"Wake up. Happy birthday Jason," my little sister yelled. I looked at the clock and saw that it was 7:00am. Boy I was mad as hell that she woke me up, but it was all out of love. She was only nine years old, so I couldn't be too mad. "Thank you sis. I love you," I told her. Today was my seventeenth birthday, which meant that I only had one more year until I was officially considered an adult. I lied back down for a few hours, then got back up around 10:00am. The smell of eggs and bacon filled the house, and made me jump out of bed. I brushed my teeth and headed down to the kitchen. My mom was in the kitchen cooking up my favorites: eggs, bacon, pancakes, grits, and fried apples. "Happy Birthday son! I can't believe my little baby is turning seventeen. Don't think you are grown now. I will still lay the smackdown," mama joked. I sat at the table, whiled mama fixed me a plate. When she brought the plate to the table, she removed an envelope from her pocket and placed it on the table as well. She leaned in and gave me a kiss on the forehead. "Happy birthday again old man," she said. I ate that food like it was my last supper, and enjoyed every minute of it. After demolishing that food, I opened the envelope and took out the card. It read:





She left a $50 bill in the card, which was like $1000 coming from my mom. She was a single parent, raising two kids on her own. I felt a little guilty accepting the money, knowing that she was struggling to keep up with the bills. I love my mom with all my heart and this just showed me how much she is willing to sacrifice for her children. Every year, mama did something on my birthday to make me feel special. Last year, she threw me a surprise party. The year before that she took me and a few of my friends to Six Flags. She made it feel like July 6th was a national holiday.

Around 7:00 that evening, I met up with my boys Tyrone and John. We all grew up together in Southeast DC, and have been friends since elementary school. My mom didn't really like me hanging with Tyrone because she thought he was a bad influence. He used to get suspended all throughout middle and high school for one reason or another. Tyrone was a big dude and didn't mind fighting. He was 6'2, 190 pounds, darkskin, long dreads, and he had one of those jailhouse bodies. He was ultimately expelled from high school, during eleventh grade, for fighting a teacher. On the other hand, my mama loved John. He was a straight A student, and never got into any trouble. Whenever he would come over to the house, he would greet my mom and he would always address her as "ma'am". People were always shocked that he and I were friends with Tyrone. John and I were both clean cut dudes, who stayed out of trouble. John was 5"10, 170lbs, brownskin, and had long curly hair. I was pretty much the same height, weight, complexion, and build as John. The only thing that separated our looks was the fact that I had a really low fade cut. Regardless of what people thought, we were true friends and nothing was going to change that. Every time we were going out, we always met up at the same location. We met in the parking lot of the Marlboro House apartments, since it was the midway point for all of us.

"So what you wanna do. It's your birthday," Tyrone said. "Well it's hot as hell outside, so let's find something to do inside until later tonight. How about we go to the indoor pool at the YMCA before it closes at 9:00pm," I suggested. "After that we can get dressed and see who's having a house party tonight," I said. Everyone agreed and we all had to run home real quick to change into some swimming trunks. When we met back up in the parking lot, we all had on swimming trunks and a wife beater. We made it to the YMCA around 6:45pm, so we had about an hour before the pool closes. Everyone in DC must have had the same idea, because that pool was packed. There were girls in the pool with their asses and breasts busting out of their bathing suits. I walked to the end of the pool that had the most girls and decided to jump in there. We swam over to a group of attractive black girls, who look like they were about seventeen or eighteen and kicked a little game. "Ya'll are fine as fuck. I'm Tryone, and these are my boys John and Jason. Today is Jason's birthday, so y'all need to show him some birthday love," Tryone said to the girls. They were eating up his every word. I mean, we were three good looking dudes if I must say so myself. We never had problems getting any girl we wanted. We kicked game for a while and then all left together. We walked the girls to where they were staying in Northwest DC, and asked if we could come in and chill for a lil bit. "We don't really know y'all like that and my mom will be home in about an hour anyway," one of the girls said. Tyrone whispered something into the girl's ears and before I knew it, she was inviting us inside. The other two girls looked like they really weren't down with us coming into the house, but they were just going with the flow. "Do y'all even know our names," one of the girls asked. Tyrone spoke up and said, "Yep. Pretty, sexy, and beautiful." "Which one of y'all like y'all pussy eaten," Tyrone boldly asked. They all seemed to be disgusted by the question, well at least that it what we thought. The shortest girl in the bunch said, "Don't make an offer you can' keep". Right in front of everyone, Tyrone slid her bathing suit to the side and started to eat her pussy. She was moaning, and we could all tell that Tyrone was hitting her spot. After about five minutes, he stopped and told the girl to give me some birthday head. "I am not a slut. I am not giving him head," she said. He put his tongue back in that pussy for a minute, then stopped. "You want me to finish, give my boy some head. She motioned for me to come over, so I did. With one swipe, she pulled my swimming trunks down and was bobbing up and down on my dick. My dick was about eight and a half inches long and kinda thick, so this bitch had skills. She was almost deep throating the entire thing. Tyrone went back to eating that pussy again, as she continued to swallow my dick. This was definitely some of the best head I've ever received from a bitch. If she kept this up, I was going to bust any minute. "Your mom just pulled into the driveway," one of the girls yelled. I pulled my trunks back up and John, Tyrone and I ran out of the back door.

We must have ran for about four blocks before we decided to stop. "Damn, I was about to bust a nut in that bitch's mouth," I said. "I can't believe you ate that girl's pussy," John said to Tyrone. "Y'all some scared niggas. Afraid to eat the box and shit," Tyrone replied. Red and blue lights flashed and a cop car stopped right in front of us. We started walking, because we knew that the cop couldn't have stopped to talk to us. "I need you three to stop where you are and put your hands above your head," the cop yelled. Him and his partner walked towards us with caution, watching us light hawks. One of the cops was a tall thin white man, who looked to be in his late forties and the other was a short hispanic man who appeared to be in his early thirties. The hispanic guy stood in front of us holding a flashlight in our faces, while the white cop searched each of us one by one. "Y'all boys don't have anything on you I should know about do you," he asked. He started with me first. He ran his hands in between my thighs, brushing against my balls a couple times. Then he ran his hands over my ass and squeezed as if I had something in my back pocket. I watched as he did the same thing to John and to Tyrone. Tyrone was the only one who spoke up. "Watch where the fuck you touching and grabbin. That was my dick you just grabbed," Tyrone told the cop. "Watch your tone with me. I'm just doing a routine search." "Why the fuck are we being stopped in the first place. We ain't do shit," Tyrone added. "Handcuff this smartass," the cop yelled. Just like that, Tyrone was handcuffed and placed in the back of the police car. "Officer, can you please tell us why we were stopped," John asked. We were told that there was a robbery in the neighborhood and that we fit the description of the suspects. Before we knew it, we were all handcuffed and were being transported to the police station for questioning. All I could think about was my poor mom. How was she going to respond to the news of me being arrested.

This was my first time ever being inside of a police car. There were bars that separated the back of the vehicle from the front, which made it seem like we were animals in a cage. John cried like a baby. "I can't go to jail. On the front dash board, I saw a picture of the older officer. He had his arms around an older white lady and two young girls, whom I assume were his wife and kids. We didn't do anything officer," he cried out. "Stop that fuckin cryin. We ain't do shit, so we ain't going to jail y'all," Tryone said. We pulled off the main road into a grassy area where there were old junk cars. The car came to a complete stop and the engine was turned off. "You boy's wanna go jail tonight," the older white cop asked. John and I said "No" in unison. I want all three of you to get out of the car. It was a little difficult getting out of the car with my hands handcuffed behind my back. Once we were out of the vehicle, we were instructed to lean against the car. "You have to show me that you don't want to go to jail," said the cop. He unzipped his pants and his dick was now fully exposed. "One of you are going to have to suck my dick," he announced. The hispanic officer stepped out of the car and told his partner that he had gone a bit too far. After a brief exchange of words, the officer just shook his head and went back into the car. "I ain't with that faggot shit. You can take my ass to jail. I don't give a fuck," Tyrone screamed. "Nigger you will suck this dick if I tell you too," the officer said with a big smile. If Tyrone didn't have those handcuffs on, he would have beaten the fuck out of that cop. "You know what. Since you don't what to suck my dick, I am going to make this interesting. I will let you boys decide which one of you are going to be a bitch and which one of you are going to get sucked. You have three minutes to decide," he said. "Oh, and if you decide not to participate, just know that everyone will be getting arrested. If you cooperate, I just may forget that I even seen you tonight," he added.

John was the first person to speak. "Man, I ain't with that faggot shit either, but I ain't trying to go to jail. I got too much going for myself, to get caught up in the system," he said. I agreed and said that we need to figure something out to avoid going to jail. Tyrone was totally against it and said that he would rather get locked up then do some homo shit. John and I pleaded with him to cooperate and even promised to give him $100 apiece if he just went along with it. Tyrone eventually agreed and said that he ain't gonna be the one sucking dick though. John and I just needed to decide who was going to suck Tyrone's dick. To be completely fair, we told Tyrone to think of a number and the closest person to that number would not have to suck his dick. I chose the number four, while John chose the number nine. "I was thinking of the number five," Tyrone said. I was happy as fuck that I wasn't going to have to suck his dick. The cop got back out of the car and asked us who was sucking whose dick. When we told him, he replied, "I figured you would be the one getting sucked." Since our arms were still handcuffed behind our backs, the officer had to get take Tyrone's pants off. "Damn, I guess what they say about black men is true," he said. I've watched straight porn since I was eleven years old, and I have never seen a dick as big as Tyrone's. He must have been about eight inches soft and thick as hell. John knelt down in front of Tyrone and took his soft dick into his mouth. After about three minutes, Tyrone's dick was still soft. "Hey you. get over there and see if you can get your friend's dick hard," the officer yelled to me. I switched places with John and started sucking Tyrone's thick dick. He still wasn't getting hard, so I licked up and down his dick and moved to his big balls. I licked and sucked each one, and I could finally see Tyrone's dick start to rise. "I see you are starting to like it boy," the officer said to Tyrone. I told the officer that I was uncomfortable and needed my handcuffs taken off. He agreed and told me not to try any funny business. I continued to suck Tyrone's dick while i used one hand to massage his gigantic balls. I must have been doing it right, because I could hear Tyrone moan softly. His dick was at full attention--all eleven inches of it. I continued to work that dick over until he i felt his his legs shake and his dick stiffen even more. I knew what that meant, but before I could move my mouth, Tyrone was nutting all inside my mouth. I spit like a thousand times, trying to get that taste out of my mouth.

"I hope you didn't think this was over. I wanna see someone get fucked and then I will let you all go," said the officer. By the look on his face, I could tell that he was serious. "I'm going to flip a coin. Heads you fuck him and tails, you fuck him," he said. I was hoping for tails, because I damn sure was not trying to get fucked. Thank God it was tails. I wasn't stoked about having to fuck my buddy, but if it meant keeping us out of jail, then I was going to do what needed to be done. The officer gave me some lube that he was using to jack his own dick. I lubed up my dick and jacked until it was hard. I had John put lube into his own ass. I slowly entered his ass, trying not to hurt him. I have to admit that the tightness of his ass wrapped around my dick was better than any pussy I've ever had. I can't believe that I was experiencing that best sex of my life, with one of my best friends. I kept pushing my dick inside, inch by inch, until I was balls deep. That ass was feeling so good I forgot that I was fucking John and started to go in. I was banging the fuck out of that ass as if it were a pussy. After about five minutes, I must have bust a gallon of nut deep in his ass. I meant to pull out, but that shit was feeling too good. I tried to play it off like I didn't enjoy it at all.

"Well you all are free to go now. Oh, and it turns out that the suspects were three white guys. Sorry for the mix up," the officer said while laughing. He drew his gun and pointed it at us as he had his cop friend uncuff us. "Have a nice day", were his last words before he jumped in the car and sped off.

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