From Part 1..........

I looked up Scott  and he and i had hot sex that first night, and renewed our friendship.  I started going to a local gay bar and on  the second night met Matt.   He was older,  but a couple of years younger than my dad.  I wet with him to his apartment and we had wild sex.  We started seeing each other almost every night , sucking and fucking each other.  He was also muscular and most of all  hairy chested ike my dad  had been.   That really turned me on.

Then, whe i asked if i would see him  the next night, he said that business would keep him tied up for a while but he would call me.

Mom returned home and we had a great visit.  It was then that i told her that i had  quit the army and had applied with the local police department. She was glad to have me home.

Part 2....................

I immediately noticed that mom's mood had changed.   The last time i had seen her, she as still extremely depressed over my dad's death.  She was only thirty-four when Dad had been  killed and I had tried to  convince her that dad would have wanted her to find someone to share her life with.  As hard as i tried, the idea was rejected.

Now,  however, she smiled and laughed much more than in the past.  I questioned her frequently but all she would say was that it was because of her job.  Finally, she confessed that she had been dating a man from work  that made her feel like a different woman.  Then, as we  talked, she confessed that he was only thirty-two, five years younger than she was.

"Mom, that means nothing these days.  Many women are older that the men in their lives, and  besides, you still look like your in your late  tweties.  You could pass for my sister rather than my mother."

"Mark, you know that's not true," she said, but with a smile.

"It is true, and when do i get to meet your beau?"

"Soon, i promise,"she replied. "Carl works in the accounting department, and is out of town right now, doing an audit at one of our offices."

"Well,  if he is responsible for the smile on your face and  the twinkle in your eye, then I like him already."

We had a great week, when i got a call for an interview with the police department.  I was accapted and a week later started my training.  Of course the fact that i was totally into men and had  never fucked a pussy,  never came up.

Mom and Carl talked  nightly on the phone, and i was anxious tomeet the  man that made my mom so happy.

At the end of my second week of training, Mom informedme that Carl would be returning home the following day.  The foloowing day was Saturday,  and she said that Carl wanted to take us both out to dinner, and would be over about five to meet me and visit before  leaving for dinner.

As  the magical  hour approached, I could tell that Mom was nervous.  When i questioned her, she just said that she hoped i liked him.  I assured her that all that mattered was the fact that he made her happy.

He finally arrived and she hurried  to the door.  I was  in the kitchen, getting Carl and i a beer, while pouring mom a glass  of wine.

After picking up the tray, i entered the living  room.  As i entered, Mom said Mark, I'dlike you to meet  Carl.   Carl, this is my son, Mark."

When i looked at him, I nearly dropped the tray.  She may know him ar Carl, but I knew him as Matt, the hot stud i met at the bar and had been having numerous sexual encounters with.  I could see the shock in his face,  but he  quickly changedand said, "Sue, from all you have told me abut him, I feel like i already know him."

I sat the tray down, and we shook hands.  As we did, i wondered if mom  had any idea that  he loved sucking cock and having a  hard cock shoved up  his ass.

"Nice to meet  you, Carl.  Mom has told me a  lot about you also."

We visited a while before going to dinner.  At  dinner, i excused myself foramoment and went and called Scott, my sex bud from high school, telling him that i needed to see him as soon as possible to discuss a big problem.  We agreed to meet later.

Returning to the table, I told mom that Scott had called and wanted to get  together and i asked if she minded if i met him after dinner  She said that she had  no objections.  After arriving home, Scott picked me up and as we drove away from the house, asked, "Man,  what the fuck is so urgent?"

He was stopped at a traffic light and with no one insight, I quickly leaned over and kissed him and told him how much i appreciated him being there for me.

"Mark, I'll always  be here for you, but what the fuck is going on?"

After taking a deep  breath, I began.  "You remember Matt, the  guy i met  at the Rainbow Lounge?"

"Yea.  He was so fucking hot," he replied.  "What about him?"

"Well, you remember me telling you about how my mom had changed and she said she had started dating a guy from work named Carl?"

"Yea,"he replied questioningly.

"Well, tonight when Carl picked us up for dinner, I found out that Carl and Matt  are the same person."

"You're fucking kidding me!" he exclaimed.

"No, i'm not.  As you know,  Mom has no i dea thatI'm gay and i'm sure she has no idea that Carl is bi.  I don't know what  to  do.  Before he left town on business, I was really beginning to have feelings for him. Now i don't know what to do."

"Look,  you and your dad had sex right?"

"Yes, why?"

"Well, you mom didn't  have any idea about that,  so why can't  you have the same relationship with Matt, or Carl ,or whatever his name is?"

"To be honest, I wanted he and I to have a more serious personal relationship."

"Well,  buddy, all i can say is good luck,"  he said  then added, "but for now, why don't we go to my placeand get nasty?"

"Sounds perfect," I replied.  

After severalhours  of hot, uninhibited sex, Scott and i drifted off to sleep, cuddled in each others arms.  We were awakened bu the ringing of my phone.  I answered and immediately heard Carl on the other  end asking me to come to his place as soon as possible.  I agreed.

I dressed and drove to what i  knew as  Matt's condo.

When i arrived, he grabbed me and tried to kiss  me. As much as i wanted to kiss him,i pulled away and asked, "Just what  the fuck is your real name?"

"Mark, I didn't lie to you about my name.  My full name is Carl Matthew Collins.  I go my Carl, except at the bars, where i go by Matt."

"Does  my mom  have any idea that you like men?"

"No, but if she knew, i'm  not sure how she would react."

I looked at him and asked, "What are we going to do?"

"I don't know. I  have no idea how she might react."

"Well, i have seriously been contemplating telling her that  i am gay.  I thinkshe might  be  accepting."

"But what would her reaction be  if she found out that you and i have had  sex on numerous ocassions?"

"That, my friend, is a  good question," I replied.

We had sex, still with no idea how to handle our feeling for each other.

Over the next few months, I would stay with Scott and  have sex  so that Carl could stay over with mom. I had to laugh at  the thought that mom  and i both may be sucking the same cock.  Carl and i started going on weekend camping trips, to get to now each other better, as far as Mom knew.  However, our trips were to a motel in a near by town.

My feeling for Carl  continually grew stronger, regardless of how i tried to fight it.  I knew i had to come out to mom.  And for some reason, i feltthat she might take it better if Carl was there to support her. 

I finally made up my mind, and had mom invite Carl over for dinner.  He had no idea what was going to transpire.

Then, after dinner,  as we sat in the living room. I said calmly,  "Mom, i have something that i need to tell you."  She looked at me questioningly.

"Son, what's wrong?" she asked.

"Mom, there is something you need to  know," I said and sawCarl's face go blank in fear.

"What is it?"

"Mom,   in the summer before my senior year of high school, i ealized that i was gay.  Since then, I have only had sex with other males.  I have no interest in women."

"Son, there are some things a mother knows without being told. I assumed as much since you never mentioned any girlfriends. And i can only assume that Scott is gay also since you and he were inseperable."

"Yes, he is,"I replied.

Then, very calmly, she turned  to looka Carl  and said, "You're having sex with Mark, aren't you?"

"What makesyou think  that?" Carl asked.

"Ever since you and he started spending weekends together, your sex with me had  become less often and less intense."

"Well, I'm more bi than gay,"he tried to  rationalize.

"But you do enjoy sex with him, don't you?"

"Yes, I do."

Then looking toward meshe asked, "Mark,do you love Carl?"

"Yes, mom i do."

Then looking at Carl, she asked, "How do you feel about Mark. "

"I'm not going to lie.  I care for him very strongly.  It could be love."

Then Mom smiled and said, "I refuse to stand between the two men in my live i care the most about."  She then added, "Now i have something to confess.  I have suspecioned this for a while and have been talking to my doctor about it.  Mark, as you know, Dr. Adams wife died a year or so ago and he has  asked me out on a few ocassions. I am attracted to him and  i have wanted to accept but didn't want to hurt you, Carl.   Now weare a ll free to  find  love our own  way."

I stood and hugged mom and  told her how much i loved her. She smiled and took my hands and told me, "If things work out between you two  son, your getting one hell of a nice man, and i will always love you both. 

I stepped overto Carl and took  his hand and  as i  looked into his face, mom said, "Go ahead and kiss him.  I have a hunch i need to  get used to it."

Carl and i kissed passionately  and as we seperated, I heard mom on the phone saying, "John, does that offer for dinner still stand?"   Then a moment later she said, "I'll be ready at six."

A week lateri moved in with Carl and two months later, Carl asked me to be his  lover when we were at Mom's for dinner.  Mom cried with joy.  Then, shorty after, my mom became Mrs. John Adams.  I gave her away and saw her so happy.   She continually told Clay and i that we were her special men.

Time passed and one night after sucking my cock, Clay fucked me.   After filling  my ass we kissed  ad he said, "I can't believe i fucked a mom and her son."

"Why not," i  asked.  "My dad did it."




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