Hi, my name is Derrick. I am eighteen and beginning my freshman year at a Texas university, the same one my father attended. I want to tell you the story of this past summer where I had my 'awakening' and learned about love.

My life really took a turn the summer after my fourteenth birthday. My parents decided to take a three- week European vacation and planned on dragging me along to see all the museums and cathedrals. That definitely was not my idea of a fun summer. I thought I was old enough to stay on my own for that short of a time.

They thought differently. We finally agreed that I could spend the time with dad's much older brother, Uncle Phil, at his ranch in Texas. It was my opinion that 'cow country' was only a little better than Europe. I finally agreed when it became clear I wasn't going to get to stay by myself.

I hated my first week in the raw country. I mean, like I came from a very small city in Indiana, but Uncle Phil's ranch was in the middle of fucking nowhere. No one my age around for miles.

Things soon changed as I realized my Uncle was a lot more fun than my 'strictly business' dad. He taught me how to fish, hunt rabbits at night from the truck and best of all he taught me how to drive the truck, letting me take it all over the ranch. He even gave me one of his horses and bought me a saddle that would always be mine. At the end of my short three weeks, I didn't want to go home and my Uncle helped me talk my parents into letting me remain the whole summer. I had a blast.

When I did arrive home in time for school, my parents thought I had matured. My friends were impressed with my Texas tan, my boots and Stetson. In fact I had put on a few pounds while down there. Uncle Phil and Aunt Martha had retired early from the banking and oil business and didn't do much of any work anymore. They had built quarters behind the garage and hired an old Mexican couple as cook and handy man. Boy could Maria cook. I had never even heard of BBQ goat before, but I loved it. I loved everything she cooked and it made her happy to see me devouring everything I could get my hands on.The next summer my parents let me return to the ranch. And the next, and the next.

I began to grow into a very handsome young man, but I had never given any thought to my sexuality.

When I first hit puberty, I had played around with a fewof my friends but nothing more than jacking each other off. Gradually, we all started to take interest in girls. Maybe, I should say the girls were taking an interest in me. My body had developed quite a few muscles from all my summers of hard work at the ranch. I had my chores just like I was his son and had started to

like working with the hired hands hauling hay and mending fences. Even had to help with some of the animal birthing including sticking my arm up a mare to check the colt. Gross!

I never dated any girl for really a long period of time because others were always chasing me. Another reason was, I didn't seem to be crazy about making it with girls as most of my friends were. I mean, it was okay to fuck, it felt good and all that, but I was just not as consumed about it as they were.

In fact, I spent more time thinking about my summers at the ranch than I did about chicks. Eating pussy was really gross to me although I did like for them to give me head. This one particular girl really enjoyed sucking my cock more than fucking. She always creamed in her

panties at the same time my cum flooded her mouth. She usually wanted to kiss right afterwards but I couldn't - It was just too gross with the remains of my cum in her mouth. But she did teach me another trick.

When it would take me a long time to shoot off, she would slowly insert her finger in my asshole. The first time it hurt like hell but it made me blow my nuts immediately. It got to where I needed her finger in there to get off. It wasn't long before I was ramming my own finger up my ass when I jacked-off.

I never considered putting anything else up there though. Strangely, I never thought about girls or boys when I beat my meat - just how good it felt for my hand to be jacking it.

By the time of graduation, I guess I was one of the best looking guys in school. I knew I was but I tried to keep things in perspective and not let it go to my head. I'm six foot tall, 175 pounds (all solid muscle), with black hair and bright green eyes (some people accuse me of

wearing high color contacts).

For graduation, my parents had given me a new Jeep. It took a lot of persuasion on my part since they didn't think it was safe. They finally gave in when I pointed out that people in Texas drive trucks more than cars. Besides, the Jeep would be great for back roading around

the ranch.

I cram-packed all my belongings into it and headed for Texas for another summer at the ranch before I started college about a 100 miles away from Uncle Phil's. I looked like a red Gypsy wagon going down the road.

When I arrived at Uncle's, I was disappointed to learn that Maria's husband had taken very sick and they had returned to Mexico. They had hired another Mexican family to replace them but they came with a son the same age as I.

Uncle Phil explained they had not finished adding a room to the quarters for the boy, so if I wouldn't mind, we would have to share the same room in the house for a couple of weeks. I didn't mind since the room was furnished with bunk beds. The only problem would be me finding the privacy for jacking-off.

When I first met the son, Alex, I was a little surprised. He looked more like 14 instead of 18. Maybe 5'4,'125's with really black hair and big dark brown eyes. His heavy eyebrows almost met in the middle. His nose was small and upturned. His face reminded me of some angelic altar boy. There was a sadness in his eyes even though he readily smiled. He could speak enough English to get by but sometimes you had to rephrase things or repeat them several times for him to understand.

We got along okay but he was extremely shy and introverted.. It was more like having a younger brother than a friend my own age. I really didn't mind too much, because as an only child, I had always wanted a younger brother to look after.

We didn't have very much in common but at least he was someone my age to hang with. He was so shy he wouldn't even strip to his briefs for bed until the lights were out. When they were, it was zip and he was up the ladder and under the covers before my eyes could adjust.

I realized my body probably made him a little self-conscience about his smaller statue. I had caught him on more than one occasion, sneaking looks at my crotch when I would be in my snug BVD's. I tried to reassure him that I really did like him by putting my arm around his shoulders whenever the opportunity presented itself. That seemed to relax him some but he was still too shy to undress in front of me. It became my goal to make him feel comfortable enough to do it.

The third week I was there, I suggested that we should go fishing and camping for the weekend at the lake that was about a mile and half away thru the woods. Uncle Phil and his parents agreed. His mom made sure we had plenty of food packed in case we didn't catch any fish.

We loaded down the Jeep with camping gear and headed out. The lake was small and private as it was totally on my uncle's land. I had this favorite spot with a great clearing near the shore. I had skinny dipped there many times.

Alex was suitably impressed with the site. In an hour we had the tent and our campsite set up. A little later we settled in for some serious fishing from the shore. After about an hour of no fish, we became bored. I suggested we go for a swim and he agreed.

I stood up, dropped my shorts and briefs. He had already jumped in the lake still wearing his cut-offs. We swam, splashed, played and dunked each other, just as boys are supposed to do. When we were finally decided to get out, my dick was pretty shriveled and my balls were pulled


'Okay, Alex, time to get out those wet shorts.... we can hang them over there to dry.'

'No, I'm okay,' he replied.

He still wasn't going to do it.

I lunged at him and had him in my powerful grip before he knew what was happening. My free hand was hastily removing his cut-offs as he pleaded, 'No, pleeeaze, don't.' I wouldn't take no for an answer and proceeded to pull them to the ground.

With my foot I managed to remove them completely from his ankles. I let him go, he stood there in front of me in briefs that were at least a size too big (they had trouble staying on his hips) with both hands covering his crotch. I thought, what the hell, I can't stop now. He read my mind and tried to run. He didn't make it 10 feet. Off came the shorts. He was screaming 'No, No, No,' as I pulled his hands away from his crotch.

When I looked down at his groin, I was shocked. His dick was extremely small... so small that it was almost hidden by his thick pubes. I didn't see any balls either. Heck, Alex was smaller than I was when I was 14. I looked into his eyes and saw the tears starting to form. I felt really bad that I had embarrassed him so. If I had known then what I learned later, I would never have done such a thing.

Alex had a triple cross to bear. First, he had been circumcised when he was 6 for medical reasons, which made him very different from other Mexican boys. Second, as he got older he was shorter and skinnier than other boys his age. Third, his cock and balls were really small. He was considered a freak by some boys and had been teased by others that he would never satisfy a

woman with his 'boy dick.' He was still a virgin.

I felt so bad for what I had done that I reached out and hugged his nakedness to mine. He responded by throwing his arms around me tightly. I wanted to hold and protect him from further harm. We stood in our embrace for long moments. He shifted slightly and I felt his cock

starting to grow hard against my leg. I felt my groin start to stir.

I was surprised by my growing erection as well as his. I couldn't let go of him no matter what happened. I picked him up and moved to where our blankets had been spread on the ground. I forced him down until we were laying side by side in our embrace.

Slowly, he slid his hand down my back and around to the front. He pulled his head back, gazing directly into my eyes as his small hand slipped between out hot bodies. His fingers found their goal and wrapped around my hard meat. I couldn't hurt him more by moving his hand or not

touching him, so I quickly reached and took his extremely hard four-incher in my hand. His eyes closed as he started to suck his lower lip. We both gently started to massage each other's manhood. It felt wonderful.

Slowly, Alex started to slide down my body causing my hand to lose contact with his dick. He curled up beside me with his head laying on my stomach. He was still slow stoking my cock and slowly lowered it to his face. Gracefully he moved his face forward and without hesitation sucked the head into his eager mouth. He sucked lightly. Shifting slightly, he moved further down

taking as much of my throbbing cock as he could, deeper until it hit the back of his mouth. He was so lightly sucking, I had never felt anything like it before.

There was something different in his manner. Worship and love is the only way to describe what his hot sucking mouth was doing to me. I placed my hand on his shoulder and whispered for him to stop as I was about to cum. He nodded slightly as he increased the wet suction. I could

wait no longer and forcibly erupted massive shots of cum into him as he gagged and gagged. His body was trying to throw up but he wouldn't come off my dick. Some of my cum that he was trying to swallow was ejected through this nose as he convulsed. I felt his hot cum drops spraying my legs as he wildly jerked himself.

I lay, with Alex still clinging to my side, in magnificent ecstasy, realizing that I had never felt so

complete in my life. I wanted to return the feeling and rolled him to his back. Without ceremony, I went straight for his softening cock, sucking it totally into my mouth in one motion. I heard his gasp as I greedily worked his dick with my mouth.

I had no experience sucking cock but found his four inches easy to take completely in my hot mouth. I just held it there and sucked like I was trying to get a thick milkshake thru a straw. I wanted him to feel as good as I did. He started to buck and push against my face. My nose was buried deep in his pubes as I had no problem keeping his whole length in me. I wanted his cum.

I could taste the remnants of his spent load and wanted more. Surprisingly, I got my wish very quickly and he humped another volume of his sperm. Most of it went straight into my throat but I managed to back off and captured the last squirts on my tongue. As I let him slip from my mouth, I moved up and hugged his heaving body to mine.

After we had rested for some time, we took another swim to clean our bodies. This time he made no attempt to cover his nakedness. His eyes had gained a sparkle and he smiled continuously. We then devoured some the food his mom had made.

Alex just sat there looking at me with those big brown eyes. I could feel the love and admiration that radiated from him. I thought to myself, if this continues when we get back, someone is going to suspect something.

We spent the afternoon fishing, catching nothing big enough to keep, and exploring the surrounding area. That evening, even though it was still quite warm, we built a nice fire. We sat naked, like we had been all day, roasting wieners and toasting marshmallows. I had brought along a portable radio and was playing some of the country music I had become to like so much.

Some of my friends back in Indiana thought I had become a real nerd about the music. Alex seemed to like it a lot. He had moved closer to me to enjoy the moment to the fullest. As the fire started to die-down, we had laid-back to enjoy the stars on this clear June night. My arm was under Alex's neck as he rested his head against my shoulder. Amazingly enough, neither of us had an erection. We just lay there enjoying the beauty of the world around us.

As we enjoyed the beauty of nature, Alex divulged all his darkest secrets about his size, genitals and all the teasing he had been subjected to. I asked him if he was gay. He shrugged he didn't know but would really like to be like me in every way. Then no one would ever tease him and his dick would be big enough for fucking. I tried to assure him he was big enough for that, but he wasn't buying it. He asked me if I liked guys. I tried to be honest, telling him I had never really considered it but that I had really liked what we had done earlier. He said he did also.

As the fire started to flicker its life away, the bugs of the night began to become bothersome. We decided to retire to the tent for protection.

When we setup camp earlier, we had put our bedrolls on opposite sides with a path between. Alex surveyed the situation and looked at me with pleading eyes, not saying a word. He didn't need to, I understood. I moved my roll closer to the center. He smiled as he quickly moved his next to mine.

Since it was still warm, we lay on top of our rolls. The stars were bright enough to give a faint glow through the tent. I was sure Alex's cock had started to harden but couldn't be sure because of his really big bush. Now, I was a little envious of him, he must have three times the crotch hair as myself, although he was hairless elsewhere except under his arms where he matched me hair for hair. My cock was definitely rock- hard as I thought of having sex with him.

Alex rolled to his side and placed his hand on my chest. I didn't object as my heart started to beat faster. I am sure he felt it pounding and moved his face to one of my nipples. He was using his tongue and mouth to lick and suck at the same time. He slid his body atop me with such ease and grace. The heat of his body was blending into my being. I took his head in my hands, urging him upward. For the first time in my life, I really wanted to kiss someone long and hard. I had kissed a lot of girls but never had the passion been this great.

He moved quickly, smashing his lips against mine with force. He began to suck my tongue with abandon as it entered his hot wet cavity. I retreated and sucked his into mine. Our salvia mixed into a wonderful nectar. We kissed long and hard for what seemed like forever. His hot meat pressed against my hard stomach as my throbbing tool glided between his thighs.

I knew if we didn't stop that I was going to cum and I wanted it to last much longer. I rolled us to our sides and broke the passionate kissing, but giving him a few more pecks on the lips to let him know everything was still alright. My hand began to explore his trim torso as his did mine. We ended at each other's cock with loving squeezes.

It felt that his was a little larger than earlier. He must be as turned on as I am. Alex shifted into a 69 and began his slow sucking, pulling as much of my meat into his mouth as he could and still suck. His hard member was poking at my lips. As I readily accepted him fully into mouth, a no-brainer hit me - I knew how to make this guy's day the most pleasurable he had ever known.

His hard little cock wasn't that much bigger than my finger and I knew where I wanted him to put it.

I broke our 69 and went for the suntan oil in my bag. I filled my hand and reached for my cock. Alex pleaded, 'No, Pleeeaze, No, you too big for me butt.'

He was looking at my eyes, pleading with his, and didn't notice my hand slipping down to lube my asshole. I put more oil in my hand and started to lube his hard throbbing little cock. He was shocked, not sure what was going to happen next. I swiveled around, putting my legs on each side of him and helped him to his knees. I pulled my legs up and raised my hole to his cock.

'Fuck me in the ass, Alex - I want to be your first,' I commanded. He hesitated from surprise.

I pushed against him harder, 'Fuck me, I want your beautiful cock all the way in me while I jack-off. I want you to fuck your hot cum deep inside me. We can be one.'

That did it, he fully rammed his tool in my tight ass in one sure swift stoke. I felt his pubes grind into my ass cheeks. God, it felt so good, nothing like a finger. Instincts took over and he started to roughly fuck in and out. He was pounding my ass with all his strength.

Every time he rammed me, it was like an electric shock when he poked my prostate. I knew he wasn't going to last long and began to frantically jack my engorged rod. I wanted to blow my wad close to his. It didn't take me long, I didn't hold back and blasted my heavy load.

His every thrust forced even more out my piss hole. My ass muscles tightened as I came causing him to ram me wildly. He made a final thrust and held as he emptied his nuts inside me. I could actually feel his love squirts. My own load had covered my chest and face - some even went over my head. I had never climaxed so hard in all my life.

With lingering further to savor the moment, Alex withdrew with a pop and collapsed on top me.

Finding my cum, he started to greedily lick. He licked all over me, searching for more to take.

When he could find no more, he moved his face close to mine. He stopped, waiting for approval. I didn't disappoint him. I placed my hands behind his head and pulled until our lips met. This time I wanted to taste my cum in his hot mouth. This was not gross - it was Right.

We finally broke our lingering kiss, rolled to our sides and fell asleep holding our love in our arms.

Later in the night, I was awakened by his soft mouth on my again hard cock. It felt wonderful, as I reached down to urge him to take more. To my surprise, my hand found his dick instead of the back of his head. Instantly, I knew the head of cock was in his ass.

'Easy pleeeaze, you so big' he whispered.

'Are you sure you want this?' I questioned, not wanting to hurt him.

'Yes, I want you all in me like I in you.'

I reached down to feel his ass cheeks and found he had oiled both of us quite well for the assault.

I grasped his hip and started to move in deeper. He gasped and I stopped.

'Deeper, all it,' he muttered thru clinched teeth.

I went back to making short gentle jabs, slowly sinking into him inch by inch. I couldn't believe how the inside of his ass was so hot and velvety. This was way better than any pussy I'd had. Soon, I felt his ass cheeks against my groin. 'That's all of it,' I whispered.

'Fuck me good, I yours' he breathed. I began to slow short stoke his hot tight chute, gradually until I was fully shafting him. He began to push back to meet my thrusts.

'Hard,' he cried out in passion. I started to fuck him with hard ramming stokes. In less than a minute, I grabbed his hips and slammed my full length deep inside him - straining to get deeper and erupted my load into his bowels.

He moaned loudly as he pushed back trying to get me deeper.

I reached around him to jack him while my hard cock was still in his ass, but found a sticky mess as he had already blown his load. I started to withdraw but he gabbed me and begged me to wait. As my cock softened, he slowly slid off. He turned to face me and wrapped his arm over me.

'Derikk',' he said.

'Yes,' I replied.

'I love you, I really love you.'

'I love you too, Alex,' I whispered back without hesitation. I knew it was true and I didn't care if I was queer for it. What had happened between us this day wasn't just sex, it was our expressions of total love.

You can imagine what the remainder of the summer was like. I am glad college is so close to Uncle Phil's. I plan on going back every weekend to be with the most wonderful person in the world, Alex, My Lover. I can't imagine getting off without his beautiful cock either up my ass or in my mouth. He feels the same.





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