So here I was, unvirgin. I really found some kind of confidence in my recent 'relation' with Allan but I was now starting to feel the downside of not being virgin: craving for more. I never was of the flirting kind and since I didn't even know where to look for gay guy I just accepted that for the time being, I would enjoy myself alone. Anyway, it was early summer and my family had left for the country house for the weekend but because I was working on the day they left, I stayed home alone... and called a party at my place.

All my closest friend had come, except my best friend Katrina who had to go to her boyfriend's hockey team party. We were all enjoying ourselves, playing drinking game and dancing in my tiny basement when Katrina texted me to know if she could still come. Happy that she would come I called her immediately to tell her she could and to relate all the funny things that she had missed thus far but before I could start, she asked if one of her boyfriend's teammate could come since he was hot and she wanted to match him with one of our friend. So now I was waiting for my best friend and to see if the guy was really hot because you never know with her.

Hot isn't quite the word, Ryan was far more than that. He was a little taller than me and he wore a light gray t shirt under which we could discern the well sculpted pecs and large shoulders. His face is still one of the most handsome one I have ever seen, with his bright blue eyes, angelic features and killer smile. His soft blond hairs were rather short and very simply stylized with not much gel. He nicely greeted everybody and sat at the table near me. Since he didn't have anything to drink I offered him some of my beers. He didn't wanted to at first but I explained that I wouldn't drink much anyway since I didn't wanted to be my wasted at my own party. He would only take one and has the night passed, we were the only ones who were not completely wasted. We talked a little about everything and had a lot of fun to put those who were not gone, to bed, upstairs. I was now eager to go to bed to fantasize on him but when I bring him to the door he asked if he could sleep here. The only remaining place to sleep was the old futon next to my room, in the basement. I was now slightly irritated because I couldn't properly 'think' about him if he was sleeping in the next room.

So I brushed my teeth, took some sheets and opened the futon and as I made his bed, he slowly started to undress himself. He took of his shirt, revealing a nicely muscled chest with sizzled abs and large biceps. Then he removed his socks and when he removed his belt, his jeans dropped a little, showing more of his waist and the outer line of his underwear. I tried not to stare when he dropped his jeans, showing the hottest ass of all time and a promising bulge, in his no name gray boxer briefs. He jumped on the bed and I admired his large athletic thighs, then I placed them at the top of my list of things to dream on. We were there, talking, with me standing and him laying, I just couldn't concentrate on anything else than this extraordinary body. I finally said good night and went straight to my bed.

I usually sleep naked but with so many people in my house I kept my boxers. Not before long, the hunk came knocking at my door. I told him to enter because I didn't want to open the door with a boner. He said he was a little cold and asked if he could have some other sheets. Not wanting to move in my condition I told him to simply put back some clothes. Looking desperate, he came closer and sat on my bed next to me and said 'please' while putting his hands on my thigh through the sheets. Completly confused, I didn't said anything and almost stopped to breathe.

Then, he said he would be warmer if he wasn't alone and kissed me. It actually took me some time before doing something because I was still fixated on his cheesy line, but when I started to realize what was happening and how a good kisser he was, I made him lay next to me and we rolled in my sheets while making out. It felt unreal to be doing such things with such a beautiful guy and also because it was the first time I felt like I was not some kind of gay whore doing some shit with a straight dude.

Our hands were running on each other and he slowly removed my boxers while sensually kissing me in the neck. I watched him lower his boxer under his butt, making me moan on this hairless piece of heaven, as he kissed his way down on my body. He took my dick in his hand and wrapped his mouth around the head of it. His tongue was slowly swirling down my dick and my mind was lifted high as I really felt for the first the warm joy of a blowjob. My penis was going further in his throat every time his head fell on my dick. His other hand was either caressing me or playing with my balls and mine were simply rubbing his golden head while he was slowly deapthroating me. I warned him that I was cumming but he stayed there, pleasing me, until his mouth was full of it. He swallowed everything and softly sucked my post orgasm dick before going back to kiss me. When I found back some strength I tossed the rest of the sheets along with his boxers on the ground and made him move a little. He was on his knees above me and I sucked him generously while grabbing his smooth ass. After a while he moved back to the kissing and when I came to turn around he held me back and simply spread my legs. He played with my hole with his finger before inserting his 9 inch at a good pace. When it was all in, he softly pounded me while we were kissing. His excitation grew and he moved on his knee and took my legs in his arms. His dick went further, further than I was ever fucked and he took a faster pace. We were now booth moaning and breathing heavily but when he came inside me and fell on my side, holding me. It felt like the best feeling ever and we felt asleep like that.

The next morning, I woke up with his hand running on my chess and his lips pressed against my cheek. We simply made out for quite a while before I went down on his dick. I was surprised at how thick it felt in my mouth and I had a great time sucking him. I worshipped all the parts of his body that were in my reach and after swallowing his balls I started to rim him. He moaned weakly and I wanted to fuck him so bad but I didn't found the gut to do it and I went back to his dick. He made me turn on my back and took both our dicks in his hand and began to jack us together. His hand was pumping us quickly and our tongue were entwined when cum began to rush from his dick some of it fell me but the most of it covered my dick. He let go of his dick and only jacked mine until I burst in his hand. He wipe it clean with some paper tissues and he licked the rest of it on my stomach. It felt weird at first but the warmth of his tongue made it feel right quickly enough. After that, we dressed up and acted like nothing happened in front of the others.

Ryan and I didn't saw ourselves for a while and I was okay with that, but has I hoped we would meet again months later...


Adam Monroe

[email protected]


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