

I lay in the center of his king size bed and he began kissing my neck then my chest. When he began to lick and gently suck my right nipple, I gasped. I gasped again when he moved to the left nipple. I never dreamed that a man's nipples were so sensitive.

He slowly kissed his way lower and soon was kissing the head of my rock hard cock. When he went around it and began gently sucking my balls, I moaned softly. After a while he stopped and lifted my cock and swallowed it to the base.

"Mother fuck!!!" I said loudly, knowing my seven and a half inch cock was buried in his mouth. A few girls I had dated had tried sucking me but could only take three inches or so and never went all the way.

He began sucking my cock and as he did I thought I was floating around the room. It didn't take me long to climax. As my climax neared, I told him yet he continued sucking.

My cock soon exploded and I was in total ecstasy as my load filled his mouth. Rope after huge rope fired off into his hot wet mouth and I watched as he collected it all. Once he had me totally drained, he slowly puled off and swallowed. I was in disbelief at the fact that the swallowed my load.

"Tim, you shoot a load like that up my ass later and you just might get a bonus."

"We'll have to see what happens."

We lay in bed as he caressed my body, gently kissing me all over. Then after about an hour or so, my cock was again hard. He got up and went to this pants and returned with a bottle of lube.

"I can't wait to have that nice big cock up my ass. Once your in, fuck me anyway you want to. You can go hard and fast or slow and easy. It's up to you."

He lubed my cock generously then lay on his back and after pulling his legs up he lubed his hole.

"Go ahead, stud. Fuck this bitch's hole."

I got into position and made my entry. I had to admit to myself that it was tighter and hotter than any pussy I had fucked. I had received my first blow job from a guy and was now about to get my first piece of man ass. And to top it all off, i was getting paid for it. Unbelievable!

I slid my cock in balls deep as he said how great it felt. It felt great to me also and i began slowly fucking his ass and on each forward thrust, I would send my cock in hard and deep. he said he was loving the way I fucked him. I soon lay on him,my head n his shoulder as I fucked his ass.

Before long, i could feel my climax drawing near and I began fucking his ass faster.

"Yea, stud, fuck me. Shoot that load up my hole. Let me feel your cock fill my ass."

I soon climaxed, shooting another huge load out and this time deep in his ass.

"Fuck, Tim, it's huge. Empty those balls in me."

I did and slowly pulled out.

"That was fucking awesome. I definitely want to meet you again when I'm back in town. And you've definitely earned that bonus."

We showered and afterward, he again sucked my cock a second time. After swallowing another load, he said he needed to get some sleep. We dressed and he took me back to the spot where he had picked me up. Before letting me get out, he handed me another fifty dollar bill, and said, "Ill be back in town two weeks from tonight. Be here at eight."

"I will," I said without thinking.

After getting out of the car, I realized that I had agreed to another date. If he wanted to pay for my cock, why should I refuse?

I thought about what had transpired for a couple days and soon found myself back on the area, standing by the same light pole. Each night I returned, I found a date and got paid a hundred and fifty to let them suck my cock or fuck them in the ass.

Most of the guys were married, in town on business. However some were locals out cheating on their wives. A few were single guys ranging in age from mid thirties to late fifties. Some wanted me to suck them in return, however I couldn't bring myself to do it not with them anyway.

Joe showed up as promised and we again went to his motel. He immediately handed me four one hundred dollar bills and smiled. Joe was in his very early thirties, well built and damn nice looking. No way would anyone suspect he was into sucking cock and getting fucked.

Once at his motel, we both immediately stripped and got in bed. In the last two weeks, I had begun watching mainly gay porn videos and knew more abut what guys did together, like kissing, having a sixty-nine and eating each others ass.

As he began kissing my neck, i turned my face toward him and gently pressed my lips to his. He moaned softly as he slowly parted his lips. I parted mine and soon we were in a hot passionate tongue kiss. It wasn't much different that the tongue kissing I had done with women, just more passionate. I enjoyed it.

After the kiss, he worked his way down and after pausing at my nipples he went for my balls and cock as he had done the fist time we were together.

He soon brought me to my climax and after swallowing, he came up to kiss me. I kissed him back getting a taste of my own cum that still lingered in his mouth. I wasn't repulsed by it in the least.

He lay next to me and I decided to see what it was like.

I began slowly working on him as he had done to me. He moaned as I gently sucked each nipple on his muscular slightly hairy chest.

I went lower and was soon working on his large firm balls, gently sucking one then the other.

I slowly lifted his cock and looked up into his face. He was intently watching me as I opened my mouth ans swallowed his six inch cock.

"Fuck yea!" he said.

I did my best to imitate what he had done to me and soon I felt his cock head swell just a second before it exploded, quickly filling my mouth with a huge load of salty-sweet semen. I collected it all and savored the taste fr a few seconds before quickly swallowing. To my shocked surprised, I liked the taste. I couldn't believe that I had just sucked another man's cock and eaten his load.

He quickly kissed me again and after we parted he said, "I damn sure wasn't expecting that"

"Well, I don't normally do it. It's only with certain guys," I replied.

"I'm honored," he said with a smile. Then reaching around and rubbing his finger around my hole. You ever give his up?"

"Not normally. But maybe for you another time."

"Fuck, I sure hope so," he said.

Later, as before, I fucked his ass and later as he started to suck me a second time, I quickly flipped into a sixty-nine and we sucked each other to another climax.

After dressing, he reached into his wallet and handed me two more one hundred dollar bills.

I had made six hundred that night doing something that I enjoyed.

I was back the next night and began talking to a few of the other male hustlers. I was now one of them. I found out that most charged in the neighborhood of a hundred dollars per sex act,be it sucking, fucking, getting sucked, or getting fucked, or rimming. Most kissed for free.

The youngest there that night selling sex was fifteen and the oldest, other than me, was a twenty-nine year old leather stud, who mainly went with the guys that liked rough sex and wanted to be dominated.

A few nights later, I was in an alley taking a leak when a car drove by, stopping at the next light pole where eighteen year old Greg stood.

What caught my attention was the car. I recognized it and knew the owner, but never dreamed he would be out here,paying for male sex.

I hung around until Greg returned. Greg was slim but well built and sported a beard and moustache. His hair was shoulder length and dark.

I waled up to Greg and said, "I recognized the car you just got out of and know the man, but never dreamed he paid for sex. Do you mind if I ask what he's into?"

"Tim, he loves sucking cock and getting fucked. He prefers going out on a side road off the highway and having sex next to his car. I sit on the hood when he sucks me and he bends over the hood when I fuck him. I must admit he gives a great blow job and his ass is nice and tight. He only comes around just after the first of the month. Said one day he had to wait for a check to come in. He only picks up guys with longer hair and beards. It's his thing."

"Thanks for the info," I said.

"You said you know him. Does he know about you being out here?"

"Has no clue," I said. "At least not yet."

Greg looked at me ad said, "Do you ever play around just for the pleasure of it?"

"I haven't yet but it sounds like fun. Do you?"

"With certain guys, yea. I would with you."

"Same here," I said.

He stepped closer and after looking around,leaned forward and tongue kissed me. After the kiss he asked, "Are you gay or just gay for pay?"

"Well, when I stated it was just our of curiosity. But now I enjoy the sex and figure why not make some money doing what I enjoy. I think now I'm probably gay. I have no interest in pussy any more."

"Never had any so I don't know what I'm missing."

"You're not missing much," I said.

"Tim, would you like to take a night off tomorrow and meet and go to my place for some fun?"

"That sounds great. About eight?"

"Perfect," Greg said.

We met the next night and went to his apartment. It wasn't anything fancy but it was nice and clean. We immediately stripped and started making love. First we kissed and made out then had a hot sixty-nine. Later he asked me to fuck him which I did. Afterward, he began playing with my hole and I told him that I had never been fucked.

"You want to try and see what it's like?"

"Sure, I guess so. Just go slow."

"I will, but at first it will hurt like hell but the more you get fucked the less it hurts to start."

He lubed us both up and began his entry. It did indeed hurt like hell, but I managed to get through it and by the time he climaxed, I was totally enjoying it. He fucked me a second time later at my request. We had a great evening but decided not to let any of the other guys on the street know we did it for pleasure. Most were strictly gay for pay and had girl friends.

Near the first of the following month, I went to a costume shop and bought a wig that hung to my shoulders, along with a professional grade beard and moustache and the adhesive to put it on.

When I showed up wearing it, I went up to Greg. He didn't recognize me until I told him who I was.

"I need a favor," I said.

"Seeing the get up your wearing, I assume you want me to let you take the guy you know."

"Yea. Would you?"

"Sure, and if he stops by me, I'll tell him I'm waiting on someone and suggest he might like you."

Sure enough, the man pulled up by Greg. They talked for a moment then Greg motioned me over and introduced me. I disguised my voice as we talked.

I got in and we drove to a side road where he pulled off ad stopped. We got out and went to the front of the car. He handed me two hundred dollars and had me drop my pants. He soon was on his knees sucking my cock, quickly bringing me to a roaring climax. I then surprised him by grabbing his hard cock and unzipping his pants. I then sucked him dry, swallowing his large load.

He told me that Greg would only do it for extra pay. I told him I wasn't Greg and I believed in mutual pleasure.

After a while we were both boned again and he had me fuck him. I quickly filled his ass with my load and then told him to fuck me. He did and after filling my ass, I turned around and quickly and passionately tongue kissed him.

As we drove back to town, he said he'd be back the first of the following month and would I be willing to go with him again. I said definitely.

I continued to meet Joe every other week as well as others. My bank account was quickly growing. Greg and I also met once a week at his place for pure sex for pleasure.

I met with the guy I knew for three more months. I had now been a male hustler/prostitute for almost a year and frankly I was enjoying it.

Greg and I had our regular weekly meeting and when we went out the next night, we noticed that several of the guys were missing. One of the guys there came up and told us that the vice squad had been through the night before in a sting, pretending to be customers and had arrested several of the guys as well as a few of the guys picking them up.

We all became overly cautious. Three days later on the first of the month, my friend pulled up. I quickly got in and insisted that he get a motel room explaining why. he agreed and once in the room, we waited a while before starting sex. While waiting we did some kissing and fondling of each other and he said how younger guys with long hair and beards turned him on.

When we were sure it was safe we removed our pants and began our first sixty-nine there on the bed. After taking and swallowing each others loads, we rested and talked some before fucking each other. As we fucked each other we kissed passionately. When the fucking was over, I said that I needed to use the bathroom.

While there, I removed my wig and beard and moustache. Taking a deep breath, I stepped back into the room. The man stared at me in total shock for a few seconds, before saying, "OH SHIT! Mark, is that really you?"

"Yes, dad, it's me."

"Son, I never wanted you to find out. How did it happen?"

I told him about seeing him pick up Greg and recognized the car. I said that I had talked to Greg and found out what he was into. After finding out he liked guys with long hair and beards, i said i bought the wig and fake beard in order to meet him.

I asked how long he'd been into guys.

"Since your mother and I divorced. I was all messed up over the divorce and was at a bar. I had consumed quite a bit of alcohol and one guy suggested I sleep it off in his room and not drive. One thing led to another and we had sex and I found that I enjoyed it. I never wanted you to find out."

"Well, I did and I think it's awesome. We have something else in common."

"How did you get started, son?"

I told him everything and about being curious and my first client. "I decided to try more and more and like you, I found that I enjoyed it."

We agreed to stop what we were doing and to have sex together at home. Once we did, we each loved the idea of feeling the other cum in our mouths and asses and doing it to each other.

Dad owned his own company and I began working for him. I began inviting Greg over for dinner frequently and dad and I and Greg had some hot three ways. Both dad and I loved watching the other suck and get fucked by Greg. We eventually talked Greg into giving up the streets and had him move in with us. Dad put him to work also and soon we all became lovers.

When we met other gays and we'd say that the other two were our lovers, they couldn't believe that we had a three way love affair.

It's been awesome this last year with the three of us being together. We have one-on-one sex but most of the time it's three way sex in the bed we all share. I've let my hair grow long for dad and now sport a real beard and moustache. We have a great life together.



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