Uncle Joe's Story

by Lee Obrien

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Chapter 8

After I read the last entry Uncle Joe made, I was glad that grandma and Grandpa helped him go on spring break. He did deserve a little break before he graduated and started to work. I was a bit concerned about what sexual act he may try next, the kissing and the rim job really threw me for a loop. I was glad that I had my wife to talk to about this, I knew I couldn’t tell any of my friends or coworkers. I also knew that dad would rather not discuss it either. She always helped me keep things in perspective and reminded me that some of the things we did in our bedroom might make other people uncomfortable.

We started to read where we had left off a couple of days before.


I called my parents as soon as I got back from spring break and thanked them again, I told them what a great time I had, I left out meeting Chad of course. I got back to my classes and prepared for finals. Graduation was quickly approaching. Mom, dad and both my brothers came to town for the ceremony, we went out for a nice supper after. They helped me load up my things and we headed back home.

The next week, I got a job with a local contractor and started working the week after. After I got my first paycheck, I started to look for a place of my own. Dad told me that I could stay at home for as long as I needed, but I was ready to be on my own. I saved my first couple checks and found a small house on the edge of town to rent. Mom helped me clean and paint, we found some used furniture and I had my own home. My older brother was married and just welcomed home his second son, my younger brother was away at college and mom and dad were officially empty nesters. I would still go out to the farm and help my dad and brother in the evenings and on weekends.

When I wasn’t helping on the farm, I was moonlighting doing small jobs around town, my boss even let me borrow his tools. He was even recommending me for jobs, he was only interested in larger jobs that paid better. All my friends and classmates were starting to get married, of course this led to the "are you next" question at every wedding. I even endured being set up on a few dates, I knew it was pointless, but it just seemed like I was expected to at least play the game. I had no idea if there were any other guys in town that might be in the same boat as I am, and it wasn’t something you could just walk up to another guy and ask. So, for the next couple of years, my social life consisted of bowling on the Thursday night league and attending any school function that my nephews had.

I remembered the porn magazines that my brother had when I was in high school and found an adult bookstore in the city that was about 30 miles away from home. It was a little uncomfortable at first, but I bought a magazine similar to the ones that I looked at in my brother’s room. It wasn’t as fun as being with Russ or Chad, but it did keep me from getting blue balls. I would go in, quickly pick up a mag, buy it, and sneak out, hoping I wouldn’t run into anyone I knew. After a couple of visits, I stayed a little longer and walked around the corner, I was surprised to see a whole section of gay mags. I found one with a hot guy on the cover, I put it behind the straight mag that I had picked up and handed it to the guy at the cash register. Thankfully he was professional about the transaction and just took my money and pushed them into a bag. I rushed home and read it cover to cover, many times. After a few times doing the same thing, I skipped buying the straight porn all together, then I bought a few videos. Dad had given me their old VCR, so I was able to see the action live, instead of just pictures. It was still not as good as the real thing, but still better than nothing. The last time I was at the bookstore, I noticed a flyer hanging on the wall, it was advertising a gay bar that had recently opened. I noted the address and took a detour to find the bar, I drove by it on the way home. It took me several weeks, but I finally worked up the courage to give the bar a try, I was at least going to go for a beer, just to check the place out.

I took a long shower and did my best to look good and headed out on the half hour drive. I drove past the bar two times, talking myself into and out of doing inside. I finally parked about two blocks away, not wanting to risk my truck being spotted in front of a gay bar. I took a deep breath and pushed the door open and walked in. I took a quick look around, I was surprised that it looked just like any other bar that I had been in, not sure what I was expecting.

I made my way to the bar and found an empty stool and ordered a beer. The bartender smiled as he sat the beer in front of me.

He said, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in here before.”

I took a quick drink, “nope, it’s my first time.”

He asked, “so what’s your story, gay? Bi? Curious?”

Taken back by his bluntness, I just sputtered, “gay, I guess.”

Wow, I just told someone that I was gay, I can’t believe I just blurted that out.

He just smiled at me, “well, welcome and good luck. The crowd is kind of light right now, it will pick up in about a half hour.” He left to wait on some guys sitting at the other end of the bar.

I took another drink as I turned to look around, there were about twenty to thirty people scattered around the bar. I was surprised to see women, I mean I know there are lesbians, why would they not be here? But there appeared to also be straight couples sitting at the tables, shit I was hoping that all the guys would be gay, so I didn’t have to worry about hitting on a straight guy.

The bartender was right, the bar started to fill up a short time later. I kept scoping the guys out, eliminating the fem guys, and of course the guys that came in with a woman. I also noted who came with another guy, didn’t want to get into trouble with a couple. A few guys caught my eye, the tall red head wearing the tight Wranglers, the jock type in the form fitting t-shirt, I was wondering if any of these guys found me attractive. I turned back to the bar and ordered another beer, as the bartender brought me my beer, a guy sat down in the stool next to me.

I slowly turned to try to get a good look at him, he gave me a smile as our eyes met. He had that classic Italian look, dark curly hair, brown smoldering eyes with long eyelashes. I scanned further, his olive skin was smooth, he wasn’t overly muscular, but he wasn’t a skinny runt either.

He held out his hand, “hey, I’m Tony.”

I gave him a firm handshake and said, “Joe, nice to meet you.”

He flashed me a nice smile, “is it ok if I sit here?”

I stuttered, “oh God yes, I’m glad you did.” I felt my face blush, I sounded like an idiot.

He chuckled, “are you here alone?”

I nodded, “yes, just came to check the place out.”

He took a drink of his beer, “yeah, me too. Looks like a good crowd.”

I took another quick look around, “yes, yes it does.” God, I still sound like a boob.

He asked, “so, what do you do for a living?”

I said, “I work construction.”

He said, “no kidding, me too.”

This seemed to break the ice, I suddenly relaxed and the conversation started to flow. We ordered another round as we talked and got to know each other. When we finished our beer, the bartender asked, “can I bring you another one?”

Tony looked at me, “if you want, we could go someplace else, someplace a little quieter?”

I smiled, “sure.” I turned to the bartender, “I think we’re good, thanks.”

He smiled at both of us, “good choice.”

We looked back at him, he grinned, “have a good night.”

Once we were outside, Tony said, “it’s quiet at my place.”

I nodded, “I’ll get my truck and follow you.”

Tony led us into his apartment, it was very similar to my house, basic used furniture, and very sparsely decorated walls. He waved his hand to the couch, “have a seat.” He walked to the kitchen and pulled a couple beers from the fridge. He sat them on the table beside the couch and without a word, we started to kiss. We fell back as we made out, Tony on top of me. We pulled each other’s shirts off, the skin to skin contact of his smooth tan chest against my fur covered chest was a huge turn on. We worked each other’s pants off and our hard cocks were leaking precum as they rubbed together. I got a little more excited when I saw that Tony was uncut. I saw an uncut cock in basic training, but this was the first time I was getting a close look. I started to stroke him and moved down so that I could give his hooded dick a lick. I pushed the foreskin back a bit, exposing the head, I greedily licked the nectar that had formed at the slit. I ran my tongue under the loose skin and around the head. We pivoted around and Tony was sucking me as I gave his cock the best sucking I could. He ran his finger across my ass causing a deep moan to escape my lips and my legs to spread. Tony moved from my cock to my balls and then licked my hole. I spread my legs further and released his dick from my mouth. 

His tongue was now giving my hole a good work out, darting in, out and around my pucker. After a few minutes, Tony came up for a kiss and his cock was rubbing my spit slicked hole. He looked me in the eyes, and asked, “can I fuck you?”

I let out a slight sigh, “yes, just go slow please.”

He smiled as he gave me another kiss and started to slowly push. He paused once he penetrated the first ring of muscle, allowing my hole time to adjust. Once the discomfort subsided, the pleasure took over, I could see why Russ and Chad liked this so much. I let out a deep breath and Tony smiled as he started to pump in and out, I pushed back on every thrust. We soon had a rhythm going and were kissing as Tony continued fucking me. My cock was trapped between our stomachs, the friction plus Tony’s dick hitting my sweet spot was pushing me over the edge. I let out a final groan and my cum was coating our abs and chests. Our lips remained locked together as I felt Tony flood my guts with his creamy white goodness. Once his spasms stopped, he collapsed on top of me, still kissing me passionately.

He smiled at me, “wow, you are tight.”

I smiled back, “that was the first time that I had a cock in my ass.”

He raised an eyebrow, “really? I should have asked if you wanted to top or bottom.”

I shook my head, “no, that’s fine. I would have told you if I wasn’t ok with it.”

We talked for a while as we finished our beer. About an hour later, I dressed and headed home. Tony was a great guy and was certainly my type, and even though he offered, I didn’t want to spend the night at his place. I guess I thought that would be something only boyfriends would do. Did I want a boyfriend? If I did, then I would have to tell my family everything. I still knew I was not ready for that, shit even though I’m not a kid anymore, life sure hasn’t gotten any easier.


I said, “wow, he met a guy he liked and still was afraid to come out. He really seemed to have a lot in common with Tony, why couldn’t he give it a try?”

My wife shrugged, “I think he is afraid of how your family would react.”

I turned to her, “but dad has already said that he wished Joe would have told him, it would have been fine.”

She asked, “are you sure?”

I asked, “what do you mean?”

She said, “your dad said he would be fine now, but 30 years ago, would he have had the same reaction? I mean he obviously loved his brother, and he just died, so maybe in his grief he is just saying what he thinks he should.”

I thought a moment, “maybe you are right, and maybe grandma and grandpa wouldn’t have understood either. I guess Uncle Joe knew them better than I did, especially when it comes to things like this.”

She gave me a kiss on the cheek, “maybe Uncle Joe will let us know more in one of his next chapters. Are you coming to bed?”

I smiled, “yep, I’ll lock the doors and turn out the lights and be right in.”


To be continued…

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