'Ok, John, Make sure you call your uncle and tell him we're out of town this weekend so he won't come for dinner.' My mother told me for the fifth time as she walked out the door. My parents were going to the beach for the weekend and I was going to stay with friends. She had already told me to call my uncle Jason so he couldn't come over for dinner. Jason always ate his meals with us ever since his wife left him a year ago. It was my job to inform him this weekend that we all weren't going to be home and my mom kept reminding me so I wouldn't forget.

I sat down on the coach and watched my parents rush out the door. I was supposed to be leaving but I wasn't sure if I wanted to go or not. I felt too old at 16 to be staying over at a friend's house but my parents didn't trust me being home alone. I heard my parents start the car and pull out of the driveway so I got up and went to the TV and popped in one of my favorite videos. I found the video when I was staying with my uncle and I brought it home with me. It was of my uncle and aunt fucking in the bedroom. There were some good shots of my uncle's cock (which I loved to pause). As I watched the video my cock started to grow to its 7-inches and I got up and pulled my pants off and started stroking it in rhythm with my uncle as he fucked my aunt.

Just as I was getting ready to cum I heard a car door shut. I hurriedly shut off the TV and pulled my pants up. I had just taken the movie out when I heard the front door open. 'Hey, Peter, where's your mom and dad at?' my uncle Jason said walking into the kitchen. I followed him into the kitchen admiring his hard ass.

'Well, I was supposed to call you and let you know they went to Canon Beach.'

'And they left you here? Alone?'

I smiled as he smirked at me.

'No, I'm going to Daniel's house to stay the weekend. I was just gunna chill here for awhile..... Maybe take a swim in the pool and have a beer or two.' I told him.

'Hey, sounds fun to me. Mind if I join you?'

'Of course not Jase.'

I couldn't believe we were going to be in the pool together. His sexy body exposed for me to see. I grabbed two beers from the fridge and handed on to Jason before we went outside. I sat down at one of the patio tables and started taking off my shoes and I watched Jason as he started undressing. He stopped and looked at me.

'Dude, I don't have any shorts here.'

'Hey, it's called skinny dipping. No one's here but us it's cool.' I smiled at him and took off my shirt.

'Ok. Then.'

I watched as Jason undressed and before I knew it he was down to his underwear. I could see his big cock and I had to stop myself from reaching out and grabbing it. He took off his underwear and dived into the pool. I pulled off my underwear and grabbed our beers and walked into the pool. I sat down on the steps and waited for Jason to swim over to me. He swam over and sat down next to me taking his beer. He gulped it down and then he reached for mine and also gulped mine down.

'Jeez, Jase you need to slow down man.' I said with a laugh. 'You want another one?'

'Yeah.' I got up and walked out of the pool. 'Dam look at that ass!' Jason shouted after me. I smiled and walked into the kitchen. I had an idea. Just maybe if I got him drunk enough he'd let me suck his cock. I grabbed the 24 pack and walked back to the pool. I tossed Jason one before I stepped into the pool.

'Aren't you gunna have a drink with your uncle?' He asked.

'No, I can't drink because I got to drive to Daniels tonight.'

'Well, we can just stay here.' Jason downed his third beer and reached for another. I swam off and smiled because my plan was gunna work.

We swam for about 20-minutes before I led the way out. I could tell Jason was drunk and I helped him into the house and into the living room. I placed him on the coach and went to the TV.

'Hey lets watch some porn.' He said with a laugh.

'Yeah I got some good stuff.'

I popped in one of my dads DVDS and a guy and girl were going at full throttle. The girl started sucking the guys cock and I looked over and saw Jason's cock getting hard.

'I could suck a dick better than that.' I said waiting for Jason's reaction. I looked at him and he smiled.

'Well, you think so do yah? Come here and try and get me off then you little bitch.'

I reached over and started stroking his hard cock. It grew to about 9 inches and it was about 3 inches thick. He slapped my hand away and said, 'I said suck it not stroke it bitch.'

He stood up and grabbed the back of my head and forced his cock in my mouth. I swallowed it down as he started to fuck my mouth and I felt his balls hitting my chin with every thrust. He didn't last long before his load exploded in my mouth.

He took it from my mouth and hit me in the chin with it. 'Now you little slut bend over.' I dropped to the floors on my knees and he got behind me. I felt his cock press into my ass and I let out a groan as he shoved his cock in. I thought my ass was gunna rip as he fucked me.

'Oh yeah you like this cock dontcha you little bitch!'

Oh yeah uncle.... Fuck me oh yeah... I moaned every time he called me a slut. My cock was hard and I could feel myself getting ready to explode. 'Come on slut take my cock, take it!' he moaned he was quickening his pace as my cock exploded. 'OH YEAH GIVES IT TO ME UNCLE! YEAH JUST LIKE THAT OH YEAH....MAKE ME YOUR SLUT!' I moaned as my cock shot all over the carpet.

'Yeah you ready for this cum you little slut! You ready....here....it comes! Oh yeah!' I felt his come shoot in my ass and he fell on top of me. We laid there with his cock still in my ass for 10 minutes before we went upstairs for more action.



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