It was extra cold last night, and Joe and I put on a few blankets over the duvet. I snuggled in, and fell asleep right away.

The next morning I woke up early, buried in the mountain of disheveled blankets, and cozy as could be. I felt Joe's breath at the back of my neck, and soft kisses on my spine. I stirred, and heard him moan "good morning," in my ear. His low, raspy, morning voice, was sultry and seductive. I could hear the lust, and feel his teeth nibbling at my shoulder. He pushed at the waistband of my Cavalli lounge pants, his warm fingertips grazing down the crevice of my ass. He hooked his thumb at the hem, and down they went. He pressed himself against me, and I felt the familiar hardness nestle in between my cheeks. His hand worked around my hip, to my crotch, pushing through my shortly trimmed pubes, and rubbing just above the shaft. I was completely hard by now, and my dick was surrounded by the warmth of the 2000 thread count cotton sheets. Joe's hand stayed just above the shaft, warming me abdomen with pleasure, and passion. I reached behind, and pushed down his boxers, feeling him spring to life against my lower back and crevice.

Joe continued nibbling on my neck, with his hand perfectly still, tantalizingly near my dick. I wanted him to jerk me off, suck me off, do anything to me, but he kept his hand agonizingly still. He was throbbing against my lower back, and my ass was flexing, craving him inside. I moaned for him to fuck me, but he didn't say a word. He moved his hand up my stomach and chest, pulling me around to face him. He pecked me on the lips quickly, and slid down my body, his mouth nibbling at me as he went. He took the head of my dick in his mouth, and softly licked around the tip, and inch by inch took all of me in. I felt myself penetrating into the deepness of his esophagus. His wet mouth, soothing, and enticing me, sending shivers up and down my spine and torso. I instinctively wrapped my legs around his chest, cradling his head in between my thighs. I layed back, as he cupped my ass with his warm hands.

He was lifting me up by my ass, shoving my dick deeper into his throat, slurping at me lustfully. I felt like I could cum at any minute, so I loosened my thighs, and let my body go limp, enjoying the wetness of his mouth around my dick. He moved his head up, and let my dick drop out of his mouth, slapping against my stomach. I felt his wet lips nuzzle into the crevice of my shaft and inner thigh, making my dick flex independently. He was nibbling at the loose skin of my balls, taking them in one at a time. He was moaning, as he licked my smooth balls, sucking at the soft skin surrounding them, licking along the sensitive nerve line down the space between my balls and asshole. I was craving him. Wanting him to plunge deep into me, and release the sexual build up that I'd been tormented with this whole time.

He slowly nibbled around my opening, carefully teasing around the sensitive spots above and below the point of contact. I heard him giggle, as I pushed myself toward his mouth, longing for him to penetrate me. He put his hands on my inner thigh, pushing me back up, away from him. I grabbed the back of his head with my hands, raising up my legs. He's stronger than I am, and it just added to the tension. I let him go, and pulled the blankets up over my head, looking down. My throbbing dick pointing up at me, my balls high and tight against my shaft, his eyes looking up at me, with his mouth out of sight. He winked at me, and went in for the goal.

My eyes rolled back in my head, as his tongue flicked lightly, just inside my ass. I felt myself opening for him, as his upper lip and tongue pulled at the outer lips of my asshole. His thick bottom lip clamping down on the outside ring, keeping a moist stimulation on my outer lips. He soon had his tongue penetrating me, licking up and around, stimulating every nerve within the inner folds of my asshole. I had my arms over my face, feeling the softness of the sheets envelope my body, while he worked his tongue and lips in and around my hole. My dick was still throbbing, and I wanted to cum so bad.

Joe could sense I was on the edge, as I felt him moved his mouth back up to my dick head. He took me in, and hurriedly bobbed his head up and down, taking all of me in, pushing my head against the base of his inner throat. I was sighing and moaning loudly, telling him how good he was to me. I told him I was going to cum, and he wrapped his fist around the base of my dick, inserting a finger inside me, and resting his tongue on my under shaft, lightly biting around the head. I pumped my load into his mouth, squirming, but being held still by his fist and mouth. I had my feet in his armpits, pulling at them, but feeling him resist. I came so hard, I almost felt tears in my eyes. I didn't feel him swallow, but instead, he let me fall out of his mouth, pulling his finger out of my ass. His lips moved back down, and his hands pushed my thighs up. I opened up for him again, and I felt his lips firm around my hole, while his tongue pushed my load into me. I moaned again, feeling the warm load work its way down into me. It was so erotic, and intense. Joe was so smooth and calm, filling me up with my own cum. He worked his tongue around, spreading my cum around the inside and outside of my ass hole.

I had my feet on his shoulders, thrusting my hips up and down, fucking his tongue for a few moments. He stopped me suddenly, and worked his mouth up to my dick again, softly sucking at the head, easing the last drops of cum into his mouth. I then felt him back off, and push the head of his dick against my hole. He worked it around and around, spreading more of my cum around. I was throbbing for him to penetrate me. He slowly entered me, each inch pushing inside me, pushing the cum deeper into me, pushing against every nerve, sending waves of arousal throughout my entire body. I felt him push all the way in, surrounded by my throbbing insides. My legs wrapped around his waist, and my hands were pulling at his back.

Joe slowly, and methodically fucked me. each movement, pleasing me from head to toe. I could feel and hear the slurping of his dick, plunging in and out of me, surrounded by my load. He was nibbling and breathing deeply at my neck, and ears. His lips working up and around my chin, jawline, and lips. He was so full of lust, telling me how badly he wanted to cum in me, how much I was his and he was mine. I could taste my cum on his tongue, and his sweet musk, evaporating from his pores, while his energy drove him to fuck me deeper. We were rocking back and forth, so deeply inside the layers of blankets and sheets. The heat build up was intense, and we both started to perspire. His chest hair was becoming matted, and moist between our bodies. I could feel his armpits sweating against my forearms, while I hung onto him. He was watching me, our eyes locked, while he pushed and pulled in and out of me. I could tell he was close, while his eyes got fluttery, and his eyes became almond shape, gazing deep into mine. I moved up and kissed his lips, tasting the sweat from his scruffy upper lip. I dug my fingertips into his back, and it sent him over the edge.

"Fuuuuuuuucccccckkkkkkkkk..........." He growled, letting his head fall in the nape of my neck. His back hunched, and he pushed his way all the way into me, pushing my thighs up with his. I felt his dick jump a few times, while he shot his load into me. He was breathing so hard against my neck, and my arms cradled his neck into me. I felt his body flex, while he came hard. I could feel cum leaking out of me, around his dick, and dripping down my crevice, to my lower back. He was shaking, as I held him, running my fingertips up and down his shoulders and upper torso. He calmed, and relaxed, falling into me. I kept myself wrapped around him for a few minutes, while he breathed against me. His sweaty body warm against mine.

Joe moved his head up, and moistly kissed me, his eyes smiling at me. "Damn baby boy, I looooove you." He moved up off of me, pushing way the layers of overly warm blankets, letting the cool room air cool our bodies. I looked down, while he slowly pulled his semi-hard dick out of me. Our loads had leaked a little out of me, and his entire bush was soaked in cum, plastered against his lower abdomen. His shaft fell limply against his thigh. He pulled at me, guiding me up and away from the sheets. We hardly made a mess, miraculously, but the smell of musk and cum was thick. Joe led me to the bathroom, and started the shower. We made out for a few seconds, while the tiled casing fogged up. Joe stepped into the fog, taking my hand and pulling me in with him..



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