When I was I born I became a uncle to children older than myself because my dad had a previous marriage with 4 daughters and they already had children of their own. I grew up in a large family and have always been the black sheep of the family but that's okay. I had one favorite sister and on weekends and during summer I basically lived with her. My sister was very laid back and let myself and her children do as we wanted, she later regretted that decision though. I was sitting on the couch watching tv when I heard my nephew yell from the bathroom asking me to come in there. I got up and walked in the bathroom to see him naked and in the bath tub. I instantly fixated on his cock because I had only seen my own. It was completely hard and he asked me if I wanted to touch hit and after hesitation I slowly started rubbing it till I started jacking his cock. I'm leaned over the bathtub and he asked if I would put it in my mouth which I instantly refused. After much delay and back and forth I finally started licking the head then slowly down the shaft and back up till he begged me to suck it. I watched as his dick throbbed and I instantly tried to swallow it because I didn't know what to do and he let out a moan, pulled my head off and shot rope after rope of cum and told me to get out so he could clean up. It seemed as only a couple minutes passed by when I heard my sisters horn, signalling that she needed help carrying groceries in. Our day went as usual, and we acted as if nothing ever happened.

After we had dinner and watched a movie it was time for bed, well for the adults anyway. I was in my room with my tv on as my door opened and Billy, my nephew walked in and pulled his pants down. I slowly started jacking his cock and licking it just enough to drive him crazy and that's when he said let me go run some bath water and you come in after the water shuts off. I happily obliged and started sucking his cock and after a few moans he said you need to sit on this. I was surprised but I climbed in the tub with him and slowly lowered myself onto his cock, and wow,I was shocked. There was no pain only pure pleasure and I rode him for maybe 3 minutes and he came. This continued on for years and one summer we were alone amd watching Jerry Springer as we were much older I seen a huge bulge in Billys pants and I was trying to figure out what it was because his cock was only 4 inches long. He got up and walked to his bedroom and said hey bub come here, so I did. I walked into his room to see this 8.5 inch long massive cock and I was in pure awe because I had not reached my full length yet. This time I hungrily sucked his cock, gagging on it and he fucked my throat for almost an hour then asked me if I was ready to feel heaven in which I laughed. I bent over he lubed me up and slowly started easing his huge cock in me and omg it was so painful, I could only take 6" at most but we fucked for another 30 minutes. This continued for a couple of years but ended 6 years ago and I don't even speak to him anymore. 


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