After high school, I joined the Marines with my best friend, Josh Walker. After completing our basic training, I asked my high school sweetheart to marry me. She accepted and wanted a military wedding with me and my attendants in dress uniform. I agreed and was soon sent to the middle east, along with Josh.

I had a going away party with some of my friends and once I was overseas, I wrote them, giving them my address and asked them to keep me informed of what was going on at home.

I received letters from several of the regularly as well as from Kathy. She was planning the wedding and talked about it in every letter.

About nine month into my deployment, i got a letter from another close buddy telling me that he had seen Kathy out with another guy from our graduating class.

I wrote and asked Kathy about it and she claimed that he was in a band and she was discussing hiring him for our reception. I accepted her explanation and let it go.

Then this same bud wrote again and said that he had seen them kissing and making out in his car at a club. He said that they were in the back seat and he had a pretty good idea what was going on.

I was devastated and talked a lot with josh about it. He let me vent and said it was best I found out ahead of time.

We were scheduled to return to the states and I told Kathy that the date was a week later that the actual date.

Once home, with Josh at my side, we followed her and her 'friend' to a bar. After a while, they came outside and got into his car in the back seat. We watched, and soon saw the car rocking slightly.

Easing up to it, I jerked the back door open to find her nude and him with his pants off fucking her wildly.

As they stared at me wide eyed, I asked, "Is this the way you plan a wedding?"

She tried to say something as I grabbed her left hand and removed the ring I had given her.

"Consider the wedding off," I said.

She was speechless, trying to get her clothes back on. The guy, well, lets say he lost his manhood and had no problem getting his briefs and pants back on.

Josh and I left and I drove straight to her parents home. Her mother and dad were glad to see me and welcomed me into their home.

"Mark, it's great to see you. Kathy said you weren't due back until later in the week. she's not home right now."

"I know, sir. I just saw her a few minutes ago and it wasn't as I expected."

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"Well, you don't need to plan a wedding. I received a letter from a friend of mine," I said and continued to tell him what I had heard. I told him about catching her in the back seat of a car with another guy and when I opened the door he as working her over sexually.

"Mark, we had no idea. I'm so sorry."

"It's not your fault, sir. But I wanted you to know the truth as to why I broke the engagement. Josh, here, is my witness and can verify everything I've told you."

"Well, when she gets home she has a hell of a lot of explaining to do," he said. "I'll see that you get the ring back."

"I've already got it. I took it off her finger myself."

"Good for you, son."

I wished them well and we left. As we drove away, I asked Josh if he had his drivers license with him. When he said yes, I told him he was the designated driver.

We went to a bar and I got totally wasted. Josh drove us back to the motel we were in and put me to bed.

The next morning, I was in sad shape.

"I'm through with women. I'll never get used like this again," I said.

"Mark, you don't mean that. You'll find some hot chick and fuck the hell out of her."

"Maybe, but Madame Thumb and her four sisters will do just fine."

"Well, I know how good they are myself from experience."

"Oh, I know you do," I said with a laugh.

"What's that supposed to mean?" he asked.

"When we would be out on guard duty at night I heard you working it over many times. I just pretended I didn't know what you were doing."

"You asshole! I thought I was keeping a secret, but a man's got to do what a man's got to do."

"Oh, I did my share myself, but not with anyone around."

We had a good laugh for a while and Josh soon said, "Hell, we've got thirty days off. why don't we go camping for a couple of weeks. Just get away from it all."

"Sounds good, but where?"

"Let me make a few phone calls," he said.

We had been sitting there in our marine issued underwear and afer dressing we went to breakfast. After breakfast, Josh made a few calls. after a while he smiled and said, "All set."


"I talked to a bud of mine. When his dad passed away, he left him some property about an hour away. It's got a small one room cabin on it and sits right on a small lake. He said he as going out there himself and had it stocked with food but something came up and he can't go up for another month. He said for us to go ahead and use it. He said that there as plenty of gas for the generator and the propane tank was full."

"Damn nice," I said. "We need to pay him something for the food."

"I offered and he refused. All we have to do is pick up the keys."

Our bags were still packed so we checked out of the motel and Josh drove over to get the keys. He went to the door and I stayed in the car and waited. I noticed his buddy glance at the car several times as they talked.

He returned and just over an hour later, he said, "Watch for a small road with a new steel gate." A couple of minutes later I spotted it and he turned in. Handing me the keys he said, "After I pull through, close the gate and re-lock it. That way no one can get in. I told him you needed some peace and quiet."

I opened the gate and he pulled through before I relocked the gate. I got back in the car and about a mile down the dirt road through thick woods, we spotted the cabin in a clearing.

It was very rustic and as he had said, fully stocked with food and beer. We carried our bags into the small cabin which was one room. Inside was one king bed, living area with TV, kitchen and dining area, and in one corner a small bathroom with shower.

We threw our bags on the bed and grabbed a cold beer from the fridge. "Let's do some scouting," he said.

We went out and checked out the lake and the grassy area that led to a small sandy beach on the lake. On the grassy area was a fire pit and several lounge chairs. We sat down and finished our beers before going out and collecting fire wood.

We later prepared dinner and after eating built a fire in the pit. It was so quiet and peaceful, and being away from town, there were a million bright stars overhead.

The last couple of days had been exhausting and we were both tired. We decided to hit the sack and get some sleep.

Once inside he looked at the bed then at me and said, "You have any problem sharing?"

"Nah. Do you?"

"None but we both know that we each prefer sleeping nude. We did it when we had separate bunks but what about here?"

"I'm cool with it. Hell, we've seen each other nude before and we're almost like brothers."

He smiled and we stripped nude and climbed into bed. Soon we were both sleeping soundly.

The next morning we awoke to hear the birds singing loudly. I lay in bed as he got up and started coffee, still nude. After the coffee started, he grabbed just a pair of shorts, putting them on commando.

I got up and did the same. When coffee was ready we each got a cup then walked out to the grassy area. We were both much more rested and it showed in our faces.

After the first cup we ate cereal for breakfast then grabbed another cup of coffee. As we st by the lake, Josh looked at me and asked, "You ever go skinny dipping?"

"Yes,I have. The first time was when I was about thirteen with a couple of buddies."

"Hell, it's just us here. Let's do it."


"Sure, why not?"

"Well, okay."

We stood and removed our shorts and ran for the water. It was a spring fed lake and the water was cold. We began swimming around trying to adjust to the temperature.

After e adjusted, he came up to me and said, "You said the first time was with some buddies. When did you do it after that?"

Looking at him I said, "Just after I asked Kathy to marry me, we went skinny dipping." Suddenly the memory of that brought tears to my eyes and he noticed. Coming up to me he reached out and pulled me to him in a hug. Our nude bodies pressed together and I could feel his cock stiffening between us. I didn't know why but I found it exciting, and my own cock began to stiffen. I could tell by the look n his face that he noticed but he held me even closer and I liked it.

He soon released me and we swam some more, splashing each other. Our cocks softened and we walked out and back to our lounges.

"Hell, I'm going to stay just like this. It feels so awesome," he said.

I decided to do the same, since we had seen each other nude in high school, in basic and overseas.

We stayed nude and later had lunch before another swim. Mid afternoon as we sat with a cold beer he said, "Mark, you said you heard me jerking off when we were on guard duty. Well, buddy, I'm horny as hell so you are about to see it as well as hear it. I'm not bashful, especially around you."

He began to slowly fondle his cock and as it stiffened he began to slowly stroke it. It was the first time I had ever actually seen another guy jerk off. As I watched, i found it to be erotic and my own cock began to stiffen. I figured what the hell and began to stroke mine. He saw it and smiled. "Hell,yea. Go for it, Mark," he said.

Together we jerked our cocks climaxing seconds apart, watching each others loads fire out onto the grass.

"Damn, I feel better," he said.

"So do I," I added.

We had another beer and afterward went or another swim. as we clowned around, he again had me in a bear hug, face to face. I struggled to free myself for a few seconds before finally relaxing. Again, both our cocks began to stiffen, and I wondered why I was having this reaction when our bodies met.

We looked into each other eyes and our stare locked onto each other. Suddenly, Josh brought his face closer to mine and before I realized it, he pressed his lips to mine. I was surprised but for some reason unknown to me, I didn't resist. Then I felt it. His lips parted and i felt his hot wet tongue trying to enter my mouth. I parted my lips and allowed it and soon offered mine to him. As I did, he released his hold on me and placed one hand behind my head and kissed me passionately. I eagerly responded. Never had I experienced a kiss this intense.

When we parted, he looked at me and said, "Mark, I'm sorry for that but I've wanted to do that for so long. I just couldn't resist any longer."

"Josh, it's okay. I've never done anything like that before, but for some reason I enjoyed it. My question now is, are you gay?"

"Yes, I am. I have been since high school. I've wanted to have sex with you since then."

"Damn, I never suspected. You hid it well," I replied, not really knowing what else to say.

I turned and walked out of the water and to a lounge. He followed and went in and came back with two beers.

"Do you want to end this trip and go back home?"

"Hell, no," I replied. "But I do have lots of questions for you."

"Ask away. I'll give you honest answers."

"How did you start?"

He told me about another of our buds that we both knew. He said that they got to messing around and daring each other to do things and one was sucking each others cocks. He said when he did it he liked it. He said that they would do each other frequently and soon started performing anal on each other. He said he found he preferred male sex to female sex because there was much less drama. He said he dated and screwed his dates to hide his sexual preference.

I asked exactly what he liked to do and he was open and told me everything in detail. I sat in amazement as he spoke.

When he was done, he said, "Mark, I promise you hat I'll never do anything to you again. I was out of place with that kiss."

"Josh, I honesty didn't mind. Forget it."

The subject was dropped but my head was spinning at the thought of possibly doing more. My curiosity was greatly aroused.

We had dinner and built another fire before going inside to go to bed.

Once inside, I saw him placing blankets on the sofa and asked what he was doing. he said he was going to sleep there.

"Like hell you are. Get your ass over here in this bed where it belongs. It was our agreement that we'd share the bed."

He did and as we lay there I propped myself up on one elbow and leaned over and kissed him, immediately offering my tongue. He responded and we kissed passionately and as we did, I reached down and began to fondle his stiffening cock. He did the same to me and after we separated, I kissed his ear and whispered, "Do me and show me what it's like."

Without saying a word, he gently pushed me onto my back and began kissing my neck then my chest. He then went to my left nipple and gently sucked on it as I moaned softly. He moved to the right one and I moaned again. Then he went lower and licked his way down my body.

Reaching my crotch, he bypassed my cock and began gently sucking my balls. My head was spinning at the pleasure I was receiving. He came back up and licked along the base of my cock before lifting it and slowly swallowing it. I felt his nose press into my pubic bush and gasped. He worked his mouth up and down it and I was lost in space. after a few moments he stopped and returned to my balls, before gently lifting my legs. Suddenly, I felt his hot wet tongue invade my hole, licking and probing.

"Oh, fuck, yea!" I exclaimed loudly.

He licked and tongue fucked me for several minutes before returning to my cock. His expert actions soon brought me to a massive climax and when my cock exploded, my load filled his mouth. He continued sucking until I was totally drained, then pulled off slowly, then looked at me and swallowed.

"Fucking awesome," I said as he lay back next to me. I leaned over and again kissed him tasting the remains of my load in his mouth.

After the kiss, he looked at me and said simply, "Thank you."

"Anytime," I said, "and I mean that literally."

"Whenever I want to?"

"Hell yes. That was better than any cunt I've ever had."

We lay in silence cuddled together for several moments. I then sat up and leaned over him starting to do to him exactly what he had done to me. As I did, he sat up and began to protest.

Pushing him back down I said sternly, "Lay down, Marine, and that's an order."

He smiled and lay back and I returned to what I was doing. I worked my way down, from nipple to nipple, then to his balls. I sucked then gently as he moaned, then I went for the gold. I lifted his legs and after taking a deep breath, I buried my tongue in his ass. I wanted to give him as much pleasure as he had given me. I licked and probed, shoving my tongue as far into him as I could. Then I lowered his legs and after lifting his cock, I swallowed all I could. It took me a few minutes to be able to take it all down my throat but I did it. I then began sucking him and son he warned me he as close. I didn't care. I wanted it.

I continued sucking and soon his cock and head swelled and exploded. I felt the warm thick load fire into my mouth and fill it. I continued sucking and eventually pulled off, savoring the load that filled my mouth. Looking into his eyes, I swallowed. To my total surprise, I liked what I had done. For some reason, it felt so right and normal.

I lay back next to him and we kissed again. after the kiss, he asked, "What brought that about?"

"Curiosity. But I have to admit, I enjoyed it. If anyone would have ever told me I'd enjoy sucking another man's cock, I'd have called him a liar and probably punched him in the mouth."

We cuddled together and were soon asleep.

For the next three days we kissed, rimmed and sucked each other several times a day. Then, one morning, Josh looked at me and said, "Would you do me a big favor?"

"If I can sure. What is it?"

"I want you to fuck me."

"Sure. I've done everything else."

Moments later, I was siding my cock into Josh's hot tight ass, with him saying how great it felt.

I fucked him deeply as he requested and soon filled his hole with my load. As I pulled out, he said, "Thanks, man, I needed that."

"My pleasure," I replied.

Later i asked him to fuck me. He warned me of the pain involved the first time especially. I said I didn't care.

Seconds later, I was in unbelievable pain as he slid the head of his cock into my hole. He paused to let me adjust then slowly went deeper. The pain was still there but after a few minutes it began to subside. I told him so and he began to slowly pump in and out of my ass.

After a few minutes the pain was replaced by pleasure and I was enjoying it. I never dreamed hat getting fucked in the ass would feel good. Josh soon climaxed and the feel of his load shooting up into me was awesome.

For the remainder of our stay, we had sex many times a day both oral and anal. As we drove back to town, I admitted to Josh that I was hooked on male sex. "I guess I might as well say it. I'm gay."

Laughing he said, "Now that didn't hurt, did it?"


We returned to base ahead of schedule but stayed in a motel instead of the barracks until our leave was over, having sex of course.

When our leave was over, we were sent to different assignments. Before he left, he gave me some pointers on finding other Marines into male sex.

We talked several times a week and both found other Marines as well as civilians to have sex with. We were both assigned to security and agreed that when our enlistment was over we'd get out and open our own company.

That time arrived and we ere both discharged. We met up immediately, saying how much we missed each other. For three days we stayed in bed at a motel having sex.

WE pooled our money and opened our own security company hiring mainly ex-Marines. We were open about being gay and found many of them were bi, if not totally gay.

We bough a house together and vowed our love for each other without ever declaring to be lovers. We had an open relationship and played separately if we wanted to, but it wasn't often. Mainly we'd go out and pick up a half drunk Marine or Sailor and bring him home and have sex with him whether he anted it or not. Usually they were too drunk to resist.

I thank Kathy every day for cheating on me.




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