My name is Mike Davis and I probably should give you some background on this story.

When I was fourteen, my mother and I were on our way home from shopping when our car was hot broadside by a speeding driver. He hit the drivers door and my mother was killed instantly, while I suffered multiple cuts and bruises and a mild concussion.

A few weeks later, I began having nightmares, waking up crying and yelling, reliving the accident. My dad wold rush to my bed and sit and hold me telling me everything was okay. After the first couple of times, I noticed that my dad was nude when he came in and realized that he slept that way.

I was fascinated with my dads cock and whenever I had a dream and he came in, I made sure I got to see it as much as possible. I began easing my hand closer to it, trying to feel it, but dad would casually move my hand away and put me back to bed.

I would go where ever I could to see guys cocks, and admitted to myself that I was gay.

Then, I met Cory when he and his dad moved into the house next to dad and I after his parents divorced.

Cory and I became best friends immediately as did our dads. They had something in common: they were two single dads raising teen sons.

Cory was my age and we had many classes together. My dad, Don, is an accountant and Cory's dad, Greg, is a city police officer.

Well, as boys will do, Cory and I began experimenting with sex together. We started out stroking together, then stroking each other, then we graduated to sucking each other and eating each others loads. Finally, we began fucking each other and kissing. We had daily sex through out our high school years. we both were on the football team and found two other guys on the team that were gay and the four of us began having sex together.

Then, shortly after graduation from high school, dad told me to decide what I wanted to do for my eighteenth birthday. The next morning I decided to get some suggestions from Cory.

I went over and knocked but there was no answer. Then I heard music coming from the back yard and assumed Cory was in the hot tub, so I went through he gate to the patio.

I was shocked to see Mr. Baker, Cory's dad, siting in the tub.

'Oh, hi Mr. Baker. Is Cory home?'

'Hi Mike,' he replied. 'No, he's not. He decided to drive over to Jonestown to take care of something. He should be back about two or so this afternoon.'

'Oh, okay,'I said. 'If you would would you tell him I'd like to talk to him?'

'Sure,' he replied. 'Your dad at work?'

'Yes, sir,' I said as I started to leave.

'Well, I'm off today. Looks like we're both alone today.'

'Yes, sir, it looks that way.'

'Well then, why don't you stay and join me in the hot tub? There are cold sodas in the mini-fridge there.'

'Thanks. I'd enjoy that. I'll be back after I change into my swim trunks.' I was as comfortable being around Mr. Baker as I was being around my own dad.

'Hey, it's just us here,' he said. 'You don't need a swim suit. I don't have one on.' He stood and stepped out and got a two sodas out of the fridge.

He was totally nude and awesome looking. My heart began to race and my cock stirred slightly.

Handing me a soda, he added, 'I'm sure you've been nude with all the guys in the locker room after a game. It's no different here. Come on, I'd enjoy the company.'

'Well, okay, I guess,' I replied and began removing my clothes.

As I removed my shorts and briefs, Mr. Baker stepped back into the hot tub saying, 'Mike, you really have a nice body for a young man your age. You should be proud of it.'

'Thanks, Mr. Baker.'

'Mike, please, call me Greg, and your welcome.'

I stepped over and down into the bubbling water quickly so as to get my slowly stiffening cock out of sight.

'Mike, I just have one favor to asked of you.'

'What's that?'

'Let's keep this just between you and me. Please don't tell your dad or Cory. They might not understand. Promise me?'

'Yea, I promise.'

'Thanks,' he said smiling.

We talked a while and he slowly eased closer to me, and our legs rubbed against each other. Then he asked if I would like another soda. I said sure and when he stood to step out of the hot tub, his cock was fully erect.

'Sorry about that, but it happens to all us guys when you least expect it, right?'


'It ever happen to you?'

'Many times,' I replied.

He handed me my soda, his hard cock only about a foot from my face.

'I got to take a piss,' he said as he stepped off the patio into the grass. Facing me, he began pissing, slowly at first then the stream began to get heavier.

Deciding to see what his reaction would be, I said, 'I think I'll join you.' I stood and stepped out of the hot tub and walked over and stood next to him, my own cock rock hard, and began pissing also.

'Damn, that's not a young man's cock, that's a man's cock. You ever measure it?'

'Yea, out of curiosity. Soft, it's just a hair over six inches. When it gets hard it just over seven and a half.'

'Damn, Mike, that thing is beautiful.'

'Thanks, Greg. How big is that tool your sporting?'

'Eight and a quarter,' he replied.

'Nice. No, it's fucking awesome.'

We made our way back to the hot tub and I knew without a doubt that Greg was 'putting the make' on me. I found it strange yet exciting to know it was my best friends dad.

Back in the hot tub, Greg sat next to me and after a moment he asked, 'May I feel that tool of yours?'

'Sure. It might feel good to have another persons hand on it instead of my own.

He reached over and gently grasped my still hard cock and began slowly stoking it.

'Ummm, that feels awesome,' I said.

'I'm glad you're enjoying it.'

With my hand under the water, I eased it over and grasped his cock and did he same to him.

'Oh, fuck yea,' he said looking into my eyes.

I slowly eased my face closer to his and as I had hoped, he picked up on it and leaned in to meet me and we kissed, exchanging tongues passionately.

After a moment, we separated and as he looked at me he said, 'Mike, may I have a taste of that tool of yours?

I eased up out of the water and sat on the edge of the hot tub and said, 'Greg, it's all yours under one condition.'

'And what would that be?'

'I get to taste yours afterward.'

'Gladly,' he replied with a smile before leaning forward and swallowing my cock.

I moaned in pleasure not believing that my best friends dad was sucking my cock, much less a city police officer. I wondered if Cory knew his dad was gay and if they were having sex.

Greg sucked lovingly and I knew it wasn't anywhere close to being his first time. He soon brought me to a roaring massive climax and as my load fired off into his mouth, he hungrily swallowed every drop.

As he pulled off he looked up at me and said, 'That was fucking awesome. I've wanted to do that for almost a year now.'

'You can do it anytime you want, but right now it's my turn.'

I eased back into the water as he sat on the side. I quickly swallowed his and sucked him to his climax. He began sending huge volleys of thick sweet cum into my mouth and throat. I eagerly swallowed every drop he fed me.

As I pulled off, he pulled me up to him and we kissed again. When we separated, our arms still around each other, I asked, 'Does Cory know anything?'

'Oh fuck no! And please don't say anything to him. I know you two are like brothers and talk but please don't say anything about me sucking cock.'

'I promise to keep this just between us.'

'Thanks,' he said. 'Does he or your dad know about you?'

'Fuck no!' I lied. Cory was a cocksucker like me but my dad knew nothing. 'And I don't want either of them knowing.'

'Your secret is safe with me just as mine is with you.'

'Deal,' I said.

After getting out of the hot tub, I picked up my clothes and we waked back into the house. Greg led me to his bedroom and as we lay cuddled together we kissed and fondled each other.

Greg was muscular, well built and hairy. As I ran my fingers through his hairy chest, we both became hard again.

'Mike, will you fuck me?'


He got his lube out of the nightstand and lubed my cock and his ass. Then, laying on his back, he pulled his knees up to his chest, exposing his hot hole.

'It's all yours,' he said.

I got into position and pressed the head of my cock against his hole.

'Just go straight in. Bury it all in one push,' he said.

I did and he moaned then said, 'Oh fuck yea. That feels so fucking good. Fuck my brains out.'

I began pounding his ass hard and deep as he said how great it was. Soon, I unloaded my load deep into his ass. As I pulled out he told me that I had just given him the best fuck he had received in months.

I calmly lay next to him and took his tube of lube and lubed my hole. As he looked at me I said, 'Your turn.'

He mounted my ass and fucked me slow and deep at first but as his climax drew near, he fucked faster and harder. It was awesome feeling his huge load shoot up into my cavern knowing my best friends cop dad was the donor.

We kissed and cuddled some more and I asked him casually, 'Greg, you get any cock when out on patrol?'

'Occasionally. Some of the guys I stop offer to do anything to get out of a ticket. I have received a few blow jobs and fucked a couple of asses. They were all older guys. No hot young ones like you.'

I soon dressed and we made plans to meet again.

At times Greg would text me to meet him in his back yard. It was usually around two in the morning. We'd meet and either sixty-nine or fuck each other quietly. When Cory was gone and Greg was home, he'd call me to come over.

Then one Saturday I was running some errands, when I looked up and saw red and blue lights flashing behind me. I pulled to the side and stopped. Greg soon appeared at my door, smiling.

'Hey, stud. When I leave follow me at a distance.'

He returned to his patrol car and left. I followed him, staying way back. Before long, he turned down a deserted alley then into an abandoned warehouse.

I followed and as I got out of my car he grabbed me and kissed me passionately. There, in the abandoned warehouse we passionately sucked each other dry. It was the first time I got to suck him while in uniform.

Afterward, before we left I asked, 'Greg, when you and dad go out or are together does it feel strange knowing your having sex with his son?'

'Oh, fuck yea. Don is my closest and dearest friend. When I look into his eyes I see your eyes and nearly always get a boner.'

'I feel the same way when I'm with Cory.

Cory and I continued having sex together regularly and I had sex with Greg whenever we could. Greg and dad usually went out one night during the weekend and sometimes one night during the week.

After both mine and Cory's eighteenth birthdays, I noticed dad calling more often saying that he had to work late, and there was a strange nervousness in his voice. I figured he had found a lady friend and if he had I was glad for him.

Then one afternoon he called saying again saying he had to work late. I told him 'No problem.' However, I decided to check things out for myself and see if he stayed late or not.

I parked on the street where I could see the exit drive of the parking garage by his office. Shortly after five, I saw dad's car pull out and into traffic. I started up my car and eased in well behind him, yet keeping him in sight.

Before long, he pulled into a motel on the edge of town. I stopped and waited as he went into the lobby. A few minutes later he came out and drove back to room 134. I drove to a business a half block away and walked back and waited.

There was a vacant lot next to the motel that was overgrown with weeds and scrub brush and I found a spot where I could kneel down and watch.

About fifteen minutes later I saw a car pull in that I recognized. I couldn't believe what I was seeing when the car parked next to dad's and the driver got out and knocked on the door of dad's room. I watched as the door opened and dad let him in. then just before the door closed, I saw them kiss.

I was in shock and after a couple of minutes, I eased out of the brush and over to the room. There was a slight crack in the drapes, and after looking around and making sure no one was around I stooped down and peered into the room.

There on the bed, both totally naked and in a sixty-nine, were dad and Cory. I never had the slightest hint that dad was into men. I watched a minute and when I heard voices around he corner, I go up and returned to my car.

I wondered if this meeting was going on every time dad had to 'work late'. I decided o check it out.

However, when dad would call, I'd drive to the motel and get into position and wait. As expected, every time dad had o work late, he showed up at the motel as did Cory. I took my camera with me on several occasions and took pictures of Cory arriving and them kissing when I could get a shot of it.

Then one afternoon, I went to my computer and inserted the memory card from my camera. Choosing what pictures I wanted, I printed them. Although they were on plain paper, they were in color and very clear.

That Saturday, Dad and Greg went out and I called Cory to come over, knowing he would be expecting sex. He was in for a total surprise.

When he arrived, I was nude as I normally was when he came over for sex. He tongue kissed me then immediately stripped. We went to my room and had a hot sixty-nine in my bed. Afterward, as we lay there cuddling, I asked, 'Does my dad have a nice cock?'

Stunned by my question, he was quiet for a second then said, 'How the fuck should I know.'

'Well, since you're having sex with him, you should know.'

'Mike, what the fuck are you talking about?'

'Here's what I'm talking about,' I said handing him the pictures I had printed.

As he looked at the pictures, his face turned deathly white.

'Oh fuck, Mike. How long have you known?'

'About a month.'

'How'd you find out?' he asked.

'Dad began calling ad saying he had to work late more than normal. I thought he might have found a lady friend. I decided to follow him from work and followed him to the motel. I hid in the brush and I'm sure you can imagine how shocked i was to see you drive up and go in kissing him before the door shut. I even peeked int the room that first time and saw you two in a sixty-nine. I was there on several occasions after that getting the pictures.'

'Mike, he made me promise not to tell you. I never told him that we were having sex. Please! I hope your not upset with me.'

'I'm not but how did it get started?'

'Several months ago, dad got called in on his day off. Your dad came over to see him and I thought it was you. I was nude and thinking we would be having sex, I called out for him to come on in. I was standing inside he door, my cock fully hard.

He came in and seeing me, smiled and said that I obviously wasn't expecting him. He came on in and I could see his boner in his pants. I asked if seeing me turned him on. He said yes so I asked him if he needed it taken care of. He said sure, so I undressed him and before I knew it, we were in a sixty-nine on the floor. We kept meeting secretly after that.'

'Do you fuck each other?'

'Oh yea. We do it all.'

'Well, since I know about you and my dad, there is something I feel I should tell you. I'm going to be breaking a promise but your dad and I are also having sex.'

'No fucking way! You're just saying that to get back at me. There is no way my dad is gay. Fuck, Mike, he's a fucking cop.'

'Cory, I promise you it's true.' I told him how it started and he still had trouble believing me.

'Okay,' I began. 'Let's do this. Next time he has a day off during the week make an excuse to go somewhere and tell him you won't be back until late afternoon. When you're gone he goes to the hot tub nude and calls me. When he calls me, I'll call you. while we're in the hot tub, you can sneak back in and watch out the window. I'll make sure we do it all out there so you can see for yourself.'

'Deal,' he said.

The next day, Wednesday, he called me saying his dad would be off on Thursday. 'I'm telling him that I'll be gone with some friends all day. I'm leaving about nine.'

As soon as he calls me, I'll call you. Go into our back yard and make sure we're in the hot tub.'

Everything went as planned and Cory watched as his dad sucked my cock, rimmed my ass and later got fucked by me. He also watched me suck his dad, rim his dad and get fucked by his dad.

Later that afternoon he called me asking me to go grab a burger with him. We did and took our meals to the lake where we ate and talked.

'Damn, I saw it but I'm still having trouble believing it,' he said. 'I'd love to have sex with him myself.'

'Same with my dad. Knowing he's into it all, I get boned anytime we're together.'

'Mike, this is wild. You're having sex with my dad. I'm having sex with your dad and neither one knows about it. You and I are having sex and our dads don't know. The only ones not having sex together are our dads.'

'Are you sure?' I asked. 'They sure spend a lot of time together.'

'Damn, do you think it's possible?'

'I don't know, but there sure are a lot of secrets going on. I guess it's possible. I feel sure neither has told the other what they are doing with the others son.'

'I'm sure that if they had, our dads would have said something,'he replied.

'Shall we find out?' I asked.

'How? Do you have an idea?'

'Yes, I do. Is your dad off this weekend?'

'Yea. He's got some comp time that he's taking this weekend.'

'Okay, then. This weekend, we're going camping or at least that is what we'll tell them. But instead, we'll get a room at a motel and come back here and spy on them. With us gone, they will have free time at either house.'

'Let's do it,' Cory said.

Friday afternoon we packed my car with our camping gear and that afternoon we headed out. w

We went to the motel that dad used, checked in and waited until late afternoon before heading back to the house. We parked down the street and waited.

Since Greg and Cory had the hot tub, we decided that they would probably get together at Greg's.

We waited and watched. Just after dark, we saw my dad come out the front and head to Greg's. He was wearing only a pair of shorts and sandals.

'Here we go,' I said. 'If they aren't planning sex, why wouldn't my dad have on a shirt?'

We waited a few minutes then walked to my house and into my back yard. I quietly carried a chair to the fence by an overhanging bush and cautiously peeked over. There in the hot tub sat Dad and Greg in a hot passionate kiss. I motioned for Cory to get a chair. He did and as we both watched, we could tell they were groping each other. Soon, Dad sat on the edge of the tub and greg sucked him off, then as Greg sat on the edge, Dad sucked him off.

After that they began talking and we heard Greg say,'With the boys gone all weekend it frees us up to have all the sex we want.'

'I know,' my dad replied, 'and I love it. You know how much I care for you, but I'm afraid that if Mike knew I am gay, he'd hate me.'

'I doubt that seriously,' Greg said, knowingly. 'Cory might hate me though, if he found out about me.'

'You never know what the boy might think,' dad told him.

We eased off the chairs and went into the house.

'Each knows that the others son would accept them being gay but neither is telling the other that their sons are gay,' Cory said.

'We have to settle this fiasco tonight,' I said.

We decided to wait until they headed for he bedroom. We waited and watched and when they went inside we gave them time. We listened as they fucked each other, and then when they started a sixty-nine, we both stripped in Cory's room and as we walked in on them, our cocks rock hard, I said, 'Can we join this party?'

Both men froze, looking back and forth at eachother then at us. Cory and I sat down and told them everything. Each was surprised t know that the other was having sex with his son.

'Now that it's all out in the open that all our of us are gay, we can all be ourselves now. Cory and I have both enjoyed the pleasures of the others dad, so now I think it's time we got to enjoy the plesure of sex with our own dad. The dads agreed and within seconds both sets of father and son were kissing passionately all in the same bed.

Soon, the four of us were in a father/son sixty-nine. Later, each pair watched the other pair fuck each other.

That was just over a year ago. The four of us now live together and Dad and Greg are lovers.

Even tho, dad and I and Greg and Cory have sex regularly. Frequenly, while dad and Greg have sex in the den, Cory and I are next to them doing our thing.

The four of us have a great relationship and I'm planning on asking Cory to be my lover. I know dad and Greg would like that.

And from the day we came out to each other, my sex with my own dad has been fanastic. It has brought us so much closer, it's unreaal. Cory and Greg are also much closer.

We're just one big happy family.



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