The strobe lights pierced the fierce darkness, as Shang made his way through the writhing crowd of wet avid disbarment. Being a bouncer, he still remained constantly amazed at the shit that the customers thought they could get away with. Shaking his head in consternation, he continued to make his rounds, aware that every creak and slide of his black leathers was exposed to the exquisite hearing of the supernatural. Most humans him included were aware of the presence of supernaturalism, but not the extent of their advantages they possessed over the human race. This underground club was a safe haven for both human and the not so much to just drop their posturing and inhibitions and just bump and grind. Nodding his head at the bartender, Kasha, Shang was almost to the entrance when it was opened and a tall burly man with different shades of streaked blue spiky hair stepped through. He stood to the side so that his watch may gain entry and Lil Wayne's 'Lollipop' became an enticing musical prelude to the main installment of Shang's wet dreams arrival. Ixion glided in and the noise that was this place became insignificant as he shook his hair behind him in an unconscious and confident toss of his dark head. Pausing for a moment, their eyes caught as it always does, before his bodyguard led the way to the hallway beyond. Shivering, Shang leaned against the wall where he was left frozen in anticipation and arousal. He could still remember the pale intensity that was his regard. Shang never stopped thinking that that man was telepathic as well as a lycan and that all his thoughts and secret yearning s lay as bare before him as he wanted to be. Ixion was dangerous. Shang didn't intone that adjective on just anyone; Ixion seemed crazy with a capital C. Shang didn't know what business made the shape shifter come here every Friday, but it sure played havoc on his emotions. He couldn't seem to wait until the end of the week to see the man who radiated such power and intensity, with the tightest body he has ever seen; lean, Ixion was about 6' '3 and had the nicest ass Shang has ever seen. Not that he was gonna get piece of it. Shang had two secrets. One was that he was bi and the other was that he secretly was a bottom, a sub, a catcher-whatever you wanted to call it. He was only with about two guys before and they were both quickies and he was always the top. With Ixion he doubted it would be that way. Shang normally didn't mix business with pleasure, but.....with this guy...he doesn't know; he was fucking trouble. They have never even spoken one word to one another, but from the first moment he landed his boot heel in the club they been dancing like this: you can look, but don't touch. He can sense that despite his appearance, somehow Ixion could see that he wasn't just that, for looks are deceiving. He didn't know if he wanted it to get further, but if it did, Shang couldn't even lift one finger in a Boy Scout salute to promise it won't. Lifting his hand and digging his hand into one tight back pocket for his cell, Shang checked the time and yep, it was time for break. He decided to head for the bathroom to take a leak, grab a bite to eat and then come back out here to stand vigil back at his favorite spot, so he could be there when Ixion was done. Ixion was always aware of his surrounding, you could see it in the relaxed way he stood, he had control over everything around him, and even the air seemed to blow to his will. From his position in the VIP lounge he could see everyone move anyone made in the club, but there was only one person he was interested in seeing. Ixion watched as the bouncer disappeared into the men's room, aware of the growing erection that didn't come as a surprise. His bouncer always had that effect on him. It didn't help matters that Shang projected his thoughts without even realizing. Images of the bouncer underneath and him scream his name was almost unnerving: almost. After, what seemed like an eternity, Shang started making his way back to the club; sub and Dr. Pepper in his belly. The night was brilliant, stars every which way, the breeze gentle, yet very present. He paused for moment thinking about how he got to this very place, in this profession. Ever since he was young he was always swayed by others perceptions. Now, he didn't give a damn and lived for himself. Shang didn't let other people govern what he did and how he thought, but just tried to follow another road map: self. He started walking again and decided that if things did ever get hot and heavy with him and Ixion, he would do what he felt. The nondescript structure that was his place of work came into view and he quickly entered, becoming his normally horny self at this time: when Ixion loiters around after he finishes business. At the door, Shang waited for Axel to look through the camera and identify it was him. The double doors opened and another door came into view. Soon, he was climbing down a flight of wide stairs, which at the end made you encounter doors that were pure iron this time: the last and final door. After, Shang came through, he slowly looked around, but couldn't tell if Ixion was still in the back room or not. Casually, Shang hoped, he made his usual circuit around the club and tried to drown out the thundering swells of music coming from the pricey music system and the party goers. Shang's boss stressed the importance of not being too obvious in their intentions (they meaning the other bouncers) and try to blend in, putting their customers at ease, but many have been here before and knew us based on the fact that we had to throw out the shitheads that were causing trouble. Shang become lost in his thoughts and was unaware that someone was calling his name. He turned around and was greeted by the sight of his second fuck; the most memorable and suddenly wished teleportation was one of his talents. Unfortunately, it wasn't and since he couldn't just turn back around because he didn't often like making enemies: too dangerous, he had to stick around to grin and bear it. 'Hey, bitch, you didn't hear me callin' you?' Jasper grinned and waggled his eyebrows, 'How you bin?' Cursing soon became part of his inner monologue; he just looked at him and chose an expression of bored nonchalance, hoping he'd take the hint. 'I've been fine'. Stepping closer within touching distance, Jasper licked his lips and assumed a 'seductive' tone. 'I bin thinkin' about you'. Great, now my life's complete. Raising an eyebrow, Shang said flatly, 'Oh?' 'Yeah, bin on my mind. I couldn't stop thinking about that day....' Jasper made a point of staring into my eyes. Shang didn't notice the hand that was headed toward the crotch of my pants. As he felt the tip of one finger brush it, abruptly Jasper was no longer in front of him. Stunned, Shang came to attention expecting to see some drunken bastard beating the shit out of the arrogant giant, but .....He noticed that the person that was engaged, no making pulp out of the man, had blood red eyes that seemed to intensify the sense of battle in the cramped space. Shaking off confusion, he started in the direction of the two men, intent on stopping the fight and earning his paycheck. The closer Shang got, the more he got the feeling that he knew this man from somewhere. Then, Shang recognized it; the scents, the man's height, build and familiar movements: Ixion. What the- yeah, it definitely was, Shang knew for sure when Ixion man looked right at him in the middle of the fight. Not that the other fighter was putting up much of one or really moving for that matter. He guessed Ixion seemed to realize it and then just let Jasper fall to the floor, kicking him once on the way down for good measure. The other bouncers came shoving in their direction and then he realized what might have caused Ixion to act like this, but if not, did it really matter? Nope. Shang decided to lie for him and hope the others bought it and then he could go upstairs and bribe Mitch to hide the footage. The club lights were so dark and fleeting that no one was aware of the two men, one pressed against the wall, the other with his legs on either side of him and pressed against him very erotically. The way clothes were being shed was going unnoticed too... He pushed back when Ixion first joined their lips, but he didn't expect Ixion to be so slow in his movements. When Ixion's tongue began caressing his lips, he parted them, eager to taste the shape shifter as well. ...I said he's so sweet that I wanna lick the rapper
so I let him lick the rapper...
Like a lollipop... Ixion pushed him against the wall, his eyes a bright, animalistic red. They gleamed as a stray beam of the clubs dancing lights caught them, making him seem completely demonic and Shang liked it. Ixion reveled in the musky, salty, and just delicious taste of Shang's lips. When the tongue met his own he lost it and he forced his tongue through the other's moist lips, wanting nothing more than to map out every inch of the other man's delicious mouth. He needed to get Shang somewhere more private away from the prying eyes and ears of the other club goers. As if reading his mind, Shang drew away from the kiss, took hold of Ixion's hands leading him further into the empty hallway. 'In here' Shang said when they reached a door. He didn't get a chance to say anything else as Ixion pushed him inside. Ixion was surprised to find a bed inside the small room but hide it well. Just how many guys did his pet bring back here? The thought of it didn't sit well with him but he wouldn't thing of such things right now. His last thought as he pushed Shang onto the bed was how he would teach his pet a lesson. Shang moaned and pulled Ixion onto him. He let Ixion take control of the kiss while he laced his fingers into his hair. It felt as silky as it looked and he tugged at the hair-tie that kept the beautiful locks in a ponytail. He relaxed and laid his head down onto the pillow as he spread his legs for Ixion to settle between them. Ixion brought his head swooping down to the pale man's neck, his lips grazing gently. Shang arched to the cool, moist sensation. He wanted this unrestrained man in front of him. Shang brought his hands to the zipper on Ixion's hoodie. Ixion's shirt was off, his body seeming more taunt, the muscles more pronounced and the skin even hotter. The normally downy hair covering his arms was coarse now, like a fox. Shang looked into his red eyes, the deception that was in them. And wondered how Ixion saw him right now. Ixion had made his way down Shang's neck and when he came to the covering of fishnet over his chest, he growled in the back of his throat. With one quick swipe, his sharpened nails cut through the material and over Shang's skin, leaving four slash marks on his chest. Shang gasped at the pain, but it was only fleeting. Ixion didn't even notice; his hands had begun to cascade up and down Shang's ribcage. The trailing claws made an odd sensation pass through Shang's body, he wanted Ixion even more. Ixion groaned as his hardened member made contact with Shang's own. The fingers massaging his scalp were maddening and the taste of Shang only served to arouse him more. Shang bucked against him and let out a moan he felt vibrate throughout his whole being. He ground the bouncer against the bed and was pleased to actually hear the moan Shang let out as he turned his head away from the kiss. Shang opened his eyes, only just realizing he had closed them. He felt Ixion's warmth leave him and he looked up fearfully, actually expecting Ixion to be gone. But when he saw the man staring at him intently, observing him, he sighed in relief. He reached his hand out to touch Ixion's chest. It looked delectably firm and toned He wanted to run his tongue all along those well-defined abs and commit every ridge to memory. He lightly ran his fingertips along the taut stomach. '...Ixion...' Ixion saw the hungry look in Shang's eyes. 'You are mine.' Ixion rasped as he brought his body down to Shang's. Shang has his arms wrapped around Ixion's neck, pulling his face to his. Ixion brought his mouth to Shang's, meeting him in a fierce kiss. His tongue pushed into Shang's mouth, exploring his mouth. Shang felt limp; he wrapped his legs around Ixion's waist, ignoring the fire like heat coming from his body. He gasped, when Ixion abruptly licked a nipple. He moaned as Ixion nipped at the bud and blew on it afterwards. His other nipple was being twisted harshly, a painful contrast to the intense pleasure its counterpart was receiving. He bit his lip and furrowed his brows. He couldn't even tell if he was feeling pain or pleasure, the two were practically the same. Ixion smirked as he tightened his hold on Shang's tortured nipple. He heard Shang whimper beneath him and he let go. He then moved his mouth towards the abused nipple and blew on it gently. Ixion raised his head, once again watching Shang; the red-head's closed eyes and shallow breath fueling the feeling of liquid fire that ran through his veins. He bent his head to Shang's chest once more and licked the bud, sucking on it lightly as Shang arched closer to him in pleasure. Shang panted harshly, fully enjoying the gentle pressure on his sensitive nipple. He whimpered when Ixion removed his lips from the nub, but he was pacified when Ixion began to kiss him once more. He bucked his hips upwards, seeking more warmth from Ixion and moaned as his hard-on came into contact with Ixion's once more. Ixion held Shang's hips down and moved to divest the bouncer of his pants. Ixion brought his teeth to the hem of Shang's boxers, tugging them down with his teeth. They were tossed aside, along with his pants. 'Don't make me wait.' Shang managed to smirk as Ixion's mouth pulled away from his own, his tongue running over his teeth. Ixion's eyes narrowed and with his red eyes, he looked positively untamed Ixion got off the bed and unzipped his pants along with his boxers, to the floor. He smirked at the moan Shang let out. He supposed he was well-endowed, but it really wasn't something he took particular notice of. He was very proud, however, that one of his characteristics could draw out such a vocalization from Shang. He knew they both were going to enjoy this. 'I'll make you scream my name.' Shang unconsciously nodded, reveling in the elation Ixion's possessiveness incited in him. Ixion made him feel like he existed. He belonged to someone and so he existed. Ixion kissed him again and he hugged the man to him. He pressed their bodies together in a desperate attempt to meld with him, to be completely his and nothing else. Ixion kissed Shang's cheek and then breathed into his ear, 'Mine. Don't forget.' 'Please-' Shang moaned 'Come on, Ixion. I want you to fuck me fast and hard. 'Now!' he commanded Ixion swore and without warning pushed himself into Shang. His eyes widened and he gasped loudly. The feeling of Ixion digging himself inside him was incomparable to anything else. But he didn't wait for Shang to adjust; rather he started pounding into him rapidly. 'No. Ixion not so fa-!' Shang's voice was wavering from the rush of pain, pleasure, and lust coursing through his veins. Every nerve felt like a live wire in his body. 'Breath Shang...' he rumbled from deep in his chest, red eyes quickly meeting onyx ones as he pushed even deeper in him. A breath of hot air escaped from between Ixion's teeth and brushed over Shang's chest. Shang arched his whole back in response and Ixion leered. 'If you're reacting so passionately to one breathe, imagine if I actually tried to...' he trailed off, concentrating on increasing his tempo. His muscles strained on either side of Shang, his legs helping him spur his body forward. Shang's nails dug into Ixion's back, but they hardly even left a mark on Ixion's well muscled back. Shang's muscles were contracting around Ixion inside him, and with every thrust Shang felt himself being pushed closer and closer to the edge. 'Let it go Shang, scream my name when you do...' Shang felt his muscles contracting, Ixion throbbing in him pushing him closer to the edge. He was clinging by his fingertips, he was scared to fall. Ixion took one of his hands and trailed his fingers down Shang's chest. 'I won't let you go Shang. I promise.' Shang felt safe, even if he was with this other Ixion, he felt in his words some of his normal self, how he never went back on his promises. Despite the fact that they were presently in a storage closet having rough, hot sex. But still, he felt that nothing could happen to him. Ixion brought the hand that had been trailing down to Shang's cock, wrapping his hand around it and sliding his hand up and down rhythmically. Shang arched his head back, his Adam's apple quivering. Every stroke sent a gasp of air escape from Shang's lungs. Sweat glistened over his body, outlining his six packs and chest. 'I-I-Ixion!' he gasped, begging for a pick up in the pace, he was so close and yet he went tortuously slow. Ixion grinned, sweat dripping from his forehead. It was muggy in the closet since no air was coming in, plus the combination of their body heat, the sex made it hard to even breathe. But Ixion still whispered tauntingly, 'Shang...I'm not just Ixion.' Shang, knowing what he wanted, would normally never comply. But since he needed Ixion to orgasm, he relented. 'Ix-xion....' 'I'm sorry; I didn't hear you Shang--' 'Ixion....Master!' Ixion smirked and let out a dry laugh in triumph. Gripping Shang a little tighter, he began sliding up and down his shaft all the way to where the coarse hairs tickled against Ixion's fist. He pounded even harder into Shang, using his arm for leverage over his body, now shaking from excitement. Ixion's own breathing was coming out in deeper, more frantic intervals. Shang moaned as Ixion tactfully fucked him. He was lost in all the sensation Ixion evoked. He'd never been so aware, so alive. He steadfastly held onto the Ixion and lost himself to all the pleasure. He could feel his climax approaching, but he tried to hold it off, wanting Ixion to come first. Ixion felt his orgasm was near, and he could tell the same was for Shang. But he needed to hear something from Shang before this moment ended. He voiced his demand in a neutral tone. 'Tell me.' Shang wouldn't have heard the request, if he hadn't felt the slight tremor that went through Ixion's body and to his own. 'Te-tell you... What?' He asked through his panting and moaning. 'Tell me you love me.' Ixion spoke clearly as he plunged into the red-head more quickly. Shang was confused. He had probably heard wrong, but it had sounded like Ixion wanted... No, that was utterly farfetched. He moaned out his confusion. He was so close... 'Say it.' Ixion slightly lifted himself off Shang so his stomach wouldn't rub against the red-head's erection. He then began slowing his thrusts, aiming to avoid Shang's prostate. If the red-head wasn't going to comply, then he sure as hell wouldn't. Shang yielded under Ixion's torture and warily did as he was told. 'I love you?' He could understand wanting to be loved, but he couldn't figure out why anyone would want his love, it was worthless. 'Don't question it, say it!' Ixion began to get impatient. He sped up his thrusts until he was pounding into the red-head, aiming as much as he could for the bundle of nerves that would drive Shang over the edge. He wanted to hear those words come out of Shang's mouth with full affirmation. He wanted it more than he wanted to cum at this moment. Being pushed over the edge, Shang quickly acquiesced, his climax driving to scream out. 'I love you! Ixion!' Ixion gasped and with one more thrust, he felt himself releasing into Shang who stiffened slightly as Ixion's cum quickly spread into him. Ixion's body shuddered almost violently from the intensity of his orgasm, but the shaking made Shang wrap his legs tighter around his waist; he was pressed so close to Ixion that there was no space between their bodies. The heat from Ixion's erection was still throbbing, but at a less intense level. Shang sighed in ecstasy. Ixion, once he had completely released into Shang and was soft, pulled out. Shang took in a quick sharp breath; he was feeling a tad bit raw down there. Ixion was still in his animalistic state, but Shang was surprised when he placed a soft kiss on his forehead. Ixion nuzzled into Shang's neck, resting his weight on Shang's stomach. Shang sighed and whispered into the shimmering red darkness. 'Ixion, I...I can't stop thinking about you when we're apart. I'm nothing without you. I'm yours.' 'Shang, I swear, I will protect you. Always and...forever.' Even though it rasped out in Ixion's demonic fox voice, Shang heard the regular Ixion intermingled with it. Thinking he saw a glimmer of blue, cerulean eyes, he rested a hand on Ixion's hair; he relaxed even more when he felt it slowly returning to its soft, not as thick normality. And he knew that Ixion, whether the real or the controlling meant what he said. They both did.



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