From Part 1................

She didn't know that I had taken a full week of vacation although she had taken the week off also. I flew to New Orleans and got a room in the French Quarter That first night I decided to see what was around and began walking along Bourbon Street.  At the far end of the street, I came upon a bar and from the activity I could see inside I knew it was a gay bar.

I went in and began checking it out.  With a cold beer in hand I began to circulate around. After a few moments, I noticed that a man old enough to be my dad yet damn good looking, muscular and hot, checking me out. I had no problem with his age, and if he made contact and wanted to jump in bed, I was ready.


Part 2..........

The man came toward me, smiling and as he stopped he said, "I'm Brent. You must be new around here.  I can't remember seeing you here before."

"I'm Clay," I lied.  "And you're right, I am new.  I just arrived in town today."

"Uhh,"he said, "you do know what kind of bar this is don't you?"

"Yes, I do.  I could tell from looking in from the street.  That's why I came in."

"I'm glad you did and I want to apologize if I started out too strong.  Let me start over."

Laughing, I said, "Forget it.  That's not necessary. I appreciate your concern."

"Thanks," he said, "And just to be up front, you're hot as hell.

"Thanks'," I replied.  "You're not bad yourself."

He led me to a table in a corner and as we talked his hand rested on my thigh and slowly worked it's way higher. I found out that he was forty-five and  assured him that he was not too old for me. His full neatly trimmed beard turned me on as did his hairy chest showing through is partially buttoned shirt.

After a moment, I leaned toward him and pressed my lips to his gently, after which I said, "I'm in room 410 at the French Quarter Inn if you care to join me later."

Without waiting for a reply I stood up and left the bar, knowing that he would be knocking on my room door soon.

I arrived at my room and immediately stripped totally naked and just a few moments later there was a knock on the door.  Looking through the viewer, I saw Brent standing on the other side.  Staying behind the door, I opened it as he stepped in and saw me he smiled and said, "You're even hotter than you were in the bar."

Stepping up to me he pressed his lips to mine as he grasped and caressed my stiffening cock. I slipped one hand into his partially open shirt and as I rubbed his hairy chest, My other hand rubbed his hard cock through his jeans.

After the kiss, I smiled and said, "Why don't you get comfortable."

He immediately stripped and as he did I pulled the covers back on the bed and lay down waiting on him.  He was beautiful and his body was as toned and muscular as mine. Seconds later we were kissing passionately, our tongues exploring each others mouth. 

He began working his way down my body with his tongue, first stopping at my nipples then going to my navel then lower to my balls which he sucked on gently.  As he worked my balls with his talented tongue, he lifted my legs and soon had his tongue buried in my hole.  I moaned in exquisite pleasure.  Then I felt his tongue entering my mouth again. I quickly began doing the same to him.

As I started back up his body, he flipped and we were in the infamous sixty-nine, hungrily devouring each others cock, working desperately to get and eat each others cum load.

We climaxed simultaneously and after swallowing, we kissed passionately.  Holding me in his arms, he said,softly, "Baby, you are the hottest thing I've been to bed with in ages."

"Well, if you are so pleased, it's only Friday night.  What are you doing for the rest of the weekend?"

"With your permission, having sex with you here in your room."

"Permission granted," I replied, "but only if I get you in my ass."

"You got it and I want the same from you."

We kissed again and as my cock began to stiffen for round two, he started sucking it.  Once hard he said, "Fuck me.  Use my spit as lube."

He was on his back and raised his legs.  I quickly got into position and as I made my entry into his hot hole, he grabbed my hips and pulled me into him balls deep. "OH, FUCK YEA!" he exclaimed.  "Fuck me!"

I did as instructed and each time my climax drew near I paused and let it subside some. By doing this, I stayed in his ass for nearly an hour when he begged me to let him feel my load shoot in his ass.  I relented and filled him to the extreme.

As I pulled out, my huge load began to slowly drain out.  Before he could react, I buried my mouth on his hole and sucked up every drop of my cum as it drained out.  Once I had it all, I lay on hos prone body and kissed him passionately sharing my load with him, each eventually swallowing half.

His cock was rock hard and I looked at him and said, "Your turn."

He mounted me and soon he began to piston in and out of my hole, edging as I had done with him.  Another hour passed before he exploded deep in my hole.  Then, as I had done, he buried his face in my hole and literally sucked every drop of his load out of my ass before kissing me and sharing it.

We had sex all weekend, ordering room service for our meals which he paid for.  Late Sunday evening, he dressed and left asking if he could see me again.  I told him I'd be looking for him at the bar.  He kissed me again and as he left the room he said, "I wish you lived here."

"It would be nice," I replied. 

Closing the door, I leaned against it and admitted to my self that it had been the best weekend of sex I had ever had.

Monday evening I was at the bar looking for Brent.  As I did, a young man in his early twenties came up to me and asked, "You looking for Brent?"

"Uh, yes I am," I replied. 

"I'm Josh," he replied.  "He asked me to tell you that he was having to work late tonight and said to give you this."

He handed me a note which read, "Wish I could be there for another hot session,  Josh is also hot in bed.  You won't be disappointed if you take him to your room.  He's awesome, but not as good as you, but don't tell him I said that."

I tore the note into tiny pieces and introduced myself to Josh.  "Brent says you're hot in bed."

"He told me the same about you," he replied.

I smiled and said, "Shall we head to my hotel and find out if he was right or not?"

"I'd love that," Josh replied.

We headed out and Josh drove us to the hotel and as soon as I shut the room door, he took me in his arms and kissed me passionately. We quickly stripped each other and fell into bed.  Moments later we were in a hot passionate sixty-nine.  Later we fucked and ate each others ass as Brent and I had done, only this time my partner was younger. Josh's cum loads were as big and tasty as Brent's were.

Before he left the room, he commented that he would love a three way with me, him, and Brent.  I quickly told him that I would love the same.

Tuesday I did some sightseeing and that evening I stayed in my room.  The phone rang and when I answered I heard Brent asked, "Are you going to the bar tonight?"

"I thought I'd stay in and rest tonight," I replied.

"Well, I have to work again tonight but have cleared Wednesday and Thursday nights. I also understand  that you would like a three way with Josh and I."

"I would."

"Well, why don't he and I pick you up tomorrow night for dinner then the three of us can return to your room for some fun?"

"Tell me what time to be ready?" I replied.

"We will pick you up at half past six," he replied, "and don't jerk off  save it for us."

"You save yours also.  See you tomorrow," I replied.

The arrived exactly on time and we headed out for dinner.  Afterward we returned to my room and I watched these two studs strip and was totally boned by the time I was nude, as were they.  They stepped up to me and we had a three-way kiss.

Moments later as I sucked Brent's cock, he sucked Josh and Josh sucked me. We all climaxed just moments apart and had a hot wet messy three way cum kiss.  Afterward, as Josh and I made out, Brent alternated between my ass and Josh's ass eating us out.then later I found out something that I never expected.

I was on my hands and knees and as Josh fucked my ass, I hungrily and lovingly sucked Brent's cock.  after doing this for a couple of minutes, Brent asked, "Clay, have you ever sucked a man's cock while his son was fucking your ass?"

I froze and looked up at Brent. Removing his cock from my mouth I looked into his face and said "What?"

"Josh is my son.  We have been playing since he turned seventeen. We love sucking and fucking each other but most of all we love sharing a hot stud like you. "

"Hell, sex is sex," I replied as I returned to sucking Brent's hot beautiful cock.  Moments later, as Josh filled my ass, Brent filled my mouth. I swallowed and felt Josh start sucking his cum out of my hole.  Once he had it all he and Brent kissed and shared it.  Later I insisted that I had watch them suck each other and fuck each other.  It was one of the hottest things I had ever seen, seeing a father and son suck and fuck each other.

On Thursday we had a repeat performance and it was awesome.  As they left, Brent said that they were having company for the weekend and wouldn't be available until Sunday night.  I said that I would delay my departure until Monday so we could have Sunday night for three way sex.

Friday night I had to meet Amy's dad and I dreaded it.  I arrived at the house and Amy greeted me and took me to the den.  As I looked at her dad's sports collection, I heard her say, "Mark, I'd like you to meet my father and brother.  As he said, "This is my dad, Brad, and my brother, Jack," I found myself looking into the face of Brent and Josh.  I nearly shit and I could see a slight look of shock in their faces.

"So nice to finally meet you," Brad/Brent said. "Amy has told me so much about you."  I shook their hands and we visited casually.  I found out that her dad owned his own company where Jack/Josh worked also.  We managed to get though the weekend and as far as Amy knew, I was returning home Sunday night.  I had barely returned to my room, before there was a knock at the door.

It was Brad.  We both burst out in laughter before he sais, "Man when I saw your face, I nearly shit." 

"Same here," I told him. We talked and knew something had to be done. He told me that Amy was hoping that the relationship would go further and that I would propose to her.

"If I marry anyone in that family it will be you," I blurted out without thinking.  He just looked at me.  I had never meant to say that out loud.

"I'll think of something," I replied.

Later Jack joined us and we had out last awesome three way. 

I returned home and set a plan in action.  I started dating another girl I had met.  Amy, unfortunately, was crushed.  She soon started dating another guy in town and within a month were making plans to marry before he was transferred to the west coast with his job.

Brad and Jack came for the wedding .  Of course, I wasn't invited. 

Brad stayed over for a couple of days and of course we had wild sex.  However there was some business discussed.  He offered me the job of VP of accounting.  I immediately accepted and moved in with he and Jack.  Officially, I had my own bedroom but most of the time I slept with Brad or Jack, sometime both.

Amy eventually found out that the three of us were gay and "disowned " her dad and brother.  It made it easier for the three of us to enjoy each others bodies. We have lived together for three years and it has been awesome.  And I still get turned on watching a dad and son have sex. And they each enjoy watching the other have sex with me.   

Life is awesome!!!

THE END......................



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