I'm a jock. Football, basketball, track and wrestling. At my school athletics trumped academics. After all we were all supposed to grow up to be farmers anyway, so as long as we could read, write and do enough math to get by, nothing more was expected. The nerds were the lower class, if you weren't a big tough guy, you were nobody. I was goodlooking, big and a green eyed blonde. I was a star in my little corner of the world.

I may have matured a bit slower than some of the other guys. I didn't really get turned on sexually until between my sophmore and junior year. Much to my dismay, I started zeroing in on dicks not pussy. While other guys drooled over the pom pom squad or cheerleaders I drooled over the guys in my school. Being a jock I got to check out every guy in our school in the locker room. Some guys were much more mature looking than others. There were long skinny dicks, short fat dicks, almost non-existant dicks. Then there was Rusty's dick.

Rusty was one of the nerds. I never paid much attention to him, even though our lockers were next to each other since junior high. Short, scrawny and shy, I hardly knew he existed. All that changed between our sophmore and junior year. Rusty shot up like a rocket and filled out almost as big as me. Seems he worked at a resort all summer and the job gave him a growth spurt. He also came back with a diffrent attitude. He'd seen something of the outside world, and the politics of highschool seemed beneath him. He had an air of all this is not that important. Made him sexy as hell. He was one of only two kids to have red hair and one of the first to sprout chest hair. Something else sprouted that summer too. His dick. It wasn't the biggest dick in school, that actually belonged to the only other red head in the school, who being mentally handicapped, always tucked it between his legs. Rusty's dick was pretty close to being the biggest, but more importantly it was uncut. I couldn't believe I'd never noticed before, but then I wasn't noticing dicks before.

I went from noticing dicks, to wanting to touch one. I wanted to feel that foreskin with my own hand. As time went on I began to obsess about that uncut piece of meat. I'd daydream about it in class, getting a boner. I got caught out a couple of times, but was always able to blame Mary. Mary? Just the hottest girl school and usually in just about every class I was in.

Now about this time, I noticed Carl was always getting in Rusty's car after school instead of riding the bus. I'd heard many rumors about Carl, and seeing him with Rusty made me green with envy. I imagined Carl getting to touch that uncut dick and wanted to beat the shit out of him.

One day I made a sarcastic remark to Mary about the the lovebirds going steady. Stupid! I knew Carl was Mary's best freind, I can only blame my lapse of judgement on jealousy. She coldly informed me, that Carl and Rusty worked after school unloading trucks at the lumberyard. Well that explained the muscle they were both packing on. Expensive lesson though, Mary was the most popular kid in school and I'd put myself firmly on her shit list.

I did some digging and found out the guys often worked Saturdays at the lumberyard too. Now a plan began to brew in my brain. I had practice weeknights, but Saturdays free. If I could get hired on to unload Saturdays, maybe I could get closer to Rusty. So I got my mom to give me a ride to the lumberyard. ( Rusty was abit older than the rest of us, and got his liscence and a car before the rest of us.) The foreman was pretty tickled to get a football star on his workcrew and snapped me up like gold. To my joy he sent me to work with Rusty and Carl.

Eventually we began to work well with each other. Then Rusty offered to pick me up on Saturdays. I could barely contain myself. Even the fact that Carl got the front seat and me the back wasn't enough to bring down my happiness.

Then I screwed up royally! Carl and I were carrying a heavy stack of lumber. Carl slipped and almost lost the whole load. ' Watch what you're doing, you little fag!' I yelled.

I winced when I realized what came out of my mouth. Carl looked so stricken. Red faced I turned to find Rusty glaring at me. ' If that's the way you feel, better call your mom to get you! There's no room in my car for you anymore!'

My dreams of getting with Rusty might as well be over. I turned to Carl. ' Look Carl, I'm sorry! I didn't mean it! Forgive me?' Carl shrugged and said,' Wayne, I've been called worse, so no problem. But Rusty is touchy about that shit and he won't let you off so easy!'

I turned to plead with Rusty but he was gone, back to work. Carl and I went back too, but as far as Rusty was concerned I didn't exist. I tried talking to him, but he just ignored me, Looked past me into the air and only talked to Carl. Carl tried to intervene on my behalf, then Rusty wasn't talking to him either. Man, I never knew he had such a temper.

Finally, I planted myself in his path, when he was trapped in the truck. ' C'mon Rusty, give me a chance! I'll do whatever you say to make it up to you and Carl!' He scowled at me, then crossed his arms and asked. ' Anything, Wayne? Careful what you promise!' ' I'm serious Rusty! Just give me a chance!' He considered a minute, then gave me an evil smirk. ' think your mom'd let you hang out with us tonight?' ' Sure, I'll call and ask? Am I forgiven?' ' Not yet. You got a test to pass first!'

Mom didn't mind, just reminded me of my curfew. After work, we all piled into Rusty's car and drove to the quarry. Rusty rummaged in the trunk and pulled out a cooler and some old blankets. The cooler was full of ice and beer.

Carl explained that whenever they could score beer, they came out to the quarry to party. I'd never had more than a few sips of beer, and was eager to give it a go. I was thinking that maybe this was my test. After the beer made us mellow, Carl pulled out a joint. Now, I was nervous. I'd never really smoked weed before and all of the horror stories to drug addiction sprang to mind! Then I looked over at Rusty, who was daring me with his eyes! Well, maybe this was the test! I watched Carl and Rusty take a toke and tried to copy them. I near coughed up a lung! Rusty and Carl tried not to laugh, but snickers kept leaking out. Finally Carl took pity on me and taught me how to hold it in and let it out.

Finally the beer and weed hit me . I lay back and stared up at the sky. ' I'm glad you guys forgave me!' I said. ' You aren't forgiven yet Wayne!' Rusty sneered. ' You still have to pass the test!' ' Geez Rusty, what the fuck do I have to do? I said I'm sorry, I smoked weed, I came out to the quarry with you! What more do I have to do?'

Rusty grinned evilly. ' Suck Carl's dick!'

I just stared at him. ' What?' I stammered. ' Suck Carl's dick! He's the one you called a fag!

You want backm in, that's the price!'

I looked at Carl. His face was red but he looked excited too. And as this was something I kind of wanted to do, I was too. But I felt I had to protest. ' No way, I'm sucking Carl's dick! I'm no queer!'

Rusty shrugged, then said ' Suit yourself! That's my price and you did say you'd do anything!' Then he started taking off his clothes. Mouth dry I watched him, a moment before sputtering. ' What the fuck are you doing?'

He just leveled a look at me and shucked his pants. His dick looked huge stretching out the front of his underwear! Still staring at me, he slid his underwear down and a massive uncut cock bobbed up and slapped his belly. I turned to ask Carl if he believed this shit, only to find him shucked down too. ' Oh my God', I thought, they are going to force me to suck their dicks. I got ready to protect my masculinity.

' Road's that way Wayne! Your house is only about five miles away, Sorry I can't give you a ride but Carl and I want to party and you failed the test! So best be hiking home! Carl, come over here, I've got a freind for you!' Rusty said as he stroked his foreskin over his cock. I was mesmerized by the purple head appearing and disappearing. I couldn't believe it whan Carl went down on his knees and started licking Rusty's balls. God, how I envied Carl. Rusty glared at me. ' Still here?, Carl look I think Wayne's got a boner! Sure you're not a little bit queer there jock boy? Maybe you really do want to suck some dick! Here's your chance to make up jock boy! All you have to do is put your mouth around Carl's dick! Isn't that what you really want?'

Finally I gave in. Damn my reputation, I wanted to touch and fondle and yes suck on Carl's dick, especially if I got to do the same to Rusty's uncut monster. I fell to my knees before Carl. I stared at his mid sized dick jutting before my face. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth. The squishy head touched my tongue. I was surprised at the texture and the slightly salty taste. I closed my mouth around the head and sucked. I tried moving my head back and off his dick, but suddenly he was holding my head in place. Carl thrust his dick down my throat making me gag. ' Don't kill him Carl!' Rusty cautioned softly, ' Remember he's a virgin cocksucker, go easy on him!' Carl let me come up for air. ' Okay, Wayne, time to cross the bridge! If you want to quit it's okay, I'll take you home, if you want to stay, take off your clothes and we'll have some fun!'

I was out of my clothes so fast I nearly ripped them off. I went back to my knees before Carl, ready to swing on that dick. Rusty rummaged in his pocket and pulled out a little brown bottle.

He handed it to Carl who held it to his nose and inhaled deeply. Then Carl handled it to me, and I copied him. The most incredible rush I'd ever felt came over me. Suddenly I couldn't wait to get Carl's dick in my mouth. I attacked it like I was starving, maybe a little too rough cause Carl had to pull me off! ' Gez Wayne, not so rough, watch your teeth!' I opened my mouth to apologize, when suddenly Rusty filled it with his big uncut dick. I froze. Here was the thing I'd been dreaming of for weeks and it was in my mouth.

' C'mon jock boy, suck it, I know you want to!'

Obediantly I began sucking on, feeling that foreskin slide back and forth in my mouth. Another inhale from the brown bottle and I was trying to get the whole thing down my throat. Rusty let me suck for a while then pulled out of my mouth. Carl tok his place and I went to work on him, all that mattered was that there was a dick in my mouth.

Another inhale from the bottle, and I felt hands run over my ass cheeks. Whatever was in that bottle combined witht he weed I'd smoked made it feel so good. Then a finger was rubbing against my asshole. I'd hardly ever touched my own asshole, let alone let someone else do it! But for some it felt incredible. I felt something wet on my whole while Carl held the little brown bottle to my nose. Suddenly there was something up inside my hole. I yelped and tried to pull away, but an arm around my hips held me in place. Carl gave me another snort and I relaxed. That, thing was a finger and suddenly it felt kind of good. Then the finger moved inside me and found something that shot such a rush of pleasure through me I near collapsed. Rusty's breath stirred in my ear. ' Found your joy button didn't I jock boy? Like that? Want me to stop?' He hit the spot again and I moaned while shaking my head desperatly no. Another hit from the brown bottle and I felt my ass stretching wider. Two fingers, and they hurt, but I didn't want them to stop. He found that spot again, and then began to slowly finger fuck my ass. ' You like that don't you, jock boy? ' Yes, I loved it. I could not believe the feelings having those fingers up my hole gave me. ' Gonna let us fuck you aren't you jock boy?'

I felt the fingers pull out of my clenching hole. I felt so empty! I was ready to big when Rusty was back in front of me holding out the brown bottle. As I tooka deep breath I felt hands pulling apart my ass cheeks and something butt up against my empty whole. Then Carl was pushing into me. God it hurt, and yet I wanted the hurt so bad. It felt like Carl's dick was a mile long as my hole stretched to take it in. I looked at Rusty imploringly. It was his dick I suddenly wanted inside me, not Carl's. As if he could read my mind he whispered. ' If you can't take Carl's dick, mine would rip you apart!' Just relax and let him loosen you up. We don't want to hurt you, if it hurts too much just yell, we'll stop!' I almost yelled but then Carl's dick slid across that place in my gut that sent spasms of pleasure all through me. I gasped and pushed myself back hard, trying to keep that feeling going, but Carl was all the way in. Then he slowly pulled out and hit that place again. I wanted that feeling again so bad,when he pushed back in I slid my ass back to meet him. ' Geez, Rusty! He's like a natural born fucking machine 'Carl gasped. I no longer cared what they caled or thought of me, I was riding on a wave of feelings. Every inhale from that bottle intensified those feelings till I thought I'd die.

Then Carl yelped and slammed hard into my hole. I swear I could feel his cock expand even more, as he yelled he was coming. Then he was pulling out! I wasn't ready, I wanted more, then the brown bottle was in front of me again. I felt something blunt against my hole again and tried to force it in me. Strong hands held me still. ' Easy jock boy' Rusty whispered. ' Take it easy, you'll hurt yourself!' Slowly he forced the head of his dick into me. It felt like a log stretching me apart. I started to get scared, but it stopped. Slowly my hole began to accept the monster. I tried to push back a little, but Rusty held me in place. Another sniff from the bottle and he began sliding more into me. I'd never realized that the middle of his dick was wider than the head. I felt like I was going to split apart. Then it hit that place in me that felt so fantastic, and just kept sliding across it. and skiding across it, until I thought I'd go crazy. Then he was all the way in! I felt so full and happy. Then he was sliding out and sliding in! Shortly the feelings so overwhelmed me, that strands of cum shot out of my dick, then I swear I could feel Rusty filling my ass with jism.

Spent, I collapsed on the blanket, and Rusty collapsed with me, his big uncut cock still filling my ass. Carl lay down beside us and ran his hand down my body. I shuddered in pleasure and a little pain, as my stretched out hole finally realized it should hurt. Rusty pulled out and flopped beside me. Carl lit up another joint and we toked and just enjoyed the wonderful satified feeling.

So began a grand freindship between us. I got to fuck both Rusty and Carl. Even when we all graduated and moved away we kept in contact and sometimes even got together for a little fun. Eventually we all found someone to love more than we loved each other. But we always staid freinds.

This story is dedicated to Carl P. You left us way too soon my freind. Be happy in the next life.




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