I had joined toe local police department at the age of twenty-one and was put on patrol duty, partnered with a more senior officer, Zach Gray.  Zach was in his late twenties, close to six-three and a nice muscular one hundred and ninety pounds.  His hair was jet black and his eyes were sky blue.  To sum him up in one word would be to call him HOT. 

The women loved Zach and most men envied him.  With his looks and build, he could have sex with whomever he wanted.  I even noticed that a lot of the men we stopped while on patrol gave him several close looks, especially at the crotch of his snug uniform pants. Even I stole a few looks when I could get away with it and not have him notice.

I had been on patrol for roughly three years when I call called into the chief's office.  Even though I was now twenty-four, I still looked like I was in my mid to upper teens.  The chief said that because of my youthful looks, he was transferring me to the vice division to work undercover.

After giving me the news in front of the vice division commander he asked me to stay for a moment.  Once we were alone, he told me how he wanted the job done.

"Mark, I don't care what you have to do to get the evidence needed to make the arrest stick in court, do it," he said.  "If it means going as far as actually having sex, then do it.  You deny that it happened and I will back you up.  The others that will be working on the stings with you have been told the same thing and  they will deny any accusations of impropriety that you are accused of.  We all cover for each other.  Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir.  I read you loud and clear," I said.  Along with the switch to vice was a nice pay increase.  I had a feeling that I was going to enjoy my work.  our town was mid-sized and whatever the police needed to do to enforce the law was overlooked by the public if it accomplished it's objective.

I was put with two other officers forming 'team three'.  They were Jim Wilson and Clay Baker.  Jim was in his late twenties, married and nice looking.  Clay was single, thirty and hot.  Like myself, he looked much younger. 

Being that Clay and I both looked so young, our team was mainly assigned to find the guys that solicited sex from the younger guys and to find the younger male prostitutes.  After getting to know them, I found that they only went after the underage boys selling their bodies.  We all agreed that what they did after they were of legal age was their business, we needed to try and discourage them from putting themselves in danger so young.  We also looked for the guys that preyed on the younger boys. 

Being new, Clay went out first while Jim and I acted as backups.  Clay was wired and Jim and I could hear his conversations with the clients and listened for his signal to move in and make the arrest.

Jim and I were parked in a dark alley where we could watch Clay across the street.  Clay had a few guys stop and chat, but no takers.  During the brief  meetings, the chat was always about, but a monetary offer was never made. The chats would turn me on, and I wondered if the chat had any effect on Jim, since he was married.  I would drop to my knees for both my partners if I had the opportunity. 

After the third guy passed on Clay, we waited.  Before long another man pulled up, older that the others.  After some small talk, then man eventually made an offer, telling Clay that he would pay fifty if Clay would let him suck his cock.  Clay immediately agreed.

They drove a few blocks down with Jim and I following.  The man pulled into another dark alley and after getting out of the car, he told Clay to drop his pants to prove that he wasn't a cop.  Jim and I had parked on the street and walked a few feet into the alley so as to be hidden behind a dumpster.  Clay laughed and asked why the guy thought he was a cop.

"I don't really, but I just want to make sure.  A cop won't expose himself."

Clay laughed and without hesitation, unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants to his ankles.  He was commando and his semi hard cock sprang forward.  It was at least eight inches  and even in the dim light it was beautiful.  My own cock instantly became rock hard. 

The guy softly said, "Fucking nice!" before dropping to his knees and swallowing Clay's cock.

"Yea, man, suck that cock!" we heard Clay say.  "Drain it for me."  At the beginning of the shift, we had agreed that if we wanted to go through with the act that  'drain it for me' would be the signal to wait on making the arrest until after the subject had brought whoever was the decoy climaxed.  They both had admitted that they would get blow jobs on occasion.

As we watched, I noticed that Jim began rubbing his crotch.  Then, a moment later, he slowly unzipped his jeans and extracted his hard cock and began to slowly stroke.  I looked over and he smiled and whispered, "Hey, partner, every guy does it, married or single.  feel free to join me."

I smile and quietly unzipped my jeans and whipped out my own rock hard cock.  Jim looked down at it and mouthed the word, 'wow'.  I slowly began stroking as we both returned to watch Clay get his cock sucked.  A second later, I was shocked beyond belief to feel Jim reach over and take over stroking my cock.  I smiled an reached over and began stroking his.

A moment later, we heard Clay say how great the guy was doing.  Jim leaned over and whispered into my ear, "That is a signal that Clay and I have if we decide not to make an arrest and both get blown.  Are you up to it or not?"

"As horny as I am, I'll let anyone blow me," I whispered back.

"Very interesting comment," he replied.  "Let me signal him."

He made a sound like a cat.  The man jumped and After Clay calmed him down, he asked, "If you want me to, I'll call my buds.  They are just up the street waiting for me, and will only charge you twenty five each."

"Fuck man! Three hot cocks in one night, fuck yea, call them."

We watched as Clay reached down to his pants and retrieved his cell phone. Jim's phone was on vibrate and once it rang, Clay said his 'john' was willing to pay us twenty five each if we wanted to get blown also.  He paused a moment as if Jim was replying then told us where he was.  We eased out of the alley and returned to the car.  After a moment we opened then closed the doors and walked into the alley. 

The man kept sucking Clay's cock as Jim and I walked closer.  just as we stepped up next to Clay, he began to climax, filling the guys mouth with his load. Jim and I watched as we both dropped our pants.

"Fuck, guys, this fag knows how to suck a cock," he said playing the straight civilian role.

The man looked at our cocks them up at our faces.  Looking at me, he smiled broadly and said, "Stud, you can't be over sixteen.  I'm saving you for last."

"Buddy," Jim began, "he's only fifteen and he is my son.  The guy you just blew is his uncle.  If you want my son it will be fifty for him and not twenty-five."

"Fuck, buddy, being fifteen, he gets a hundred id he can feed me two loads."

"Deal," Jim said.

The guy began sucking Jim's cock as Clay began fondling his flaccid cock.  I began edging and before long Jim grabbed the man's head and forced his long hard cock balls deep down the man's throat as he fired off his load into the guys mouth.

The man pivoted toward me and swallowed my hard cock. I began face fucking him and noticed that Jim and Clay were fondling each others cock.  They smiled at me and I smiled back.  Moments later I fed the guy my load and told him to keep sucking.  He did and after several minutes I fed him another load.  He swallowed the second load as eagerly as he had swallowed all the previous loads.

Jim and Clay stopped fondling each others cocks and as we all three pulled up our jeans, the man said, "Guys, that was awesome.  It's the first time I've done a family group and it was awesome, and well worth every cent.  I'll do the three of you any time."

He said he would look for us again at the same place.  We collected our money and returned to the car.  As we pulled away, Jim looked at Clay and I and said, "We're going to make a great team."

We did make a couple of arrest that night of guys getting rough while propositioning me. They tried to get rougher when they found out I was a cop.

We decided to make one more run. I noticed Jim and Clay talking privately over in a corner.  When we got to the car to leave the station, Jim got behind the wheel and Jim sat in the back seat with me.

"Mark," Jim began, "Clay and I want you to know that we couldn't have hand picked a better partner. We're going to make a great team."

 As he talked, he placed his right hand on my thigh and ever so slowly began sliding it toward my crotch.  Needless to say my cock began to stiffen.

TO BE CONTINUED.......................



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