From Part 1..........................

Moments later, Capt. Rogers pulled up in a jeep and after telling us to "Climb aboard," he told us to keep a sharp eye out for insurgents.  We headed out and after an hour, he stopped the jeep. After telling us to climb down, he also stepped out of the jeep.  

Moments later he began unbuttoning his shirt.


Part 2..........

We looked around and found that there was absolutely nothing in sight of our location.  Looking back at Captain Rogers, we found that  he had his shirt and undershirt completely off and was removing his boots.

As he removed his boots, he said, "Out here we go by first names.  I'm Jim, and I need you two to strip naked with me.  We're going to have some fun."

Josh and I looked at each other and immediately knew what Jim had in mind.  He was down to his boxers when he stopped and watched Josh and I remove our clothes.  We could see his huge cock stiffening in his boxers, and it made our cocks begin to stiffen.  Then, all at the same time, we slid down our boxers, tossing them into the jeep with the rest of our gear.

"Fuck! Carl was right.  You two are fucking hot," he said as he stepped closer, grasping our hard cocks, one in each hand.  Then, leaning forward he first began tongue kissing me for a moment before going to Josh, and together, we fondled his hard cock.

After a moment he pulled away and said, "Give me a hand  and lets cover this sand."  together we spread out four blankets forming a huge square to play on. Moments later, Jim had Josh and I laying side by side on our backs and was hungrily going back and forth between our cocks eagerly sucking them as Josh and I eagerly kissed each other.

Moments later, Jim had Josh start fucking his ass while I fucked his mouth.   Soon, josh climaxed deep in Jim's ass.  Jim continued sucking my cock as Josh dove into Jim's ass and began sucking his own load out.  Seeing that made me reach my climax in seconds and I loudly filled Jim's mouth with my load.

Jim collected it in his mouth and held it as me managed to tell Josh to feed him what was in his mouth.  Josh began kissing Jim, feeding him the huge cum load he had sucked out of Jim's ass.  We watched as Jim swirled both loads around in his mouth before smiling and swallowing both.

Jim then lay on his back and Josh and I lay with him, one on each side.  As Jim went back and forth sucking on our cocks and balls, we began stroking his eight inch cock.  Moments later he began to moan softly and we knew he was nearing his climax.  We watched as his cock erupted sending numerous huge loads out onto his stomach and chest, with one volley landing on his lips.  Before we could react, he quickly used his tongue to lick it up and eat it.  Josh and I then leaned forward and began licking him totally clean, each eating half his huge load.

Afterward, we lay cuddled together and asked Jim why he stayed married if he loved men so much.

"Guys, I do love my wife, however she is terminally ill, but since a week before we married, her dad and I have been having sex.  It started when he happened to stop by my place and catch me sucking a close bud of mine.  It ended up in a three way.  Sam and I began having regular sex and he made me a deal.  He said that if I stayed married to his daughter and made her happy for the time she had left, he and I could continue having sex and he would leave his construction company to me when he passed.  He and I are secret lovers."

We asked how long his wife had left and he said about two years and he would be out of the Marines in a year.  he said after she was gone her dad wanted him to move in with him so they could have sex daily.  He asked about the relationship Josh and I had and Josh quickly replied, "Mark and I are lovers."  I smiled broadly.

"That's nice and hot.  Let me watch you two have sex while I jerk off."

Josh and I began making out, then took turns fucking each other before ending in a sixty-nine.  Just as Josh and I fed each other, Jim busted his nuts, sending another huge load out onto his stomach and chest. Again we licked him clean, but this time he insisted we feed it to him. It was hot watching him eat his own cum.  

It was soon time to leave, and after folding the blankets and putting them in the jeep, Josh said he needed to piss.  I spoke up and said I needed to also.  Immediately, Jim told us to hold it.  He instructed us to stand in the rear of the jeep facing out as he got on his knees in the sand below us, looking up at us.

"This is an order.  Piss all over me including my face and in my mouth."

Josh and I looked at each other then down at Jim.  He knelt there, his mouth open.  Almost simultaneously, Josh and I started pissing at the same time, directing our streams into Jim's face.  Eagerly, he began drinking all that went into his mouth.  By the time we were through, his body was soaked in our piss and he was saying how much he enjoyed it.

On the way back to our post, he said that his father-in-law was also into water sports.  But he also made us promise to keep what happened just between the three of us.  "Carl know nothing other that the fact that I suck cock and get fucked.  I want to keep it that way."  We agreed.

At times, Jim would call either josh or I into his office and give us a quick blow job or drink our piss load.  Only one other time did the three of us have another party in the desert, before he mustered out.  However, he did give us his address and made us promise to visit when we got out.

Josh and I managed to have some private sessions together before our return to the states. We had one other tour overseas before we got out, and after we became civilians, we called Jim and asked if he would like some company.  He said definitely. He also informed us that his wife had passed and he was now living as a couple with her dad.

"I told Roy about you two and he is anxious to meet you."

Three days later we arrived and when they came out to greet us they were both naked. Seeing the shock on our face, Jim quickly said, "Since it is totally private out here, we live this way."  He then introduced us to Roy.  Although Roy was older, he was still in great shape and hot as hell as well as good looking.

We were shown to out room and immediately stripped and joined them poolside.  As we sat side by side on the edge of the pool with out feet in the water. Roy swam up to us ad said with a smile, "I want to see if you two taste as good as Jim says you do."  Immediately he began alternating between our cocks.  Before long, we both fed him our loads, and after he had swallowed each, he said, "Jim. you were right.  They are both totally delicious."

We spent four days with them and by the time we left, we had both taken several loads from each in both our mouths and asses.  At the same time we had both given them many loads in their ass and mouths.  However the hottest thing to watch was both of them kneeing in front of us mouths open and eagerly drinking our piss. It totally amazed us.

Josh and I returned home and went to work for his dad.  It was a severe shock to his dad when we told him that we were gay and lived as husband and husband.  However, after a few weeks, he accepted it totally.

A year later, Josh's dad passed and to our surprise his dad had left the business to Josh and I together on a fifty-fifty split.  He said in his will that he was leaving the business to his two loving sons.

Then disaster struck.  Nine months later, Josh was returning home from the store and was hit head on by an 18-wheeler driver who had lost control and entered the lane Josh was in.  He was killed instantly.

I managed to get through the funeral but it wasn't easy.  Other than leaving the house for work, I became a hermit, even refusing to join friends for a drink.  It was almost a year before our best friends, Brad and Greg, another gay couple, finally forced me out to dinner with them and a friend of theirs, Jack.

I had to admit that it was a great evening and that I had enjoyed the company.  They had told me in advance that Jack knew everything that had happened and was sensitive to my situation.

A couple weeks later, Jack called and invited me to a ball game and I accepted, not knowing why.  I was now in my late twenties and Jack was in his mid-thirties. He didn't look or act his age.  He seamed closer to my age.

We dated for months but only going to sports events or dinner.  Sex was never mentioned.  Then, one evening when we returned to my place, I kissed Jack in a friendly manner and before I realized it, I had invited him to spend the night.  He accepted.

That night, I had sex for the first time in over a year and a half.  It was almost like the first time all over again.  Jack was extremely patient with me and I appreciated it.

Jack and I saw each other two to three times  month for dinner and sex, but I wouldn't let my feeling for him go past friendship. I just couldn't.

Then, one afternoon I decided to stop for a beer at a local bar where the clientele was fifty-fifty, gay and straight.  As I sat at the bar,  a man close to my age came in and took the stool next to me.  I turned to acknowledge him and gasped.  It was amazing at how much he reminded me of Josh.  He looked at me questioningly and I explained about how much he reminded me of my deceased lover.  He expressed his condolences and said he understood.  We began to talk and it was a relief to be able to talk with him and get some things off my chest.

We began meeting regularly for dinner and to talk. I could talk to him openly and without reservation.  Then I began telling him about Jack and how close we had become.

"Do you love him?" he asked. 

"I care for him, but I'm not sure if I can ever love again, not like I loved Josh." I looked down at my feet, almost in tears.

"You could, if you let yourself," I heard him say.  I looked up at him and saw his face change and seconds later I was looking into Josh's face.

"Mark, let yourself love him.  He loves you.  I know how much you love me, because I love you the same way.  I'll always be with you in your heart, but Jack is good for you.  You make a beautiful couple.  Let him into your heart.  There s room for both of us. I'll always love you."  Then, as I looked at him, he gradually faded and turned to vapor and disappeared.  I couldn't explain what had happened or how he had let others see him when we went to dinner.

Jack and I were to go to dinner the next night, but I insisted that I cook and we spend the evening at my place.

He arrived and after a hello kiss, I finished dinner and we ate.  After we had cleaned the dishes and were sitting side by side on the sofa holding hands, I said, "I have something that I need to say."

"What is it?" he asked.

As I turned to look him in the face, I could see Josh's figure behind him smiling broadly.  After taking a deep breath, I said, "Jack, I realize that I have fallen in love with you and hope you feel the same for me and I would be honored if you would be my life partner."

I could see Josh's ghostly figure smile and give me a thumbs up as Jack softly replied, "Mark, I have loved you for months but didn't want to rush it.  I would be honored to be your partner."

As I leaned in to kiss Jack, I saw Josh's figure disburse and disappear, all while smiling.

Jack moved in with me that next weekend and we began our life together.  I contacted Jim and Roy and let them know and they insisted we visit.  We did and they were in awe as I told them of my encounter with Josh's spirit and what he told me.

To all who are alone, for whatever reason, there is love out there if you let yourself find it.

THE END.............

COMING.............THE IN-LAWS



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