I’ve had a crush on Uncle Greg for as long as I can remember. We were really close when my parents died in the car crash and he didn’t even hesitate to take me in. I grew up with my Uncle Greg, but little did I know that Uncle Greg was watching me grow a little closer. We were always very open with each other. He would often strip from his clothes right in front of me. Little did he know that I would always change upstairs because whenever I saw him I would get a hardon.

Uncle Greg had the biggest cock I’d ever seen on porn or in real life. We had begun a new routine of exercises together, now that I was eighteen. They were rigorous and rough, but Uncle Greg hardly broke a sweat. His beefy body with a dusting of grey hair hardly sweat when we worked out together. It was the hardest time of my life, bottling up my feelings, especially when I was avoiding embarrassment for having a hardon every time we worked out.

But one fateful day our lives would change and our secrets would be made known. It was a normal friday afternoon and Uncle Greg and I decided to do a workout together. I walked behind him, his massive frame towering over me even though I was walking down the stairs behind him. I watched, transfixed as always, as his massive back muscles moved with his body as he stepped down each stair with grace. 

We reached the workout room which reeked of sweat, masculinity, and hard work. Uncle Greg’s muscular body turned to me, dwarfing my small frame in his shadow, and said, “I say we try wrestling today. I know we haven’t done this in a while, but it’ll be good practice. We’ll even wear our old singlets.”

Uncle Greg tossed me the singlet I’d used when I was sixteen… two years ago. I knew it wouldn’t fit well, but it was either that or naked. And I definitely wasn’t risking him seeing me naked. So I pulled on the singlet best I could, but it was still unbearably small. It hugged every inch of my body and was stretched so that a light coloring of my skin was visible. I felt vulnerable.

“Are you sure about this?” I asked, but stopped dead in my tracks when I turned around. Uncle Greg’s singlet was several sizes too small now that he too had beefed up some more. Uncle Greg had a goofy grin and an unfamiliar gleam in his eye as he scanned me, up and down.

“Hm… looks like we both grew quite a lot! This is progress, James!” Uncle Greg rubbed my shoulders with his hands the size of basketballs. I blushed. We parted and went to either side of the ring. “Want to go over some basic holds to refresh?” He asked me. I nodded my head yes. We both went for each other and within a few seconds, he had me pinned beneath him.

For the next twenty minutes, we both worked up a sweat trying out different maneuvers to take each other down. Despite the fact that Uncle Greg was almost three times my size in just about everything, I still managed to find ways to get him to the ground occasionally. 

Suddenly, I swept to grab my Uncle’s leg but he sidestepped and I fell. Uncle Greg landed right between my legs. We didn’t dare move. His lips were mere inches from mine and our eyes stared intensely into each others. I could feel something massive and hard pressed against my tight singlet where my ass was and I felt dominated by the massive form of my Uncle who was above me, blocking everything else out except him.

My Uncle seemed to snap out of it and quickly started to get up. Deep red blood rushed to his face. It was too late. We both had hardons, his three times the size of mine in his tiny singlet. I covered my crotch and he did the same. We may have seen each other naked before, but definitely not hard. 

I scrambled for the stairs, my hands still holding my cock beneath the singlet. A strong hand gripped my upper arm and turned me around. “I’m sorry, James. I hope this doesn’t affect our routine. The secret’s out… I like you… and it’s okay if you don’t like me… I won’t be offended.” He said.

My mind rushed and blood pounded inside my ears like a drum. I rushed upstairs with no further explanation and locked my door. My Uncle found me attractive. And I found him attractive. But how could this work? Would it change things between us? What if he doesn’t like me after a while? What if he gets tired of me?

Questions and negativity flowed through my mind like a dam had broken and poured all of my deepest thoughts right to the forefront of my mind. I cleared the terrible questions in my mind and reminded myself that life is full of opportunities… mind as well not miss this one.

I quietly walked down to the workout room in the basement. The familiar smell of sweat reached my nose, making it scrunch up. I heard the sound of my Uncle working out with the weights. He was always using those things. I realised I was still wearing my small singlet… but if I was honest with myself, I thought that what had happened was hotter than any porno I’d ever seen combined.

I slowly rounded the corner. Uncle Greg’s massive, gorgeous back was facing me and I cleared my throat. The weight he was holding dropped from his hand like it was on fire and he whipped around. He rushed his massive giant of a body at me and scooped me up in a big hug, rubbing my head and shushing me like a small child.

“I’m so sorry… I let my selfish lust get in the way…” Tears began to slowly trickle down his face. I eventually pulled away and looked up at him.

“Uncle Greg…” I said. “Mhm, buddy?” He asked. “I… I’ve always been attracted to you… I’ve just been too scared to consider it. But when that happened… I was really excited.” I finally stammered out. My Uncle looked shocked.

“But… but I thought you were mad at me, I thought I’d failed you as a substitute father.” He ran one of his massive hands through his peppered hair. I softly laid a hand on one of his might pectorals. “I like you, Uncle Greg. This isn’t some teenage phase. I want this. I’m now eighteen and can make decisions for myself. I want you, Uncle Greg.”

My Uncle’s eyes began to well with tears again. I slid my arms around him, which was only at his waist, and he hoisted me effortlessly into the air. “You want to try some wrestling again? I thought it was fun.” He said with a wink. And like that, things were almost back to normal… almost.

We began to wrestle again and, sure enough, whether by accident or on purpose we somehow ended up in the same position as we did last time. His body was positioned above me, his crotch between my legs and pressed up against my ass, and our faces a whisper away. 

“Are you sure you want this?” I nodded my head yes with a smile. “You know… I’ve heard that I’m kind of a beast in bed.” We chuckled together. “I’m a virgin, Uncle Greg.” A look of shock passed across his face. “How the fuck is my nephew a virgin?!” We have to fix that, pronto!” He said. “How about you fix it for me?” I asked, wiggling my eyebrows.

His lips crashed against mine and I stiffened in shock. But eventually, my body relaxed into his strong body. His tongue slid into mouth and I tasted my Uncle for the first time. We began to make out passionately. Filled with a passion and lust I’d never felt for anyone else, I grabbed his massive head in my hands and pushed.

He was taken by surprise, but followed my lead. I laid onto his back and I climbed on top of his bulky form, straddling him. I leaned down and our lips met again in a wild fire of passion. Several minutes later I broke the kiss.

“Uncle Greg?” I asked. “Yes, James?” “I was wondering… can we try everything?” My Uncles chuckled and motioned to his monster body and said, “Be my guest!” I began to feel up my Uncle, making him moan. I felt something beginning to grow underneath me.

I felt his pectorals, his abs, his biceps, and just about every other muscle in his torso. Then I turned my body around so that I was facing the metahuman bulge inside of his tight singlet. The small singlet was so tight that I easily ripped a hole and his colossal cock sprang out, hitting me in the face.

At first I was stunned, but then we both began to laugh. “Holy shit, Uncle Greg! How long is this?” My Uncle chuckled. “Too long. My doctor told me it was a fucking foot long and six inches around in circumference, whatever the fuck that means.” He said and chuckled to himself.

“It means you have a massive fucking cock!” I said and we both laughed again. I began to stroke his cock. “Ever suck dick before, James?” My Uncle asked. “Not dick, no. I’ve heard that I’ve got a pretty good gag reflex. Me and my pals used to try to test our limits. I always won.”

“So… have you ever heard of deep throating?” He asked me. And then it clicked. I’d seen porn before of deepthroating. I knew what my Uncle wanted and I wanted to deliver. “Just sit back and relax, Uncle Greg.” I said and wagged my butt which was in his face.

I sized up my Uncle’s monster cock. If I was going to deep throat this beast, it was going pretty much down my entire throat. I began to lick the thick shaft and it pulsed with my Uncle’s heartbeat, as though it were alive. It was hot to the touch and I could taste his sweat on it.

I tried to fit the head into my mouth, but it took a long time to adjust my jaw. I cockhead was the size of my fist! Once I had the head in, it was smooth sailing. I pushed my gag reflex limits and began to take his entire cock. I was halfway down when I felt it pushing down my actual throat. 

My face was red and I couldn’t breath, but my Uncle was moaning like a maniac. I pushed farther and farther until I opened my eyes and I was at the hairy base. I could feel his cock down my entire throat.

“Holy shit, James! I didn’t know you could do that! Fuck, that’s good!” My Uncle growled at me. I began to pull off, but only so I could get some air before deepthroating his entire cock again. I eventually found a rhythm so that I could bob up and down and still get air without letting his cock out of my mouth. Soon I was deepthroating his cock at a rate even adult actors would be jealous of.

Suddenly, I felt strong hands grab at my bubble butt and tear open where my ass was, letting it all out. I felt a nose and spiky stubble from my Uncle’s face going in between my ass. I moaned while deepthroating his cock and then I full out stopped in shock. Something hot, wet, and slippery began to push into my asshole.

It was my Uncle’s tongue. I could feel it like a little snake slither into my virgin hole. He was eating my ass. I was still deepthroating his beast when Uncle Greg began finger fucking me. First he used his index finger and then both his thick, meaty index finger and his middle finger.

I was moaning like crazy. And then my Uncle pulled me off of his ass destroyer. He flipped me around and we kissed again. My saliva dripped down my face and he held my face in his hand while licking it off. I was so hard it hurt. And then we were kissing again.

“Do you think you’re ready to take me?” Uncle Greg asked. “If I can take your cock all the way down my throat, I think I can handle it in my ass.” My Uncle chuckled. “Your throat and your ass and pretty different. It may feel painful and uncomfortable at first, but just wait till I find your g-spot. Then you’ll be in fucking heaven.”

I didn’t have time to process what he said before I was being flipped onto my stomach. My Uncle crept up behind me, slowly applying his weight. His mouth was in my ear, whispering all of the naughty things he was going to do to me. Shivers ran down my spine and goosebumps appeared all over my body.

I could feel his massive cock resting in between my ass cheeks. He began to hot dog bun my ass. I moaned as his cock pushed in between my ass cheeks of my bubble butt, back and forth. Boy was I glad I regularly practiced stretching my ass to keep it bubble like, bouncy, and flexible.

“Fuck your ass is beautiful.” My Uncle grunted into my ear. I moaned. My Uncle pulled out a bottle of clear lube. “No condom?” I asked him. “Nope. We’re family. Since you’re mine, I get to breed that hot ass of yours.” I had no idea what breeding was, but I was I would find out eventually.

I felt My Uncle’s fingers lather cold lubricant onto and into my asshole before lathering his colossal cock. I grunted as I felt him pushing his footlong beast’s head against my asshole. “Just relax your muscles.” He said soothingly and I gave into his voice.

The second I relaxed, his monster head was sliding in and then his shaft. Pain stabbed through my ass and I immediately tensed up again on my Uncle’s cock. “Fuck your tight. Man, virgins are the best. Glad I could be the one to pop your boy cherry.” He whispered seductively into my ear, making chills run down my spine.

Slowly he began to push more and more into me, all the way until I was grunting and I felt his pubic hair. He both let out a sigh of relief. My face was red from the pain and exertion.

“Now we’ll just leave it here for a little to let you adjust.” My Uncle told me. But I wanted him. “Find that thing you were talking about earlier. You said you’d ‘find my g-spot.’” My Uncle chuckled and agreed. I felt him shift his cock around inside me, angling it at more of a downward approach.

He slowly pulled a few inches out, and then pushed back in just as slowly. He did this a few times until something happened. Uncle Greg was doing it for the third time when he started to push back in. Suddenly, a hot burst of pleasure erupted inside my and I felt drunk with lust and pleasure.

Dopamine flooded my brain and I probably formed and unhealthy addiction to my Uncle’s cock right then and there. “Found it!” My Uncle proclaimed while I writhed in pleasure beneath his muscular body.

He began to pump back and forth, always hitting my g-spot. I didn’t know what to do except squirm, grunt, and moan. My Uncle began to pump harder and faster. I could feel his every movement inside me. I could feel him thrusting deep inside me. He began to pick up his tempo.

It was like we were linked somehow. I felt a connection with him. I knew exactly what he wanted without him saying a work and visa versa. He laid down, his full weight on my body and began ravaging my ass, grunting and growling like a wild animal. The fabric from our singlets rubbed and created friction that made a strange heat against my back, somehow making it more erotic.

My Uncle suddenly wrapped one massive arm around my belly, hoisted me up so that I was on my hands and knees, and began fucking me doggy style like a true animal would. I pushed back against his powerful thrusts that knock the air from my lungs. Soon he was thrusting deep and fast into me and I physically felt his cock swell deep inside me.

Uncle Greg put me in a headlock, and I could hear his breath shaking, becoming more frantic, in my ear. “I’m gonna fucking breed you! I’m gonna fucking cum deep inside your ass and fill you up! You belong to me now!” My Uncle kept shouting and I kept shout “Yes!” back in response. He began to growl in my ear and then I felt it.

It was like a hot blast from a volcano erupted deep inside me. One after another they never ceased. I moaned and Uncle Greg held a hand on my stomach where his cock lied, blasting hot cum deep inside me, filling me up. “Fuck… fuck… fuck.” I said each time he came inside me. He must’ve shot a dozen loads deep into my ass.

My Uncle turned my face towards his and our lips met. To my surprise, his were full of gentleness. Slowly he pulled himself out. The second his massive cock popped out, what must’ve been several cups of cum gushed out of my asshole and onto the sweaty floor.

My ass had been wrecked, but I loved every minute of it. And I knew that we would be doing that again for a very, very long time.



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